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    Default 2nd life range build

    ok, I finally have time to do this. couple notes. this is a 2nd life human, with past life in monk. epls 1x colors of the queen 1x doublestrike. neither are needed. this toon does have a full set of plus 5 tomes that I had passed over from my main back when tomes dropped like candy, but you could easily get away with less. just make sure you you hit any required stat minimums. and again this is a ripped off version of a ripped off version of the blender build by five foot step. im human because I had a human monk I could LR. assimar or halfling would be much better.

    str 8
    dex 18 plus all level ups
    con 16
    int 10
    wis 14
    cha 8

    heroic feats:
    dark monk feat
    point blank shot
    precise shot
    shuriken expertise
    wf thrown
    rapid shot
    10k stars
    imp crit thrown
    improved precise shot
    for my extra human feat I took magical training. and I took power critical with the completionist feat slot in the original build. the extra sp for more cocoons is nice. power critical is almost useless but there just isn't any real options. maybe toughness? idk.

    epic feats:
    overwhelming critical
    combat archery
    pierce damage reduction adamantine
    blinding speed
    elusive target
    epic reflexes
    scion of ethereal plane

    max concentration, diplo, hide, umd. any leftover toss in heal.

    Ninja Spy (41 AP)[*]Basic Ninja Training, Advanced Ninja Training, Shadow Veil, Poisoned Darts, Diversion, Ninja Master[*]Ninjutsu: Impending Doom, Stealthy III, Sneak Attack Training[*]Ninjutsu: Poison Exploit, Agility III, Sneak Attack Training, Melee/Ranged Power Boost III[*]Ninjutsu: Poisoned Soul, Sneak Attack Training, Sting of the Ninja, Dexterity[*]Ninjutsu: Wave of Despair, Sneak Attack Training, No Mercy III, Dexterity[*]Deadly Striker

    Harper Agent (14 AP)[*]Agent of Good I, Dexterity[*]Harper Enchantment, Traveler's Toughness II[*]Versatile Adept II, Know the Angles III[*]Dexterity

    Vistani Knife Fighter (11 AP)[*]Knife Expertise, Knife Juggler, Knife Specialist[*]Vistani Knife Training, Undead Hunter, Mist Stalker, Acrobatic III[*]Haste Boost

    Henshin Mystic (9 AP)[*]Riddle of Fire, Ki Bolt[*]Negotiator II, Way of the: Patient Tortoise[*]Contemplation III

    Shintao (1 AP)[*]Bastion of Purity

    this leaves 4 ap to spend however you want. i grabbed healing amp in human and more haste boost in vistani.

    now anyone familiar with throwers is going to immediately ask 'what about quick draw?' you get it for free in vistani core 3.

    Destiny (24 AP)

    Legendary Dreadnought[*]Extra Action Boost III, Constitution[*]Damage Boost II, Constitution[*]Critical Damage III, Constitution[*]Constitution[*]Advancing Blows, Devastating Critical[*]Master's Blitz, Pulverizer

    Twists of Fate (31 fate points)[*]Sense Weakness (Tier 4 Fury)[*]Whirling Wrists (Tier 3 Shiradi)[*]Stay Frosty (Tier 1 Shiradi)[*]Rejuvenation Cocoon (Tier 1 Primal)[*]Dance of Flowers (Tier 1 Flowers)

    i didn't have the fate points to twist in sense weakness. and its doing just fine. obviously it would make it better but this is a low time invested alt for me so i wanted 'good enough'. the others are pretty much needed, however they are low hanging fruit and easy to get enough fate points for them.

    now for the gear. all very easy to get. no raid gear. the focus is the two set bonuses, silent avenger and adherent of the mists.

