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    7% bonus to dodge and a 5-second cooldown on a 360° 4W attack seems better now than I originally thought.

    I might have to rethink my fighter life I have going on right now...

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    It's certainly tempting.
    Making me want to make a melee soon, woot.


    For my Arcane Sphere, I have decided upon making a magistar sleet quake build.
    Druid 17~20 / possible splash, with nulmagic strike, conjuration augmentation,
    Not sure which Iconic to use for it, yet?


    Leading / tying / upper part of kill count with the morninglord 20 favored soul / Angel ED.
    {Not bragging, just saying that there are other builds besides monk archers that work.}

    Fairly simple build, max, empower, empower healing, quicken, heighten, epic mental toughness, guardian angel, high wisdom.
    DCs are not real great, but is a light damage build. Substituting Epic Spell Pen for Mental Toughness is optional.
    Love the Morninglord free Sunbolt SLA.

    Twisting in Double rainbow without rainbow atm, and definitely seeing Divine Wrath producing bugged rainbow effects hitting allies at times.
    Bug reporting it now.
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    Good news, that Otto's Box did return, woot!

    Crazy build for this next epic life.
    Morninglord Favored Soul 20
    Quicken, Empowered Healing
    TWF, IC Blud, ITWF, GTWF
    Cleave, Power Attack

    ED Legendary Dreadnought
    Twists: Sense Weakness, Cocoon, Tunnel Vision

    Weapons, Forgotten Light EE with EH in off hand.
    Pressing Wisdom
    Warpriest and Morninglord Heavy Mace Enhancements

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    i would like to ask a question if i may.

    what was the life you had the most fun with?

    your friend sil

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    If you're thinking melee, I highly suggest 12 F 6 M 2 P Bladeforged.

    You will be centered with axes or greatswords, have charisma as a bonus to saves and an insight bonus to str, have an extra crit modifier from earth stance and shadow fade along with bladeforged recons. You could also reach an EE viable stunning blow and multishot available. See the Cetus 19 cleaver build or Carpone's basic cleaver.


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    Quote Originally Posted by silinteresting View Post
    i would like to ask a question if i may.

    what was the life you had the most fun with?

    your friend sil
    True story from last night.

    Player in Chrono Raid: "...What the hell killed me?"

    Fawn: "It was probably me. Check you combat log. If you are suddenly killed by a thousand point of poison,
    it was me. I have Colors of the Queen and Double Rainbow twisted in. Divine Wrath occasionally stuns allies,
    or right now the rainbow effects are bugged and there is a small chance it can kill you."

    Other Player in Chrono Raid: "You do realize that is not a good thing for a healer?"
    Diffenent Players laugh.

    Some Player in Chrono Raid: "That is like a medival doctor. I am here to heal you, oh but there is a small
    chance you will die."

    Some players laugh.

    I think I have enjoyed a favored soul light SLA build the most.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stormraiser View Post
    If you're thinking melee, I highly suggest 12 F 6 M 2 P Bladeforged.

    You will be centered with axes or greatswords, have charisma as a bonus to saves and an insight bonus to str, have an extra crit modifier from earth stance and shadow fade along with bladeforged recons. You could also reach an EE viable stunning blow and multishot available. See the Cetus 19 cleaver build or Carpone's basic cleaver.

    Thank you, sounds interesting and no need to use a lesser heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Saaluta you have mail, congratulations.

    The box has not come back yet, however, somehow I ended up with an extra Original Otto's from a far reaching corner...

    Should you wish to exchange it for a Heroic Otto's Box, simply place it in your inventory, unlock it, and fill out a ticket requesting a GM exchange your original Otto's Box for a Heroic Otto's Box. They will remove the original box from your inventory then open a trade window granting you the heroic box.

