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    Thank you, Lunasaufantastic, FawnFawn now has 138 augments for radiant, impulse, and devotion.

    Woot, with enchant weapon on her citw rapier of the kingsavoir, her light spell power is 370 (without fey twist).

    Staying with Angel of Vengeance / Exalted Angel mostly.

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    Welcome to your new guild Little Fawn, I hope you will feel home like I do
    After so long I'm happy that we are back in the same guild again
    ABBYdoll : Blond Brain - Huge butt (don't stay behind or you will see nothing)
    ABBYhawk : No Brain - Big Muscles (never trust him)
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    Yes, Fawn!!

    Welcome to ToySoldiers!!
    Kyokoi - 26th life, Completionist Barb
    Zornly 13th life, Cleric
    Zornley 3rd life, Sharadi Wiz Proud Officer of ToySoldiers

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    Eppy Woot!

    Thank you, thank you, definitely enjoying Toy Soldiers.

    Its the kind of fun name that fits Fawngate too.

    Learned tonight:


    Thank you DDO staffer for triggering a quick second dragon appearance.
    My first was a fail, with definitely lots of level pulling going on.
    My second with group leaders emphasizing no pull lever was a success.

    Upgraded second Mabar cloak to 16 for iconic TR
    Hoping to get an augment or so.

    Purchased a +15 spellcraft augment from the DDO store to replace a +2 insight dex augment.
    Tried Tanking Truthful One on Epic Elite and died each time...

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    About to restructure computer, all may not go well, in which case see you much later after I fix the fix for the fix....

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    Default Tutorial: Instance Fishing

    What is Instance Fishing?

    Instance Fishing is a method a leader uses to help prevent DDO server side lag.
    It is not foolproof, but it can great reduce this cause of lag.
    The technical details are more complex than we the players understand, however this method can help greatly.

    How does a leader Instance Fish?

    It is very easy to do.
    The leader announces that he/she is instance fishing and asks the party to NOT enter the quest/raid.
    As soon as the leader enters the raid, he/she types "/loc".
    This command gives a ton's exact location, hence /loc.
    There will be a lot of numbers, but focus on a four digit number preceeded by a lower case "i" that is
    midway in the location information.

    The numbers to avoid are i2049 and i2050.
    If either of these two numbers shows up, the leader recalls out, then resets the instance.
    If any other numbers appear, the leader announces for the group to enter the quest/raid.

    When should a leader Instance Fish?
    Raids that one can back easily out of such as Fall of Truth, Caught in the Web, or Shroud are good places to check.
    Quest/Raids being done on an elite setting where lag could be fatal are good places to check.
    When events such as Mabar have been run, and the server has not been shut down afterwards.

    What is the theory behind Instance Fishing?
    Players have noticed that when they do encounter lag, if they type in "/loc" that when the command finally responds,
    often "i2049" or "i2050" are most often seen. Should there be lag in some other "i____" it is very random and rare.

    DDO often assigns i2049 and i2050 to new instances, and i2049 is associated with the house K crafting hall, while
    i2050 is associated with house C crafting hall.

    Since these instances usually never close, they can become "stretched" out of normal dimensions.
    It is thought that DDO grants a certain amount of time to each instance, but the Devs worked on this situation trying to improve it.

    Regardless, Instance Fishing can help prevent DDO server type lag.
    If your internet provider slows down, that is a completely different issue.
    If your graphics card cannot keep up with intense graphics such as acid rain or disco ball, that is a completely different issue.

    One can set one's computer latency to show a green box that you can mouse over for internet speed issues.
    This can help you separate DDO server type lag and your computer type lag.
    Graphics lag will show itself with things like a momentary slow down while near a druid opening a door, and such.

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    Default Poll: Raid Lock Outs

    You as a player prefer the next raid (coming early next year) to have:

    A) Zero lock out points, such as found in Caught in the Web

    B) One lock out point, such as found in the Shroud

    C) Two lock out points, such as found in the Lord of the Blades

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    Learned something new yesterday and the day before.

    In the quest, "In the Belly of the Beast", if a player stays atop the stadium seating,
    not dropping down into the arena this will trigger a series of green/yellow/orange/red alerts.

    Everyone dropping down into the arena will completely prevent this.
    Tested both ways.

    This makes me wonder if alerts are affected by party separation, distance, party being in different areas, etc...

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    i though that happened in that quest because someone programed it too. used to be a safe spot to stand like halfway down. but ya i was under the idea that that happened in that quest because all the mob that just got argoed on you (the person still up top)

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    Yes, it surprised me too, someone taught me long ago that was a safe spot.
    I saw extra mobs up top going after me.

