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    Another possible life would be a CC Wizard as the end game seems a little low on healers and crowd control?

    Not sure exactly where to place everything in that build.

    Elf would be fine, or Drow, or Warforged.

    18 Wizard / 2 Rogue/Monk with insightful reflexes or Pure Wizard.

    Spell Focus Conjuration, Enchantment, Necromancy?

    Archmage with Conjuration Focus for almost free webs or is that not a good choice?

    Add in Enchantment Focus for Disco balls and the like.

    I know Fawn's web in the Druid quest where very strong unless someone blew them up with fireballs.

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    how many lives are you up to now? Ran with you a few times before my most recent break in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninety View Post
    how many lives are you up to now? Ran with you a few times before my most recent break in the game.
    42 If I remember correctly!
    Hossa / Darree ~Khyber~ Doom Legion (Level 75)
    Proud Host of the DDO Hunger Games Along with Fawngate.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jendrak
    Somebody should definitely explain to Turbine that when they roll up a new GM that INT is not dump stat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    TRing into Divine Archer Build.

    I have always been intrigued by the idea.

    STR 15 DEX 16 CON 15 INT 13 WIS 11 CHA 09
    Ranger 2 / Divine 18

    Heroic 7 feats:
    Ranger 1: Precise Shot
    3: Empowered Healing
    6: Precise Shot
    9: Manyshot ? (BAB +6?)
    12: IC Ranged? (BAB +8?)
    15: Improved Precise Shot
    18 Quicken
    21 Epic feat: Combat Archery (need Dex 21 here)
    24 feat: Enlarge
    26 ED feat: Holy Stike
    27 feat: Blinding Speed (perma haste?)
    28 ED feat: Double Shot
    Hi Fawn, happy you TR'd.

    In my opinion, you should switch Enlarge for completionist, if you dont (or almost) never put the bow down there's not much point in trying to heal other that are far than you, and anyway, if they think they can't go out of your range without dying they just have to stay close to you!

    If you want to push it. you might want to put 12fvs/6monk/2x? Of course you'd need to push your wis a bit more to get a efficient 10k star but who knows, might result in something interesting

    Maybe i'll catch you on my TR, until then, have a great time.

    Hossa / Darree ~Khyber~ Doom Legion (Level 75)
    Proud Host of the DDO Hunger Games Along with Fawngate.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jendrak
    Somebody should definitely explain to Turbine that when they roll up a new GM that INT is not dump stat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bergeau09 View Post
    42 If I remember correctly!
    Lol, almost, its 41, but your mind added one since you have been asking me to TR the last few times you did.

    41 lives
    All past lives done 3x
    All races done at least once
    All crafting at 150
    All Epic Destinies capped.
    Guild Level 100 (by Toy Soliders toons, I just joined)
    Up to level 25 cap 2x
    Up to level 28 cap 1x
    Many, many happy moments gaming with Khyber friends including you Ninety
    Quote Originally Posted by bergeau09 View Post
    Hi Fawn, happy you TR'd.

    In my opinion, you should switch Enlarge for completionist, if you dont (or almost) never put the bow down there's not much point in trying to heal other that are far than you, and anyway, if they think they can't go out of your range without dying they just have to stay close to you!
    Aye, indeed.
    Let them eat cake!

    With no SLAs to apply enlarge to, it does become less attractive.
    If you want to push it. you might want to put 12fvs/6monk/2x? Of course you'd need to push your wis a bit more to get a efficient 10k star but who knows, might result in something interesting
    I really, really like the thought of that.
    Others might like to see how that works out.
    It also swaps up roles, as she become support healer instead of full healer.

    So, for the monk bonus feats:
    Zen Archer?
    She has +5 tomes on all stats, so starting Dex of 16 becomes Dex of 21 at level nineteen.
    I guess she could put her level ups into wisdom.
    Sigh, that 11 starting wisdom is going to be a thorn in her side now, lol...

    In an earlier life, I was able to activate both precision along with Archer's Focus.

    I cannot find 10k stars on Wiki, is it a monk bonus feat or a feat choice that becomes available with six levels of Monk?

    Thinking of making Black Dragon armor along with her Pinion.

    Maybe i'll catch you on my TR, until then, have a great time.


    So far, Fawn is level 3 working on 4.
    Once and done approach, loving the 20% daily plus the 10% vip bonus to grant a bonus type xp pot.