    The GMs have willingly done that for players multiple times on multiple worlds.
    Thank you Fawn!! Almost capped on my Shadar-kai, problem now is farming those comms...grrr!! Have also capped 2.5 ED's including the draconic that I started on my sorcerer life, and almost done with shadowdancer now

    "Fools said I, you do not know. Silence like a cancer grows, hear my words that I might teach you, take my hand that I might reach you, but my words like silent raindrops fell...."-Paul Simon "Day after day, we caught no breath or motion. As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean."--Coleridge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saaluta View Post
    Thank you Fawn!! Almost capped on my Shadar-kai, problem now is farming those comms...grrr!! Have also capped 2.5 ED's including the draconic that I started on my sorcerer life, and almost done with shadowdancer now


    I finally have over 4.4k coms on Fawngate.
    {And 9 epic past lives, lol...}

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    Found an Easter egg:

    In the quest, Trial by Fury, deep in the demon web,
    there lives a noble Yugoloth named Maljuph, warder of strength, cr 30.

    Congratulations Major, and thank you for all the bugs you take care of!

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    Favor Farming Coin Lords and House K, so I have space for all the bound loot.

    6 astral shards instead of a outrageously priced portable hole off the auction house, yes sir, here you go.

    3 astral shards to teleport to an obscure quest deep in a wilderness, so I can go afk and give mom some attention, yes sir, here you go.

    2500 astral shards for some hard to get item, heavens no, maybe 25, but certainly not 100 times that.
    I watched for a month, an item I really wanted to drop from 2500 shards down to 40ish, then I snatched it up.

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    I am so glad, I don't have to favor space farm every epic life then spend half a day unloading my TR cache....

    If I was not preparing for an Iconic Reincarnate, I would be doing something cool like, epics...

    Well, that favor farming is over.


    So far my Forgotten Light build is not looking so good.
    With only Cleave, trip, and sunder, its not easy to charge up blitz, at least Momenteous Swing and Lay Waste reset cooldowns fairly often.
    Definitely want Great Cleave for the next build, just did not have the room here.

    Between dropping Con Cord Opp goggles for deadly loot gen goggles, not being in Angel/Angel, not have Epic MT, Fawn's spell points
    went from 4k to 2k, wow, well maybe she will only be healing anyway?


    I guess if I am going to iconic reincarnate, I really don't need to finish up my martial debt till later,
    since Iconics don't remove karma?
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    Quote Originally Posted by silinteresting View Post
    i would like to ask a question if i may.

    what was the life you had the most fun with?

    your friend sil
    The life I felt the most free with ~ half elf light monk ~ first able to wander without worries or fear, could go anywhere, do anything.

    The life I felt the most fearless with ~ pure paladin in unyielding sentinel, I forget which race.

    The life I felt the most accomplished with ~ elf pure wizard doing EE crowd control.

    The life I felt most fond of ~ Halfling pure favored soul during her perfection years.

    The life I felt most patient with ~ warforged pure lighting sorcerer during her day of Dun Robar.

    The life I felt most confused with ~ pure human druid but we figured it out.

    The life I felt most embarrassed with ~ the G.I.M.P. life.

    The life I felt most amused with ~ Half Elf Barbarian/Rogue/Fighter who has a closet full of "I Rezzed Cloey, and all I got was this Tee Shirt"

    The life I felt most frustrated with ~ pure human bard caster.

    The life I felt most satisfied with ~ multiple use arty 6 rogue 6 whatever 6 built by friends.

    The life I felt most impressed with ~ favored soul 14 monk 6 divine archer.

    The life I felt most powerful in ~ Warforged Artificer.

    The life I felt most relaxed in ~ Rogue 1 Ranger 19.

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    Not playing Fawngate atm, I just don't feel confident with her current build.
    The training dummy does go down quickly.
    Her attacks are 65ish base damage with a lot of crits, some double strikes, and offhand attacks.

    Debating whether to +3 lesser heart and build a Monk 2 / Favored Soul 18, which has been highly recommended,
    and use the grandmaster of flowers ED.

    Or I could use a lesser heart, and remake her back into Double Angel.

    Or I could just play her as is, and learn.

    I am reminded of the song from Barbie "I need to know"
    {a lot of my art students were girls, so my mom liked to play Barbie movies while they drew and painted}

    If you just churn thru lives for the sake of power, you are missing the point.

    Epic Completionist should learn and grow.
    That means different builds.
    That means soloing the demonweb quests as I did last life, to learn them fully.
    That means pugging.
    That means random raiding.

    This is not a philosophy I created, tis one born out of the this thread by the opinions of others.

    Since my Epic Otto's Boxes are starting to run out, I am shifting focus over to the martial sphere,
    knowing that later on Fawn can just cruise thru her divines easy.

