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    I was talking to a friend on Khyber yesterday, and I was very impressed by his reaper wings (so cool).

    Anyway, last time I saw him (likely before my eye operations) he had many, many alts most of which were 3rd life toons.

    He changed over to working on three toons and doing racial past lives and iconic past lives with the theory that resetting your epic reaper first time bonus is an important priority.

    He suggested I try heroics on reaper 2 at level zerging style and instead of reincarnating a racial at 20 go all the way to level cap.
    Also, he suggested I start using xp pots (something I retired Fawn from doing upon reaching ultra completionist).

    This would change my future strategy if taking this path:

    Instead of combining multiple epic past lives with each upcoming racial past live, one would simple do a single run 1 to 30 then reset.

    So the upcoming path after U43 might look like this:

    Group of three:
    Tiefling - to level 30 = racial and epic pl
    Tiefling - to level 30 = racial and epic pl
    Tiefling - to level 30 = racial and epic pl

    Group of nine:
    ______ - to level 30 = epic pl
    Ditto same for 8 more times
    <perhaps these should be divided into groups of three as well?>

    Group of three:
    Iconic + upcoming class to level 30 = iconic and class pl
    Ditto same twice more
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    Nice little to do list from another adventurer to ponder:

    Quote Originally Posted by Carpone View Post
    Epicsoul, Ying and Dexxy are running an ongoing TR train for racial past lives that will be running until early August. If you are interested in joining us, then read on. Our goal is to complete a racial life in 18 hours of XP pot time while maximizing reaper XP. Greater Tome of Learning + 20% XP pot + 10% VIP + 5% Master's Gift + 5% Guild Buff is the XP baseline. If you are not VIP, then you are expected to run a 30% XP pot, or to catch up on your own outside of our TR train schedule. If you are running a 50% XP pot to maximize RXP, then expect to double cap and be waiting on those who are not running a 50% XP pot. Our quest list and baseline XP will net 100k reaper XP per life without considering bonus weekends.

    You can join us for one life, or as many as you want. We give preference to people doing an entire life with us over those who may only join us for a level or two. We also give preference to one trapper who runs with us each life. Playtimes are all eastern: 6-11pm weekdays, 11a-8p Saturday (until 11p if no raids), noon-11p Sunday. We typically do back to back nights when leveling, and may or may not take time off between lives. When we start a life, we will provide the days and times we are playing for that life. Please do not expect the schedule to change in order to accommodate your needs. If you leave early or arrive late, your internet goes out, or you're abducted by aliens, then it will be on you to make up the XP deficit. If you cannot close the XP gap, then you are welcome to rejoin us at the same level next life. Please note that if you are late or leave early, you may miss the start of a quest chain that cannot be red doored. We're sorry, but we are not going to rerun the chain because you were late.

    We do not care what build you play, as long as you are useful. One way to measure usefulness is whether or not you are speeding the group up. Be able to heal other people. Whatever you play, we expect you to contribute meaningfully and to be geared appropriately. Have a gearing plan. We have put a lot of time and effort preparing for heroic leveling, and we expect the same from others who join us on our adventure.

    Piking: We all need to step away briefly from time to time to grab a drink, bio, etc. No worries. If you are taking frequent extended AFKs then we will ask you to leave. We understand that leveling times may interfere with meals. For weekdays, do your best to minimize dinner breaks as we will not take a group-wide break. On the weekends, we will collectively figure out when to take meal breaks.

    We start each life at level 3. We don't start holding XP until level 5. These are the quests and difficult we are running so you know what to expect. We will skip some during bonus weekends.

