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    Back in the game, mostly raiding with various friends and having a good time.
    Still playing Cha based PDK pure pally tank with efforts to dps while keeping good AC/PPR/MMR/Saves/heals

    Still pondering "Hunger Games" PVP as seen here:
    Made a few errors in judgment, but have not given up yet.

    The original Hunger Games was done in 2013, and looking back there was less to do in the game at that point.
    Tomes were lost on reincarnation, reincarnation was much less common, Tower of Despair with Rings and +4 tomes was end game.
    So any sort of PVP events will have to assume people are busier than ever and return to easier models.

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    New to my wish list: one of the new upcoming raids to not have a lock-out point.
    These type of raids are helpful to start a guild/channel/forum scheduled raid train as it allows latecomers to join up.

    Currently, we have:
    Tempest Spine/Legendary Tempest Spine,
    Caught in the Web,
    Temple of the Deathwyrm

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    I like the new hardcore theme, and it has given me and a friend an idea.

    We have kobold assault.
    We have Devil's Assault.
    We have Demon Assault.

    How about Mind Flayer Assualt (with a few other daelkyr experiments)?

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    Yesterday, after I was cleaning up from spraying outside, I coughed...and a turkey answered me back with a gobble, gobble,

    Yes, it's spring, and I am outside a lot right now...

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    Watching April Ask Sev on twitch:
    (please pardon any errors or omissions on my part, recommend watching if you have time)
    Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed listening.
    Took most of the day with breaks.
    (as i save to clipboard knowing this will likely not post first attempt

    At a little before 6 and half minutes:

    Banks - some good news there:

    My comments:
    I previously thought that the earlier work on banks was wasted and worried that they should have brought out what they had.

    However, listening to this, they build upon that work, adding UI and a new system for BTC items.
    When finished, this will offer more bank space (yah!) and be less resource taxing on the system (take less room on the backside).
    This will allow easier transfers (remember Sev is eyeing a new mega server someday with most everyone transferring to it),
    as well as less resource drain.

    My comments:
    Overall, very pleased with this news.
    Bigger Banks are still "Soon TM." (expecting some time this year)

    Also, we have some awesome new engineers.
    We have expanded the engineering team; they are still coming up to speed.

    At 7:40 ish:
    Q: What are future plans about the current changes on debuffs?

    Regarding changes to double strike and double shot.
    These were important changes to make, but let's not kid ourselves this is not going to totally solve performance issues.
    The more we look at performance, this is like the problem of a thousand cuts.
    This will help some players significantly, but it's not going to be like "there will be no lag tonight."

    Now what we are doing is trying to go thru and make changes so the procures remain relatively the same where we can.

    After this is all over, there are going be some builds such as arcane archer paralyzing arrow improved precise shot that are still going to lock down monsters, and we will need to look at that to decide if that is what we want to happen.

    However, changing procures might affect some unintentional things like spells and we will have to go thru and make sure the changes to procures does not affect things that are not double strike and double shot.

    My comments:
    Having been at the point three years ago wherein certain raids with certain groups, my toon had to wait 15 minutes after the raid had ended for the end chest to appear so that I could loot it, I will usually always be on the anti-lag side of the fence.
    Also, reaper 10 is not designed to be doable, so anytime we get a lot of players doing reaper 10, I would expect an adjustment in the reaper dungeons themselves or in the top-performing builds.

    At 10 minutes:

    We have also found some lag issues centering around monk's centering and barbarians raging.

    We have found some back-end solutions for this.
    However, the player will not notice anything different.
    This is being worked on right now.

    At 10:20

    We are in the middle of the Epic Destiny Revamp.
    The Player's Council has begun to sink their teeth into it.
    We will be seeing more information on the Epic Destiny Revamp soon.

    My comments:
    Having been on the PC, I can say that Official Public Thread often follows soon after in most cases, unless there is a huge back to the drawing board situation. So, we might see partial information in the next few months? Maybe sooner?

    It (epic destinies) is pretty cool.
    It will work more like the heroic trees.
    It will be exciting and open up a lot of new builds.
    And quite frankly will be more balanced so a lot more of the trees are useful.

    My comments:
    The big thing needed is for the player base to look at the new Epic Destinies and say "This is more enjoyable than the old Epic Destinies."
    We have seen some pull back on outlying builds lately, so I feel there is some room for goodies and this is the place to put this.

    At 11 minutes:
    Q: What are we doing to improve customer service?

    One of the problems with customer service this that everything is being put into two separate Qs.
    There is an in-game Q and an out-of-game Q.
    The customer service team has to go thru both of these, and find out if the account is online, then they have to go look up what to do.
    They did not have tools for _____ and they needed to go get permission to do stuff.

    Solutions: We need one Q, so that is one of the things we are working on.
    They also have new tools so they can address things offline and see more information about what account this is and if the player is online right now.
    They can look at each character individually.
    They can fix things and look at inventory while the character is offline.
    This is going to be a tremendous boon.
    This should speed up things a lot.

    We are likely to have the in-game ticket change to opening up a browser and dealing with the ticket that way.
    [EI: All tickets in one Q that is out-of-game.]

    There are a lot of duplicate tickets and it takes them a lot of time to go thru and figure out which tickets are duplicates.
    With the new tools and only one Q, this will be faster.
    One of my concerns is the players will have to get used to the new system and we don't want the player to feel we are trying to redirect them.
    It will just be a unified system.

