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    Quote Originally Posted by AtomicMew View Post
    Cool drawings! What program are you using to make them?
    Thank you!

    {Free but the models cost money.}

    along with

    Photoshop CS6

    You can find cheaper art programs such as Paint Tool SAI
    which I believe was open content of some sort and {almost?} free.
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    Raiding some today and had fun, then spent some time with Mom.

    Later on, decided to delete some of my storage mules, got rid of over a dozen a few of them.

    It all started when someone asked me, what I was looking for out of the raid,
    and I said, "I really don't know. Just having fun mostly."

    It occurred to me later on, that a good part of the fun of adventuring is finding useful equipment.

    So I thought to myself, "Why not just wing it in the future with Fawngate?"
    Gone are the days when 40 lives seems impossible, its behind her now.
    XP pots sit gathering dust in the bank, she may never use them at least for a long time.
    Maybe more will go out soon, a few storage toons were filled with valuable stuff.

    Certainly plenty to give away at the Hunger Games...

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    Fawngate has explored all the way from super tank to super blaster recently.

    She even explored the Protection Domain by placing over 40 points along with taking Tier 5 abilities.
    Combined with Unyielding Sentinel, she managed to get her AC at 131 with 1100ish sp and 3800 sp (epic mental toughness).
    Fun for healing, but one drops into the already perceived rut of much less cheap options to kill foes.

    After a session where the Stormreaver did not die in time, and watching the Truthful One rise up again, she
    felt that all defense might not be the best choice.

    So, she traded Epic Mental Toughness for Ruin, and went back to the AoV favored soul tree.
    Feeling confident, she did another Fall of Truth raid.
    We decided to kill the Truthful One first since it has more hit points.
    After players call out that the Truthful One was dead, she started casting Hellball + Ruin + Tsunami only to find most of it did not land.
    The Stormreaver and the Truthful One lay on the ground, but no quest completion.

    Sighs from all around where heard as the Truthful One slowly rose up again at 20% health,
    then the Stormreaver got up as well.

    This was sad for me, since I was the Stormreaver Tank, and Fawn slowly kills him with her bladebarrier spell.

    Tanking the Stormreaver mostly requires that you have a Ioun Stone (50 charges ~ don't equip till after the Stormreaver is charmed
    and has cast his first Boom) along with another item such as the Cloak (EE version 25 charges). This prevents the Boom from adding
    Electrical Vulnerability; every time the Boom goes off, one charge is subtracted. {It is remotely possible to lose all 50 ioun stone
    charges when the Stormreaver begin attacking, so leave the Ioun Stone off for the first 15 seconds.}

    Also of importance is Electrical Absorption items. These can be crafted, or found on various items. Having more than one
    of different percentages is very helpful. Energy sheath electric (twist) helps too, but don't depend upon it alone as it can be dispelled.

    It is also important for the Stormreaver tank to not tank lots of Dragons/TO earlier as one can build up a large amount of electrical
    vunerability during that time, but if you have significant absorbtion and high hit points (evasion would be nice) you should be able
    to equip your ioun stone and endure that till it goes away.

    Recently in a Raid, a player used Manyshot / Furyshot to kill both TO and SR at the same time.
    Perhaps the death animation of TO lags a bit, causing him to appear dead after the death timer starts;
    add the lag of human warning / response the equation and you have potential for disaster.


    Leader for Stormhold group:

    (Party: [Party] _______: I have to stay outside of instance to add players

    (Party: [Party] _______: If you use a teleport there is a bug that blocks you from accepting players

    What goes up, final area:
    (Party: [Party] Fizban: awesome
    (Party: [Party] Fizban: amazing view
    (Party: [Party] Fizban: lol - I would almost be happy just to stand here

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    Completed my cloak collection today, by obtaining an EE Prismatic Electric Cloak.
    Thank you everyone for your help!

    Finished 60th Fot raid and received 20th list, took Ring.
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    Go to any of your epic destinies.

    Count the colored in abilities (about 10).

    Count the uncolored epic destinies abilities (about 13 ~ 15).

