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    The hardcore league leader posted a pure aura warlock build, which I have been trying out at level cap.

    My variation of the build looks like this:

    Pure Warlock
    Tiefling Scoundrel
    Pushing Consitution (18+level ups, enhancements & equipment)
    Charisma (20+enhancements & equipment)
    Accidently NG (forcing Great One Pact)

    Skills: Max Concentration, Max Spellcraft, Almost Max UMD, Max Intimidate, 10 Jump, 5ish Balance 1 Tumble

    Feats: Augment Summoning, Completionist, Combat Expertise, Shield Proficiency, Shield Deflection, Shield Mastery, Improved Shield Mastery, Toughness, Bulwark of Defense, Improved Augment Summoning, Epic Damage Reduction, Epic Arcane Eldritch Blast, Epic Eldritch Blast, Scion of Elysium


    1) Master's Touch (for tower shield but not useful), Nightshield (covered by enhancement)
    2) Knock (will not work in reaper), Sleet Storm never used since I cannot cast FoM)
    3) Stoneskin (swapped for DD at level cap), Dark Discorporation
    4) Protection from Elements, Tentacles (poor DC)
    5) Tenser's Transformation, Globe of Invulnerability
    6) SM 9, Wail (poor DC)

    Equipment Legendary HP Greensteel 5 piece set, Medium Armor, various Ravenloft items, Pansophic Circlet, Hands of the Dawn Healer, etc...


    Tenser's and Combat Expertise both add 3x spell cooldown (does not affect SLAs) and combine for 3x+3x spell cooldown. Tentacles becomes 1/2 minutes cooldown. Dark Discorporation becomes 6/12 minutes cooldown. Blur becomes 9/18 seconds cooldown.

    Since this build is more about survival and distracting foes, Legendary Greensteel effects such as Freeze, Salt, Affirmation, and Ozz become more desirable than a heavy shield.

    Since I like to group with other players, the augment summoning feats are not having full benefits. Also, some players dislike summoning monsters.

    There are three different Epic Destinies for this build:
    1) Magister for Grand Summoner (my Epic Destinies were not reset when I reincarnated)
    2) Exalted Angel for healing support
    3) Unyielding Sentinal for Tanking

    Lack of tanks at level cap will press this build towards filling the tank role. I find this last conflict to be a deal-breaker.

    Proper use of this build requires circle kiting, which can stain one hand and wrist.

    Spirit Blast and Eldritch Burst are subject to arcane spell failure which leads to discarding tower shields due to 50% loss of DPS.


    This build can be placed inside Devil's Assualt on EE without fear of dying.

    This build can go into reaper ten dungeons with a good party.

    This build can support hires at reaper five that live as well as a typical player.

    This build would be ideal in any world that lacks population such as Wayfinder.

    This build would be ideal on the hardcore server with refinements.

    This build is sweet for anyone who loves to solo DDO.

    This build is a lot of fun to play.

    Footnote Tiefling Scoundrel plays a fiddle to cast many of a toon's spells regardless of build.
    This makes the forced level one bard class an perfect choice.
    I compliment whichever developer/artist implemented this design.
    Hats off to you for one of the bigger flavor features of this year!
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    Ok, its theory-crafting time.
    How do we make a modern tank?

    Fawn's old tank build came before Artificier's Renegade Mastermaker, Favored Soul's Stout of Heart, and Cleric's Animal Domain.

    The latter two add ten hit points per class level (and per epic level).

    The Warpriest and Warsoul enhancement trees do not offer outstanding tanking bonuses.

    The defensive stances inside Stalwart Defender and Sacred Defender are exclusive. However, the rest of the trees should stack.

    Wizard one offers the +10% AC.

    Warlock offers temporary hit point aura but is exclusive with the Aasimar bond.

    So, one path that seems evident to me is the catch the low hanging fruit of Artificer level three, along with Pally tier five (slightly more defensive than Fighter tier five), and Fighter tier four.

    Renegade Master tier three:
    Renegade Defender Core
    Alchemical Shield +4 AC (alchemical) and immunity to magic missiles Core
    Armor Mastery +3 AC and MDB
    Reinforced Armor +50% Armor bonus

    Stalwart Defender tier four:
    Toughness Core
    Stalwart Defensive Mastery
    Threatening Contenance
    Stalwart Shield Mastery
    Shield Expertise
    Reinforced Defenses +50% Armor bonus

    Sacred Defender tier five:
    Core 1, 3, 6 & 12
    Most of tree.

