I just randomly came by, you know I don't comment here but I have some example:

As always, I like to mess around in the brawling area when I'm waiting for my parties to fill up.
One time it was just me and a bard. The bard constantly kept using song of capering and fascinate on me, not even trying to kill me. He did it for about good 40 minues regardless to how many times I asked him to stop.
I have no idea how to report such behavior, I only know how to report something directly from the chat...

I tried logging out, you can't.
I tried killing myself, you can't.
I exit the game, logged back in, the guy was still there dancing me.

I suggested before a system where you could "ignore" other player's action in the pit, like for you and him you are in the street rather than in the pit, you can't harm him in any way and vice versa. Obviously it didn't take and will never too.
I think this kind of griefing is the worst, if some level 20 constantly kills a level 1 then the level 1 can leave and come back another time. If a bard comes and dances you around, you're helpless.
I come into the pit to pass my time around and have a good time, test some things and fight people hoping they will enjoy it too (same level rage at least)

If you're going to say: "It's PvP, what did you expect?" Well sorry, but I expected to have good time and not being griefed. Also, people of high level killing people of low level, that's almost as lame as a bard abusing everyone around.
If you're going to say: "Then log on another character"- You seriously want me to log on another character (Assuming I have one) because some jacka@@ is abusing the game mechanics on me?