    Could not cast spells at level 2, so took completionist at level 3 to increase Cha higher.
    This presses Empowered Healing way back of the lineup of feats to take, and makes Enlarge go out the window,
    particularly if Fawn is not going to pick up haste as a Warpriest due to level restrictions.
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    Got up to close to level 7 last night, and remembered that I had not opened a Bigby's box on this server yet.
    I was saving it for Fawnglow, but I have lost interest in her atm.

    So I looked and there was two of them, so Fawngate used one of them.
    If you are interesting in having the second one, please feel free to win it at the Hunger Games as it is the first prize for October.!

    10k stars is available as a bonus monk feat at level 6, so that was Fawngate's third Monk bonus feat.
    She took both Ranger levels as well as all six Monk levels.
    Her cures are weak at the moment for her level but that should improved as she finishes takes her 12 Favored Soul levels.

    However her Holy of Pure Good Festival Frosted Force Ritual min level 14 TR bank longbow is pleasing in its performance.
    Apparently she needs to press 10 k stars then Manyshot to alternate the cooldowns?

    She has lots of points in AA + Elf, but none in force or banish.
    Compared tier 5 Arcane Archer vs tier 5 Warpriest tree, and liked them both, but finally picked AA.
    Starting to put points into Warpriest tree now, may spend a few more in Elf and save 10 points for Ninja?
    I think they increased the Tree limit to 5 instead of 3 which was very wise.

    What does one do after using a Box?
    Well the first thing is to deal with current xp potions and plan around them.
    Fawn has not used any this life, so that is not a concern.

    The second thing is the rewind backwards and do the lowest level quests upward that you feel are needed,
    bagging xp and favor while some still counts for xp.

    For Fawngate her big concerns are Bank Favor and House D favor.
    She got her backpack favor and a portable hole from the auction house last night.

    So, a plan could be something like, do the four house k quest surrounding the guild vendor plaza;
    look at DDO Wiki and my in game Favor Tracker to plan out House D favor;
    then go do Von 1 thru 4 gathering whatever xp arrives.

    A lot of that would be fairly easy for a level 15 to accomplish, and would provide a nice xp pad for
    when the serious questing begins.

    After that plan, flagging for Demon Queen would also be of interest as it will yield similar benefits.

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    My gear, a combination of Teraza, greensteel, Silver Flame Talisman, one of my favorite rings greater false life (now min level 15),
    Icy Rainments found on the auction house (between that and the portable hole, this life is getting pricey, but hey I have raided profitably
    for months now).

    My new red cube needs some bling, and its on sale at the DDO store.. sparkle ought to do the trick, woot, already getting tells and party invites, so much for the plan, hey we go....

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    Hunger Games went well tonight.
    Took us an hour to round up players but we had a fun time.
    Decide to only use the Stash from now on, as the two Capture the Flag arenas give ranged an advantage.

    Fawngate the divine ranger did her first shroud.

    Mom cooked French fries which I ate while watching Fawngate auto attack during part 5.
    Press many shot, activate 10k stars once, turn Fawngate once with Harry moved, press many shot a second time, and loot.
    Let others heal the party as my arrows are more important to the party than my heals.

    Honestly, that was a tremendous difference from typical runs.
    Honestly, that was boring.

    Fawn cannot heal very well so far, and will only have Heal and Mass Cure Light at 20.
    So the only thing this build has over a pure ranger is casting Heal at level 12.

    Banking 19, so I cannot use a lesser heart.
    Not sure what to do, and if I want to take something other than Favored Soul for the last two levels?

    Banking 20 now, thanks Poppy and Loreick for the help.
    Decided I want to play a wizard next.
    But that LR +20 heart will not let me swap directly into wizard without getting rid of the two ranger levels by using a LR +3 first and waiting a week.

    So, going to take 20, and give the build a test spin for a week, maybe two...
    Perhaps a bit of boring will be relaxing.
    Gained longer divine grace, divine power, and started using divine favor for buffs.
    Mountain stance to gain a bit of Ki.
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    I think what I need to adjust to is a concept that no one talks about.

    You see threads about being "self sufficient", but in reality this is a bunch of huff.

    A toon that wishes to fill a healer role in a party has a certain threshold of party healing.
    Each toon in the party has a certain threshold of self healing.