    Compare to a heavily invested enhancement tree ~ Fawn's AoV is almost full color.

    2014 XPack ~ epic destines level 6 thru 10 !?

    Sounds good to me.

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    You didn't mention the raid fot has problem in the narration?

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    Caught in the Web : Heroic: -13 / Epic : 60

    Pulled the handwraps, put them up for roll,
    then afterwards won a roll on the Cleaver by default.
    {Epic Hard does drop more named items usually, it seems.}

    Got the 60th list when my epic counter said 59 before the run started.

    Took the Fallen Moon from the end reward list, for it seems good,
    the dragon bane cold longsword was tempting.

    Pulled Neddle and Celestia from normal chests the run before this one.

    So its been a nice week, and Fawn is ransacked now.

    Since Fawn missed out on her 40th, she should be able to claim it with a bug report later on.
    {Those negative Heroic completions are false.}

    Maybe the new raid next spring will drop heroic commendations too?


    A friend just brought up to me, same as Fawn feels,
    Fawn only trades bound loot for bound loot.

    That way those who cannot outbid Fawn, don't have to worry about
    competing with her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Readcom View Post
    You didn't mention the raid fot has problem in the narration?
    Lol, its like broken record, had to finally turn off the DM Narration even though I kind of like it.
    Next time, Fawn enters, she is bringing a little present for the Storm Reaver, perhaps it will help...

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    This morning, Fawn decided upon an exercise that we did together.
    It was, "Pick 5 bound to character items out of our bank and throw them away."

    Hunting awhile, we found:
    Battered Marketplace Shield
    Roderick's Wand
    Named Level 8 GreatAxe
    and two other items that I don't remember.

    These are the sort of things one picks up and keeps for those lets zerg korthos/harbor/market days.
    The shield is a level one item and served well for farming Stealthy Repossession unward to water works
    until one swapped to a nice two handed weapon.

    Roderick's Wand would be nice to epic, but likely would not be used much even if it were.

    So, I found my five items, perhaps we will do it again someday soon,
    keeping trim for iconic TRing.

    All this brings into focus an interesting point.
    It seems best to do all your heroic class past lives first then begin on the Iconic/Epic past lives?
    That way you can keep your low level twink gear for a bit then throw it away for the Iconic lives
    which will start at 15ish+?

    The order of heroic class past lives mattered little save my sanity gained from variety is the spice of life.
    Power from one or another somewhat equals out.

    I stopped working on my radiant lore alchemical item temporary, holding off to figure what the future might bring.
    Guess she might need a Flawless Blue Scale Docent for her next life, possibly upgrade her Twilight?

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    There seems to be a lot of discussion on the forums concerning the need for more high level raids to be added to the game.
    While Fawn and I agree with that, quality is important too.

    Tis a good thing the level is going up quickly to where it will remain for an indefinite long time, probably forever.
    That way we don't end up with joke raids like Reaver's Fate was when the level cap was 20.

    Imagine if the level cap went up slowly.
    Perhaps we would end up with a lot of level 22~26 raids that eventually were too easy to do later on.

    When the developer started working on the gianthold raid, we wrote them, begging them to make this
    raid as high level as possible so that when the level cap went to 30, it would still be challenging.

    That is one of those things DMs have to do.
    Make the game challenging but not impossible.
    Which is why EE content should be rough.

    Fall of Truth is successful because even with 20 heroic levels, 10 epic levels, 10 epic destiny levels, 5 twists
    there will be a challenge to play it on EE.

    Right now the typical public group is challenged by EH CitW or EH FoT.

    Lets get the level cap to 30 and epic destinies to 10 next year.
    Keep plugging at the raids, they will fill back up for end game.
    Might consider making them high a level as we can.
    Someday, I hope to see raids at level 33~35ish.
    Patch up TRing, opening up a whole new world for Fawn.
    Bring out nine more Iconics and maybe two new classes within the next few years.
    Epic the non Epic Raids one at a time.

    With a bit of patience, everything should all fall into place.
    In the meantime, Fawn and I will be reading The Wheel of Time (halfway thru book 4)...