    Hmm...I think I will try out Monk splash grandmaster, and start planning a bladeforge dreadnought.

    So, Monk 2 gains two bonus feats, I am thinking stunning fist is a auto choice,
    sorry but toughness for 20 hp no longer appeals to me, already have 30 from barbarian pl and 45 from primal sphere.

    So, DDO Wiki time...

    Martial arts feats
    Combat Expertise
    Deflect Arrows *
    Great Fortitude
    Improved Sunder
    Improved Trip
    Iron Will
    Lightning Reflexes
    Power Attack
    Stunning Fist
    Two-Handed Fighting
    Two Weapon Fighting
    Weapon Finesse
    Whirling Steel Strike
    Zen Archery

    Two Weapon Fighting seems good, I see some nice Bladeforge bonus feats there.

    Ok, next up, what do I need for the Epic Destiny?

    I want the Lilly group along with everything is nothing ~ 6 points
    I want to spend a fair amount on wisdom ~ 2 to 10 points

    7 heroic feats ; hmm...caster focus or melee...
    I don't see Master of Many Forms on ddo wiki, but I know that is a good feat.
    I want completionist (grr..make this autogrant please)
    I want improved two weapon fighting (dex 17 completionist not help with this)
    I want great two weapon fighting
    I want Maximize spell as I can reduce its cost greatly
    I want Empower spell as I can add it to SLAs left, maybe I'll pick spell focus evocation, since everyone thinks the evoker is dead, and try a few twist tricks I just learned.

    2 epic feats (I tend to build for level 25)
    I forgot quickened, and I definitely want that, take that before empowered.
    That leaves empowered healing for my cocoon / heals.

    1 Epic Destiny Feat (have hearts so not sticking around level cap)
    Guardian Angel gives me low health warning which is nice to have.

    Hmm...this is worth trying out.

    Now about that Bladeforged.
    Sometimes its good to throw something together then find out where you goofed, you learn more.

    12 fight
    6 monk
    2 pally


    12 monk
    6 ranger
    2 pally

    hmm...both look good, the ranger has two weapon feats and archery and more spell points
    wish I could take a look at master of many forms options on ddo wiki
    fighter will have more bonus feats for combat feats which is important since I will only be in dreadnought
    so they both look good

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    Gonna cheat and look over

    Cetus: Completionist Human 12 Fighter/6 Monk/2 Paladin

    Note: This build is centered around +5 tomes for the purposes of meeting stat requirements.

    Class Progression: First, Second, and Sixth monk levels are the only important ones, since they receive feats at those levels.

    Starting Stats: Strength: 18, Dexterity: 12, Constitution: 14, Intelligence: 8, Wisdom: 8, Charisma: 16


    12 Fighter = 7 Feats. Human = 8 feats. 6 Monk = 3 Feats. Epic feats = 3 Feats. 8 + 7 + 3 + 3 = 21 Feats.

    Add 2 Destiny feats + Paladin Deity + Monk light/dark path = 25 total feat decisions.


    1. Improved Critical: Ranged
    2. Weapon Focus: Ranged
    3. Bow Strength
    4. Manyshot (much later when +5 Dex tome kicks in)
    5. Point Blank Shot
    6. Rapid Shot
    7. Zen Archery (should be taken as level 6 monk class feat when +5 Wisdom kicks in at level 19 for the 13 wisdom requirement)


    8. Power Attack (Should be taken as Level 1 or 2 Monk class feat)
    9. Two Handed Fighting (Should be taken as Level 1 or 2 Monk Class feat)
    10. Improved Two Handed Fighting
    11. Greater Two handed fighting
    12. Weapon focus: Slashing
    13. Greater Weapon Focus: Slashing
    14. Weapon Specialization: Slashing
    15. Improved Critical: Slashing
    16. Cleave
    17. Great Cleave
    18. Overwhelming Critical
    19. Stunning Blow


    20. Completionist
    21. Master of Forms (Adept is granted at level 6 monk, so this will occupy an epic feat slot)
    22. Paladin: Follower of the Silver Flame
    23. Monk: Light Path
    24. Level 26: Perfect Two handed fighting
    25. Level 28: Perfect Two Weapon Fighting - 5% doublestrike for main hand weapon