    3 Where There's Smoke [R2]
    3 The Captives [R2]
    3 The Kobold's Den: Clan Gnashtooth [R2]
    3 The Kobold's Den: Rescuing Arlos [R2]
    3 The Cloven-jaw Scourge:Blockade [R2]
    3 The Friar's Niece [R2]
    3 To Find a Witness: Return to the Sanctuary [R2]
    3 The Old Archives [R2]
    4 The Cloven-jaw Scourge: The Caverns of Shaagh [R3]
    4 Halls of Shan-To-Kor [R3]
    4 Venn's Trail: Clan Tunnelworm [R3]
    4 Venn's Trail: Venn's Fate [R3]
    4 Dirty Laundry [R5]
    4 Stormreaver Fresco [R4]
    4 The Depths of Despair [R4]
    4 The Depths of Darkness [R4]
    5 The Depths of Discord [R3]
    5 The Depths of Doom [R3]
    5 The Chamber of Insanity [R3]
    5 The Lair of Summoning [R3]
    5 The Mystery of Delera's Tomb [R3]
    5 The Stones Run Red [R3]
    5 Brood of Flame [R3]
    6 Ruined Halls [R3]
    6 The Forgotten Caverns [R4]
    6 Redwillow's Ruins [R3]
    6 Dead Predators [R3]
    6 Mirra's Sleepless Nights [R4]
    6 Purge the Heretics [R4]
    6 Caged Trolls [R3]
    6 The Bounty Hunter [R3]
    6 The Troglodytes' Get [R4]
    6 Old Grey Garl [R3]
    7 The Tear of Dhakaan [R3]
    7 Gwylan's Stand [R3]
    7 The Missing Party [R4]
    7 Free Delera [R3]
    7 The Graverobber [R4]
    7 Bargain of Blood [R4]
    8 Tharashk Arena [R4]
    8 The Prisoner [R3]
    8 Spies in the House [R1]
    8 The Path to Madness [R3]
    8 The Xorian Cipher [R3]
    8 Haunted Library [R2]
    8 Thrall of the Necromancer [R3]
    9 The Shadow Crypt [R4]
    9 Gateway to Khyber [R4]
    9 The Jungle of Khyber [R4]
    9 Haywire Foundry [R3]
    9 The Giant Lieutenants [R6]
    9 The Giant's Lair [R4]
    9 Library of Threnal [R5]
    10 Into the Mist [R3]
    10 Death House [R3]
    10 Fresh-Baked Dreams [R3]
    10 An Invitation to Dinner [R3]
    10 Tempest Spine (if needed) [R1]
    11 Oath of Vengeance [R3]
    11 A Raven at the Door [R3]
    11 Mad Tea Party [R3]
    11 Sealed in Amber [R3]
    11 An Offering of Blood [R4]
    11 Raid the Vulkoorim [R4]
    11 Dreams of Insanity [R4]
    11 From Beyond the Grave [R6]
    11 And the Dead Shall Rise [R3]
    12 The Chamber of Rayium [R3]
    12 Relic of a Sovereign Past [R3]
    12 Invaders [R3]
    12 Wizard of Wines [R3]
    12 Wrath of the Earth [R3]
    12 Raven's Bane [R4]
    12 Sunrise [R3]
    13 Assault on Summerfield [R3]
    13 Blockade Buster [R3]
    13 Undermine [R3]
    13 Siegebreaker [R3
    13 Memoirs of an Illusionary Larcener [R5]
    13 Feast or Famine [R5]
    13 Trial by Fire [R5]
    13 The Maze of Madness [R6]
    13 Foundation of Discord [R5]
    13 A Cry for Help [R5]
    14 Madstone Crater [R5]
    14 A Cabal of One [R5]
    14 The Crucible [R5]
    14 Prison of the Planes [R5]
    14 Gianthold Tor [R5]
    14 Fleshmaker's Labratory [R4]
    14 Ghosts of Perdition [R5]
    14 Descreted Temple of Vol [R4]
    14 Inferno of the Damned [R4]
    15 Lost at Sea [R7]
    15 Welcome to Sharn [R4]
    15 Red Rain [R4]
    15 Best Laid Plans [R4]
    15 Same Old Song [R4]
    15 Just Business [R3]
    15 Ruinous Schemes [R6]
    15 Wraithcallers [R7]
    15 Thrall of the Fungus Lord [R6]
    15 Smash and Burn [R2]
    15 Litany of the Dead [R5]
    15 Missing (if needed) [R5]
    16 No Refunds [R4]
    16 House of Pain [R4]
    16 Blown Deadline [R4]
    16 Reach for the Sky [R4]
    16 Scavenger Hunt [R6]
    16 The Magma Must Flow [R6]
    16 Security Detail [R6]
    16 Roll Call [R5]
    16 Running with the Devils [R4]
    16 Lords of Dust [R4]
    16 Servants of the Overlord (if needed) [R4]
    17 Sane Asylum [R6]
    17 The Lord of Stone [R5]
    17 Enter the Kobold [R4]
    17 Monastery of the Scorpion [R4]
    17 Prey on the Hunter [R3]
    17 Thorn and Paw [R4]
    18 Schemes of the Enemy [R1]
    18 Finding the Path [R4]
    18 Dream Conspiracy [R4]
    18 I Dream of Jeets [R4]
    18 The Mindsunder [R4]
    18 The Shipwrecked Spy [R4]
    18 Eye of the Titan [R4]
    18 Reclaiming Memories [R4]
    18 Mining for Ancient Secrets (if needed) [R4]
    18 Murder by Night (if needed) [R4]

    Note on sagas: We complete Ravenloft, Gianthold, Sharn and Cogs sagas which award approximately 65k each with our XP baseline. We hold all four sagas until level 18.

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    We were questing the other night and Fawn seemed to be quite fascinated with the Reaper Angel Wings.
    These come in many pretty colors and really, really look great.

    So, today she decided that she really wanted her own Reaper Angel Wings, which an ultra completionist would be very likely to consider adding to their achievements.
    Up till now, I have been simply taking Reaper XP whenever and however it passes me by.

    This is really a turn in direction for us, and we talked it back and forth to come up with a plan.

    As you all know, Sharn brought us a new race along with an iconic and soon there will be 12 new epic past lives.
    Late this year we will be getting the Alchemist class.

    To some this would present a "oh my there are 21 new past lives this year! the sky is falling..."
    But Fawn has a plan by dividing everything up into Blocks:
    Each block contains three life sets inside of it, and just for fun we will be using the Greek Alphabet to label them.

    So the first block with be Alpha one, Alpha two, and Alpha three.
    This will feature Tiefling with Alpha one being a pure Tiefling Sorcerer.

    Making a lot of estimates, a heroic life with 30% xp pots leftover from earlier times could yield 50k to 100k reaper xp.
    Adding an Epic Life to this with first time bonuses could yield another 100k to 200k reaper xp.
    Estimating that each block might yield up to 750k reaper xp?

    There are five blocks:
    Alpha Block with Tiefling
    Beta Block with any race and any class
    Gama block with any race and any class
    Delta block with any race and any class

    Note in the event that this Epic Destiny pass includes additional Epic Levels that need to be earned throughout the spheres, it would be good to leave Beta, Gama, and Delta the possibility of being in different spheres:
    Alpha - Arcane
    Beta - Divine
    Gama - Primal
    Delta - Martial

    Epsilon block will be Iconic Tiefling and include Alchemist class.

    If each block provides 750k reaper experience that would total 3.75 million reaper experience.

    Fawngate currently has 1,592,161 reaper experience.

    Raven Queen's Herald (5,625,000 Reaper Experience) is the vendor that we are aiming for.

    If my estimates are correct, after doing all five blocks, Fawngate could potential have 5.25 million reaper experience.
    This is short of her goal, which means that she will be doing some reincarnations without gaining past lives or doing some sitting at level cap (perhaps between blocks).
    This also means that if Fawngate wanted to get started on Alpha Block early before Update 43, she certainly could do so.

    Currently my goals at end game are:

    Join whatever raids are available
    Join whatever reaper groups are running
    Explore the new Sharn Expansion
    Gain new Sharn gear sets
    Farm Devil's Assault for tokens are ingrediants
    Farm Slave Lords for a heroic sorcerer 5 piece set

    These goals do conflict as the reaper experience could use experience potions, yet everything wastes such.

    Honestly. if my final end game goal is Pally Tank/Healer build then I really don't need to raid for gear.
    Ravenloft gear is working just fine as Fawn was able to tank the Crab (with support heals) in White Plum Mountain on reaper six.
    Frankly, building for reaper eight does not interest me as the party wins or wipes on their own merit regardless of my build.
    Reaper six is a fair better judge of Fawn's abilities.

    Save for pumping magical items into an minor artifact glove and getting that helm from the air sled quest, Fawn's end game gear will be valid at least until the next expansion.
    This leaves us to prepare for the Return to Korthos….

