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    Unhappy myDDO links broken

    It is no longer possible to create a Link and put it into a category other than "MyDDO"

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    A couple posts already on this. Yes, it's broken. A mod response would be nice...
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    Just created a new category and added a link to it.
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    Are other folks having this issue? I've been able to create a link outside of MyDDO Links successfully using my non-admin account, and have seen others do so successfully as well.
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    This is one problem I don't have! I can add links fine.

    However all of my characters stopped updating sometime between 5/25 and 5/30.

    And the navigation links on the individual character log are still broken (though if I edit out the last "/" manually they work fine).

    On the plus side the quest log is still updating, so the web based raid timer checker continues to function.
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    MyDDO is still broken.

    Has not updated since the end of May.
    shows I am still level 1 on my Wiz (life14) when I have already finished that and am almost done another life(currently level 18).
    still shows 'x's instead of life# beyond 5.
    Character log is still updating with current information.
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    Still broken. Just tested again.

    I am trying to create a link named Destiny that points to the Destiny guild page on Cannith. I am trying to add this link to the category Guilds.

    But no matter what I try, the link is created in the category myDDO. I can select whatever category I want in the link editing checkboxes but regardless, the link is always and only added to the myDDO category.

    This is true whether I am Adding a new link or editing the existing link.
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    Also, as long as we are on the subject, I remain unable to post a journal entry that is written by any of my characters. They are all written by geoffhanna no matter what I put into the Post As dropbox.

    This has been true for a couple of years now, it would be awesome if it could be corrected again.

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