    silent avenger:
    15% doublestrike artifact bonus
    +3 sneak attack die
    25% fort bypass artifact bonus
    10% extra damage to helpless artifact bonus

    adherent of the mists:
    +20 prr profane bonus
    +20 healing amp profane bonus
    +10 ranged power profane bonus
    +20 universal spell power profane bonus

    obviously you want the legendary versions of these gear pieces.
    head: executioners helm from slavelords would be best here, but the loot gods hate me so im rocking a resistance/spell point helmet.
    neck: dawn herald charm. death house
    eyes: negotiators spectacles. death house
    trinket: cannith crafted insightful con 7 con 15 natural armor 15
    body: disciple of dawn. sunrise
    cloak: shadowhail. sealed in amber
    bracer:bracers of the fallen hero. raven at the door
    belt:braided cutcord. final vintage.
    ring1: ring of prowess. good intentions
    ring2: perfect pinnacle. invitation to dinner
    feet: shadows footsteps. sealed in amber
    hands. crumbling gloves. oath of vengeance.
    epic purifying quiver. oath of vengeance. MUST HAVE! it makes your attacks blunted so pulverizer works.

    main hand: mourninglord shuriken. you get it for free from the guy in the explorer area just after you complete into the mists.

    offhand:any kama/shortsword with improved deception. the sunken obscurity is probably the easiest to get. drops in that new underwater quest in the harbor.

    while collecting gear you want to feed all the extras to your sentient gem and look for deadly rain filigrees. 5 piece deadly rain gives us +5 ranged power, +2 damage, +3%missile deflection, 20 seconds of+20 ranged power whenever you activate an action boost.

    also, while i haven't gotten it yet i am running all the babas i can get and saving the runes for the shuriken. once i do i will swap out the dr adamantine feat for silver.

    now for my personal thoughts on the build/gear. lots of worthless and duplicated bonuses on the gear, so be it. its the set bonuses we want. if this was my main character i would look to swap out a lot of this with baba and strahd raid gear. but its not so im saving those runes for use on my main.

    also this would easily be manageable on a first life character with no tomes. a first life could drop dex a point to save 3 build points to add to other stats since he wouldn't have plus 5 tomes kicking in as he leveled. the favor tomes alone will work. i suggest +2 int(i like skill points!) at 1750 favor and +5 dex at 5k favor. i am soloing every non raid quest i run on low skull reaper, its ridiculously powerful. so getting 5k favor wont be hard, just time consuming.

    now for the numbers.
    this is right off my character sheet with only ship buffs and the listed Walmart generic gear equipped.
    str 35, dex 74, con 54, int 24, wis 50, cha 18.
    289% fort
    saves: 63 fort/83 reflex/66 will.
    ac:126 dodge 35% prr 121
    hp 1100, sp 435.
    ranged power 76, doubleshot 44.55% ranged speed bonus 22%

    hp are low, but you are ranged. you shouldn't be getting hit often.

    with blitz fully charged (which it will be, you kill FAST), know the angles up, and an action boost going(which should always be up, you got more than you can possibly use so keep them activated) and 10k stars its going to be a LOT higher.

    i tried to check using the training dummy to get hard numbers but it just dies too fast. couldn't get blitz over 4 stacks. the numbers at 4 stacks, 10k stars and action boost damage going was 204 ranged power and 144% doubleshot.

    i want to emphasis how important improved deception in your offhand is. soooo much of your damage is sneak attack damage. you do 'ok' against sa immune mobs, but against anything that can take sa damage you just mow over. its like an extra 650 damage PER shuriken. so get that kama!

    my monk was level 25 or so when i decided to try this build. so i ran him on up to level 29 and then lr'd him into this. therefore i have not leveled this from 1 to 28, but i would guess it would be very painful. good thing every new character gets a free lesser heart huh? my advice is level to 29 as a melee specced punching and kicking stuff/quivering palm/stunning fist etc. then lr into this. i had NONE of the gear except the freebie shuriken when i lr'd and was still able to solo the ravenloft quests on legendary elite. and every piece of gear i got made it faster and faster to get the next piece. i would solo till almost at the end then toss up an lfm saying something like 'red carpet ride to free xp, looking for x item'. the items from sealed in amber took the longest to get, i ransacked the end chest and still didn't get the cloak so when i came off ransack i started doing it the long way with the optional chest and finally it fell and someone that joined my lfm passed it to me. Khyber has some really great folks.

    also, im way to computer illiterate to post videos, and doubt my laptop could handle it even if i knew how, but if you want to see the build in action before lr/tr a character into this just give me a shout on Khyber and i will run any quest you want. seeing is believing right?
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    My phones auto correct/swype failed grammar school.