    On the theory of split group = greater alert:
    Interesting, last night, part of our group was shrining in the Wheloon Prison quest with the spiked chain boss.
    A single player went forward and started the end fight.
    There might have been a player behind us as well.
    The alert went to red quickly.
    A more experience player said he never saw it go above yellow/orange in the end fight.
    Hence, he thought as well that split group = higher alert.

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    Loreick and Fawn had a nice long chat last night, testing things out and talking about his upcoming TR.

    Looking over the warpriest prestigue class, and pondering Pinion and/or ESOS for Loreick.
    He was looking for something different to try out, and run with Toy Soliders and Friends.
    Maybe do some Saga Sessions with us.

    We have been having a good time, going thru quest chains doing one EE after another, and its been real fun.
    Fawn thinks the Devs have really hit on something here.
    One player jumped into Exalted Angel destiny and had 3/4 of it done by working thru two major Sagas.
    Another mentioned that including Raids into Sagas would be nice.
    How about a Raid Saga, including most of the major raids?

    Loreick thought back and Favored Soul was his third life and he enjoyed it a lot, and it has a nice past life too.
    His first thought was Pally 2 / Favored Soul 18.
    Possibly taking 40ish points in Warpriest?
    That would mean Warforged for the ESOS or Human for the Pinion.

    He did not really like the idea of Warforged at the moment.
    We both wondered about the haste spell you gain and whether that is consider an arcane spell or a divine spell.
    Also would we need to spell swap to obtain it.

    So Fawn reset her Angel of Vengence tree with plat, and put 46ish points into Warpriest.
    Eventually she concluded that Haste is considered a divine spell ~ absolutely no arcane spell failure and
    2 minute duration in Shiradi or 2:30 duration in Exalted Angel.
    No need to spell swap; it just is added to available spells as an extra 3rd level spell.

    Meanwhile Loreick is looking thru DDO Wiki (goggle this player resource) and asking about various Epic type feats.
    Fawn explains that Hellball looks poor but is actually a poor man's version of Meteor Swarm.
    Arcanes Casters will snub it, but the rest of us with good spell power might consider it.

    Then he spots Mass Frog.
    Needless to say, Fawn has to try it.
    After all she was one the few who took Hellball into Epic Elite with success despite her dumped Cha score.

    So, half Warpriest half Angle of Vengence Shiradi Mass Frog casting Fawn enters the Kings Forest.
    Spying two lone Drow, she kites them around, rubber bands them, get em into position then casts Mass Frog.
    A purple circle goes around her, two fingers of death appear, and suddenly both Drow are now Frogs.

    She repeats the experiment with the same success.

    So, real test, Fawn goes solo into Epic Elite "Don't Drink the Water.
    She applies the metamagic feat Quicken to Mass Frog.
    This ups the spell cost to 85 sp.
    The cooldown on the is spell is 60 seconds.
    Her wisdom score is 49.

    The experiment is not a total failure nor is it a total success.
    Out of groups of 2 to 6 monsters, she often turns one or two into Frogs.
    Yes that counts as a kill, yes the frog hop about and are CR 0.00, yes they can be killed as frogs.

    So the theory that Mass Frog will not work in EE content is false.
    Whether it is worth taking over the feats Hellball or Force Escape is another question entirely?
    Also of note, Blade Barrier can be effective in EE content despite some claiming otherwise.

    Overall, Warpriest longbow Shiradi was better than regular longbow fighting, but Fawn likes her light spells better.

    Fawn and Loreick talked about that in detail as she redid her enhancements but leaving 6 points in warpriest for
    +15 hp, 8ish less spell points, 4ish more fire and light spell power, 2 more AC.

    Quoting various damage upon harbor kobolds using Avenging Light, Light of the Flame, and Searing Light without Metamagics,
    Loreick was impressed by the nice amounts of damage cheaply produced by this spell cycle along with Divine Wrath.

    So he thought maybe could pick out the essence of Fawn's build and adapt it to his style.
    As we speak he is probably a Human Favored Soul going to pick up (greensteel) Falchion proficiency then feat swap at 20ish for Enlarge.
    Silver Flame with a full 20 levels of Favored Soul to get the Light of the Flame Capstone, pushing wisdom for decent blade barriers.