    The new tools that we have put into the QA service (which are not live yet) are really slick.
    (said with pride).

    At 14 minutes:

    With the new ED system, a lot of the ED problems just go away.
    (Speaking still about Customer Service, so I'm assuming this is a reference to lost epic destiny XP?).

    Cordovan asks about lost Epic Destinies.
    It seems to be a performance hitch, so the amount of time it happens is very low.
    However, with the number of people reincarnating, it can happen and when it does it can be very devasting.

    The new epic destiny does not use that system at all.
    At least behind that scenes how reincarnation will work that whole system will be much more stable.

    At 15 minutes

    Q: Is there a technical reason that we have not received more challenges?

    Yes, it's a balance issue.
    How can I put this?
    We have had many designers over the years and there have been many ways of balancing creatures.
    Some of this has been haphazard.
    The reality of this is how we balance monsters now compared to 3, 5, 10 years ago are very different.
    Well, the challenges were made with a problematic system for leveling with that we are not entirely happy with.
    So making new challenges, there would be certain levels that there would a tremendous amount of work balancing all that.
    The current system uses a tier of creatures instead of a ____ (progression?) system like reaper mode, so we would basically have to redo that in order to get the balance right.

    The other issue is that challenges grant monsters based on character level.
    (summary of next part: challenges don't offer the N/H/E/R1-10 difficulty options that players like to have = EI: one person has hard day at work want easy mode, while someone else wants to die 71 times and barely win)

    At 17:37

    Q: Don't expect any more Eveningstar Challenges ever?

    A: I don't want to say never, but there are significant challenges to ...
    Turns into Pun: There are challenges in doing challenges because the challenge level is not good...(laughed)

    There are things we would have to rework to make challenges be what players expect.

    At 18:

    Infrastructure problem with inventory over the weekend causing lag issues.
    We had fixed most of it, but there were some (EI: additional) issues yesterday that we have mostly fixed so that should be cleared up.

    At 19:

    Q: what about new hardcore champions coming to live servers?

    If we did that, we would do it as a festival-type event.
    The issue is that we do not have the tech to change world-type champions, but we could build that if there was a demand for it.
    One of the things on hardcore is "how do we figure out the new champions" as a fun extra.
    I want to be careful because people have their way of playing the game and when you throw them curveballs sometimes it can be more frustrating than fun.
    When you go to a brand new hardcore server, you are expecting that kind of a thing, but when you TR and suddenly the champions are different, we just want to make sure the players are all on board and that is a fun opportunity before we do something like that.

    At 20:20

    Q: Can we have more ways to protect our account; can we have two-factor authentication?

    That is something that we would love to do.
    It would require engineering resources.
    Now that we have great new engineers and we are going thru cleaning up stuff, that is something happen maybe next year.
    Depends on how much we can get thru tech debt.
    Also want Salt Marsh which will take time.

    At 21:30

    Q: Has WotC ever rejected any of your proposals.

    Cordovan: its more of a collaborative effort.
    Sev: this is not a forum that I would discuss. It's out of scope for here.
    ...It is cool to work with WotC...

    Cordovan: I have been working here for 10 years and I cannot think of anything major.

    At 22:28
    Sev: I like pirate champs, I think that would be a cool idea.
    (looking at question list I think)

    At 22:38
    Q: new monster manuels? what is up and when
    A: yeah, they are Qued up. I know there was some work done on
    I have to look up when more will be released, but that is definitely

    at 22:25
    Comment on question list:
    New skins for Cursors I wonder if we could allow people to insert their own background objects for Cursors?
    That would be interesting.

    at 23:50
    Would like to get a new drow at some point, that is definitely on the radar.
    Would love to get "Joe" to narrate if you are listening, "Joe", send me an email.

    at 24 minutes

    UI scaling
    Creating every icon in the game at a 2x scale would be a GIANT undertaking.
    ....remarkably expensive to do without problems...
    We definitely want to do that, particularly 4k support is important.

    at 25 minutes
    New hairstyles and colors in store?
    Yes, likely next year, we have good ideas for this.

    At 25:27
    Q Are we still getting the Isle of Dread?
    A: All of our artists are super excited about the Isle of Dread.

    I don't want to spoil anything, but there are certain giant-sized creatures that artists are working on even now.

    We are always looking for classic modules....names one, oh that is a blast from the past, there are a number of modules that I would love to see.

    We will continue high-priority on classic modules.
    Mentions Salt Marshes and wonders that it has a wilderness (thinks likely).

    at 27:16
    Q: will there ever be non-horse mounts?
    A: oh yes, one of my favorites flying carpets and giant gelatenous cube
    Wierd mounts is a cool DDO thing.

    at 28 minutes
    Q: what new things will VIPs get?
    A: we are constantly evaluating the value of what VIPs get and what cool things we can give them
    We don't want to give them power boosts over normal players.
    We would like some of our content to cost less for VIPs like mini expansion, but we are still working on tech for that.
    Don't want to promise before its finished.

    at 29 minutes
    Q: storage for cosmetics?
    A: Mounts you click on, and are different from cosmetics, so was easier to do.
    Cosmetics carry the stats of actual items and come from many sources therefor are more complex.
    Cosmetic storage if done would look more like bank storage.
    (Wonders about expansions...does not want increase special cases)

    at 31:48
    comments from list of questions
    We have to be careful about hardcore.
    We want the cosmetics there to be good for hardcore, but not so impressive that the nonhardcore players feel obligated to do it.
    Fine line there.

    at 32:40
    would be honored if "John ___" would do a DDO movie.
    John if you are out there, contact me.

    at 32:50
    Q: what can you tell me about Horizon Walker?

