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    god forbid someones idea of fun would be to make a 3rd lifer for the 36pt build I have no life because of this.

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    Zomg, just get a life!

    Jk, I agree with every point, people think I'm strange cus I'm not actively searching for a girlfriend or don't go out much. At least I can say I enjoy my life, even though it's not the 'happiest' as people think it needs to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JollySwagMan View Post
    But in terms of actual quest ideas, perhaps something where Halflings ride around on Warforged in battle-backpacks with shoulder-mounted repeating crossbows.

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    I was going to respond to a post, but it got deleted rather quickly. Aw shucks

    I'm pretty sure it's a certain kind of barbarian though.

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    My post was deleted

    Oh well - I agree Graves. I specially love reading the "Get a Life" comments on a mmo forum site.
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    There is no point in caring what the weak has to say. They will do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means to take you down by saying things to make you feel bad. I'd like to point out one thing: whoever seriously post/say something about players who has no life because they're good at it, they are the ones who have no life because they would bother to post something like that which contributes/helps no one. If they really have a life, they would be doing things that are meaningful, not wasting time by posting that on the forum.
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