    Aasimar tier four:
    Ascendant Bond: Protector for +10% hit points.

    There is a concern of enough enhancements point to pay for this?

    Looking at enhancement points needed for a Paladin 5+/Fighter 4/Artificer 3
    Racial = 18 (-14 earned racial points) = 4 points
    Sacred Defender = 46 points (+4 for ability bonuses) = 50 points
    Stalwart Defender = 23 points (+2 for ability bonuses) = 25 points
    This makes the desired 13 points (+2 for ability bonuses) for Renegade Master too much at a total of 96 + 8

    Will +50% armor AC bonus be greater than +10% AC?

    There is a question of placing the extra levels?

    Combinations include:
    Paladin 13/Fighter 4/Artificier 3
    Paladin 6/Fighter 10/Artificier 4
    Paladin 6/Fighter 4/Artificier 10

    Also of interest is swapping races.
    Blade forged Paladin 4/Fighter 4/Artificier 12

    Also of interest would be:
    Aasimar Artificer 3/Paladin 4/Warlock 13

    Also of interest would be:
    Cleric/Favored Soul 12/Artificer 3/Paladin 5
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    However, the recommended approach is to grab the Renegade Mastermaker tier five Pargon Body (+20% hit points).

    DDO wiki claims that this is a racial type bonus (which would mean it should stack with Aasimar Accendent Bond: Protector with a sacred bonus of +10% hit points).

    However, reading the fine print:
    Paragon Body requires Embed Component which requires Requires: Construct Essence or Warforged Required

    Construct Essence
    Usage: Passive
    Prerequisite: Artificer 3, Non-warforged race
    You are on the path to becoming a self-forged, augmenting yourself by replacing some of your weak flesh. You are still considered your original race (at this time), gaining 50% healing from Repair spells but suffering a -25% penalty to positive energy healing. In addition, you now take 50% damage from rust effects.
    An Artificer may select this feat as one of his artificer bonus feats.

    Using up our tier five-choice upon Renegade Mastermake is relatively costly, so it makes sense that these two bonuses would stack.

    If we went that route:

    Artificer 5+/Paldin 5+/Fighter 4+ could be an option?

    Artificer 11/Paladin 5/Fighter 4 (level 4 Artificer spells including level 3 Curative Admixture Cure Serious Potion)
    Artificer 5/Paladin 11/Fighter 4 (level 3 Paladin spells including Cure Moderate Wounds) (includes great Divine Grace of Cha to saving throws)
    Artificer 6/Paladin 4/Fighter 10 (includes three additional Fighter Bonus feats) (Artificer spells including level 3 Curative Admixture Cure Serious Potion)

    Bladeforged would look interesting using this route as Renegade Mastermaker has a repair aura.

    Doing the numbers for enhancement points:
    Stalwart tier 4 + Sacred Defender tier 5 + Renegade Mastermaker tier 3 + Aasimar tier 4 = 92
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    We settled on:
    Aasimar Artificer level 1 Lawful Good

    Working towards
    Unyielding Sentinal tank
    Artificer 5 (Renegade Mastermaker)
    Wizard 1 (Eldritch Knight)
    Paladin 14 (Sacred Defender & maybe a bit of Vanguard)
    Falconry (possible points for defense and healing amplification; ddo store occasionally has upgrade to +2 universal enhancement tome)
    with trapper abilities (spacing out the Artificer levels to pay for trapping skills).

    I can swap back and forth between the two-tier five enhancement groups.

    Note to self: take Construct Essence as a bonus Artificer feat.

    Note to self: consider one level of wizard for that extra +10% ac?
    Is +10% ac worth dropping Zeal?

    Very reluctant to give up Holy Sword (Paladin level 14).
    I am worried that the skill points will be very tight.