    Horizon Walker will add a lot for Bow.
    It will be bow-focused.
    There will be other stuff to move up the tree for non bow builds.
    It will be cool.
    We want people to feel they don't have to be a ranger to use a bow.

    at 33:51
    Q: When will Feywild be in the ddo store?
    Cordovan no announcement
    Also no announcement for gifting to others.

    at 34:30
    from question list:
    Reincarnation is something we like players to do, but you never need to reincarnate to access the content that we offer.
    You can experience everything in the game (due to various difficulty levels) without ever reincarnating.

    Goes on to talk about the previously mentioned leader feature:
    if you group up with someone with lots of past lives and/or reaper experience,
    way if group leader has thus and players in the group don't (have pl & rxp) you share some of that power
    boosted by their leadership
    to be easier to make groups
    working on a complex system
    looking at doing that but not making it easy to abuse
    its something that we will look at even more after we are done with the epic destiny revamp

    at 36 minutes
    Q: when can shurikens generate Ki like bows?
    Cordovan: surprised they don't already
    Will look at the state of that going forward.
    Shurikens were at the top of the tier list for so long, that we might have been reluctant to look at them,
    but (if/since) they have fallen from the top (of tier list) we want them to be playable and fun.

    We need to be careful since shurikens do a lot of multi-procures.

    at 37 minutes
    looking from the question list:
    We can still do Forgotten Realms content.
    Our classic packs tend to end up in "classic wherever" the gatekeepers find them.
    But can go back to do more Forgottens Realms, balancing out where things come from.

    at 38 minutes
    A deep dive itemization is probably out of the scope of this chat.
    If we go into deep dive itemization I could talk for 3 hours about sentient weapons, set bonuses, etc...

    Forum questions

    at 38:30
    Consider adding (permanent?) gold seal creatures (hirelings?) from the store?

    I don't have an answer for that, because I would like to work on a system where you could build your own (implied hire).
    It is so early on in the stage that I don't want to commit to anything.
    ....Would like _____ ..... is that vague enough?

    at 39:43
    I would love to do a pass on both pets and summons.
    (Summons) Playstyles are not useful.
    If we did a "build a hire" project, we would have to do a pass on pets and summons because we would not want one to eclipse the other.
    ...look at the end game and as part of the class...

    at 40 minutes

    I would love to do some sort of summoning based class, and by doing that summoning is expensive (computer resource wise) because of pathing, but we could create sort of mindless creatures that just sort of run towards the enemy but not be smart enough to chase around corners and go down halls. They would be (short term) do their damage and then the character would have to resummon them (to save computer resources).

    But that is a long-term goal and I don't know how the design team agrees on how cool that would be.

    My comments:
    Sounds cool to me.
    (if any Devs are reading - Reference the Healer from the 3rd Ed D&D miniature handbook.)

    at 40:55
    Q: when is crystal Cove coming back?
    A: Cordovan: within a few months - between now and mid sumer

    at 41
    more comments on hirelings
    Hireling healers could be smarter and hireling micromanagement is a skill.
    Tank hireling is harder to do.
    We don't want players to feel safe (because they have hireling out). We have to be careful we don't go too far.
    But we have a ways to go before we get there (overpowered) laughs.
    This is something we can work on when we do the hireling pass (build your own hire, revised pets & summons, and potential Summoner).

    Hireling use is a skill of its own.
    Sometimes hirelings are more susceptible to CC than you are.
    Players ask why did the hire not heal me, but they were paralyzed.
    Their saving throws are lower than yours.

    Cordovan bragging about level 5 rogue hireling on hardcore afterward.

    at 42:40
    Q: some enhancement trees still need some work, cleric _____ can these be done next year?
    A: heroic trees are a constant rebalance and ongoing
    A: we don't want to overboost trees that some players are using very effectively
    A: Wizard Archmage would like to see done with spell pass

    at 44 minutes
    Wish lists stuff

    Adding reapers to monster manuals?

    Stackable iron ore?

    no answer, as Cordovan moves to

    at 45 minutes

    Q: what about more low-level raids.
    A: we find low-level raids to be underutilized because at that level, the goal of the player is not to be get together and group to do challenging content.

    We have two types of players at that level:

    One type plays DDO like they play dungeons and dragons - they go along with their small little group (searching dungeon together and no banding together with larger groups) so they are not going to be interested in raiding (at a low level).

    The second type plays solo thru content and therefore will not be raiding at that level (revisiting content after reincarnating). They are working on building their character.

    We could make a low-level version of higher-level raids, but that is a lot amount of work for something that will not be engaged by a large amount of the player base.

    We want to be careful not to spend precious Dev time on ____, not that we don't want to support alternative playstyles, we don't want to introduce something that just does not get played.

    at 47 minutes
    Q Titan Raid

    A when confronted the Devs about redoing the Titan Raid there was a certain amount of horror on the faces of the Devs, and I think that was at large degree why we have not gone to that.
    The complexity of this raid is ___ and there were alternative ways of doing things.
    (coding is so different than how we do things).

