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clerics and fvs should have storm of vengeance

at least in D&D 3.5 (or so, sorry bad memory lol) it was in the divines' spellbook

that would encourage players to create clr and fvs, that's op, or at least i want it -_-

IMO clerics and fvs are op enough, is hateful to play a more op class, actually in sorc lives and i hate it... why does everythings disappear among explosions? too bad, too op the wf sorc, not funny playing this but want the pl -_-
I would not be super happy with storm of veagance. But erathquake...
But stop dreaming :P That wont happen. Im almost 99% sure :P.
What would be the point of druid then if fvses/clerics had druids 2 best spells + their spells + better healing. Not gonna happen. Sadly :P.