People who do know me, know very well that I am a rather experienced person when it comes down to leveling.
I know I am not an easy person, but when you follow my instructions, the quests will usually go very fast and painless.

So this is what happened today, I ended up getting a pug wizard into the group, and we ran already some quests together. He seemed to understand what to do, seemed like a rather acceptable player, and he was a second life, so he already had some experience I would think. We level at our usual speed, so fast and very efficient (averaging at that moment about 4-5k xp/min) and obviously nothing of problems seem to occure at that moment.
Now, the moment we finish the farm, we decided to move on to Running with the Devils, which obviously due to bravery streak would be run on elite and farmed on hard at level 18.

I already noticed that that wizard was a pale master, so before stepping into the quest, while grabbing ship buffs, I addressed him with the following concern. There is a load of light dmg going on in Devils and obviously undead form aint a smart move in Devils. So basically I forbid him to go in undead form with only 270HP or so, and I told him to make sure he had potions with him to heal himself. He agreed and understood the reason why that was. No problem I think, and we start with the quest.

I run the quest like I usually always do when I am on a caster, which is pretty much take the agro of everything on myself and just selfheal, so that the rest of the grp doesnt really have to eat too much dmg themself.
Everything goes smooth untill we come at the first shrine. I am out of SP, ending up resting. Mister Wizard was not even 25% down his SP bar and ended up moving on with some of the melee. The moment I am shrining, I see him passing by in undead form. It was a glimps I only saw so I wasnt sure about it. I end up asking to the wizard himself if he is, and also to the rest of the grp. He plain ignores my question, 2 other people (the melee who are with him) comfirm he is. Not even 5seconds later, obviously not being able to handle the agro not the high purple dmg output from the mobs, he ends up dying.

You can kind of guess what my reaction was at that moment. I am very sorry for those who dont know me, but those who do kind of understand why I am not posting my reaction in the forums. I obviously forbid my party to raise him or run him to a shrine, and ended up kicking him out of the group immidiately once he was out of the quest.

I jsut dont understand it at all, and this is kind of why I am making this thread, maybe anyone here can help me understand. So we run a previous quest, where we get so much xp/min, into which I lead it myself aswell, with very clear instructions. That kind of indicates that I know what I am talking about. I say before stepping into the quest why he isnt allowed to do something, yet still he goes against my very clear instructions onto which he agreed on to begin with, to still do what he feels like. I jsut dont get it. Is 40+TRs and a completionist toon not enough to kind of know how to level up and what can and cannot be done in certain quests. Does a first TR know that much more then me? And does that first life feel he can net more then 4-5k xp/min by taking the risc of getting kicked out of the group. I am pretty sure that there a lot of players who get declined for my leveling party are right now crying coz idiots like that get a chance and they dont.