    I do like the idea of using the assets from it and doing something like that.

    Revising loot from the titan raid might be more possible.

    I like going over beloved content and giving new life to it.

    My comments
    (This is actually what happened in Mark of Death which was rewritten as a new raid by Steelstar).

    at 49 minutes
    Q: old Scroll, Seal, and Shard items?

    A: Sev: Am I spoiling by saying the revising that is part of Salt Marsh?
    Cordovan: I know there was kicking around...I did not know that got slated into Salt Marsh. That is cool!
    Cordovan starts talking.
    Sev starts talking.
    Cordovan stops after talking over Sev.
    Sev: I know that is one of the things we were talking about. Maybe the Devs will be mad that I said that.
    Laughter from both.
    Cordovan: hands-on head.
    Cordovan: it's fine
    Sev: They want to do that.
    more laughter

    at 50:30
    Sev, reading from the question list:
    We don't want to go into that, too much power____your deity roll is____

    If we go into all the cool content that could probably use updating gear, we would just blow away our hour (this question time on stream).

    at 51 minute
    People like new sentient gems.

    at 51:20
    The problems with server merges are immense with many problems to be solved.
    Remember when I talked about Mega Servers?
    We ran into a problem, there are limitations applied to the master server that keeps track of all the server's executables.
    There is a problem/limitation of all of the server executables in a specific shard (lots of hand waving around here).
    That is what we ran into here, and it is not an easy problem to fix.
    Significant work for the mega server.
    Functional limitations to how many shards could be attached to a master server.

    at 52:33
    Probably not going into specific enhancement fixes in the "Ask Sev a question" stream.

    Interface quality of life - long-term goals, done some recently in character creation.

    Cordovan's CooCoo Clock - is it fixed yet?
    No and might be beyond my talents to fix.

    at 53:23
    Can we do character naming differently someday?

    Sev, I think we could because characters are based on ID, not their name.
    Nothing to announce.

    at 53
    Q: Gifting?
    (maybe this is where nothing to announce is at)
    A: the problem with gifting is it tempts people to try to steal your accounts, so we have to be careful.
    A: behind scenes encourages other behavior _____.

    Ask now, last round of questions?

    Q:Where are we on hardcore:
    Cordovan: have not died, level 6 and 4.
    Hardcore going great.

    Recap on earlier Customer Server - repeats a few things

    Offhand double strike capping at 50.
    We don't want two-weapon fighting increasing hits.

    Q: Alice in Wonderland -
    comments I love the Xoriat Quests where things are crazy and zany, but that is not something you do over and over again.
    You do it once, it's super cool.
    Also, you have people say, "That adventure was cool, I'm never doing it again."
    They do add variety, but you don't want too many --- sometimes you just need some XP.

    Cordovan mentions the latest XP boost (which will have expired by the time you read this).

    Q: Changing gender on lesser reincarnation?
    Appreciate this and would like to do it in theory, but I think there is a technical limitation that we ran into technical when we tried to do that.

    Q: Univeral Racial Undead Tree?
    Have you been talking to our Devs?
    This has come up in the past that they want to do.
    Would be cool, higher up in the universal tree, more effects added, the character looks more and more undead.
    There were problems with changing your character to look more and more undead.
    We want to do this for Ravenloft, but it did not work out.

    About to reopen the worlds....


    Q: Nighmare Mount?

    Q: Bonus Days anytime soon?

    Q: Is there a reason why warlocks don't get a way to bypass elemental defense?
    They are so good already! I am not sure you want them to do everything.

    Q: any sneak peeks for the future?
    We have kind of already.
    Hinted at a dinosaur-themed _____ (intentionally mumbled next two words)

    Q: we love Titan Raid
    Not expecting all the Titan Love, it must be Titan Week!
    Cordovan the potential of facing off against a Warforged Juggernaught with Laser is pretty awesome - laughs
    Sev: ____facing Demonweb ____

    Finishing off, maybe back in 4-6 weeks with another "Ask Sev" Stream.

    Sev thanks all, hope you enjoy the new content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorOfLiterature View Post
    Now the hard part for a Noob (and this is my biggest complaint about the game) is finding the quest! ....

    I have to agree.

    A while back I started making some videos of wildernesses.

    They got muted by a social platform when I posted.

    I saw another player doing a video of Korinthos wilderness, so I thought he would do more wilderness guides, but he didn't.

    I did a retake of Burning City, but I jerked the camera around a lot.
    I tend to do that with a mouse lock.

    Finally, I realize that it does not really need sound or even full video.

    A new player needs a good build, a good set of maps, and some good friends.

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    More of the same...

    Quote Originally Posted by TartanKane View Post
    Check lfm.

    Quest is already in progress.

    Ohh, its in my level range.

    Google it.

    Check Adventure Compendium.

    Yes I need it.

    Check where it is. Mmmm, I dont know that adventure area.

    Look up how to get to adventure area.

    Arrive in adventure area. Where is quest?

    Ask for share. Answer: its a walkup.

    Star says that they are waiting for me to enter so they can finish out.

    Spend 5 minutes getting really close to the entrance.

    Star asks am I close. I say yes.

