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    Support bard build for fatesinger life"

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    Driveway snow = firewall, fireball
    snowangels = haste
    Snowball fight = fireshield
    Tree triming = glittering dust
    Me making turkey = remove disease
    Christmas prezzie = helping the boys making loads of Lego Star Wars models

    Have a mega Christmas Fawn and ya mum. Remember only 1 person is the reason for Christmas.

    Nearly have Fluffit back up to epic (16 at present).... whooooo hoooo
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    Flufty, Flufs, Fluffi, Fluffit

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    As seen in the past, Fawn occasionally bases her next life on a film or book,
    recall her archer life right after seeing Brave or her Good Witch Life right after seeing The Great and Power Oz.

    She has taken quite a fancy to this latest heroine, now that she is at level 28 again.
    She has 7/9 Martial Epic Sphere past lives, enough for epic completionist in the martial sphere, and enough left over
    to boost the martial epic destinies up to level 10 in due time.

    Druid I think, and picking between the Iconics, perhaps Morninglord?
    Pure I think pondering it, and remove the cleric level 1 out?
    Going evoker build? {Just checked and earthquake is evocation}

    Thoughts about Fawnforged Blademaster.
    In the end she picked up healing amp (pdk gloves + that rare convalescent bracer) and cocoon really worked for her.
    Highly recommended build, thank you Poppy and Ivaanna.
    Miss Fawn of the Crystal Gates understands The Blitz now very well,
    and isn't that what epic completionist is all about?

    Did the btc space favor farming last night when an xp pot ran out.
    Enjoyed the EE Thru the Mirror Darkly, thank you Khyber.
    Quite a repair bill, but satisfying.
    Maybe that is one of the reason, she shies away from guilds, pugging seems to be her way.
    A perfect guild with uber players can become a crutch, an easy button.
    But perhaps I think too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Took Mom to see Frozen again tonight:
    How bout me this time? XD
    Not seen it yet.
    Orien: ~Erofen (30 Assassin Rogue) ~Erofenlock (24 EB Warlock) ~Erofenmonk (28 Light Monk) ~Erofentrap (25 Roguerficer (1st TR/Legend Build ever)) ~Erofenbarb (28 Barb) ~Erofenbless (28 FvS Chest Blesser) ~Erofenthree (28 Cleric Dualbox) ~Erofenten (20 Barb Triplebox)
    Quote Originally Posted by MadFloyd View Post
    Um, I'm almost afraid to ask, but exactly just what is 'sneak humping'? Kex! Stop It! O.o

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    Divine: Power of Life x2
    Martial: Fort x3, Doublestrike x3, Skills x1
    Arcane: Alacrity x1
    Primal: Colors of the Queen x3
    Bladeforged x1
    Morninglord x1

    Current build:
    Pure Morninglord Druid in Magistar
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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 19

    Part 18 link:
    Part 20 link

    From a knurled branch, an owl ruffles its feathers and below it shadows move in the starlit woods.

    Clad in buckskins, a robust Halfling with sandy colored hair speaks with a whisper, "I think the devil patrol is gone now!"
    Moving forward, he scouts the area ahead, his wolf companion at his side sniffing the air intently.

    Returning a minute later, he returns and says to the young fey elf concealed in the shadows,
    "Are you sure you want to do this Fawn? Tis a powerful ritual that may consume all your strength.
    This type of mysticism is rarely done, and I cannot be sure of it."

    Rising from the bushes, Fawn hands the Halfling Bruce several scrolls and nods determinedly,
    "A elf has to do what an elf has to do. This will insure the protection of my people."

    The owl begins preening its feathers as Bruce and Ace approach a huge snarled oak while speaking
    the ancient druidic tongue, coaxing the tree to waken and stir. Green glowing bubbles begin to float
    within its ancient branches as the tree sways back and forth regaling in ancient ways.

    Unrolling the first scroll, Bruce begins casting a complex ritual.

    Holding her breath, Fawn carefully clutches the pendant of time to her breast,
    quietly whispering to herself, "Turn the hands back eight times. Turn the hands back eight times. Turn the..."