    This is the limit beyond which the monsters will overcome and start killing party members.
    Reach that limit and toons start dying.

    Any threshold is important no matter how low it might seem.
    Cure Serious guild potions will help even if you are a barbarian.

    Strategy, planning, high offensive ability, high hit points, blur, fortification, moving away from foes when you are getting hit hard...
    These sort of things make a huge difference.

    NO ONE is truly self sufficient.
    Cooldowns greatly affect thresholds of party healing.

    So Fawn the archer enters Epics looking for trouble.
    Her spell list:
    1) Bless, Divine Favor, Night shield, Remove Fear
    2) Spawn Screen, Resist Energy, Remove Paralysis, Cure Moderate Wounds
    3) Magic Circle against Evil, Prayer, Cure Serious Wounds, Remove Curse
    4) Freedom of Movement, Deathward, Divine Power
    5) Raise Dead, Mass Cure Light Wounds
    6) Heal

    She has Empowered Healing and is looking for a place to take Quicken spell.
    She has the Sora Kell set and is looking to upgrade her devotion.
    Turned in for one eveningstar challenge longbow, need to check the bank for longbows.

    Found the bow of the silver flame and the bow of sinew.

    Current Epic Destiny: Shiradi
    1) Healing Spinges 3/3, Illusion of Well Being 1/3
    2) Prism 1/1, Pin 2/2, Fey Springs 1/3, Fey Form 1/3
    3) Rainbow 1/1, Otto's Whistler 1/1
    4) Double Rainbow 1/1
    5) Track 3/3, Nerve Venom 3/3
    6) Audience with the Queen 1/1

    Twists: 3/3/1
    1) Renewal 3/3
    2) ??? A dance of the flowers (zen archer makes longbow use centered)
    3) Rejuvenation Cocoon 3/3


    Elf Tree
    All of bottom row
    All of Aerenal Weapon Training
    Arcanum 1/3
    Arcane Archer 1/1
    Skill 1/1

    Warpriest Tree
    Smite Foe 1/1
    Divine Might 3/3
    Righteous Weapon 1/1 taken twice

    Arcane Archer Tree
    All of bottom row (saving 4 action points to finish this when high enough level)
    All of elemental fourth column
    Conjure Arrows
    Dispelling Shot 3/3
    Inferno Shot 3/3
    Shattermantle Shot 3/3
    Terror Arrows 1/3 (working towards Arrows of Slaying)
    Soul Magic 1/1
    Paralyzing Arrows 1/3 (working towards Arrows of Slaying)
    Moonbow 1/1
    Arrows of Slaying 1/1
    Runebow 1/1

    Without ship buffs:
    Hit points 480
    Spell points 1777
    Ki 56 (10k stars requires 20 ki)

    With healing amp from the Jidz bracers (fire stance) heal spell does 469.
    Just now realizing the Cure Serious Wounds >> Mass Cure Light Wounds due to low caster levels (12).
    Could swap Mass Cure Light Wounds for ??
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    Healed an HE BB Stormholds (tracker's trap) and everything is coming together now.
    Things are looking up.

    Perhaps Take 12 Favored Soul by 16, leaving the last 4 monk levels for last.

    The eternal level (18) is always rough anyway...

    There are still those moments when Fawn has to heal herself, press manyshot and clear the room out instead of healing the party. But isn't that always true of a divine?
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    Tested using a +1 longbow on the training dummy.

    A dance of flowers grants 57 to 50 damage.

    Removing the twist provides 46 to 38 damage.

    So it would appear to be working correctly.

    Very interesting, Fawngate has not seen any AA toggles turned off yet.
    This link explains in detail why the awesome Master of Imbuement is turning off toggles after 30 seconds.
    (Elf races have to wait till level 25 to get this enhancement.)
    The devs could probably fix it by removing the imbuement lingering for 30 seconds.

    Also, apparently, your dexterity can be applied as bow strength if you take Aerenal Grace and your dexterity is higher than your strength:

    Of much more interest to everyone is the upcoming U20 new raiders box:
    Well done Turbine, well done.
    (Qualifications apply ~ must have done a raid (other than tempest spine or chono) OR must have TRed.)
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    The Raider Box has many implications to it.

    First off, DDO avoids any messy problems with the 20th completion bug by over compensating with this apologetic reward.
    This situation is the more problematic than any other during the past few years for DDO from a business point of view.
    They effectively dodged any and all reports to the Better Business Bureau in one fell swoop.
    Nice Done.