    Turns out the entrance is above me. How do I get up there? Hmmmm.

    Circle around for 5 minutes before finally giving up. Apologise to star and tell them to finish out.


    Check lfm.

    /starts to ponder

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    Quote of the week:

    Quote Originally Posted by slarden View Post
    Once upon a time the bravery bonus only applied 2 levels above the quest level and whether it was intended or not - that changed although the wiki properly explains how it works at least partially with a few errors:

    Here is what I found on my level 15 iconic with first-runs (not running lower difficulty first) as the minimum xp excluding things like monster kills, breakables, traps, secret doors which vary from quest to quest:

    Level 13 Quest on Reaper (any skull)

    100% Base Quest XP
    95% First Time Reaper
    100% Bravery Bonus
    50% First Time Tome of XP
    10% Persistence
    10% Flawless Victory
    25% Daily Bonus
    Total = 390%
    Reaper XP = 240% (excludes bravery bonus and heroic xp tome)

    Level 13 Quest on Elite

    100% Base Quest XP
    45% First Time Elite
    100% Bravery Bonus
    50% First Time Tome of XP
    10% Persistence
    10% Flawless Victory
    25% Daily Bonus
    Total = 340%
    Reaper XP = 0

    Level 12 Quest on Reaper (any skull)

    100% Base Quest XP
    95% First Time Reaper
    50% Bravery Bonus
    50% First Time Tome of XP
    10% Persistence
    10% Flawless Victory
    25% Daily Bonus
    Total = 340%
    Reaper XP = 240% (excludes bravery bonus and heroic xp tome)

    Level 11 Quest on Reaper (any skull)

    100% Base Quest XP
    95% First Time Reaper
    50% Bravery Bonus
    50% First Time Tome of XP
    10% Persistence
    10% Flawless Victory
    25% Daily Bonus
    -10% 2 levels over the modified quest level
    Total = 330% Heroic XP
    Reaper XP = 230% (excludes bravery bonus and heroic xp tome)

    With the minimum xp the percentages are as follows:

    2 levels over on Reaper
    - 100% of Heroic XP
    - 100% of Reaper XP

    2 levels over on Elite
    - 87% of Heroic XP
    - 0 Reaper XP

    3 levels over on Reaper
    - 87% of Heroic XP
    - 100% of Reaper XP

    4 levels over on Reaper
    - 85% of Heroic XP
    - 96% of Reaper XP

    I can show the math to prove it, but to the extent there other bonuses such as monster kills, breakables, secret doors, traps the % for running over the level goes up because both the numerator and denominator increase by the same amount. So that 85-87%of heroic xp compared to 2 levels above can easily be over 90% with other bonuses factored in.

    Point? Well I've recently run into a few soloers that are still running 2 levels over on elite and have not yet made the plunge into reaper. If you find running reaper 2 levels over level too hard I would suggest considering running 4 levels over on R1 which gets you almost the exact same heroic XP as elite but you would start earning reaper points and as you add reaper points reaper gets easier and easier. Furthermore, most people want to run through heroic as fast as possible and focus on the big level 30 rxp carrot, but to the extent you can run at a higher skull level by running 4 levels over vs. 2 it might be worth giving up a little heroic xp for some extra reaper xp - esp if you tr when hitting 20 rather than going to 30 for that big rxp carrot power gamers successfully conned the developers to get.

    Either way most people I talk to and the wiki still indicate bravery bonus is capped at 2 levels, but that is not the case. For some it won't change anything, but for others it might open up some options to earn more rxp.
    Quote Originally Posted by slarden View Post
    This is a flat-out incorrect statement:


    This statement can be corrected by changing it to "eligible for the full bravery bonus".

    As is this

    Even if you over the level on a first run you still get the 50% bravery bonus. There is no requirement to run hard first.
    Quote Originally Posted by slarden View Post
    I think the main thing you can consider is running 4-5 levels over the quest level on elite rather than running normal or hard at a lower level. Even 4-5 levels above you will get 50% bravery bonus and the level penalty is only -10% for 4 levels above, -25% for 5 levels above which doesn't even fully offset the bravery bonus.

    So for example if you currently run level 7 quests on normal or hard and level 8 or 9. You can instead run level 7 quests at level 12 on elite and you will still earn more xp compared to normal/hard @ 8/9 and have access to all your tier 5 enhancements - so are much stronger to be able to complete a quest on elite. Even if you run elite 6 levels over the quest level you still earn more experience than running normal at level.

    I am certainly not trying to push people to run a difficulty they aren't comfortable with, but for many people this might be a good bridge to elite/reaper difficulty if they are finding it too hard 2 levels over the quest level.

    Going from hard to elite and from elite to reaper can be a quite a jump in difficulty. Increasing how many levels you run over the level is a possible approach to making that jump in difficulty.

    A few reasons why someone should not overlook reaper:

    1) Some of the reaper cores work outside of reaper mode. For example you can get 120 hp and 500 spell points even when you are outside of reaper mode. So when running LH raids for example you get these benefits.
    2) At some point when you earn enough reaper points the extra hit points and other benefits offset reaper difficulty entirely to where it's easier to run a quest on R1 vs. elite (because of all the bonus hp/sp plus the sp souls that drop). This will eventually make problem quests much easier to run and complete.
    3) You are limiting options to group with others

    It works the same way with epics except the reaper limit is 6 levels over the quest level. The easiest reaper quests at epic levels is borderlands and it's fast rxp as the quests are short. My suggestion would be to build up a good level 26/27 gear set with gear from defiler of the just, tempest spine, hound of xoriat, fire on thunderpeak and mark of death - filling in the extra slots with cannith crafting or random loot. All of these raids can be easily completed on normal or hard with 2-3 level 30 players. In addition to the gear you also earn threads.