    Spotlight Loreick's Version:
    Race Human (for bonus feat that is spent on Completionist indirectly).
    Focus of build: gain lots of cheap SLAs and use free metamagics to boost them considerably.
    Essential Metamagics: Maximized, Empowered, Empowered Healing, Heighten, Quicken, Enlarge, and Completionist cause he has it.

    Suggested Order taken:
    1st ?
    Human Bonus: Leveing up melee weapon (also use longbow leveling up)
    3rd Completionist
    6th Empower
    9th ?
    12 Maximized
    15 Heighten
    18 Quicken
    21 Empowered Healing along with swapping Human Bonus for Enlarge
    24 ?
    26 Several choics including Fawn's current ~ Light Spell Power
    27 Consider Ruin
    28 Mass Frog / Hellball / Forced Escape / ?

    Cocoon for sure
    Tsunami or Energy Blast (Fire) for extra damage
    Energy Sheath / Brace for Impact / other for specializations

    Exalted Angel:
    {Be at peace was considered as a maybe and the Judgement line simply costs too much to gain.}

    Tier 1) All of tier except wis/cha boost
    Tier 2) None
    Tier 3) Renewal 3/3
    Tier 4) Rebuke Foe, Blood and Radiance 2/3, Excoriate
    Tier 5) None
    Tier 6) Divine Wrath, Reborn in Light

    Final Possible Spell list:
    1st: Nightshield, Remove Fear (avoid Nimbus of Light as it still does not increase light counters for EA ED)
    Optional Divine Favor rare longbow shooting, Obscuring Mist for Tod Shadow Tanking
    2nd Resist Energy, Remove Paralysis, Spawn Screen
    Optional Bear's Endurance for Pets which is a silly choice, you will probably carry Soundburst from lower levels up or Hold Person
    3rd Searing Light, Prayer, Magic Circle,
    Optional probably Remove Curse
    4th Freedom of Movement, Dismissal, Recitation
    Optional Divine Power
    5th Break Enchantment, Mass Cure Light Wounds, Divine Punishment
    Optional Slay Living or Greater Comman
    6th Cometfall, Blade Barrier, Heal
    7th Mass Cure Serious Wounds, Destruction, Ressurection
    8th Mass Deathward, Symbol of Death
    Optional Fire Storm
    9th Mass Heal, Implosion, Energy Drain


    I caught up with Loreick and he is weighing this build verses Divine Disciple which Fawn wants to try someday.

    Its nice that Cleric vs Favored Soul can be heavily debated again, lol. we will see which he picks

    Currently wandering around with my poison tree frog pet, and a trail of croaking frogs in my wake...
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    With a full group, Mass Frog is not hitting as often as solo, but that is too be expected as I don't count on Implosion landing as often in EE full group either.

    Really missing Rainbow Orb (Hellball) to combine with my light and blade barrier spells, although things are more efficient spell point wise,
    and Fawn has returned to the effective two light SLA + normal Searing Light combo which she used to use.

    Probably will visit house J today to feat swap again.


    Lots of fun watching Sith play there.

    Since I have one extra Collector's Edition that no one has wanted here, I am going to offer it to him.

    Thank you one and all for the DDO store augments folks have bought Fawn, it is much appreciated.
    She has Light, Force, Healing, Fire, Electric, and Cold at 138

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    Hall of Heroes, Eberron now has a fountain, banker, auction added to the mailbox and house teleporter.


    Woot, Loreick choose cleric!
    Going to chat with him about his new build ideas as Fawn will revisit that class someday with Morninglord.

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    Thank you Fawn.

    I noticed you mentionned Wheel of time, something that both me and Abby have been reading ^^ If I had to compare you to one of the characters, you'd definitely be Min.

    As for how many lock outs, I'd say "2 Lock Out points" or more, for the simple reason that the group needs to stick together. Being the zerger that I am, it can be annoying to wait for everyone, but usually it's more fun when there's that sense of unity & common objective.


    Sithali-1 ~ 31/31 Lives ~ Completionist
    The Sith Project ~ Youtube channel ~ Sithali, King of Burst DPS ~ Pyrene, the Endgame Paladin ~ Facebook!

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    You are quite welcome, woot!

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    Today is a busy, happy day, in various ways.

    Thanks for the many tips on videos, Sith.
    You have always been kind to me.

    Thanks Hermosa and other MAC friends for the Amarath ~ GH Flagging ~ EH FoT raid today.

    Thanks Mom for being understanding when the washer (I bet a few of you heard very loud
    background noises lately in my microphone.) expired and we went to Best Buy to order a new one.

    Thanks Realtor for being understanding about our deciding to keep the jungle ranch for now,
    as the balance between jungle and ranch is too delicate and the market needs to rise.