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    Thanks Spyder, appreciate that!

    Getting the "game error [104] could not emulate direct input devices, please install direct x 9.0 or higher..."

    Not uncommon for older games, might be the current windows update, did the usual reinstall x2, redownload direct x, ect, ect, ect…

    There always doomsayers for DDO, but frankly its something like Windows 12 introduces direct x 15 that is likely to kill DDO, not sales...
    Hopefully the staff of these older great games can keep making them work...

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    Reinstalled Graphics Driver.
    Update GeoForce Game Ready Driver.
    Did the Windows update Direct X 12 & under.

    Used Steam this time to install DDO.

    Got all the way to the character select screen, with the 104 error being report then crashing upon pressing to enter world.

    Don't really want to go to earlier version of window as the rest of the computer is going great.

    Ironic, now that I finally have good internet, DDO cannot find direct X...
    Guess my habit of routinely reinstalling to avoid lag issues, might not be the best idea after all...

    Going to bug report and call it a day.

    On the plus side, YouTube has tons of free very nice videos on how to improve one computer art skills...
    Definitely opportunity to work on the flip side of a storyline/comic/fan art/stream/whatever...

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    Likely 5th+ try to figure out the Direct X problem.

    youtube video:

    Since part of this is in Dutch:

    you go to "turn windows features on/off" and then click on "Legacy Components and then check the box for direct play (an older version of direct x) to be enabled

    Not sure if this fixes my problem, but posting it here to not forget and in case it helps others.

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    So after doing that, I got a different error message, then after doing some more stuff like repair the lastest visual C++ and such, I actually was able to log in once, then not.

    Told my computer to duplicate instead of extend screens.

    Read a thread by a lotr player having the same trouble exactly.
    Player mentioned a few things including changing mouses.

    Since I had a trackball plugged in set to left hand, I pulled thus and plugged a typical mouse directly into the computer and set it to right handed.

    WOW, I actually am able to finally log into the game again.

    Tried changing screen resolution and crashed out, tried optimal setting search, crashed out, then went for a typical screen resolution that I used to use and did not crash.

    So, went and bought the Sharn Expansion Pack ultimate which I had been waiting on (no point in buying when I could not log in).

    Past Life feats still there on Fawngate.
    Did lose Racial Completionist due to the new Sharn races.

    There is mention of 12 new Epic Past Lives.
    Being Iconic and they are not here yet, not much way to take advantage of that at level cap.
    Would be nice to combine the new iconic with an upcoming class, but who knows when that might happen?

    Probably the first step would be take a few days to figure out what I was up to before I got locked out.
    Fawn seems to have a fair amount of heroic shroud shards, she must have been crafting heroic greensteel?

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    Still able to log in (which is so nice after 3 months of being locked out), switched to left mouse configuration with no changes then switched back.

    Went to Sharn and as a former DM who studied Sharn, I felt impressed with the size, scope and design of the public area.

    Tried out the trackball mouse on DDo with regular mouse also on, and it did fine but could not use trackball with DDO game.

    Conclusion Trackball mouse is likely not compatible with DDO, beware it could be at least part of what was causing DDO to lock me out.

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    Heroic Greensteel project:

    3x Qstaff displacement clickies
    1 triple absorption fire one handed weapon
    1 triple absorption lightning one handed weapon

    2x blank Qstaff

    multiple supreme shards at least 4
    2ish great shards
    1 or more shard

    Looks like I was considering a set of Qstaff clickies, and the most likely choice would have been haste?

    Also the supreme shards might be for acid + cold triple absorption weapons?

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    Fawngate is back in her original guild that she and two other players built.
    Thanks guildie for the invite.

    Kind of a crossroads here:

    Could save the 3x for combining with the upcoming 4 new Epic Destiny PL.