    Many people find completing epic quests on reaper much harder than heroic because of the massive hp bloat. If you run your level 21 borderlands at level 27 with the raid gear that is your easiest entry into epic reapers before level cap. Catacombs is the 2nd easiest set of reaper quests. So get to 27 as fast as possible then run 21-23 reapers from 27-29 and at 30 run all the 24+ quests for first time bonuses at full level 30 strength. That is over 100 quests with over 80+ level 30+ quests where the rxp is doubled.
    Quote Originally Posted by slarden View Post
    This is why I posted this thread, there is alot of confusion even by some really knowledgeable players.

    Bravery bonus isn't max 2 levels over the base level for elite/reaper. You get full bravery bonus up to 2 levels over the base level. If you are more than 2 levels over you get half the bravery bonus unless you are 9+ levels over in which case there is no xp at all.

    Over the level penalty for elite/reaper which goes against base xp (not total) is:

    4 levels above the quest level: -10% (running a level 12 quest at level 16)
    5 levels above the quest level: -25% (running a level 12 quest at level 17)
    6 levels above the quest level: -50% (running a level 12 quest at level 18)
    Quote Originally Posted by MistaMagic View Post
    Base level is NORMAL not Hard or Elite

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    I just discovered Adobe Animate, which looks like my cup of tea.
    Works with Vector Graphics.
    Did the first lesson yesterday.

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    As promised earlier, my current super tank build in detail:

    Race PDK (requires a +1 heart to remove fighter level after leveling up to 15 as a Fighter 1/Pally 14) [When doing the Lesser Res: Be sure and pick Paladin in the initial Character Creation screen instead of the iconic default choice. A pop-up should inform you that you are using one of your class changes.]

    Religion: Helm

    Why PDK?
    (1) Helm religious feat grants Bastard Sword Proficiency.

    Racial Tree is very beneficial for tanks:
    (2) Cormyrean Knight Training: You now use Charisma or Strength, whichever is higher, for attack and damage with shortswords, longswords, bastard swords, and greatswords.
    (3) Shield Mastery: +5%/10%/15% Shield Armor Class and +1/2/3 Tower Shield Maximum Dexterity Bonus.
    (4) Shield Deflection: Grants use of the Shield Deflection feat.
    (5) Improved Recovery: +20 Positive Healing Amplification (taken three times for +60 healing amplification.)

    (6) Slightly more prominent than normal hitbox, which makes body blocking and door holding easier.
    (7) PDK gets a free human bonus feat.
    (8) Tanks are harder to level up, and PDK starts at level 15 as an iconic.

    Four (yes four!!!) free feats: Human Bonus, B sword, Shield Deflection, and avoiding taking Magical Training makes the PDK race superior.

    Class (after +1 lesser heart) Pure Paladin

    Recent changes to the core 18 and capstone helped Paladin move from multiclass to the viable pure class tank.
    Also, this build spends action points better than certain multiclass variations.
    The Paladin spells were vastly improved as well, making pure much more viable.

    Starting Stats (which I debate):
    +8 Tomes for all stats

    08 Str Error: this prevents taking ITHF and GTHF due to low Str. Consider dropping Cha to 16/17 and raising Str to 14/11
    08 Dex
    18 Con
    12 Int
    08 Wis
    18 Cha

    Past Lives: All

    A super tank benefits more than any other build to have lots of past lives as most epic past lives make your toon much more defensive.
    Also, tanks are in demand at the end game.

    Enhancement Trees:
    While leveling up, consider using the Knight of the Chalice tree.

    End Game Enhancement Points
    Tree Split (all racial lives earned)

    PDK (17 spent)
    Core 1
    Knight Training
    Shield Deflection
    Improved Recovery x3

    KotC (10 spent)
    Core 1
    Improved Strikes 3/3
    Knight's Authority 1/3
    Exalted Cleave
    Divine Might 3/3

    Falconry (12 paid)
    Core 1
    Rugged 3/3
    Out in Nature 3/3
    Sprint Boost 1/3
    Conditioning 1/1

    Sacred Defender (57 borns)
    All Cores
    Tier 1
    Extra Lay on Hands 3/3
    Durable Defense 3/3
    Sacred Armor Mastery 3/3
    Commanding Presence 3/3
    Tier 2
    Bulwark Aura 3/3
    Resilient Defense 3/3
    Sacred Shield Mastery 3/3
    Tier 3
    Resistance Aura 3/3
    Inciting Defense 3/3
    Tenacious Defense 3/3 [I often toggle on the EDF feat, but this is worth keeping even though the two don't stack.]
    Tier 4
    Reinforced Armor 3/3
    Spell shield Aura 3/3
    Swift Defense
    Hardy Defense 3/3
    Tier 5
    Reinforced Shield 3/3
    Harbored by Light 3/3
    Divine Revelation 3/3
    Sacred Shield