    We will be redoing Ravenloft and Sharn every life, so it will be an option to raid at each level cap, without the hassle of reflagging for every raid in DDO.

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    Default Adjustments to use xbox controller better with DDO:

    Options -> Mouse =>

    Mouse Look sensitivity slide to 07
    Mouse Look smooth slide to 00

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    Interesting build for future reference:

    Quote Originally Posted by Swimms View Post
    That is exactly right, the first points go into harper to get int to hit and int to damage. Then it is "all in" with inquisitive, you start to put your first points into Deep Wood/Mechanic around level 14-15. Once I have enough points for T3 mechanic I respec harper to Strategic combat 1 (int to hit) then the rest of the points go into DWS up to killer which you don't get until 20 unfortunately.
    Quote Originally Posted by Swimms View Post
    This is a build that I have run for a number of racial lives now and took to 30 for the release of Sharn to see how it handled in Epics. At this point I feel comfortable enough with the build to formalize a thread on it. As always I would welcome any feedback and criticism to help improve it in any way. Many of the basic concepts of the build were inspired by Slarden's 12 Arti/6 fighter/2 monk reaper build ( and from Gabrael's Inquisitive thread ( I also want to thank Xgya for their feedback and ideas as well as Maetrim for their character planner ( I can't not think of a creative name for the build and for all I know it is not unique so here goes.

    The basic idea of the build is the ability to take a tier 5 capstone in Inquisitive while simultaneously splashing classes to accelerate power in early heroics. Build constraints were Improved Precise Shot by level 12...period. Yes you could get more sneak attack damage by taking more rogue levels and dropping artificer but the focus of the build is to get as much power as possible as early as possible by utilizing the "free" ranged feats in Artificer and Ranger while making sure that you have enough base attack bonus by level 12 to take IPS. The only way to take IPS by level 12 is to go pure Ranger (level 11) or have 8 of your first 12 levels in full BAB classes (Barbarian, Ranger or Fighter). Of these, it is my opinion that Ranger offers the most synergies with the inquisitor universal tree (although fighter is a fine alternative if you need fighter lives). The build has tons of flexibility, it is feat rich, can fully trap at level 1, gets rune arms at level 2 for barrel breaking and being INT based, it gets a ton of skill points for making sure UMD and key trapping skills are kept viable. Given the high skill points and relatively high UMD, it is able to self scroll/wand heal effectively without a hireling in low reaper combined with the inherent defenses of the build (trap detection, evasion, insightful reflexes, etc) means that it is very survivable in solo low reaper. The build will work fine with any race although smaller races are preferred because of how they work with IPS. I am sure there will be plenty of people responding to this thread with "improvements" that involve delaying IPS until level 15. This is a fast heroic leveling build, one of the only downsides is the lack of AOE damage, ANYTHING that delays that damage spike is not worth it. IPS at 12 (or 11 if you don't care about traps and runearms)....period.

    Gearing for the build is easy and straight forward, I would HIGHLY recommend acquiring a Ratcatcher which can be used from levels 8-20 with great effectiveness. In my racial runs I typically gold roll to level 4 and use a level 2 Keen/Vorpal/Festival Icy Burst light crossbow until level level 8 and then use a Ratcatcher slotted with a Ruby of Ghostbane until level 20. Other than that I use select slavers items at 8, Ravenloft gear at 10 and swap out Int/Con cannith crafted gear at level 15. I have not acquired the key Sharn sets but would probably swap for one of the sets and possibly the light crossbow in the mid teens. The build is VERY forgiving on gear and does not require excessive swapping every few levels. Basically get a Ratcatcher and the rest will take care of itself.

    For enhancements my "must haves" were: Inquisitive=41, Harper=7 (Know the Angles and Strategic Combat 1 for Int to hit), Deep Wood Stalker 22 (Killer x2 and Sniper Shot), Mechanic 11 (core 3 for Int to Damage). Total is 81 points assuming the extra +1 universal tome from Sharn ultimate pack. The build kills so fast you are able to keep Thrill of the Hunt and Killer up 100% of the time which makes the 22 points in DWS worth it. At level 30 my standing doubleshot was 77 which became 92 with +15 from 2 ranks of killer without any boosts.

    This build is not a starter build, as described it requires a significant investment in both past lives, racial enhancements and universal enhancements from the various expansion packs. If you had to give up anything, the best tree to take it from would be deep wood stalker while maintaining enough for Sniper Shot.

    Character name: Neurik
    Classes: 10 Epic, 8 Ranger, 8 Rogue, 4 Artificer
    Race: Halfling· · · · · · ·Alignment: Neutral

    · · ·Start Tome Final
    Str:· · ·6· · 8 · ·19 · · ·HP:· · · · 771 · · ·AC:· · 65
    Dex:· · 14· · 8 · ·27 · · ·PRR: · · · ·32
    Con:· · 18· · 8 · ·31 · · ·MRR: · · · ·14 · · ·+Healing Amp:· · 30
    Int:· · 18· · 8 · ·41 · · ·Dodge: · 16/25 · · ·-Healing Amp:· · ·0
    Wis:· · ·8· · 8 · ·20 · · ·Fort:· · · 15% · · ·Repair Amp:· · · ·0
    Cha:· · ·8· · 8 · ·21 · · ·SR:· · · · · 0 · · ·BAB: · · · · · · 22

    Heroic Past Lives
    Past Life: Artificer(3)
    Past Life: Barbarian(3)
    Past Life: Bard(2)
    Past Life: Cleric(3)
    Past Life: Druid
    Past Life: Favored Soul(3)
    Past Life: Fighter
    Past Life: Monk(3)
    Past Life: Paladin(3)
    Past Life: Ranger(3)
    Past Life: Rogue(3)
    Past Life: Sorcerer(3)
    Past Life: Warlock
    Past Life: Wizard(3)

    Racial Past Lives
    Past Life: Drow(3)
    Past Life: Dwarf(3)
    Past Life: Gnome(3)
    Past Life: Half-Elf(3)
    Past Life: Half-Orc(3)
    Past Life: Halfling(3)