    Fairy sparks dance and glow about the tree, as Bruce unrolls the third scroll, and continues in speaking words that
    flow about Fawn as her thoughts fade beneath the vortex of nature swirling about her, drawing her life force,
    merging her very being to the tree itself.

    A thought drifts thru her head, something about a pendant, as she feels herself sundered from reality.
    Drifting, drifting, so sleepy, must sleep, a thought nagging in her head that she must remember.

    Out of nowhere, a sign appears over a new copper paved pathway.
    Looming over her, the oaken beams demand her attention with a curious message:
    "Welcome to Khyber, devils abound, make them fear you or leave."
    Thousands of images line either side of the path, historical tributes to many souls.

    The copper paved pathway rushes towards her, drawing her on, as Fawn tears her attention from the incredible sights and sounds,
    closing her eyes and realizing she is still repeating a phrase over and over, slowly her hands move around a pendant
    Fawn did not even realize was there, turning, turning, counting the turns as the images overwhelm her and everything begins to spin.

    Falling to ground on the pathway, Fawn smiles briefly then reality fades and ancient magic takes hold, swirling, shifting, spinning her away...
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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 20

    Part 19 link:
    Part 21 link

    A seagull crying in the wind, the rush of waves foaming forward, the sweeping flowing wind in one's hair, warm sand crinkling underneath you...

    Thoughts of another place, a shadowy woods late at night, a wolf, and devil's horns sounding in the distances...

    Glimmers of time and space stretched tight, a copper brick path, a memory slipping away...

    Taking another breath, Fawn slowly unclenches her hand.
    "What is this?" she thinks of the curious pendant dearly held as if life depended upon it.
    Barely squinting her eyes open, the blazing sun brightly bounces off the glimmering yellow sand, blinding her.

    Foamy surf trots up to tickle Fawn's toes, and then retreats in a teasing way.
    Rolling over and sitting up, she stares out to sea where the water stretches on and on forever as if there is no end.
    A sandpiper alights upon the beach, tilting its little head to inspect this fey elf with brown eyes and serious expression.
    Something seems to please the sandpiper who contently begins looking for breakfast.

    Palm fronds rustle in the breeze behind Fawn as she turns her head skyward and peers at the puffy white clouds overhead.
    Far in the distance a peculiar black speck moves slowly.

    Gently placing the crystal pendant into the pocket of her robe, Fawn's hand bumps into a leather bound book.
    Rising while brushing the sand off her, Fawn walks over to the flickering shade of a palm tree, wondering as she walks.
    Carefully checking all her pockets, as well as a tattered backpack, she finds a variety of basic survival gear;
    but it is the red leather covered journal (with the peculiar words "READ ME" emblazed in gold on the front) that fascinates her.

    Settling down, she begins to read as the sun slowly moves across the tropical sky...
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    A recent discussion on the general forums was about upgrading the completionist feat because it was not good enough.
    Part of the proposal was making completionist triple stacking, which imho is contrary to the dev's toggle theories,
    in short an anti overgrind philosophy, not reward extreme playing time.

    Honestly, no past life feats are ever worth the effort involved by design.
    There are at least a half dozen third life builds that can compete with a completionist plus toon.
    One should be playing for the fun of it, not for the power gain.
    Sooner or later, one will find oneself with the question of past lives no longer being anything more than Mount Everest,
    something to gain for the fun of gaining it.

    DDO is the only video game that I know that pays you to play it, although I am sure there are others out there.
    One of the most interesting proposals to gain epic hearts is to simply delete your least favorite bank toon and level up a brand new toon,
    once and done, then delete and use the tp gained to buy a heart.

    Posters arguing that epic destinies costing tp is unfair ought to log in and use the same technique to gain such,
    instead of wasting the same amount of time posting protests.

    The heroic past life system is good enough right now, imho, developers ought to be working on other things.
    However, I would like to see completionist become an auto granted feat, not costing a feat slot.
    The devs have also said epic completionist is under consideration, possibly as a fourth twist slot,
    but iconic completionist is not being worked on anytime soon. They have also said Epic Completionist
    will be auto granted.