    It is a pretty good combo: TR to racial Tiefling, go up to 30, ETR, go back to 30, ETR, Racial TR.
    Currently I am in Iconic, so I cannot ETR without having to go back to 30.
    That path lets me wait at level cap while being flagged for most raids and ponder future/farm heroic loot.

    Currently build is pretty easy to play, just need to plug in a game control and program it up.
    (I did erase preference/keymapping just to try to get DDO unlocked, so going to have to redo keymapping.)

    Or since U43 is going to be awhile, I could just go ahead and Iconic TR back to 1 and slowly work thru Tiefling.
    This path realizes that Reaper Action points could be harder to get than Past Lives and Racial Completionist is big deal.

    Either way, looking at Tiefling, Sorcerer seems an interesting choice, not sure how much heroic Sorcerer gear I have atm, some of my stuff is still on Wayfinder (although it is mostly festival type gear).

    It would be nice to save iconic to combine with some upcoming new heroic DDO class, however there is no news on that subject. One thought was that if we get psionics, we might end up with a psionics system sporting several classes. The main problem with psionics is making it feel different that the spell point system already in effect. Warlock handled such effectively, making warlock feel different from wizards and sorcerers, but could psionics make that leap?

    There are other class possibilities, however there are plenty of racial optional direction to go instead such as halfling dino rider racial variant or at least half a dozen popular often named new races to add to the rooster.
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    Sharn is very interesting so far, glad to see Keith Baker voice as part of the project.
    Looking forward to playing thru all of it.
    The Cogs are interesting and much better than the Underdark and Demonweb wildernesses so far.

    The new Guardian hirelings combine well with the Scarecrow hirelings, and both level 30 versions seem to have an equal amount of survivability.
    Being able to cast blur & reconstruct is incredible, and the level 30 Guardian never seems to run low on spell points.

    The update on the concentration spell is also a big boon to healing hirelings, making that common mass heal not fail.
    This makes the level 25 Favored Soul more in line with the level 27 Cleric hiring.
    (We still need to see a level 30 Cleric along with a level 30 rouge someday. If SSG is unwilling to make a plat level 30 rogue, then at least give us a shard level 30 rogue.)
    It is also a great solution to the problems for players as well, without going the free quicken route.

    I talked with another gamer from my hometown and he expressed the same amount of joy that I do about our new internet.
    It seems that although we don't play the same game, he was troubled with similar lag issues as myself.
    (For those that quested and particularly raided with me in the past, sympathy for those moments when the game simply would not load the foes/doors/chests/ect…I tried.)
    I did join FoT and CitW raids LE shortman and experienced zero perceivable lag so that was very nice.
    Did weekend "An invitation to dinner" and only experienced two seconds of lag despite the typical dd during dinning room fight; thus was not even enough to affect my gameplay.
    So, things are looking very good there.
    It does take longer for a completionist toon in a guild to log in compared to a first lifer not in a guild doing the daily dice rolls, but not too bad.

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    After some very successful reaper runs with friends on Khyber, I feel that Fawngate is at a very good place atm, nice build, good equipment (although she could use Sharn upgrades), good role as versatile tank, etc.

    When the upcoming Epic Destiny Past Lives arrive (12 total), there will be a need for occasionally resetting first time bonuses and the only way to do that would be a TR or a racial TR, so waiting on Tiefling and combing the two would seem more practical.

    There is also a thread about the next class being Alchemist, which if true, would be something to combine with Scoundrel iconic.

    EDIT: apparently it is true:

    Quote Originally Posted by HastyPudding View Post
    About 3:20 minutes in.

    Cordovan confirmed it, apparently. I think we've pretty much known it was Alchemist for the last couple months, but it's nice to have confirmation.

    Let the theory-crafting commence!!

    So I guess, I will keep Fawn at level cap as is and just enjoy.
    About all I have had to do so far is move one hot bar back onto the rotator bar and do the 1 thru 10 button option along with toggle mouse lock on/off and auto attack on/off....

    Did full group on weekend raids of Strahs & Babba with only about 1 second of lag or so.
    Encountered one lag issue on reaper dungeon that others encountered worse entering a dungeon, very minor really.