    Iconic Past Lives
    Past Life: Aasimar Scourge(3)
    Past Life: Bladeforged(3)
    Past Life: Deep Gnome(3)
    Past Life: Morninglord(3)
    Past Life: Purple Dragon Knight(3)
    Past Life: Shadar-Kai(3)

    Epic Past Lives
    Past Life: Arcane Sphere: Enchant Weapon(3)
    Past Life: Arcane Sphere: Energy Criticals(3)
    Past Life: Divine Sphere: Block Energy
    Past Life: Divine Sphere: Brace(3)
    Past Life: Divine Sphere: Power Over Life and Death(3)
    Past Life: Martial Sphere: Doublestrike(3)
    Past Life: Martial Sphere: Fortification(3)
    Past Life: Martial Sphere: Skill Mastery(3)
    Past Life: Primal Sphere: Colors of the Queen(3)
    Past Life: Primal Sphere: Doubleshot(3)
    Past Life: Primal Sphere: Fast Healing(3)

    Class and Feat Selection
    Level Class · · · · · ·Feats
    1 · · Artificer(1)· · ·Standard: Point Blank Shot
    2 · · Artificer(2)· · ·
    3 · · Ranger(1) · · · ·Standard: Precision
    · · · · · · · · · · · ·Favored Enemy: Favored enemy: Undead
    4 · · Ranger(2) · · · ·Intelligence: +1 Level up
    5 · · Ranger(3) · · · ·
    6 · · Ranger(4) · · · ·Standard: Completionist
    7 · · Ranger(5) · · · ·Favored Enemy: Favored enemy: Evil Outsider
    8 · · Ranger(6) · · · ·Intelligence: +1 Level up
    9 · · Ranger(7) · · · ·Standard: Improved Critical: Ranged Weapons
    10· · Ranger(8) · · · ·
    11· · Artificer(3)· · ·
    12· · Artificer(4)· · ·Standard: Insightful Reflexes
    · · · · · · · · · · · ·Artificer Bonus: Improved Precise Shot
    · · · · · · · · · · · ·Intelligence: +1 Level up
    13· · Rogue(1)· · · · ·
    14· · Rogue(2)· · · · ·
    15· · Rogue(3)· · · · ·Standard: Weapon Focus: Ranged
    16· · Rogue(4)· · · · ·Intelligence: +1 Level up
    17· · Rogue(5)· · · · ·
    18· · Rogue(6)· · · · ·Standard: Power Critical
    19· · Rogue(7)· · · · ·
    20· · Rogue(8)· · · · ·Intelligence: +1 Level up
    21· · Epic(1) · · · · ·Epic Feat: Empty Feat Slot
    22· · Epic(2) · · · · ·
    23· · Epic(3) · · · · ·
    24· · Epic(4) · · · · ·Epic Feat: Empty Feat Slot
    · · · · · · · · · · · ·Intelligence: +1 Level up
    25· · Epic(5) · · · · ·
    26· · Epic(6) · · · · ·Epic Destiny Feat: Empty Feat Slot
    27· · Epic(7) · · · · ·Epic Feat: Empty Feat Slot
    28· · Epic(8) · · · · ·Epic Destiny Feat: Empty Feat Slot
    · · · · · · · · · · · ·Intelligence: +1 Level up
    29· · Epic(9) · · · · ·Epic Destiny Feat: Empty Feat Slot
    30· · Epic(10)· · · · ·Epic Feat: Empty Feat Slot
    · · · · · · · · · · · ·Legendary: Empty Feat Slot

    Granted Feats
    Slippery Mind

    Enhancements: 80 APs, Racial 8, Universal 1
    Halfling - Points spent: 8
    1 Core ·(1) Luck I
    2 Tier1 (1) Cunning
    3 Tier1 (1) Cunning
    4 Tier1 (1) Cunning
    5 Tier1 (1) Bold
    6 Tier2 (1) Guile I
    7 Tier2 (2) Heroic Companion
    Inquisitive - Points spent: 41
    1 Core ·(1) Inquisitive
    2 Tier1 (2) Dual Shooter
    3 Tier1 (2) Law on your side
    4 Core ·(1) Hit the Streets
    5 Tier2 (2) Crossbow Adept
    6 Tier2 (2) Improved Law
    7 Core ·(1) Mind Like Iron
    8 Tier2 (1) Wand and Scroll Mastery
    9 Tier2 (1) Wand and Scroll Mastery
    10 Tier2 (1) Wand and Scroll Mastery
    11 Tier3 (2) Ability Score I: Intelligence
    12 Tier3 (2) Crossbow Adept II
    13 Tier3 (2) First Things First: Ask Questions First
    14 Tier4 (1) What Later?: Shoot Later
    15 Tier4 (2) Crossbow Adept III
    16 Tier4 (2) Greater Law
    17 Tier2 (2) Observation
    18 Tier3 (1) Improved Observation
    19 Tier4 (2) Inquisition Style: Martial Inquisition
    20 Tier4 (2) Ability Score II: Intelligence
    21 Tier5 (1) Inquisitor's Path: Vigilante
    22 Tier5 (1) Diplomatic Immunity
    23 Tier5 (2) No Holds Barred
    24 Core ·(1) True Seeing
    25 Core ·(1) Undaunted
    26 Tier5 (2) Arresting Assault
    27 Core ·(1) Master Inquisitive
    Deepwood Stalker - Points spent: 22
    1 Core ·(1) Far Shot
    2 Tier1 (1) Stealthy
    3 Tier1 (1) Stealthy
    4 Tier1 (1) Stealthy
    5 Tier1 (1) Favored Defense
    6 Core ·(1) Sneak Attack
    7 Tier2 (2) Survivalist I
    8 Tier2 (1) Action Boost: Melee/Ranged Power Boost
    9 Tier2 (1) Action Boost: Melee/Ranged Power Boost
    10 Core ·(1) Called Shot: Sniper Shot
    11 Tier3 (2) Survivalist II
    12 Tier3 (1) Thrill of the Hunt
    13 Tier3 (1) Thrill of the Hunt
    14 Tier3 (1) Thrill of the Hunt
    15 Tier2 (1) Action Boost: Melee/Ranged Power Boost
    16 Tier3 (1) Favored Hunter
    17 Tier3 (1) Favored Hunter
    18 Tier3 (1) Favored Hunter
    19 Tier4 (1) Killer
    20 Tier4 (1) Killer
    Harper Agent - Points spent: 7
    1 Core ·(1) Agent of Good I
    2 Tier1 (2) Strategic Combat I
    3 Tier1 (2) Harper Enchantment
    4 Tier2 (1) Know the Angles
    5 Tier2 (1) Know the Angles
    Mechanic - Points spent: 11
    1 Core ·(1) Arbalester
    2 Tier1 (2) Sharpshooter I
    3 Tier1 (1) Awareness
    4 Tier1 (1) Awareness
    5 Core ·(1) Tanglefoot
    6 Tier2 (2) Sharpshooter II
    7 Tier1 (1) Awareness
    8 Tier1 (1) Mechanics
    9 Core ·(1) Targeting Sights