    Skill points spent in total:
    Balance 2 cc ranks
    Concentration 23 ranks
    Heal 23 ranks
    Intimidate 23 ranks [This is your most important skill and another reason I choose PDK cha-based build.]
    Jump 11 cc ranks
    Listen 1 cc rank
    Spot 4 cc ranks
    Tumble 2 cc ranks
    UMD 11 cc ranks

    Feats Taken: (adjust order taken as desired)
    1 Improved Shield Bash
    1 H Shield Mastery
    1 R Helm
    3 Completionist
    6 Force of Personality [part of the Cha focus of this build]
    6 R Ever Watchful
    9 Improved Shield Mastery
    12 Improved Critical Slashing
    15 Combat Expertise
    18 Tower Shield
    21 Overwhelming Critical
    24 Two-Handed Fighting [can be taken earlier if you start with higher str]
    26 ED Perfect Shield Mastery
    27 Greater Shield Mastery (if you adjust STR to 11, replace this with ITHF)
    28 ED Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
    29 ED Dire Charge
    30 Quick Draw [helps with returning to the sword after casting or potion drinking] (if you adjust STR to 11, replace this with GTHF)
    30 Scion of the Ethereal Plane [one could debate this one, but I need the +4 Intimidate, love the invisibility guard, like the ghost touch, love the lesser displacement (in case my displacement Qstaffs run out), the sneak attack, and melee power help with hate.]

    I did have a build that exceeds 5k hit points, but I found that players tend to stop casting those vital cocoons on my toon if one's hit points are too large.
    I also found giving up THF with its strike thru bonuses made it harder to keep hate.

    Here is the Epic Destiny setup (which will change with the Epic Destiny Update):

    Unyielding Sentinel (25 points spent including the +1 extra from Feywild Expansion pack)
    Tier 1
    Commanding Presence 3/3
    Shield Prowess 3/3
    Tier 2
    Legendary Shield Mastery 3/3
    Tier 3
    Renewal 3/3
    Endless Lay on Hands 3/3
    Tier 4
    Draw them out
    Light the dark
    Tier 5
    Hardened 3/3
    Strength of Vitality 3/3
    Tier 6
    Celestial Mandate

    Stance Vigor of Battle

    Martial Hymn (fate singer (used on self)
    Meld (shadow dancer) (save for big moments)
    Improved Combat Expertise (more PPR)
    Draconic Presence (draconic) (+6 intimidate) (saves a feat)
    Cocoon (primal) (mainly used on self along with renewal for self-healing)

    Heroic Spells:
    Level 1
    Bless, Divine Favor, Lesser Restoration, Lionheart
    Level 2
    Resist Energy, Remove Paralysis, Righteous Command, Angel Skin
    Level 3
    Remove Curse, Resurrection, Prayer, Magic Circle Against Evil
    Level 4
    Deathward, Zeal, Holy Sword, True Resurrection

    At level cap, Renewal, Cocoon, and Light the Dark have replaced Cure Spells.
    The dual Resurrection spells are due to survivability and the 3x cooldown enforced by Combat Expertise.
    I cast nine long-term buffs at the start of each dungeon and refresh three short-term buffs when they expire.

    Legendary Guardian of the Gates (Sharn tank set)
    Seven-piece Winter Set (Feywild) including Ring and Shield
    Legendary Collective Sight (sharn) focusing on Cha
    Legendary Celestial Ruby Ring (sharn) focusing on Dex
    Filling in all empty stat slot with +12 augments.

    Hands of the Dawn healer, Cannith Crafted bonus heal skill, Purple Ioun Stone, Icon of the Bitterwind,

    Weapon Sets
    Divinity (Ravenloft Strah raid) & Legendary Bulwark of Snow
    Filigrees yield Fire Shield, Electric Shield, Immunity to Energy Drain (Prince's Gauntlet)

    Legendary Ferocrystal Bastard Sword & Legendary Bulwark of Snow
    Filigrees yield bonus AC, Extra Intimidate, and Healing Amp

    Various Hammers for Ozzes and Skeletons
    Various Throwing weapons

    Legendary Stone Shoes for Tempest Spine

    Upgraded Quiver of Alacrity (always worn)
    Two cosmetics with ten festival fire resistance and ten festival cold resistance
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    Quote of the week:

    Quote Originally Posted by Nugaot View Post
    This is an article from Keith Baker, the creator of the world of Eberron, on canon in regards to DDO, and other official material.

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    Our little guild reached a most memorable milestone today: level 125

    Fawngate finally purchased the
    (curse ward minor artifact trinket)
    which has been quite handy in Legendary Vision of Destruction, Legendary Lord of Blades, and Legendary Shroud.

    I crafted nearly finished
    with constitution
    to enable removal of my current minor artifact:

    I highly recommend this trinket for tanks.

    Also recommended for the end fight of Legendary Tempest Spine is
    which when worn will allow you to ignore the boss's "toss you off the mountain" attack.

    Rather nice, I must say.

    I appreciate the Devs giving us items that allow for solutions to certain raid problems.
    It is interesting.