    Skills: All Levelup skills into UMD, Balance, Concentration, leftover points into whatever you want


    Bane Of Undeath
    Dance of Flowers
    Brace for Impact



    -All Cores for Power Surge
    -Extra Action boost 3
    -Haste Boost 3
    -One with the blade (this means all weapon specializations, alacrity, tier 1 meditation, deadly whatever (this ability is not used in this build), and shattering whatever (this ability is also not used in this build)).
    -Tactics 3
    -Strength 1

    35 AP

    Ninja Spy:

    -All cores toward Shadow Veil
    -Three tiers of Sneak Attack Training
    -Acrobatic 2
    -Agility 3
    -Fists of Iron
    -Ninja Poison

    18 AP


    -Damage boost core
    -Strength Stat core
    -Action Surge: Strength +3
    -Action Surge Charisma +3
    -Action Surge Constitution +3
    -Improved Recovery tier 1, Improved Recovery tier 3, and Improved Recovery tier 4

    18 AP

    Knight of the Chalice

    -First Core
    -Extra turning 3
    -Extra smite 1 (dump point)
    -Divine Might 2

    9 AP


    Note: This setup is subject to change, feel free to critique it if a better alternative emerges. I haven't calibrated the stats yet, so its a work in progress. Below is the setup that this build is running with/will be running with for the most part.

    Necklace: EE Stolen Necklace w/ Insightful +2 Charisma Slotted, Charisma +10
    Helmet:: EE Black Dragon Helmet w/ +3 Insightful Constitution Yellow Slot: Globe of True Imperial Blood Green Slot: Good Luck +2
    Goggles: Deadly X of Resistance +10
    Armor: Flawless Black Dragonscale robe: Slotted PRR +14
    Bracer: Skirmisher's Bracers: Dexterity +9 and Doublestrike +8%
    Ring 1: EE Consuming Darkness: Heavy Fortification, Combat Mastery +5, Seeker +12
    Ring 2: Seal of Dun'Robar: Stunning +10
    Boots: EE Goatskin Boots w/ Constitution +8, Yellow Slot: +2 insightful Dexterity, Green Slot: Wisdom +7
    Gloves: EE Backstabber's Gloves: Sneak Attack +5, Exceptional Sneak attack +3, Improved Deception, Bluff +20, Yellow Slot: Vitality +20
    Belt: Ogre Power +10 Belt of False life 45
    Cloak: Adamantine Cloak of the Wolf: Exceptional Seeker +5, Attack bonus +4
    Trinket: Litany of the Dead

    Weapon: Epic Sword of Shadows: Red Slot: ML24 Acid Augment, Colorless: Insightful +2 Wisdom

    Still Looking to get:

    Deadly XI of Resistance 10 Goggles
    Ogre Power 11 of False Life 50 Belt
    ML 28 Acid Augment
    PRR 16 Augment

    Few metagame tricks:

    1. Upon zoning into quest, wear Verik's necklace instead of EE Stolen necklace, Replace Adamantine cloak of the wolf with Charisma 10 cloak with slot, place +2 Insightful 2 Cha in slot.

    Once 2 boosts are used, switch for Cloak of the wolf + Stolen Necklace.

    2. When Manyshotting, replace Litany with a prowess trinket for Artifact bonus to damage

    3. Before shrining, use power surge. The extra added charisma from the action surge enhancement (human) generates 2 extra divine mights after shrining is complete.

    4. Against assassins, it is useful to pick up a Fortification 125% of Seeker +10 Ring. Substitute that in for consuming darkness, wear Adamantine Cloak of the Bear for Combat Mastery +6 in cloak slot.

    This means: Lose 7 Seeker, Gain 25% Fortification and 1 Tactics DC. Worthwhile defensive move when many assassins are around.

