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I really need to read more forum sutff on Orien,

Was suprised to see my name pop up considering that i'm trying to hide my presence :P

Kudos to those that can find out who i am :P

Ok i'm just lurking, but i'll add my thoughts to this as well, willing new players are a joy to teach, and might suprise you what might just grow from that right nudge you give.

I remember back when Massiv was a complete new player and i brought him around vale showing him stuff that i know.

A joy of teaching so to speak, when the pupil exceed the master, more or less
blushes I have not exceeded you by any means and I am thankful for your help by the example I can only assume this is obvril.

I would consider myself a adverage player that still has much to learn I do know all the really good players on server so I think thats where people get confused .

the vets/vrs newer players thing is silly there really should be no such thing I like to think of this server as a team I want to see this server do better than other servers.

I think all vets should think of better ways of dealing with newer players.

I also think newer players should try to put themselves in vets shoes.

It works both ways compromise is healthy in all relationships .