    Level one: artificer; feat = shield mastery; skills = trapping & tumble; spells= master's touch (tower shield), enchant armor, cure light wounds admixture
    We used leftover daily dice experience from the bank to level up to two.
    Level two: wizard; feat = quicken; skills = concentration; spells night shield, tumble, sonic blast, jump, feather fall (can add easily more)

    I am looking at you, Korthos, to get my bearings and some favor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zretch View Post
    I do a 14 wlk / 4 fighter / 1 wizard aura-lock that works well. He's bladeforged for the self heal in the racial tree. 98ish con gives 196 temp hitpoints every 3 seconds from brilliance. 65ish charisma + items give me a 128 intim without pots. just under 400 ac / 400 prr / 4,000 hitpoints. (389 AC, 398 PRR (418 with full diefic warding procs), 3,800ish hitpoints (with tensers and pots, around 4,050 hitpoints). Add in Shining Through and Staunch and he can top out at over 6,600 hitpoints for those "oh ****" moments. I believe 249 MRR with sharn large shield equipped, no ASF.

    Fighter instead of paladin because I like GOO vs Fey for leveling, no better reason than that. 2 piece LGS to hit the hitpoint mark, full epic past lives (each x3) as well as x3 PDK, x3 Deep Gnome, and x3 Warlock for the PRR/MRR/AC/Hitpoints.

    I still think that this would have done the trick for my warlock life.

    Sharn tank gear is reputed to be very strong; I need to gather up a whole set soon.

    I think that both defender trees are relatively equal, making 4 Paladin/Fighter & 1 Wizard the likely solution for converting almost any class into a tank with varying degrees of success.

    I am very tempted to pick up a +1 heart and go this route, but there is the lure of Artificer, and I do love to trap....

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    Feat swaps:

    Watchful Eye (had major lag issues which disappeared afterward, but might have been khyber server and time of day).

    Necro Scion (did not apply vampirism to weapon) bug reported

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    I asked before joining a group doing r3 if it was ok to bring a toon with poor build?

    (inadequate gear and working towards end game tank)

    I was quite welcome.

    I found that I did ok.
    Was able I to tank quite nicely at times?

    Eventually, I realized the adage "if you bring and use heal & rez scrolls to heroic reaper, you are a plus mark for the party."

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    Big thank you to Steelstar and the company!

    While the changes to Unyielding Sentinel appear via the release note to be minor, the reality for a good tank build is very sunny.

    Thank you, Steel, for fixing Renewal, which now moves to the single most efficient healing spell in the game.

    Thank you, Steel, for increasing the hate threat of Commanding Presence.

    Thank you, Steel, for giving us two new hate attacks for a mere 1 point each. For those days, when players can not help attacking too soon or too much, we have a solution.

    Thank you, Steel, for creating Renegade Mastermaker, a refreshing new alternative for tanking builds.

    Thank you, Steel, for unlocking Dragonbreath's uses per day, making Draconic a hot new option (Pun intended).

    Thank you, Steel, for detaching Epic Moments from their perspective requirements.

    PS If one ever runs out of fancy extras for the next collector's edition expansion, consider +1 tome of Epic Destiny Points?
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    Sharn notes for finding the mysterious Black Lady:

    Quote Originally Posted by droid327 View Post
    Just need to learn the quest - there's a pattern to quickly and reliably spawn the Lady:

    - drop down from the bar to the scaffolding in the west where the assassins spawn. Kill them - four on top, one on the streets underneath
    - proceed east, around the purple wall, dispatching three muggers that aggro, and follow the wall on your right
    - head under the arch into "charlatan plaza" but don't trigger the mobs, just go through the arch
    - the Lady is now spawned, backtrack hitting Q till you find her

    Fawngate is polishing up as the Holy Artificer Tank build.

    Actions points are so tight; one needs all past life racial action points available.

    Suggest starting with at least a 14 intelligence as Intimidation, Concentration, UMD, Disable Device, Search, Spot, and Open Lock are needed.

    When she first put on a random epic armor, her AC was about 220ish, but after a day of fine-tuning, she finally is approaching 400 AC (393).
    Other stats look great, except for Strength because she lacks an Str item.

    Very happy with the results, as Fawn rearranged her five-piece Legendary Greensteel to fit around the three-piece Guardian of the Gates set. Her minor artifact is Charisma base to obtain necessary Intimidate skills.

    Trapping skills are the old, be sure and know where to search as well as super buff for that simple open lock, but that is what happens when you don't quite allow enough Intelligence for skill points (yes, she has the +8 tome set).

    Will post the build-out later, but I like the build enough to consider swapping completionist out for toughness in the days to come until enough updates force her to try out Alchemy.

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    I did a lesser reincarnation on this build to even up the skill points (I had won the heart via daily gold rolls).