    Since epic completionist will be autogranted, we should standardize the completionist feats and make them all auto granted.
    Its so frustrating, to have to take heroic feats in epic levels that non completionist take sooner.
    Is Completionist better than Greater Two Weapon Fighting?
    Well, if you hit most all the foes around you most of the time, and crit for thousands, 10% of thousands is significant...

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    A new era for Fawn.

    She is quitting DDO, but with a loophole.
    Anytime she writes a story or makes a picture, she get adventure credits to use to play DDO.

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    Wondering this morning, whether one could build a self healing (not using sliver flame pots) raging barbarian?

    So, here is my take on the build:

    Need 4 levels of cleric or favored soul to gain

    Ameliorating Strike: When your strike an enemy with Smite Foe, you and your nearby allies are healed by 1d2 per character level, and benefit from the effects of the Lesser Restoration spell. (The heal from Ameliorating Strike is affected by your Positive Spell Power)

    Need Primal Fast Healing Toggle

    Fast Healing Active, Primal Epic Past Life stance
    Passive bonus
    Primal Past Life Stance: Each minute you heal with positive energy, 5 HP + 5 HP per every 5 character levels. Healing is doubled and tripled with two or three stacks of this Past Life.
    Passive Bonus: +3 maximum HP and +4 per ten character levels.

    Need good healing amplification:
    Human / Purple Dragon Knight race, PDK Gloves, Covelescent Bracers, etc...

    Would be in Fury of the Wild epic destiny, taking Fast Healing from it.

    Would twist tier four Primal Avitar:

    Summon Dryad Elder: Active (50SP to activate) (30 sec cooldown) (SR: No) (Quicken) Summon a Dryad Elder. She uses her magic for damage spells as well as support and healing (Regenerate on self,Deathward on group, Mass Cure Critical Wounds on others - heals enemies as well).

    Spend lots of action points in Occult Slayer / Ravager as desired.

    Use extra skill points to cross class umd for the rare moments between fights when you might cast scrolls.

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    Default Fawn's Fate

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    Default Fawn's Fate

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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 23

    Part 22 link:
    Part 24 link

    Crunching thru the snow, Fawn shivers.
    As she enters a nearby cave, she hesitates casting a druidic spell, Speak with Animals.
    Glancing around her, she smiles at the red glowing gems upon the cavern wall, illuminating her path.
    Behind her, a shimmering portal is slowly closing shut with a glimmer of icy surf fading from view.

    A fuzzy black bat flutters overhead, ultra high chirping sounds resonating around it.
    Fawn tilts her fey ears toward the bat listening closely, then magically answers with a series of her own
    ultra high chirping sounds. The fuzzy bat replies in kind.

    The glowing gems on the cavern wall change from red to green hues and begin to intensify as Fawn approaches them.
    She begins turning each gem precisely, noting the symbols that appear with each turn of a gem.
    After the fifth gem is precisely aligned, the stone wall at the back of the cave grinds open with a rumbling noise.

    The cavern hallway beyond comes into view -- multicolored with shimmering sections of arcane imbued light,
    like a prismatic sphere spell, permanently altered to fit the hallway. The air is even colder in the deadly hallway,
    but the small fey lady confidently marches onward into an immense cavern.

    Shivering again, Fawn draws her plaid wool scarf tighter about her neck.

    A gurgling sound to her right signals an icy spring with a brook that splashes thru the middle of the cavern.
    Overhead, crystal stalactites* twinkle and glimmer, lit by everlasting arcane lights cast into the ceiling.

    Stopping momentary, Fawn gazes at the wondrous beauty of her secret hiding place.
    Bending down over a battered backpack, she pulls out a mystical bag of holding,
    as she thinks to herself, "One can never have too many bags of holding..."
    Scooping a tiny palm into the bag, jiggling noises are followed by the click of tossed gold coins bouncing upon the cavern floor.

    Smiling proudly, Fawn slowly moves forward, scattering handful after handful of gold coins in her path,
    much with the pride of a village flower girl scattering rose petals for an important holiday.

    The clinking of numerous coins attracts several ghostly spirits, who glide forward menacingly at first, then respectfully
    as they identify their small fey patron, Fawn of the crystal gateways.