    I found that after one enters Korthos and allows the pirate theme music to play thru, there is a very nice waves on the water, seagulls and foghorn music track.
    Also to the right side of the harbor is a very artistic view of the Korthos isle chain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorOfLiterature View Post
    I've been playing DDO since August and I've done the Cogs maybe four times. I find it really confusing and frustrating and I have died numerous times trying to find the quest and join a LFM. In general, this is my biggest frustration with the game and it goes beyond the Cogs--how hard and time consuming it can be to get to a LFM when you are a newbie. The Sands, Cogs, Orchard, Gianthold, Vale, Eveningstar (especially Prison) all give me fits and it is really stressful trying to find the quest when people are waiting for you.

    So I am here to validate the OP. This is an obstacle to new players.

    I think the Devs started to address this issue (via the big building near the marketplace airship entry) but changed their mind.

    I consider this a video content creator's opportunity, not a coding problem for developers.

    (My first set of cogs video had their audio muted by a certain social media platform.)

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    I finished flagging Fawngale (Fawngate's little sister) thru Reaver and Titan Awakes.

    Reaver was straightforward (Gianthold is an excellent place for someone to make a cute video on navigating the wilderness.)

    Thanks to DDO Wiki, moving thru Restless Isles was a fun puzzle.
    I give double thumbs up to the person who added a wilderness path thru on the two quest pages.

    My difficulty of the evening was accidentally skipping an upper hallway in The Mine quest and circling the bottom multiple times.

    I give applause for the Dev who removed the failure on Wildman Deaths.
    Thank you so much.

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    One of the weaknesses of Fawngate's Tank build is the wording of:

    Cormyrean Knight Training: You now use Charisma or Strength, whichever is higher, for attack and damage with shortswords, longswords, bastard swords, and greatswords.
    In addition, as long as your Charisma remains higher than your Strength and you are wielding one of the above weapons, you receive a bonus to the DCs of your Tactical Feats equal to 1/3 your Charisma modifier.

    EI: She is awful with any ranged combat such as throwing weapons, has trouble with Rakshasa bosses (pierce + good), and tends to avoid attacking Ozzes in high reaper.

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    Quite a bit of good DDO news for me lately:

    I have been very vocal for years about Epic Destinies, and the Epic Destinies are undergoing an update this year.
    The work seems to be heading towards the hybrid compromise system and includes a total revamp of boring trees.

    I have been very vocal about the S/S/S system, particularly for Sands and:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    We'll have more to say about this in the near future, but yes, we're taking a pretty significant look at the Scroll/Seal/Shard items of yore for Update 50. As part of it the bit about using scrolls, seals, and shards to upgrade the items will be changed. You'll see this fairly soon in the first Update 50 preview on Lamannia.
    It appears as if Lyn is already at work as part of the team, which gives me great confidence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lynnabel View Post
    Here is what is changing about the ESoS:

    • Its border color has been updated to the Epic Raid item border to match other Epic Raid items. This new border is part purple and part orange. Purple border = Epic, Orange = Raid, so Purple Orange = Epic Raid

    .... hmmm, yep, that's about it. I guess if you like its current border color this is technically a nerf. Ah well!

    The Shadar-Kai's spiked chain is becoming Main Stream, which adds a new weapon system to DDO.
    (The other weapon system I would like to see added is Pole-Arms, which seem to be the two most likely additions.)
    Follow the link for details.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steelstar View Post

    Currently, Shadar-kai get two Spiked Chain attacks; one in T1 (that does 3 swings) and one in T4 (that keeps whirling as long as you stand still). Neither is an actual attack (they don't use your equipped weapons), the animations don't scale and you can't move using them. This made them... not very compelling to use. So we changed that!

    Also, there had been several trees that were super expensive, and it seems one more of these getting a cost reduction:

    Quote Originally Posted by Steelstar View Post
    The second of these two previews is the Cleric Radiant Servant Enhancement Tree! The primary Healing tree for Clerics, has a long history of bad bang-for-your-buck: Almost everything costs 2AP (meaning it costs close to 80AP just to max out the one tree), and some of the abilities are simply lackluster.

    Sev started a series of Ask Me Anything videos which seems to hit his style of communication.
    Expect a possible one during significant updates.

    During these and some public financial information disclosed, it becomes evident that DDO has a solid monetary base.

    I don't have links for the financial disclosures, but they are somewhere on these forums.

    Not sure about all games, but Chess skyrocketed last year in popularity and online activity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knockback View Post
    Sorry for the confusion, folks: this is an old stub that wasn't supposed to appear inside the game.

    Level 23 on Epic is something we thought about and decided not to go with. The intent is for Saltmarsh to be level 3(ish) on Heroic and 32 on Legendary.

    I consider this excellent news.

    This is the mini-expansion before the main next expansion.
    The main next expansion will increase the level cap beyond level 30 for characters.

    This means that the new mini-expansion is not increasing the dungeon "cap" of 32.
    So, we will not see a dungeon "cap" increase until the actual main expansion.

    My conclusion is that the main expansion will not increase the character level cap beyond 32 and will not increase the dungeon "cap" beyond 34.

    I have in the past been vocal in my feedback to the Devs to make the expansion level cap increases as slow as possible, preferably no more than 1 or 2 levels at a time. This gives them room to create weapon power increases (and make epic destinies shoulder more of the power increase via the new revisions.) Save your chocolate box for the future by going slow with these level cap increases.

    If so, then moving from the level cap 30 to 32 will not be a shock, especially if the new epic destiny system has a "this is fun to play" feel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldyGopher View Post
    Interview article on DDO with Severlin

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