    Skill Points spent: I was able to maximize Intimidate, Search, Disable Device. Umd is at 60 even with a mere six ranks. Concentration has ten ranks, which should be okay with the Unyielding Sentinal Resurrection SLA (cannot be interrupted along with the bonus quicken feat (cannot be interrupted), leaving concentration checks via scroll usage in combat (unlikely). Heal and tumble have one rank. Spot has 19.5 ranks.

    Starting Stats (pondered quite a bit)

    Str 16 (all level ups go here)
    Dex 8 (wish this was higher but unlikely)
    Con 16 (expensive to raise higher)
    Int 16 (needed for trapping skill points and still not quite enough, but ok)
    Wis 10 (+8 tomes solves this oversight)
    Cha 14 (for intimidate, saves, and Lay on Hands)

    Levels taken:
    Start with Artificer to gain maximum skill points.
    Then one could alternate threeish Paladin levels with Artificer Levels.
    Consider leveling up with Inquisitor, then feat swapping into your tank build (I used one of my spare otto's boxes to level up as I was impatient to try out this new build.)
    One can delay Wizard as desired.

    Total Classes:
    5 Artificer (Renegade Mastermaker tier five tree)
    14 Paladin (I notice a tank build that used 14 Fighter for a similar build).
    1 Wizard (This is simply for the bonus feat (likely Quicken) and four points spent in Eldritch Knight for Improved Mage Armor.)

    A few thoughts on Fighter vs. Paladin base for a tank: The fighter is going to have extra feats, which will allow more hit points, while the Paladin will have more spell points. Paladin also can gain US's Light the Dark ability cheaper than a Fighter.

    A few thoughts on Artificer Curative Admixture: Even with a limited five Artificer caster's level, Fawn found her Hands of the Dawn Healer gave her potion tossing worth using. The tier five Curative Admixture: Cure Critical Wounds spell-like ability should be on your want to have list. When entering a party that already had a durable tank, but no healers, Fawn settled back into the healer role with ease. Alternating between Renewal, CA: CCW, CA: CMW, Healing Hands, and Light the Dark, she had plenty of spell power and spell points. On those occasions when the backline was attacked, she used a simple intimidate. An unkillable healing tank does have some party advantages.

    Feats taken:
    Shield Mastery, Improved Shield Mastery, Improved Shield Bashing, Shield Deflection
    Combat Expertise
    Wizard Bonus Feat: Quicken (for Renewal, possible Coccoon, Resurrection)
    Artificer Bonus Feat: Construct Essence (this feat was modified in 2019) -25% healing amp (negated by the +10% healing amp inside Renagade Mastermaker tree and +60% healing amp inside the Aasimar tree).
    Aasimar Enhancement Feat: Bastard Swords
    Improved Critical Slashing & Epic Overwhelming Critical (This could have been Toughness & Epic Toughness, but I am not going to give up apparent offensive feats, so I choose the path of common sense.)
    Epic Bulwark of Defense, Blinding Speed (for more equipment flexibility), Epic Damage Reduction.
    Destiny Perfect Two-Handed Fighting, Elusive Target, Deific Warding.
    Legendary Scion Etheral Plane (permanent blur and invisibility guard which occasionally goes off) (many good choices here)
    Completionist Feat (which will be swapped for Two-Weapon Fighting or Toughness when Alchemist arrives).

    Enhancement Trees:

    Aasimar (19 spent) (12 bonus points from Racial Reincarnation)
    All Cores and all healing amp.
    One Counsel, three Blessings.

    Eldritch Knight (4 spent)
    One point in core and three points in Improved Mage Armor

    Inquisitive (1 spent) (+1 universal tome from Sharn Expansion)
    Core one

    Sacred Defender (37 spent)
    Core one, two, and three (ran out of action points for Core four).
    Tier one: three Lay on Hands, three Durable Defense, three Sacred Armor Mastery
    Tier two: three Bulwark Aura, three Inciting Defense, three Sacred Shield Mastery
    Tier three: three Resistance Aura, three Resilient Defense, three Tenacious Defense
    Tier four: three Reinforced Armor, one Swift Defense, three Hardy Defense (could have been Strong Defense instead)

    Renegade Mastermaker (33 points spent)

    You need to spend 30 points to unlock tier five
    Suggested best use for first 28 points:
    Core one and two
    Tier one: one Easily Fixed, three Supporting Construct, three Toughness
    Tier two: three Kinetic Discharge, three Armor Mastery,
    Tier three: one Conjure Component, three Reinforced Armor, Constitution
    Tier four: one Kinetic Charge, three Embed Component (requires Construct Essence feat), one Warding Construct, Constitution