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    Fantastic THF damage
    Decent self-healing melee
    Superb damage avoidance
    Good damage mitigation

    There are two variations of this build, based on the past life you prefer. The efficacy of the build does not change with your choice:

    Fighter past life: 9 Fighter/9 Monk/2 Druid
    Monk past life: 10 Monk/8 Fighter/2 Druid

    Here's the benefit breakdown:
    Fighter 8: Kensei increased crit range, any melee weapon as a ki weapon
    Monk 9: 15% movement speed, Improved Evasion, access to Ninja Spy and Shintao enhancements
    Druid 2: 5-min Ram's Might, Magical Training feat, access to Empower Healing Spell feat, access to Nature's Warrior enhancements

    I personally want a monk past life, so here's the breakdown for that version:

    Human 10 Monk/8 Fighter/2 Druid:
    1 Monk 1 (Human: Dodge, Monk: Power Attack, Level: Cleave)
    Skills: Balance 4, Concentration 2, Swim 1, Tumble 1, Spot 1, Move Silently 1, Heal 2, UMD 1
    2 Monk 2 (Monk: THF)
    Skills: Balance 1, UMD 1.5
    3 Druid 1 (Level: Mobility)
    Skills: Heal 4
    4 Monk 3
    Skills: Balance 2, UMD 0.5, Heal 0.5
    5 Monk 4
    Skills: Balance 1, Concentration 1, UMD 0.5, Heal 0.5
    6 Monk 5 (Level: Weapon Focus)
    Skills: Balance 1, Concentration 1, UMD 0.5, Heal 0.5
    7 Monk 6 (Monk: Deflect Arrows)
    Skills: Balance 1, Concentration 1, UMD 0.5, Heal 1
    8 Monk 7
    Skills: Balance 1, Concentration 1, UMD 0.5, Heal 1
    9 Monk 8 (Level: Great Cleave)
    Skills: Balance 1, Concentration 1, UMD 0.5, Heal 1
    10 Fighter 1 (Fighter: ITHF)
    Skills: Jump 1, UMD 0.5, Heal 0.5
    11 Fighter 2 (Fighter: Improved Critical: Slashing)
    Skills: Balance 0.5, UMD 0.5, Heal 0.5
    12 Fighter 3 (Level: Master of Forms)
    Skills: UMD 0.5, Heal 1
    13 Fighter 4 (Fighter: Weapon Specialization)
    Skills: UMD 0.5, Heal 1
    14 Fighter 5
    Skills: UMD 0.5, Heal 1
    15 Fighter 6 (Fighter: GTHF, Level: Empower Healing Spell)
    Skills: Balance 1, UMD 0.5, Heal 0.5
    16 Fighter 7
    Skills: Balance 0.5, UMD 1, Heal 0.5
    17 Fighter 8 (Fighter: Greater Weapon Focus)
    Skills: Balance 1, UMD 0.5, Heal 0.5
    18 Monk 9 (Level: Grandmaster of Forms)
    Skills: Balance 5, UMD 0.5
    19 Druid 2
    Skills: Heal 6
    20 Monk 10 <-- Swap for Fighter if you want a Fighter past life
    Skills: Heal 1, Balance 3, UMD 0.5
    21 Overwhelming Critical
    24 Toughness
    26 ED: Perfect THF
    27 Epic Damage Reduction
    28 ED: Toughness

    Kensei (33)
    1 Kensei Focus
    6 Extra Action Boost III
    2 Kensei Weapon Specialization I
    1 Spiritual Bond
    1 Strike With No Thought
    3 Haste Boost III
    2 Kensei Weapon Specialization II
    6 Improved Dodge III
    2 Weapon Meditation I
    1 Shattering Strike I
    2 Kensei Weapon Specialization III
    2 Kensei Weapon Specialization IV
    1 Reed in the Wind (filler)
    1 Keen Edge
    1 Deadly Strike
    1 One with The Blade

    Ninja Spy (11)
    1 Ninja Training I
    3 Acrobatic III
    2 Sneak Attack Training I
    1 Ninja Training II
    2 Fists of Iron
    1 Agility I
    1 Shadow Veil

    Shintao (11)
    1 Bastion of Purity
    2 Ki Shout (filler)
    2 Exemplar II (filler)
    1 Protection from Tainted Creatures
    4 Iron Skin II
    1 Iron Hand

    Human (17)
    1 Damage Boost
    2 Constitution
    2 Improved Recovery I
    1 Dont Count Me Out I
    4 Action Surge: Constitution II
    2 Improved Recovery II
    1 Defense Boost
    2 Strength
    2 Improved Recovery III