    Secondly, it encourages player to expand their playing interests.
    Do you have any alternative toons that has not TRed or Raided during update 19?
    If so, maybe, just maybe, you should seriously think about playing those toons some.

    Thirdly, its an exciting new point of interest.
    Concepts such as this can change perspective of the future in ways we don't realize.
    It gives us the players something to talk and think about.

    Fourthly, it come at a time when DDO needs to foster player affection.
    The Prince written by Machiavelli clearly states:
    A government does best if it is loved by the people.
    If you cannot maintain that state of being and have to choose a different tactic,
    then it is far better for a government to be feared than hated.
    But it is best for government to be loved, and that how the strongest leader operate.

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    On a personal point of view, the Raider's Box brings up something important to Fawn and I.

    Some players have many, many toons.
    Some players focus on a few toons.
    Some players focus on a single toon.

    The inherit difference involves something deep within one's self.
    So deep it is part of their core personality, in a way that is not easily distinguished.

    Not a light matter, nor something easily categorized.
    Touching upon things we cannot see yet.

    But what?
    Fawn and I to meditate together, and wonder about her sisters.

    Should she take a vacation while we focus on TRing Fawngold into a human bard?
    Should Fawnglow finish her second life as a Barbarian 10 / Cleric 10?
    Should Fawngale move toward doing the Revenge of the Demon Queen raid?

    What is and what will be?

    To focus singularly or train an army?

    To be or not to be?

    Who am I?

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    I have seen a few people comparing event inside DDO to real life events.

    DDO is a luxury entertainment.
    It is not real life.

    It is possible that one could do things that one should not do in public such as:
    Talk about religion or politics
    Use profanity
    Use course jokes

    These are things are wrong to do anywhere that is truly public.
    Basic common sense dictates that.

    A terrorist group is not likely to use DDO for any sort of haven,
    there are far more secure places for them to do whatever it is that they do.

    DDO actually allow exchanges of ideas in a free form which overall is good for the earth.
    The Olympics and Art Website function in a similar manner,
    allowing people to come together and realize how much we share with each other.

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    I worked a bit more on my Wayfinder adventure.

    As recounted earlier, I made a toon on Wayfinder and used a Bigby's Box on her.
    I called her Fawngate of Crystal Valley.

    Unfortunately for me, I built her a bit too much like this toon, starting with an 08 Charisma and focusing on spell casting.
    As we all know, Favored Souls need Charisma to cast spells.

    So there she sat in Korthos, unable to cast cure light wounds, penniless, unable to buy a charisma item, beating on CR 3 trash
    with her starter mace.

    So today, we took a few actions.

    First, we bought two stacks of Raid Timer Bypasses.
    They are on sale.
    Then we put three of them on the auction house for around 150k plat, varying the prices slightly.
    Checked the auction house and saw a +6 cha cloak on sale for a reasonable price.

    Logged out and worked on TRing Fawngold into a 2nd life Human Chestblessing Bard.

    Then worked on moving Fawnglow towards using one of those three Otto's Boxes I bought recently.
    Abby will be pleased with that, I did not realize so many of the Toy Soliders were TRing at the same time,
    and Fawngate has zoomed to 21 already.

    Logged back into Wayfinder with the idea of using a few gold rolls to build up some plat.
    After four rolls, we hit paydirt with 10k plat, enough to buy that cloak.
    Heading to the mailbox we found two of the raid buypass timers had sold.
    Bought the cloak, placing her at 14 charisma, enough to cast level 4 spells.
    Now I go buy spell components, woot!

    Spent enhancement points, focusing on gaining more Charisma, and found 3 more points to gain.
    So now, unless she has charisma drain, she can cast level 7 spells which is as high as she has at the moment.

    I am enjoying being in Toy Soliders a lot, they are a fun group to be around.

    Remove Paralysis does not remove slow from spell wards and enemy spellcasting.
    I need to bug report that sometime soon.

    Apparently this is the new bug link:

    There we go, reported.

    Got my spell components for Fawngate of Wayfinder.
    That made me realize how much I miss full caster levels.

    A long time ago, in a far away place once there was a motto:
    "Never ever give up caster levels..."