    Looking at Fawnglow, she does not have very many lives, likely just run her slowly up to level cap and call it a day.
    Fawngale does have a fair amount of Past lives and if I were to take her more seriously I probably would ignore heroic class past lives and iconic past lives, just doing a series of racial & epic past lives. Ironically, these two sets complete each other as pairs. I think there is more power in the racial and epic.

    Ultimate completionist tends to lend itself to better defense, possibly tank roles (something Fawn's Druids tend to gravitate towards in raid trains.
    It is harder to build a tank, although it might be harder to play a good caster, but it might be more popular to play a dps melee, and somewhere in there is the ranged toon that seems to have insane damage spikes.....ultimately I guess best is what you enjoy and variety is the spice of life.
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    Lag issues were definitely pronounced in the Wrath of Earth quest, which until now I had viewed as not too much off typical experience.

    Since my computer fans did not speed up as they do when I am doing 3d renders, would have to say its not really my computer graphic card problem.

    Thinking about thus a bit, perhaps its that my internet lag was bad enough in the past that Wrath of Earth was not much worse and the difference only became obvious when the other lag has been cleared up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamingReality View Post
    Nice Guide to LFMs.

    I think this is possibly the first time Fawngate is going to be combing past life combos such as iconic+heroic or epic+racial (although she has combo reaper+questing).
    Normally she gobbles up past lives like Pac Man gobbles up ghosts, without waiting 6 months to a year for a combo.
    Assuming we do actually wait, which I am sure some of you are doubting already...

    Soloing theories ---
    I tend to believe that the best way to learn new quests are either to find a good leader or simply to enter a quest solo at a difficulty that does not present fear of death.
    Allow yourself time to tab out to or in the case a recent quest, goggle/search youtube for an answer.
    I think I watched one of ginger's videos recently for a clue on where a key was located, thanks for all your videos!

    This forces you to gather intel on the layout and understand what mechanics are required to advance the dungeon and gives one confidence to lead quests later on.

    Obviously, raids are different, I just tag along and listen plus look over DDO wiki / talk with friends.

    Just redid game controller to ddo and it is working fine.


    Left lower trigger = block
    Left lower modified = next combat target
    Left upper trigger = modifier
    Right lower trigger = attack/interact
    Right lower trigger modified = next interactable
    Right upper trigger = jump
    Right upper trigger modified = toggle mouse lock

    Left joystick = movement (default up/down is airplane mod, swapped to suit self)
    Right joystick = mouse movement (same default swapped)

    Left set of four buttons (hat set) = hot bar activation box 1 thru 4
    Left set of four buttons modified = select hot bar 1 thru 4
    Right set of four buttons (a, b, x, y) = hot bar activation box 5 thru 8
    Right set of four buttons modified = select hot bar 5 thru 8
    Middle two tiny buttons = hot bar activation box 9 & 10
    Middle two tiny buttons modified = select hot bar 9 thru 10

    Left and right Joystick press down = not assigned for simplification
    Modified Left lower trigger = not assigned
    Windows button = not assigned

    This grants me 100 hot key applications without using mouse or keyboard.
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    Default War of the Spark Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering

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    Good day rolling on the gold rolls, both Fawnglow and Fawngale got top tier rolls, yielding 15k xp stones, sentient xp gem, and different cosmetic medium armor/outfits.

    Fawngale (located on Ghallanda) is now rank 93 (she did a few Vale Wilderness runs after using a leftover Otto's Box).

    Fawnglow (located on Thelanis) is now rank 92 (after using a leftover Otto's Box).

    Other Fawnglitters on various worlds are collecting xp stones (FawnC of Cannith was again lucky with a 97 roll two days ago), and banking extra goodies.
    Sooner or later, I will to commit to extra banking toons or having the Fawnglitters of each world start eating the xp stones themselves.

    I would prefer not to spend $20 to transfer any Fawn to a new world, so likely when storage overflows I will start building Fawnglitters upward in xp.

    Fawngate continues to raid with little or no lag (the typical treasure chest lag in Leg Shroud part 4 did occur but was minor) and quite able to function in various raids.