    Nature's Warrior (8)
    1 Nature's Warrior
    3 Athletic III (filler)
    1 Shifting Rake I (filler)
    3 Action Boost: Double Strike

    Legendary Dreadnought
    1: Strength (2), Extra Action Boost II (2)
    2: Strength (2), Improved Power Attack (2), Momentum Swing (3)
    3: Haste Boost III (3), Lay Waste (2)
    4: None
    5: Advancing Blows (2), Devastating Critical (2)
    6: Master's Blitz (2), Headman's Chop (2)

    Standing with Stone
    A Dance with Flowers
    Rejuvenation Cocoon

    10 Epic Damage Reduction feat
    15 Artifact (Planar Prowess)
    16 Enhancement (augment)
    15 Grandmaster Earth stance
    15 Standing in Stone
    10 Iron Skin
    81 PRR = 36.2% damage reduction
    10 Human: Defense Boost
    03 Don't Count Me Out I (below 50% HP)
    94 PRR = 39.7% damage reduction (situational)

    08 item
    06 Monk
    03 Dodge feat
    02 Mobility feat
    03 Acrobatic (Ninja Spy)
    03 Improved Dodge (Kensei)
    25% Dodge

    Healing Amp:
    30% Human
    05% Paladin past life
    15% Shintao
    30% Gear
    10% Ship
    = 224% Healing Amp

    Positive Spell Power:
    114 Ruby of Devotion augment
    075 Empower Heal Spell
    046 Heal skill
    024 Implement bonus
    030 Shintao
    024 (Delta for new ML28 138 Ruby of Devotion augment)
    015 Heal skill augment
    328 Positive Spell Power for Rejuv Cocoon with U19 augments

    03 Artifact (Flawless Black Dragon set)
    06 Item (Clever)
    01 Strike with No Thought (Kensei)
    10% Doublestrike (passive)

    This build has 10 uses of LD 30% Haste Boost, Kensei 30% Haste Boost and Nature's Warrior 30% Double Strike. That's 10 continuous minutes of +30% additional damage, which is plenty of go-go juice between shrines.

    Weapon: Clever, Hewer of Suffering (Red Augment: 114 Positive Spell Power)
    Quiver: EE Quiver of Poison
    Trinket: Planar Focus of Prowess of +3 STR
    Belt: EE Girdle of Giants' Brawn (green: 35 HP, yellow: +2 insightful CON)
    Bracer: 30% healing amp of Superior Parrying
    Gloves: EE Nether Grasps
    Chest: Black Dragon (blue: Good Luck)
    Hat: EE Black Dragon +8 CON (green: 14 PRR, yellow: +1 exceptional all stats)
    Goggles: EE Dream Visor (yellow: 20 Vitality)
    Back: Adamantine Cloak of the Wolf
    Feet: Kundarak Delving Boots (needed when soloing, or no FoM in a group)
    Neck: EE Jorgundal's Collar (Green: <empty>, Yellow: Draconic Soul Gem)
    Ring1: EE Ring of the Djinn
    Ring2: Ancient Band (heavy fort, +7 resist)

    The above is the pre-U19 gear list. With U19 gear that's been revealed so far, these are possible changes:

    Ring2: EE Consuming Darkness (Seeker 12, Combat Mastery +5, Green Slot: Heavy Fort)
    Bracer: EE Bracers of Twisting Shade (+7 resist, +5 exceptional Seeker, Blurry)
    Gloves: PDK (30% healing amp, +2 Insightful CON)
    Belt: Skullduggery Kit (10% Dodge permutation, Green Slot: 35 HP)
    Back: EE Jeweled Cloak (Green Slot: ??, Yellow Slot: +8 STR)

    Net change: +2% Dodge, +10 all elemental resists, +green slot, +6 balance, 25 spell absorb, +2 seeker, +5 Combat Mastery, -4 Insightful Saves, -Diversion, -2 Profane STR. The +2% Dodge allows swapping Mobility feat for Toughness, or reallocating Ninja Spy AP to increase Dodge cap by 2%.