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    Fawn, her loyal hirelings, and I went thru Slavers a total of six times, then ran a seventh to even out the ingredients.
    (Shattered Symbols forced the seventh run along with an additional repeat of part 1.)
    (I accidently repeated part two multiple times (turn in mix up, failure to read the objectives, and a disconnection).

    The Spinneret & Symbol of the Slave Lords were among the named items that I pulled which seemed worthwhile to place the Sorcerer set bonus upon.

    I created two chains and two shackles focusing on Con, Cha, DCs, Spell Pen, Fire & Lightning.
    I have seen a philosophy of slave crafting to avoid putting main stat and main element on the items as you will upgrading thus via cannith crafting.
    However, I only have so many collectables and Fawnglow on another world is holding most of the leveling up gear as I did not anticipate this new perspective nor the new epic past lives.
    So, as I have done in the past with shroud gear, having main stat less than perfect but available does work well enough.
    Even though I only need five for the set bonuses, having six will allow me swap room later on (for example end fight equipping ion stone instead symbol).
    I think I will make a ring as well, just for good measure since I have a fair amount of ingredients, although for level 15 I will likely want a heroic necklace and ring from Sharn?

    I went around looking for saga turn ins:
    Guild xp
    Legendary club from the ravenloft entrance trader (never took long ago).
    Ravenloft tokens - traded in for heroic version of same club (potency stick).

    Looking over the level 20 named caster gear (for moving my sentient gem over to), I came across:
    Implement of the Deep Woods
    Spellcasting Implement +18
    +6 Enhancement Bonus
    Devotion +90
    Magnetism +90
    Combustion +90
    Fire Lore VI
    Lightning Lore VI
    Inherent Elemental Resistance - 5
    Restoration — 1 Charges (Recharged/Day:1)

    Although it will not be as good as Twilight, I will get thus at level 20 instead of mid epics which is nice.
    There probably is a better pick for my sentient weapon, but it does fit cocoon + delayed blast fireball + chain lightning very well.
    The 16% spell crit bonus is a definite standout on this weapon compared to much lower values on others.
    The two handed staff is a disadvantage, but I have used Twilight many times before in epics so whatever.

    Levels 1 thru 7 need taking care of but part of that will be using up gold roll xp.
    I will need an item with a slot on it to transfer my Master's Gift augment off of Fawn's Hands of the Dawn Healer trinket.
    I hate to cannith craft for level 1 thru 7, and I don't have the full chrono set.
    Seems like at one time I was working on challenge gear sets?
    That is also likely left on another world with Fawnglow?

    The helmet from memories is always a stand out spellcasting item.
    Putting that on my possible farming list.

    I do remember to use my level 3 gold seal cleric hiring as it is useful parking at quest entrances thru all of heroics.

    A few things I see players forgetting to do with hires:

    Always shrine your hire (yes always unless the dungeon level is way below the hire level) (yes even if they are not spellcasters).
    Hires have hidden resources that one does not see.

    Hires and monsters don't take actions while they are moving and both usually move slower than players do.
    (this is why kiting actually works, and why hires have such a difficult time)

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    Looks like Fawn and I need to visit stormhorns for some reaper xp and some heroic items.

    EDIT: done

    Banked the whole sage set, although the +8 cha ring and the +8 int gogles stands out as being potential for min level 15.

    (The necklace from Whelloon cannot compare to the necklace from Sharn both min level 15).
    (I am sure will be other Sharn items to consider as we pull thus, however the Sage set is designed to quickly equip anyone for upper paragon levels as a once and pull group.)

    My next main concern is leg greensteel caster sticks for Fawn, particularly fire (I saw an awful lot of leg greensteel weapon shards on Fawnglow's world).
    Looks like I brought two caster sticks with me: Cold/Ice & Electric/Salt which are very nice and likely should be consider if only for their effects.

    I might need to cannith craft Cha + Fire for mid epics?

    Also, I need a short term solution for min 4 fire?

    Suggestion for the Devs:
    Next time you attend a convention such as Comic Con, take some notes on the costumes.
    We could probably use some super crazy cosmetic armor.
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    10 tips for keeping your sanity while gaming:

    1) You can go to settings and turn ddo graphics into window mode.
    After which you can drag the corners of the screen to only occupy part of the screen, then turn the sound off.
    Now go to youtube, amazon prime or whatever streaming service you desire and set up a movie/music sound track/tutorial/game stream/etc..

    Bingo, you are now qualified to empty your reincarnation bank, craft and do other boring repetitive clicking inside your favorite game.

    2) Although Developers of games do want your honest opinion on whatever they are working on, it is their final decision and their responsibility therein.
    Players are very likely to offer conflicting viewpoints and disagree.
    This is life perspectives and should be expected.
    However, these points of view are not responsible for the final coding and the players who offered thus are not responsible for the final coding.
    The full blame of the game state is with the developers not the players.
    Never look at another player and blame them for a issue within the game.

    3) If you want a developer to listen to your opinion then be polite and respectful regardless of your emotional intensity.
    Go to the point and offer what you feel is a viable solution that is practical.
    Realize this solution is very likely to morph into other things or not be used at all.

    4) You are never under any obligation to further any of your accounts.
    Your character will be there next week, next month, next year waiting for you to return like a stuffed panda bear.
    Gaming is entertainment.
    Gaming is luxury and as such may wax and wane just like the moon rises and sets.
    You do not have to game, but you do have to sleep, eat, work and learn.