    Windows 10 issued a new update and I crossed my fingers today while doing so, fortionately I am able to continue logging into DDO.
    (Although Khyber timed out the first time around.)

    And...Fawngate also rolled a 100 on her daily gold roll too...perhaps Karma is making up for the 3 months of missed gold rolls?
    (15k xp stone, +5 heart, Black Cannith Light Armor cosmetic)
    Convenient since Fawn left most of her cosmetic armor on other worlds...)

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    So, I was thinking of a feat swap, brining in Dire Charge...
    Looking at my character sheet wondering what feat did I take that was superior to Dire Charge???

    LOL...yeah I already have this feat, simply is not on my favorite hot bar....
    Fixed, although need to slot a stunning item...
    Legendary Bracers of the fallen hero grants +22 & Legendary Mighty Stormreach Guardian helmet does the same.

    Since I likely will be doing several Sorcerer Lives next, I started hunting for Sharn Sorcerer including this:


    Many thanks to donations and players running heroic shroud with Fawn and me.
    Also thank you to my hireling for helping me keep Devil's Assault on ransack as it is mats, shards, and tokens of the twelve therein.

    Air, Earth, Fire, and Cold Absorption heroic shroud single handed weapons finished.
    (this includes one haste click)
    Three displacement clickies already finished long ago.
    (one of which is suitable for heroic staff fighting as desired).
    One Qstaff haste clickie also suited for heroic staff fighting completed.
    One Greatsword haste clickie suited for heroic Barbarian/Wolf fighting styles part done.

    Ran thru Tangleroot seven times on heroic elite to pull three:

    Which should be enough per shrine.
    I am not sure where the older one went, possible to Fawngale?
    Although Fawngate does have her eternal flasks of deathward and freedom of movement, making this farm somewhat unnecessary but this gives the FoM option even in a boss fight.

    Fawn and I ran thru Slaver's on heroic elite twice choosing different end reward each time.
    I believe that six heroic runs will get us enough mats and items to put together most of a set, then the next run or two can focus on missing mats.
    Fawngale has most of the Slaver gear and most of that is epic.

    These Sorcerer lives will be likely needing some epic gear as well, but not end game gear, just something to move thru those 12 epic past lives and 3 heroic races.

    The caster stick from CitW used to be a nice mid epic item, have to look in bank --- appears to have become sentient food to clear up bank space....well there are options...mostly thinking delayed blast fireball and company.....

    <Notice the sanity saver switch off of tank for the next helps....>

    Long ago, I read a book where a boy with a Quarter horse was going to race another boy with a horse who had an advantage for longer distances.
    So the boy had the horse run a quarter mile then walk the next quarter mile and so forth to win the race.
    DDO is a marathon race, but not all of us are marathon racers.
    So I take a lesson out of that story....
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    Default DDO requires a real mouse to be plugged into your computer to start.

    Was changing mice, and that dreaded 104 error showed up again, simply because no mouse was plugged into my computer while DDO was starting up.

    I guess that clarifies that problem...

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    So, it is Saturday morning, and Fawn and I are logging in checking out the sky in the marketplace...

    ...and we get a tell from a good friend wanting to know if I want to join a Cogs run.

    Of course, we reply sure, don't have any explorer points, don't know where the quest are, but would love to go.
    And so proceeds a great saga thru the Cogs, many thanks!
    It is awesome to have good friends on Khyber!

    As wilderness go, I like the Cogs.
    It lacks the sight/maze problems of the Underdark or the rundown frustration of the Demon Web or the laggie mess of Wheloon.
    Thanks Devs for making this expansion wilderness avoid the problems of the past!

    Thumbs up for introducing Dinos and reskinning various monsters to make this feel like a different continent.
    (Sharn is the middle south port city of the main continent of Eberron, and also the most likely departure point for a 'Xendrik Expedition.)
    Looking forward to seeing more Dino fun and possibly a halfling iconic featuring some sort of Dino action.
    (A Dino fighter hireling might be nice for future, or even a dino cosmetic pet (if they are not already here).