    STR 18 (16 points) + 5 tome + 8 item + 3 insightful + 1 exceptional + 2 yugo + 2 ship + 6 level ups + 2 ED + 2 Ram's Might + 1 human + 2 Profane = 52
    DEX 14 (6 points) + 4 tome + 1 exceptional + 2 ship - 2 stance = 19
    CON 17 (13 points) + 4 tome + 8 item + 2 insightful + 1 exceptional + 4 stance + 2 ship + 2 yugo + 1 racial + 1 level up + 2 Action Surge = 44
    INT 8 + 4 tome + 1 exceptional + 2 ship = 15
    WIS 9 (1 points) + 4 tome + 1 exceptional + 2 ship = 16
    CHA 8 + 4 tome + 1 exceptional + 2 ship = 15

    Note: Stats are calculated without Rage effects. There's no room to twist Primal Scream, and potions have too short of a duration for my taste. So if you have a source of Rage from someone else in the group, consider it a bonus instead of a must have.

    Weapon Profile: Cleaver, Hewer of Suffering
    045 3.0[2d8] base + 1.5 A Dance with Flowers + 0.5 Improved Power Attack
    031 STR bonus
    010 Power Attack
    005 Visor
    004 Conflux
    006 Kensei
    008 Enchantment
    002 Ram's Might
    002 Weapon Specialization
    113 Average base damage
    005 Advancing Blows
    003 Battle Meditation (3 Kensei Core Abilities)
    121 average base damage (situational)
    Crit Profile: 17-18/x3, 19-20/x7

    025 Heroic Durability
    015 Improved Heroic Durability
    010 Draconic Vitality
    080 Monk 10
    080 Fighter 8
    016 Druid 2
    080 Epic
    020 Vitality item
    035 False Life item
    060 Toughness feat x2
    050 Legendary Dreadnaught
    020 Yugoloth HP portion
    476 +17 CON bonus
    008 Nature's Warrior
    020 Barbarian Past Life x2 (optional)

    F/R/W Saves:
    03/00/03 Druid 2
    07/07/07 Monk 10
    06/02/02 Fighter 8
    04/04/04 Epic 8
    17/04/03 CON/DEX/WIS bonus
    01/01/01 Competence (Eldritch Ritual)
    04/04/04 Morale (Greater Heroism)
    02/02/02 Luck (Augment)
    04/04/04 Insightful (Superior Parrying)
    07/07/07 Resistance (augment)
    01/01/01 Sacred (Blessing of the Three Dragons)
    00/01/00 Agility (Ninja Spy)
    00/00/-4 Yugoloth STR drawback
    00/00/02 Monk Still Mind (vs. enchantments)
    54/37/36 (circumstantial)

    With Improved Evasion, just accept that you're going to always take half-damage from spell damage.

    Kundarak Delving Boots address the biggest pitfall against casters: Hold Person. You're still susceptible to Command, but there's not alot of that in Shadowfell content.

    45 Balance = 23 ranks + 8 epic + 4 Morale (Greater Heroism) + 2 Luck (Augment) + 1 Profane (Elite Spider Cult Mask) + 4 DEX bonus + 3 Acrobatic + 3 Athletic

    40 Concentration = 7 Ranks + 8 epic + 4 Morale (Greater Heroism) + 2 Luck (Augment) + 1 Profane (Elite Spider Cult Mask) + 17 CON bonus + 1 Agility

    46 Heal = 23 ranks + 8 epic + 4 Morale (Greater Heroism) + 2 Luck (Augment) + 1 Profane (Elite Spider Cult Mask) + 3 WIS bonus + 3 tome + 2 Exemplar

    43 Jump = 1 rank + 8 epic + 4 Morale (Greater Heroism) + 2 Luck (Augment) + 1 Profane (Elite Spider Cult Mask) + 21 STR bonus + 3 Acrobatic + 3 Athletic

    30 Move Silently = 1 ranks + 8 epic + 4 Morale (Greater Heroism) + 2 Luck (Augment) + 1 Profane (Elite Spider Cult Mask) + 4 DEX bonus + 5 Competence (boots) + 5 Enhancement (Pass Without Trace)

    51 Swim = 1 rank + 8 epic + 4 Morale (Greater Heroism) + 2 Luck (Augment) + 1 Profane (Elite Spider Cult Mask) + 21 STR bonus + 3 Athletic + 11 Enhancement (Merfolk's Blessing)

    39 Spot = 1 rank + 8 epic + 4 Morale (Greater Heroism) + 2 Luck (Augment) + 1 Profane (Elite Spider Cult Mask) + 3 WIS bonus + 20 item

    23 Tumble = 1 rank + 8 epic + 4 Morale (Greater Heroism) + 2 Luck (Augment) + 1 Profane (Elite Spider Cult Mask) + 4 DEX bonus + 3 Acrobatic

    28 UMD = 11 ranks + 8 epic + 4 Morale (Greater Heroism) + 2 Luck (Augment) + 1 Profane (Elite Spider Cult Mask) + 2 CHA bonus

    Feedback welcome.