    5) Playing a game for 16 hours a day will exhaust you.
    Doing anything for 16 hours a day will exhaust you.
    As such, you will be tired of such game because you are just plain tired out.
    Gaming companies tend to put out warnings such as do not play for more than 45 minutes before taking a 15 minute break.

    6) Most accounts have recovery systems in place.
    Sure you can delete all your toons, give away all your plat and scramble your passwords...
    ...but passwords are tied to email recovery systems and VIP DDO can undelete for free.

    So, instead of trashing one's account, simply get an envelope and write down your password + account number.
    Place the envelope into a safe for your descendent to enjoy.
    Who knows you might start a retro crazy?
    Or your loved ones might ebay your completionist toons and donate the money to charity?

    7) Before you set your heart on an item, find out how difficulty it will be to obtain.
    Then sit back and ponder thus.
    Are the odds .000001 (looking at you sands wilderness epic upgrades)?
    Save yourself the time, and pretend like these don't exist.

    8) Never worry about that group that will not let your join, because you are not "good enough" or that guild that is for elitist gamers.
    Like the man celebrating a birthday in a foreign land, create your own party, bring your own cake, give out your own trinkets and have a good time.
    There are tons of players who would love to join your raids and your saga trains!
    Tons and tons and tons of players just staring at the social screen wondering what to do.
    Waiting for you to just start that lfm…
    Let go and fly your adventures!

    9) Today's elitist runs are tomorrow's daily zergfests.
    Today's ultimate equipment sets are tomorrow's vendor trash.
    Today's newcomers are tomorrow's strong players.
    Time washes over everything like an ocean's wave changing everything in its path.

    10) Stand up, walk around, stretch.
    Go talk to your cat and be sincerely happy to see them.
    Cats have feeling too.
    Quality of attention can make up for quantity of attention.
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    This week was more about Fawn's little sister-- Fawngale.

    I downloaded the test server (lamania) and since character transfer prohibits clan leaders (congratulations Fawngate on your promotion), I copy transferred Fawnglow from Gala land to the test server.

    Honestly the new changes to Reaper are looking very favorable for Fawnglow.
    Despite poor equipment, less than perfect build, and using gold seal hires, she was able to do rainbow in the dark on reaper one.

    The biggest change for reaper will be changing over/under level penalties to equal elite standards along with replacing bravery with a special hard/elite/reaper single use 100% xp bonus.
    You get half if you do hard first, then whatever is left for any elite/reaper.
    No level limits.
    No limits on when thus is done.

    So this makes parties doing a dungeon three levels higher for reaper possible with zero penalties therein.
    EI: Fawnglow was in the level 16 Vale quest as a level 19 toon with no reaper xp penalties.
    Even the gold seal hires appreciated the power bonus.

    So this is going to make reaper easier for weaker players to enter.

    Reaper monsters are more scary than champs now (heroic reaper monsters where less scary than champs at times).
    There will be a bit less save or die lock down for high reaper.
    There will be more shift towards tanks in reaper being a good thing, which will help Fawn possibly return to end game tank after she get closer to her pretty wings.

    Also, live version Fawnglow has started packing her bags, possibly for a return visit to see her sister.

    I was tempted to make a thread in the general section asking the Devs if 2-2-2 role lock will every come to DDO?
    But I don't think I have the wit to pull a prank thread like that off...
    (Overwatch (first person PVP with zero grind-kind of a change of pace game with little cost to enter) is finally moving to forcing balanced parties: 2 dps/2 tanks/2 healers.)

    Also had an idea of making a picture showing Fawn digging holes in the beach of Korthos finding others lost TR cache loot.
    Although it is very rare, over all the years there must be a lot of loot on those beaches.
    Is Jeets really looting bodies, or is he after your TR chache?

    Also though about a picture of Fawn sending her sister a letter saying how much she misses her.

    Been busy this week outside working on the house and yard.
    Hope everyone is having a nice summer.

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    I had some misconceptions about reaper xp, so...

    Reaper XP is not influenced by:
    Bravery Bonus
    Doing any difficulty other than reaper before hand
    Completing optionals
    Opening treasure chests
    Pausing Bravery Bonus

    Reaper XP is influenced by:
    A straight rxp only +200% bonus for the first time a dungeon is completed on reaper.
    Quest bonuses such as Ransack, Conquest, Ingenious Debilitation, Flawless, and Persistent.
    Tomes of Learning
    Ship Experience Buff
    Experience Elixir
    Reaper quest length modifier
    Daily Completion Bonus

    So, the new upcoming reaper xp changes are actually going to increase reaper xp earned even if there are noises otherwise.
    The changes to Bravery and First Time bonuses of regular xp are not applying to rxp.

    Also the new changes will allow a player to enter a dungeon on reaper with a toon that is three levels higher than previously without rxp penalties.
    This is due to over/under level penalties of reaper becoming the same as over/under level penalties for elite.

    This is really going to open up group options and make Fawngate's new journeys to Korthos much easier.

    (please correct me if any of this is in error and I will correct)
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    "Why make bad feats?"

    1) Lore - some feats tie DDO back to its D&D roots thereby becoming important in their own way.

    2) Player skill distinction - if all feats were good, then all choice become good and smart players have a level playing field with dumb players.

    3) Discovery - some bad feats might combo with other unknowns that the developer might not have foreseen and create a hidden new build.

    4) Flavor - some players are willing to sacrifice power for themes in order to make their character memorable or more fun to play.

    5) Handicap system - players might create a static group with certain rules, ideas, and themes.

    6) Options of new trees - certain unpopular feats might be featured as bonus feats inside a potential new tree.

    7) Gimp play - players might want to challenge themselves by seeing how they can use less popular feats effectively.

    8) Developer time - it might be more efficient for developers to prioritize their work, leaving more time for other projects

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    Quote of the day:

    Quote Originally Posted by HungarianRhapsody View Post
    For every one of my characters, I remapped my keyboard so that q is strafe left and e is strafe right.

    If you hold down q+d, you circle strafe one direction. If you hold down e+a, you circle strafe in the other direction. It's enormously handy on just about any character even if you're a melee.

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    There is a lot going on this week.

    Release notes for update 42.4 here:

    The hardcore server opens on Friday, Aug 16, 2019.

