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    Default Druid natures warrior bugged

    There seems to be something wrong with the extra damage portion of the druid natures warrior.

    Your melee and ranged attacks deal an extra 1d6 damage against enemies with less than 50% health.

    The extra damage seems to only proc infrequently despite mobs being below half health. It does occasionally happen but its certainly not every hit while the mob is under 50% health. I would say its more like 5-10% of the hits when the mob is under half health. Something a bit more odd about it is that sometimes when it does proc and does force damage the immune message comes up beside the force damage and the mob takes no extra damage. (this is on normal mobs where you would expect them to take force damage)

    Difficult to say if the rest of the natures warrior is working correctly. I wonder if the extra sneak attack stacks with items or the half elf rogue dil.

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    So, sorry to necro this thread but as I was testing unarmed animal damage, I was confused by random force damage procs. I searched to see if anything was already known about this and found this thread. A bit dismayed to see no one has apparently noticed it.

    I have tested it a bit and it seems to be related to the Nature's Warrior 1d6 extra damage against targets below 50% health. However, the 1d6 seems to instead proc at any time as force damage. However, if the monster is currently above 50%, you will get the immune message. I confirmed this as well as I could by removing all my enhancements, going to fight and not seeing the force damage, then taking nature's warrior again, going to fight, and having the force damage return.

    I plan on bug reporting this on live once 15.1 goes live. In the mean time I hope someone notices this thread
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