Another poster made a good suggestion in the general forums that I'm going to try. There are a lot of new players making a big jump with the Stone of Experience, and without a bit more game/quest knowledge and better gear it will be a rough ride for them to cap.

So, I'm going to be posting some LFMs this week for training/loot runs through the major lvl 10-16 content. I'm happy to take another vet player that wants to help (if it's a 6 man, a couple more if it's a raid), but otherwise I'd like to reserve it for brand new players that never did that content and really need it. I definitely don't know everything and there are people that know a lot more than me, but I have got to be in better shape than a newbie tossed into end game with no preparation.

So if you see a newbie that's struggling, please tell them to look out for training/loot lfms. If you can find time to do a training run or two yourself, that would be even better. It benefits the whole server to give these players the tools they need to play at their level.