    A maidenly looking ghost comes from the back of the cavern, gilding to halt in front of Fawn, and reports,
    "The dragon egg stirs from time to time, and there are cracks in the shell.
    You have been gone many weeks, it is good to have you home.
    Did you accomplish your goal?"

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    Sometimes the fate of the world rests with a doll...


    Update, writing to earn credits to log back on.
    Have gained another epic past life, setting a new goal to obtain epic completionist,
    thereby presenting the Devs with "Hey, someone finally has earned epic completionist, so can you start creating it?"
    Lives left for Epic Completionist goal: Fast Healing, Double Shot, Enchant Weapon, Brace, Block Energy

    Current build:
    Max, Emp, Empower Healing, Quicken, Heighten {premium metamagic pack}
    Wizard + Completionist {ideal past life pack}
    Spell Focus and Greater Spell Focus in Evocation {notice lack of Epic Spell Focus Evocation due to completionist purchase}

    Every single action point {78} purchasable in Season's Herald.

    ED Magistar:
    Tier 1} Imperceptible Casting 1/1 ; Unearthly Reactions 3/3 ; Impregnable Mind 1/3
    Tier 2} Fade into the Weave 1/1 ; Evocation Specialization 3/3
    Tier 3} Evocation Augmentation 3/3
    Tier 4} Nullmagic Guard 3/3 ; Evocation Familiarity 3/3
    Tier 5} Nullmagic Strike 3/3 ; Master of Evocation 3/3

    Twist 1} Tier 4 Energy Burst Cold 3/3
    Twist 2} Tier 3 Precise Evocation 2/2
    Twist 3} Tier 1 Cocoon 3/3

    DCs Earthquake 54 {level 25 equip +1 ship buffs with -4 and -10 foe save modifiers}

    Mantle of the Icy Soul Evocation (Cold)
    Valid Forms: Water Elemental. You are shrouded in the mantle of the icy soul. The targets of your cold spells take a 25% penalty to movement speed, a 10% penalty to attack speed, and a -4 penalty to reflex and fortitude saves.

    [Spell School] Augmentation: Passive Bonus: Chosen school spells have [5/10/15]% chance to reduce target <save depending on school> by 10 for [10/20/30] seconds.

    Nullmagic Strike: Passive Bonus: Offensive spells you cast, melee and ranged attacks have a [5/10/15]% chance to subject the target to a Dispel Magic effect, which may strip them of their magical protections, and will render them unable to cast spells and lose [2/3/4] Spell Resistance for [10/20/30] seconds.

    Her greatest weakness ~ no monk splash for evasion and burning thru spell points too quickly.
    Her greatest strength ~ strong EE crowd control combined with the ability to heal.
    Most fun ~ using Past Life: Arcane Initiate on a spell caster appearing around the corner and watching it have to resort to tossing daggers.

    Magistar is a highly underrated epic destiny, if only we had more ed points to spend in it, looking forward to the end of next year for 16 more ed points.

    Still pondering an icon picture, which might take forever and a day...

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    Congratulations Formerprez and Fluffit look in your in game mailboxes for a very nice holiday gift from Fawngale.

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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 24

    Part 23 link:
    Part 25 link

    Nodding with a smug smile, Fawn pats a fine blue silk pouch at her side.
    Getting out another bag of holding* out of her backpack, Fawn continues scattering gold coins about the room,
    as she slowly makes her way towards an icy giant bird's nest surrounded by mounds and mounds of gold coins.

    Pulling out a 3rd and 4th bag of holding, she tries her best to spread the romantic clink of gold far and wide throughout the massive cavern.
    Sighing with pleasure, Fawn smiles, "Now its beginning to look like a true dragon's lair."

    Climbing atop the mounds of gold, Fawn peeks into the giant bird's nest fondly looking at the slightly cracked
    large white mystical dragon egg with strongly glowing ancient runes.

    "I brought your brothers and sisters, little April.", Fawn whispers as she gently places three identical large white mystical
    dragon eggs with softly ancient runes beside the cracking dragon egg in the nest.

    "Welcome to Icelantica", she whispers to the new dragon eggs..."

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