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    Xzelithorian (Toy Soliders)
    Loreick (my guild)

    on your lastest TRs.

    Xzelithorian is doing his 45th life?
    {Third uber completionist on Khyber or are there more now?}

    Loreick is doing his 15th life?

    Both are making a similar choice of leaving an Arcane type class and TRing into a multiclass ranger type build.
    Tis a proud day for DDO when players consider other classes and builds...

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    Warpriest is now on the Xoriat server.

    All we can say is, "Wow, nicely done Devs!"

    Here is a complete list here:

    Take a look, its sure to impact all of us.
    Ponder the fact that some divines will now be able to cast haste and blur...
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    Its official, we are keeping our epic destiny xp!

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    Also confirmed, Epic and Iconics past lives are not a requirement of the completionist feat.

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    I look at the appraisal for the jungle ranch, what it might sell for, its highest price,
    and at first I smile a bit.

    Then I read the real estate agent fees and the title insurance fees.
    Then I remember the sweat, blood, and money that went into improving this jungle ranch.

    If I were business manager of DDO and this the end of the year report,
    I would be called upon the carpet and given a pink slip.

    Or Queen's Gambit?
    Or A bridge too far?
    Or Enter the Dragon?

    Pondering it, I don't know how to feel at first...

    Then three memories surface...

    Signing papers to sell the land, one of the realtor comments,
    "Didn't you buy this for your Dad's enjoyment?"

    Two weeks before my Dad died.
    Sitting in his big chair he took my hand and held it,
    while I squatted beside him. Looking my in the eye,
    he told me, "I am really happy." Then he repeated it,
    as if to make sure that I heard.

    The days after my Dad died. The stress leaving my Mom as
    we dealt with his possessions, giving away to the needy.

    The jungle ranch triggered things, changed things,
    prevented things, altered what was and what would be.

    Was it a failure after all?

    If I had it all to do over again, would I still buy that crazy piece of land?

    Sigh...yes, I would.

    What does that have to do with a DDO Completionist project?
    Life is a journey, and we are swept along hoping we make the right choices.

    Fawn gives me hope, and that is enough...

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    Otto's is back again, thank goodness.

    Finally got one of my art program working again.
    Had to reinstall / regroup.
    Hope to have some more pictures in the future.

    My Mom's blood pressure seems less now which nice.
    Decided to just let go of the jungle ranch and not worry about it anymore.

    My Mom likes me to chainsaw stumps in yard woods lower, so its not the chain sawing that disturbs her.
    Perhaps wading thru brush twice as high as my head?
    Perhaps working far away?
    Perhaps its doing work that most would a bulldozer for?

    Anyway, its probably better for me too, I worried too much about it myself.

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    Swapped guilds yesterday, to Toy Soldiers.

    Thank you Loreick and Thalzur, I enjoyed being in your guild and look forward to grouping with both of you in future.

    Happily, that just dropped the guild level to 60, which was not too bad.
    They have the astral airship, and just two more guild levels and they will have all the nice ship buffs.
    No guild renown decay has been very helpful for all guilds.

    Toy Soldiers has always been the second alternate choice every time Fawn changed guilds, so its nice to finally join them.
    I was surprised at their guild level when I joined, as Fawngate leaves "show guild names/levels" turned off.
    Tis her choice in the matter, and I respect it.


    On another matter, I may have passed some erroneous information concerning GM action and raid counters.
    To everyone misinformed, I do apologize.
    The only advice I would give on this matter is to submit multiple tickets till you obtain your desired action.

    For Fawn, the extra 8 raid completions she did to get to her 60th completion after missing her 40th resulted in 5 named weapons from CitW.
    Karma indeed repayed her, over and beyond.
    So she is simply going to walk away and smile...


    Finished book five of the Wheel of Time.
    Lot of reading, think I'll take a break before approaching the rest.

    The ending of book five surprised me, but one could kind of see it coming.


    One of the two remaining Collector's Edition Codes used.
    Only last one in DDO section email left.
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