    The last two points can be spent on various options remembering that the Shielding Construct, Warding Construct, and Regeneration Construct are not exclusive.
    Suggest two Well Rounded Master (tier one)

    Then tier five one CA: CCW, one Automatic Forcefield, one Paragon Body

    Unyielding Sentinel: (24 spent)
    Vigor of Battle stance usually

    All cores automatically
    Tier one: three Commanding Presence, Shield Prowess
    Tier two: three Legendary Shield Mastery
    Tier three: three Renewal, three Endless Lay on Hands
    Tier four: one Draw Them Out, one Light the Dark
    Tier five: three Strength of Vitality
    Tier six: one Celestial Mandate, one Resurrection

    (note that with Combat Expertise the Paladin spell Resurrection has a 33-second cooldown, but the Unyielding Sentinel SLA has a 6-second cooldown)

    Slot one at tier four: Standing with Stone (Grandmaster)
    Slot two at tier three: Walking with Waves (Grandmaster)
    Slot three at tier two: Damage Reduction (Fury)
    Slot four at tier two: Improved Combat Expertise (Dreadnought)
    Slot five at tier one: Fast Healing (Fury)

    (note that the Legendary Greensteel set has expanded unconscious range along with regeneration which is helpful in raiding and lower reaper dungeons)

    Twists to consider:
    Tier four Martial Hymn (Fatesing) (this is superior to Standing with Stone)
    Tier three Meld in Darkness (Shadowdancer) (this could be superior to Walking with Waves)
    Tier two Running with Wind (increased doublestrike offensive twist)
    Tier two Hail of Blows (increased doublestrike offensive twist)
    Tier one: Coccoon
    Tier four/three/two Crusade/Sacred Ground/Consecration (healing pool for party)

    Past Life Toggles:
    Shadar-Kai (PDK for sprint boost)
    Ancient Knowledge, Fast Healing, Fortification, Ancient Blessings,

    Hitpoints 4,227 (increases by 1k in reaper dungeons)
    Spell points 1375
    AC 394
    Fort 104
    Ref 75
    Will 79 (increases in reaper dungeons)
    BAB 22
    Fort 305
    PRR 379
    MRR 220 (increases in reaper dungeons)
    Acid Resist 130
    Ice Resist 130
    Electric Resist 118
    Fire Resits 113
    Sonic Resits 56
    Elemental Absorption: 16/25% (pl/ship)
    Sonic 16/Electric 65/Negative 100%
    Doublestrike 15%

    Six-piece Legendary Greensteel set (hit point bonus) with two night-shield one per day item spells.
    Three-piece Legendary Guardian of the Gates set: head, neck, and plate
    Legendary Celestial Emerald Ring (constitution)
    Minor Artifact Charisma Ring from Sharn
    Hands of the Dawn Healer
    Various Augments for +8 Str, Dex Wis, Spell Agility, Luck, Voice, Feather Fall, etc

    Swap in for Trapping: Magnifying Lens, Skulldurgry Kit.
    Various swap in Deathward per day item spells.

    Weapons: Divinity, Cannith Crafted Everbright, Cannith Crafted, Legendary Greensteel Affirmation Dart, Cannith Crafted Construct Bane Hammer, Nightmother B. Sword, Thunderforged Throwing Axe, etc...

    Shields: The Legendary Best Defense, Legendary Mirrorplate Tower Shield

    Level 1: Enchant Armor, Enchant Weapon, Master's Touch, Repair/Inflict Light Damage
    Level 2: Byesk Weapons, Curative Admixture: Cure Moderate Wounds, Repair/Inflict Moderate Damage

    Level 1: Tumble, Nightshield, Jump

    Level 1: Divine Favor, Lesser Restoration, Virtue
    Level 2: Resist Energy, Remove Paralysis (removes some forms of slow)
    Level 3: Remove Curse, Magic Circle Against Evil
    Level 4: Holy Sword

    Healing mode: same as above works using Throwing Healing Potions
    or swap to Exalted Angel (trades Renewal & Light the Dark for MCMW & Divine Wrath)

    DPS mode: I have three Str Items in my inventory to swap.
    Need perfection and possible swap to Divine Crusader
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