  16. #1556


    Loreick and others have said that SLAs (like bladeforge reconstruct) cannot be interrupted by failed concentration checks.

  17. #1557


    rumor is whirlwind is terribly slow animation, might test it out someday just to find out on an instant build iconic

    edit built a whirlwind iconic, whirlwind seems ok slight pause, but some hard core players might be critical of it
    it was probably worse earlier
    not enough practical testing done yet

    Lifes Fawn has not done:

    Monk 2 / Favored Soul 18 / Grandmaster of Florwer
    Highly recommended by the Sith, Darree and others
    and only a +3 heart away
    simply to incorporate into present plans
    so that is next
    doing now so any flaws will be uncovered by my next epic reincarnate

    Tactical fighter using improved trip, etc..
    Mostly due to concerns over self sufficiency
    Bladeforged for the win in due time

    Sleet Quake Druid and Wolf Trip Druid
    later on as a set

    Fatesinger Bard extradinar
    lets wait till Harper Witch and the bard love update shows up

    Dragonmaster whatever
    ponder that one

    Master of Ozzes
    need to make the greensteel first, and study a bit

    Shadowdancer Ninja
    well, still pondering that one too

    The Staff Master
    need to hear from Loreick how his is going
    Last edited by Silverleafeon; 12-07-2013 at 01:39 AM.

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    two new important spells theories

    untested by me

    Quote Originally Posted by cdr View Post
    Yep; stat damage will kill you deathblock or not. Death Ward (spell) prevents shadow stat damage, but wraiths in Necro II spam Dispel which will get rid of Death Ward pretty fast.

    Spawn Screen also prevents shadow stat damage, and it's easy to scroll cast with UMD in a pinch (bet you thought it was completely useless).
    Favored Souls already should be slotting this spell as level two spells are easy to slot.

    DDO Wiki theory

    Cause Fear

    Necromancy (Fear spells) (Mind-affecting spells)

    Brd 1, Clr 1, Fvs 1, Sor/Wiz 1

    Spell Point Cost:

    Verbal, Somatic

    Quicken, Heighten, Enlarge



    6d4 seconds

    Saving Throw:
    Will save partial - Shaken condition

    Spell Resistance:

    2 seconds (All except Sorcerer), 1.5 seconds (Sorcerer)

    An enemy becomes frightened. A successful will save causes the target to become shaken instead. Necrotic energy slows the target slightly (-10% run speed).

    The fear lasts for 6d4 seconds (6 to 24 seconds). If the target succeeds on the will save, the shaken effect lasts 4 seconds.

    Players that are feared are prevented from performing nearly every action (Including attacking, casting spells, interacting with objects and drinking potions), but may move freely.

    Monsters that are feared flee, with a 50% movement speed penalty.

    Outside description indicates monsters with 6 hd or more are immune to this spell.
    Will test more, but if that is no longer true, a failure with this spell for 6 sp, is a nice debuff to slot into level one favored soul spells.


    A shaken creature takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks.

    Shaken is a less severe state of fear than frightened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    /ui layout load first

    Saved me a quarter of an hour.
    Thanks Devs.
    Grandmaster of Flowers here we come....

  20. #1560


    Good news:

    Enjoying Grandmaster of Flowers

    Loreick loves his stick build and enjoys whirlwind.

    The bad news:

    I had to abandon Servants of the Overlord tonight,
    which broke the chain up. One cannot abandon The rift opens,
    and I cannot get in.

    So, approaching 28 and its probably best to start a new life fresh.
    This means an iconic reincarnate (Fawn's first), and choice of bladeforge/pdk/shadai/morninglord
    along with a completely new build.

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