    The quests were fun and the shorter length was nice.
    The tube one looked confusing, but our guide made thus easy.
    The jump room end fight was complex to find the chest, jumped thru the hanging lava cart and would have taken awhile to figure out that the line above the moving lava cart was solid.

    Although Fawn is definitely not the best tank on Khyber with 3k hp in reaper (compared to some with 6k hp for raiding),
    she did tank one of the bosses with some heal even though she forget to replace her armor after a difficult jump.
    <Heavy armor slows movement speed: EI your flight speed which is the stat for jumping>

    She really is in a nice place right now, even though her gear is so last year Ravenloft.
    We did pick up a nice short sword, Morningstar, and Kopesh!
    (last one is tempting for a feat respect: replace Bastard Sword proficiency with Kopesh proficiency, replace three TWF feats with ?, and possibly turn to Divine Crusader for variety without reincarnation)

    Anyway, thanks for the run, now Fawn and I have done all but the Sharn raid, and we like the new expansion.
    Fawn and I had a talk and we are saving our shards for a rainy day and not rerolling any chests.
    Let Chester weave our fate in Sharn….

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    Posted elsewhere...feel free to skip over as it has been repeated by me too often anyway...

    Here is how I would help all Epic destinies including the martial sphere which I have not commented upon till now.
    (just my opinion, feel free to disagree)

    Expand all Epic Destiny Levels from 6 minus 1 xp to 10.

    Reset all Epic Destinies upon any form of reincarnation except lesser reincarnation.

    Gate the award of Epic Destiny points to 4 per level thru the lesser of

    1) Epic Levels gained
    2) Epic Destiny Levels earned in that Epic Destiny

    Reset all Epic Destinies upon implementation.

    Launch a Dev explanation campaign explaining that the original Developers never intended to limit epic destinies to level 5.9
    Explain to the player base that although this does introduce a nerf to lower epic power, it smooths out the epic destiny power throughout epic leveling.
    Explain to the player base that this will award more creativity in new builds and while the transition will be a shock the long term effects should be worthwhile.
    Explain to the player base that this is not balancing for reaper (although reaper will absorb possible adjustments to the player's style).

    Show the player base examples of how any nerf to playstyle is overcome by level 25.
    Explain to the player base that automatically gaining full epic destiny power at level 20 hinders Dev design for expanding Epic Destiny levels beyond the initial limits established when the level cap was 25.

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    note to self:

    need Legendary Standard Issue Faceplate to complete sharn guardian set

    Just Business, End chest


    Quote of the week:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cocomajobo View Post
    The Epic Destinies pass is currently slated to be a part of Update 43 which is currently slated to begin previews on Lamannia in the next few weeks. No specific dates have yet been announced.
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    A few Noob moments of late by me...

    Wondering why my attack speed seems sooooo slow....then finally realizing days later - oh waves of fatigue.
    Solution drink a lesser restoration potion.
    Silly me.

    Spending my 38th reaper and Fawn wondering if all those points in dodge were actually helping me?
    Step into a dungeon on reaper and the answer is that your heavy armor + large shield (14%) or tower shield (8%) is all you get regardless of any promises of dodge or max dodge elsewhere.
    Guess we think about avoid the far right of defensive reaper trees...unless we happened to be forgetting to reequipped armor after a looong jump?

    Shifting all reaper points into offensive melee nets a loss of about 150ish hit points with nice gain of 15 melee power.
    Something to consider?

    Further shifting large shield for tower shield has a net gain of 6% dodge for a loss of 30 AC (along with some mmr/ppr).
    Something to consider?

    Using only Ravenloft three piece defensive set and replacing most of the rest with legendary greensteel (hit point bonus) has a net gain of 1k hit point in reaper with a loss of 30ish ac and 22% doublestrike.
    Ironic, that Leg Greensteel might still be very viable and might be mixed with Sharn gear (loving those spell resistance gloves atm but not able to equip yet)?

    Given that Fawngate accidently tanked a reaper 6 Sharn boss w/o any armor (250 ac instead of 430), she decided she would like to wear her Leg Greensteel set because it looks good and who am I to argue?

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