    Both of these events triggered the long awaiting leap from the top of the mountain back to the island of korthos for Fawngate.
    She has now started Alpha Block (three tiefling lives) as a pure sorcerer.

    In part, she wanted a refresher course on the heroic quests to enable her counterpart on the hardcore server to survive as well as getting a start on the now available epic past lives.
    For once, she is combining (woho) past lives many lives now?
    We stopped counting while I was doing racial life (partially with otto's boxes due to my eye surgery).

    There are so many good changes on this patch that it bears deep discussion.

    First of all, I will start with something that did not make this patch: increasing epic destiny levels.

    Awhile back I played a game that allowed one to fill up the entire character ability trees except about 2 points.
    Doing that for a few toons left me with a bit of wondering what was the point?
    Not exactly choices, since every ability was granted.
    Each version of the character was the same.
    Makes one pause and wonder if one can have too much goodies?

    For a heroic class, there are 80 action points to spend on three trees (plus racial, independent, and possibly multiclassing).
    One can probably fill most of two trees, leaving the third tree abandoned?

    Epic destinies grant 24 points all at once in trees that have approximately 40ish points to spend.
    If all 40 points were granted, we would enter into a state of being able to spent enough points to gain most all the tree.
    So everyone's choices inside an epic destiny would pretty much be the same.
    There would no longer be a debate over ability score pushing vs special epic destiny features.
    There would no longer be hard choices to make or debates over the merits of each feature.

    I think the Devs feel that Epic Destiny levels 6 thru 10 have been replaced with Epic Destiny Feats along with the Legendary Feat.
    Yes, I do feel that these feats could easily equal the power gained from sixteen more epic destiny points.
    Also, more hard choices as some of the legendary feats are really nice.
    There are some very interesting choices via Epic Destiny feats as well.

    So, if the epic levels were going to happen, today would have been the day.
    I can see leaving things as they are.
    Epic monsters do have a huge hit point increase, thereby justifying a massive boost in toon power to compensate.
    End of subject, Epic Destiny Feats = solution for not increasing Epic Levels further.

    In this patch, some epic destiny abilities (particularly tier six which can only have 4 points spent therein) got some cost reductions.
    Also, most all the Epic Destiny Moments and Epic Destiny Features in general had their charge counters removed.
    This is very nice as some Epic Destiny Moments were almost impossibly to charge (such as Draconic).
    Other epic destiny moments tended to have their charges remove via portal to new instance inside dungeon.
    Blitz (one of the most powerful Epic destiny abilities) had its charge up removed long ago, so now the rest of the epic destinies are following suit on this good change.

    There were also upgrades to various epic destinies as well as a complete rewrite of Fatesinger.

    Exalted Angel's reborn in light is now once a day which is more than enough for the typical healer (although a nerf for player wanting to solo raids).
    It is important to remember that available self rez does affect raid design and might have cause a few recent raids to start out more difficult than expected.
    Some nice things also happened to Exalted Angel such as less blinding from Ascendance, unbinding Endless Faith associated costs, fixing Sound burst targeting, fixing Mass Cure Moderate Targeting.
    (Pleased to see the Devs listened to some of our requests on these points.

    Tanks get more hate when doing damage from this patch which was much needed.

    A lot of work went into Pale Master fix along with Magistar & Draconic Epic Destinies.
    Pale Masters can also be now healed for half positive energy, which is a very nice quality of life for healers to be able to do their role properly.

    There are four new epic past life feats (each can be taken three times), not only adding defensive, but also granting a few more twist of fate points.
    The new feats seems geared towards making more choices for everyone (don't forget one can change toggles on the fly when facing bosses and the like).

    A new feat: Swords to Plowshears will further make the Favored Weapon choices interesting.
    Now a Favored Soul carrying a Sickle might become a thing (lol making some of Fawn's choices finally in style lol).
    This is propping up the earlier update to Favored Weapon feats that granted extra to simple weapons.

    Bane DR has been removed from Elementals and replaced with 20% resistance to slash/pierce/blunt.
    This is a huge change as lower level Elements have largely been untouchable in higher level heroic reaper play except by Warlocks.

    Reaper has received many changes including:

    Spell, ranged and melee damage are now reduced equally in value making spellcasting via high reaper viable again.

    Reaper xp overlevel penalty for rxp is now the same as normal elite xp.
    Basically this means that most lfm grouping will seek to do dungeons all at player level = elite dungeon level.
    This gets bravery and rxp farming on the same footing which should help with grouping.

    If one was not worried about normal xp, there would be cause to consider doing player level = elite dungeon level +1 without penalty to rxp.
    One could even consider player level = elite dungeon level +2 with a small -10% penalty to rxp.
    Anything above that on heroic dungeons will not be enterable.

    Upper level reaper now has new reaper(s) and difficulty has been adjusted upward (which we were warned could happen).
    Remember that approaching a dungeon with a toon two levels higher will decrease difficulty, so we have changes going both ways here.

    Bravery changes as well with streaks not being broken and the ability to split the bonus between doing hard first then elite.
    This does allow a newcomer to benefit from n/h/e questing.

    Daily bonuses have been increased.

    Optionals now become ransacked down to ??% over time (how much or quickly is not know yet by me).
    This can be reset on Epic, Heroic, or Iconic TR.
    This is likely the most controversial point of the update.

    There will be a hardcore (if you die you are sent to limbo prison forever) server opening up this Friday, 8.16.19
    I will be starting a guild there named "open guild for all" or shortened to "open for all"
    This guild will feature an astral airship and hopefully good ship buffs.
    Look for the toon named Recruiter or Fawngate on that server to join.
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    Looking at the quest information is the key (base level 2 - level 4 on elite):
    It would seem:

    At level 4 = full rxp & 100% bravery bonus (which is only applied to normal xp).
    At level 5 = full rxp & 50% bravery bonus (which is only applied to normal xp).
    rxp gains a 200% first time running reaper bonus to rxp regardless of bravery and the like

    Actual rxp awarded = 292 (greater tome of learning, shippies, conquest, ransack, flawless, persistent, vip, first time reaper)

    Recovering the lost tome (base level 2 - level 4 on elite):

    At level 6 = rxp -10% penalty (along with +200% first time reaper) & 50% bravery bonus -10% overlevel penalty (which is applied to normal xp).