    Thanks Toy Soliders for being great friends for me.

    Thanks Devs for making my fantasy dream while playing Atari Adventure come true.

    Thanks Darree for cocreating the Hunger Games PVP.

    Thanks Khyber for being the best server in DDO.
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    Pondering lesser hearting Fawn just to try out some new ideas.

    It would be interesting to try a Monk splash, as well as some sort of divine archer build.

    Which brings up the question ~ what is a Divine build?

    How far can you remove before becoming something other than what you are?

    Or as little Tarzan once sang, "Who am I?"*

    A Dev once replied in an informal Q&A Xoriat session, that they did not intend in the future to adjust Bards to be raid type healers.
    Granted, Fawngate has Solo Healed Shroud as a level 20 Bard multiple times during her Zerg to Cleanse Greensteels,
    so Bards are able with some finesse to heal raids.

    What exactly did the Dev mean?

    Perhaps that Divine's moment of glory should not be overlapped by other classes?

    Again, "Who am I?"

    Perhaps the defining moments of a divine would be thus:
    Quicken Empower Healing Mass Heal + Empower Healing Mass Cures +
    Heal + Quicken Empowered Healing Heal +
    Quickened Enlarged Resurrection + Quickened Enlarged Empowered Healing Renewal +
    Quicken Enlarged Empowered Healing Cocoon + Class/Religion Specializations

    For a Favored Soul that means 18+ levels and three feats.

    For a monk splash, one must consider:
    At level 1, 2, and 6 a monk gets to select a bonus martial arts feat. All prerequisites of the selected feat must be met.

    Martial arts feats
    Combat Expertise
    Deflect Arrows *
    Great Fortitude
    Improved Sunder
    Improved Trip
    Iron Will
    Lightning Reflexes
    Power Attack
    Stunning Fist
    Two-Handed Fighting
    Two Weapon Fighting
    Weapon Finesse
    Whirling Steel Strike
    Zen Archery

    * Important Note: The marked feats (currently only Deflect Arrows) can only be chosen as a bonus martial arts feats. It is not possible to take them as standard feats. They do not show up on the standard feats list.

    Stunning Fist and Two Weapon fighting are worth considering if one is going to use handwraps.

    Dodge and Mobility are worth considering it one is looking for better defense.

    Two levels of Ranger grants Bow Strength and Rapid Shot.
    This makes manyshot within reach by taking Point Blank Shot.
    The Elven race would open up Arcane Archer, some Dexterity magic and the like, I think?
    But at least 2 ranger levels would allow a certain amount of enhancement goodies.

    So, if Fawn the Halfling wanted to try out some longbow magic?

    Ranger 2 / Favored Soul 18

    Heroic 7 feats: Empowered Healing, Quicken, Enlarge, Point Blank Shot, Manyshot, IC Ranged, Precise Shot
    21 Epic feat: Combat Archery (need Dex 21 here)
    24 feat: consider Improved Precise Shot
    26 ED feat: Holy Stike
    27 feat: Blinding Speed (perma haste?)
    28 ED feat: Double Shot

    Throw in some Warpriest enhancements, along with Ranger and Halfling enhancements...

    * Disney's Tarzan II animated movie.
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    But first, Fawn want to experiment some more with Forced Escape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    /ui layout load first

    Saved me a quarter of an hour.
    Thanks Devs.
    TRing into Divine Archer Build.

    I have always been intrigued by the idea.

    STR 15 DEX 16 CON 15 INT 13 WIS 11 CHA 09
    Ranger 2 / Divine 18

    Heroic 7 feats:
    Ranger 1: Precise Shot
    3: Empowered Healing
    6: Precise Shot
    9: Manyshot ? (BAB +6?)
    12: IC Ranged? (BAB +8?)
    15: Improved Precise Shot
    18 Quicken
    21 Epic feat: Combat Archery (need Dex 21 here)
    24 feat: Enlarge
    26 ED feat: Holy Stike
    27 feat: Blinding Speed (perma haste?)
    28 ED feat: Double Shot

    This should put me into upper levels about the time epic and iconic reincarnation become available.
    Taking it slow this life, to smell the flowers, one last spin thru korthos.

    Debating Cleric vs Favored Soul as both get Warpriest.

    Picking Favored Soul, now level 2.
    Once and Done approach in Korthos.

    Forgot Completionist again, and don't know quite where to put it, I guess remove Perma Haste for Completionist?

    Planning on taking second ranger level at 8.
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