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    Quote Originally Posted by Xezno View Post
    Improved combat expertice is a lvl 2 twist that grants 20PRR in CE stance.
    Oh my bad! I saw the 25% damage reduction and I thought you were talking about twisting in Action Boost: Thick Skinned.
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    hmm, i think you wont be tanking on a roque.
    at least not where you need a great tank to begin with.

    only thing i can imagine are epic raids on elite, where the monsters hit so hard a %DR would be better then static hp. rather have a 600hp tank, which only gets half dmg, then a 1200 for full. because the 1200 would put more strain on the healers.

    would love to see this be worked out into a spreadsheet. [enter google doc here]

    with DR, PRR, and hp worked intogether.

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