    Actual rxp awarded = 212 (greater tome, shippies, aggression, vandal, flawless, persistent, vip, first time reaper)(-10% over level) (possibly short length quest)

    According to other posts in other threads the following is happening:

    Up to toon level = base quest level plus 2 (effective elite level) = +100% bravery bonus applied to normal xp (rxp has its own independent +200% first time)
    This is applying to epic questing (which up until now was a larger spread of levels).
    If a toon is above base quest level plus 2 (effective elite level) = +50% bravery bonus applied to normal xp (rxp has its own independent +200% first time)
    This is applying to epic levels all the way up to level cap.

    Reaper xp is not being affected by level caps within Epic Questing at all.
    However, I assume that toon level +7 over the Base Quest (normal level) means the toon cannot enter said dungeon still?

    So overall, the grouping for epics may improve significantly if one is not worried about restricting levels (giving up the 100% bravery for a 50% bravery bonus and keeping full rxp).

    For heroic questing, see the top part of this post which indicates:
    First time completions:
    Toon level = elite level -- gain 100% bravery along with full rxp at +200% rate
    Toon level = elite level+1 -- gain 50% bravery along with full rxp at +200% rate
    Toon level = elite level +2 -- take 10% penalty but gain gain 50% bravery for normal xp & get 90% (-10% penalty) on rxp with +200% first time bonus
    Toon level = elite level +3 -- cannot enter quest
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    New xp patch with some changes particularly to epics.
    (most interesting stuff in red)

    Bravery Bonus is now tracked separately across Heroic and Epic difficulties. This means that if you play a dungeon on Heroic Elite, you will be able to acquire the Epic Elite Bravery Bonus if you play that same dungeon again in Epic levels.

    Bravery Bonus range in Epics is now +4 rather than +2 of the Base quest level. Players above the +4 range will receive half of their Bravery Bonus. This functions just like the Bravery Bonus range in Heroics, but with an expanded range.

    Optional Objective's Experience Rewards now ransack at a slower rate:
    The first, second, and third time you achieve an optional objective, you will receive 100% of the experience.
    The fourth time you achieve an optional objective, you will receive 80% of the experience.
    Fifth: 60%
    Sixth: 40%
    Seventh: 20%
    Eighth: 0%

    Optional Objective ransack does not reset over time. An Epic, Racial, True, or Iconic Reincarnation will reset your Optional Objective ransack.

    All current Optional Objective Ransack has been reset. Players after this patch will begin as if they had not previously completed any optional objectives on their current life.

    The base experience of the quest Tower of Frost has been raised from 3062 to 6540.

    The Daily Bonus in Epics has been raised by +10%, for a total of 40% for Epics.

    The feat Swords to Plowshares now functions if you've acquired it through an enhancement.
    Animated allies may now properly rest or leave a dungeon to throw off their undead state.
    Necrotic Bolt and Necrotic Blast have had their damage corrected.
    Skeletal Knight's cooldown has been reduced to 20 seconds for all ranks.
    You should no longer lose your Reaper Enhancement granted hit points while zoning (thus avoiding things like Death by Dimension Door).
    One of the new Reapers has had its name corrected.
    Corrected an issue that prevented users of the legacy Mac client from launching the game. Note: The current Mac client can be downloaded here.

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    I am keeping a death counter on this life for Fawn in preparation for the hardcore server.
    Also, so far, doing all quests.

    So far,

    death by center dog swam in "bringing the light"
    (was overconfident and adjusting)

    Various hire deaths as I sometimes fade back with this socerer life and allow the hire and summons to take the heat.
    Finding both the goggles and summoning staff very helpful for this life.

    2 deaths in the Swiped Signet along with 3 hire deaths.
    The end fight had multiple reapers and we got swarmed multiple times.
    Our ship buffs did run out and that might have been a serious part of the deaths.
    Was able to use the shrine to self rez.

    Its is amusing, due to Fawn's skill tomes, she can search for traps and find thus but is unable to disable same.

    I am beginning to think that if I want to do all the favor on the hardcore server that I will have to create a trapper build that hopefully has evasion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FURYous View Post
    I made a fast spreadsheet to track your favor.

    Change the "Done" column to "Y" or "N" to keep a running tally of your favor.

    Depending on your Done status, it will highlight the cells and calculate your running totals (both earned and lost).

    Spreadsheet download


    Lots of fun on the hardcore server...

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    The title of this post is:

    "How the HCL helped me become a better artist."

    (HCL = Hardcore League server)

    Awhile back, on a day when nothing seemed to be going right...

    Fawn and I were painting an oil landscape (my nemesis).

    The mountain(s) too big and too bold (perhaps I was thinking I lived in Alaska?)

    Finally, I just looked at the painting in frustration, grabbed my pallet knife and started putting colors anywhere that felt right...
    Astonishingly, the end result was grand enough to go on the dinning room wall.

    Along comes the HCL and while Fawn & I were helping encourage the Open Guild for All, we had some slack time while recruiting.
    So along with fixing the kitchen cabinet hinges which were wore out, we decided to try to reproduce the accidental abstract.

    Going in with a limited pallet (choosing blue, bit of orange, little bit of black, lots of white), we succeeded with something that is worthy of selling.
    Later, while in the midst of working on the overflow Open Guild for All Two (which is almost equal to the first guild), we decided to try it again featuring yellow with some orange and white.
    Waloo, another successful painting.

    As the Open Guilds had their own channel and discord, these seemed to evolve into a Megaguild that player rallied around in their cry for freedom from the reaper of death.
    My choice of colors this time was purple & white with a minor amount of blue and grey.
    They say the third time's the charm, and in this case success again was a big deal as that means I can consistently continue the style.

    The circle of life continuous revolves the fallen being booted from the guild, but also a need for more room for the active as those who have not logged in began to be booted.
    Kindness is a key here, making sure anyone who wanted in (or more likely back in) was welcome.
    (Just contact Fawnglow or Fawngate or /joinchannel openguild )

    This time we approached an oil landscape previously done that over time became obviously flawed by our observations while it hung on the wall.
    Fawn and I approached thus with vigor and boldness (although we did pick up the paintbrush) in style that I would not have taken before now.
    Waha, the finished product is now proudly hanging on the living room wall.
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