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    (Party: [Party] Ivaanna: PBS, PS, IPS, RS, Manyshot, IC: Ranged, Completionist, Mnk feats: Zen Arch, Precision, 10k, Pumped Dex and Wis, Con secondary, Dump Str and Int

    (Party: [Party] Poppytop: point black shot, rapid shot, any shot, quicken, improved crit, improved percise shot, combat archery, empower healing, positive spell power, <open feat>, <open feat>

    (Party: [Party] Poppytop: monk feats are zen archery, percision, and 10kstars

    (Party: [Party] Poppytop: (in that order I think for all of the feats)

    Party: [Party] Poppytop: 14-6

    21 or 24
    Master of Forms ~ ki regeneration
    Combat Archery

    Twist in Enlightenment ~ tier 3 ki regeneration

    (Party: [Party] Poppytop: 8 str 16 dex 14 con 8 int 18 wisdom 12 cha
    (Party: [Party] Poppytop: 8 str 18 dex 14 con 8 int 16 wisdom 14 cha

    (Party: [Party] Poppytop: level ups go into wisdom
    (Party: [Party] Poppytop: then you can run in sharidi

    Mountain Stance ~ ki regeneration
    Ocean Stance ~ saves

    Party: [Party] Poppytop: favored of the silver flame of course

    Party: [Party] Poppytop: green or white dragon armor strongly suggested
    (Party: [Party] Poppytop: off desteny are VERY nice to healers
    (Party: [Party] Poppytop: worst might be magister
    (Party: [Party] Poppytop: primal is tons of fun for the build
    Party: [Party] Poppytop: cuz you also don't need to twist cocoon
    Party: [Party] Poppytop: EA gives you good healing
    (Party: [Party] Poppytop: EA gives you good healing
    Party: [Party] Poppytop: US gives you nice hp

    Party: [Party] Poppytop: this is, on paper, a very very nice build

    Green Robe for party buffing, white robes for general, and black robes possibly for bosses.


    Must be Elf
    Dex to damage

    AA ~ 37 points

    Shintao ~ 6 points or so to open up two bottom boxes
    Expla 2 points, elemental curative,

    Warpriest ?


    3 sources of ki regeneration
    Twist Enlightenment
    Master of Forms Ocean Stance
    Henshin contemplation tier 2


    Dispelling shot good think about it

    Shattermantle not needed so much.
    Inferno good but will want wisdom bonus instead.


    then manyshot
    then slayer arrows

    Fury of the Wild for Fawn:

    Primal Scream 3/3
    Bouldertoss 3/3
    Fast Healing 1/3
    Constitution take first five
    Acute Instincts 3/3 (bring rage pots to keep raged)
    Fury Eternal
    Unbrindaled Fury



    Healing Springs 3/3
    Illusion of Well Being 1/3
    Fey Springs 1/3
    Fey Form 3/3
    Prism, Rainbow, Double Rainbow
    Pin 2/2 (avoid Ottos to save complexity to role)
    Elemental Absorbtion
    Nerve Venom
    Audience with the Queen (cause its cool)
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    I would like to greatly thank both
    Ivaanna and Poppytop
    for taking an hour to walk me thru, explain, debate, and figure out
    The Divine Archer

    Fawngate is now using a lesser +3 heart to replace her two ranger levels with favored soul level,
    and increase her very low wisdom.

    This also paves the way to eventually after some epic reincarnations to use her +20 heart to convert to an elf wizard.

    Some parts of this build require player skill and 36 point completionists to be effective.

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    Build is working much, much better now.

    All Fawn lacks is empowered healing feat, increasing from her current 90 devotion, and hoping for quicken spell feat.

    As usual Completionist costing a feat is a torn in our side.

    Shrines are to recharge Healing Springs and Audience with the Queen...

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    As I sit looking at a pile of soulstones in epic elite von 1, a few thoughts run thru my mind.

    Quicken is essential for Epic Elite content.
    So perhaps I should trade Completionist for Quicken?
    As a protest for Completionist costing a feat to have?

    I also wonder, would Fawn as a wizard been able to web those rascal orges up?
    But that one week timer will make me wait to find out.

    This build would be interesting for something wanting to have solid ranged dps and solid heals
    (at least if they were not completionist because the feats are very tight).

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    Default Protesting completionist feat costing a feat slot

    In protest of the completionist feat costing a feat slot, my uber completionist toon Fawngate is swapping out the completionist feat and will not be retaking it this life.

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