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    Why do I write this "thread"?
    Who do I post in this "unblog"?

    As we rewatch the 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony, I hear the word again:

    "It is the struggle, not the triumph..."
    That is why my forum title links to this unblog thread.

    I don't consider myself an Olympian nor do I consider myself anywhere near the best player on the server.
    But Fawngate, she is special, and I believe in her.

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    Started reading book two of the Wheel of Time.
    Interesting, good books have deep things hidden in them.
    Its going to take a long time to get thru that set.

    I choose this set over The Game of Thrones set simply because
    The Game of Thrones is a tragedy in the Greek sense of the word,
    and this set is comedy in the Greek sense of the word.

    Profoundly taught by my humanities teacher long ago:
    "A comedy is a happy ending, while a tragedy is a sad ending."

    While watching the DDO bad guy imitating real life bad guys,
    I asked once out loud in a DDO group, "Does DDO mirror reality or
    does reality mirror DDO?" and a clever lady answered "Both. Because
    people have to get their ideas from somewhere."

    So true, art itself reflects other art in the circle of life.
    DDO has much art in it. There is a lot of work that goes on to make it alive.
    Thank you!

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    Hello Khyberians,

    I have two Shadowfell collector codes left.

    Fawn would like to give them away for

    Long Term IoU (I owe you) to actively seek out 150 power radiant, impulse or devotion augments.
    These will not be available till next year.
    Her current augments are 114 radiant and 114 impulse with 120 devotion on Gauntlets of Immortality.
    She is not seeking to equip anyone but Fawngate with these type items, so one each is plenty.

    Those interested please apply by posting or PM.

    Thank you,
    Fawngate of Khyber

    PS she has EE Acid, Fire, and Sonic for her Prismatic Cloak set and is hunting EE cold and electric.
    She has a EH Cold still unbound.
    She cares not what the properties are on it, she just wants to be able to swap in as desired for stacking resists.

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    Had some nice dreams yesterday night, woot!

    One was an underwater home for Fawn in DDO, lol.

    This morning when I woke up, I thought to myself,
    "All this talk about P2W, why should they even care.
    If someone keeps the Devs getting paychecks that is a good thing.
    Being generous to others is a rare things anyway.

    Lol, poor folks, hope they never try to play MTGO..."

    Anyone one last thanks, and don't forget the Hunger Games on the second Sat of every month
    at 8 pm NY, NY, USA time (whenever that is, goggle to find out)

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    Major's crew sure is quick nowadays:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Started reading book two of the Wheel of Time.Interesting, good books have deep things hidden in them.Its going to take a long time to get thru that set.
    funny... it's the reason I'm less playing DDO started about a month ago, but reading in french, I'm at the end of book 4 (english version) (or book 9 in french). So far really enjoying it
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    The fort experiment is yielding results.

    Unyielding Sentinel ~ 124 AC, 52 PPR, 160 fort.

    A barbarian orc critical hit Fawn for tons while her back was turned.
    That was the main crit of the night.
    Assassins could not make those huge damage swings with the chain most of the time.

    New content foes in Stormhold have more fort and are less likely to take critical hits.
    New content foes penetrate 160% on rare occasion but not nearly as often as 100% fort.

    Forced escape saved Fawn several times, once however the foes had her surrounded while
    it took that second to activate.

    She died four times in a success EE What goes up.
    Once was a silly mistake of jumping off the wrong cliff.
    Once was a total surround by Orc soliders.
    Once was a flesh to stone while surrounded.
    Once was a Ice Elly swarm.

    She was drawing extra agro on purpose sometimes.
    She still like Exalted Angel better, but its nice to get Pally like AC with Unyielding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lillou View Post
    funny... it's the reason I'm less playing DDO started about a month ago, but reading in french, I'm at the end of book 4 (english version) (or book 9 in french). So far really enjoying it
    Lazy Daisy summer days, woot!

    Yes its a fun series.

    Sometimes I forget a lot of people I know in DDO speak multiple languages because their English is so good.

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    Well, Iconic TRing is coming with next update, time to plan...
    Those Epic TRing between Xmas and Gen Con will be easier than the rest,
    but no need to rush them.

    The sanity rule says, a TR should always be different from the last two before it.

    So Morninglord which will probably be Cleric 20 will have to wait till the third or fourth iconic TR.

    Bladeforged Pally 2 / Sorc 18 sounds interesting with enough strength to go the distance without a LR.
    I feel very confident about that one.
    Blow things up, buff occasionally, not worry about other's health, piece of cake.

    Need a melee / ranged life in there somewhere.
    I guess maybe Purple Dragon Knight or Shadar-kai Assassin next.
    Hmm...rogues are fun.
    Self healing is a must.

    Definitely need to protect Cocoon at all costs then, regardless of how the Epic Destiny TR lies.
    Which means Primal Avitar must be locked in place during the first Epic TRing, or the second as the latest.

    If Gnomes are introduced as a non iconic race that would mean having to do a non iconic life,
    but maybe that could be combined with the next class lacing the two together. Fawn does at least one
    of every race so that is on her list when it appears. I'm betting the two will be close together, or the first
    gnomes will be iconics.

    A lot more freedom building Iconic lives as you can choose much of the class from many.
    One or two levels splashed will not be too critical when one intends to ETR upon reaching level cap.

    Hmm...Purple Dragon Knight...Cha for attack and damage.
    Pally, Bard, Rogue/Fighter, lots of interesting options there.
    Bard is a bit too close to Favored Soul.

    So maybe Shadar-kai Assassin for second TR.
    The smacks of something very different.
    Why not mostly rogue, that could be fun?

    Dexterity for damage perhaps.
    Lots to explore, well definitely Bladeforged Sorc first then...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lillou View Post
    funny... it's the reason I'm less playing DDO started about a month ago, but reading in french, I'm at the end of book 4 (english version) (or book 9 in french). So far really enjoying it
    I am waiting to pick up the last book myself at the moment. School is to hectic for me to risk the distraction at the moment

    Quote Originally Posted by Torc View Post
    I’m only nerfing you now so I can buff you later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnsfire View Post
    I am waiting to pick up the last book myself at the moment. School is to hectic for me to risk the distraction at the moment
    Nods happily...good books are intriguingly awesome.


    As rain pours down upon Eveningstar's town square, Fawn begins vendoring carefully choosen items from her reincarnation cache.

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    I just found out today that our local neighborhood, which is lucky to have a DSL booster way out in the county is going to receive a second booster box soon. This is great news!

    Currently if I log on and try to game during prime usage times, I can end up sharing bandwidth with others who might decided to watch on online move or the like.

    So, more book reading and art programs with less prime time gaming.

    Tis a good thing, saving the epic content to still be fresh later on during the Iconic TRing days to come.

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    The Queen's Gambit *

    Even the name itself evokes ideas.
    Perhaps at one time the most feared of all chess opening White can play.
    {White P ~ Q4 ; Black P ~ Q4}
    {White P ~ QB4 ; Black _____}

    What does that have to do with DDO?
    Well, actually I am not sure yet.

    Part of the Queen's Gambit's true power is offering Black the opportunity to take a pawn,
    at the cost of making Black two moves behind White instead of one.

    To refuse is to accept White's control over 3 of the 4 crucial center squares.
    To accept is to be undefended for the storm that will follow, making haste essential.

    The decision is so crucial all opening of this type are labeled:
    The Queen's Gambit Declined OR The Queen's Gambit Accepted.

    DDO is not a turn based combat system, it is free style, with the opportunity to dodge.
    In this it mirrors the real world more fully, and that Fawn and I like a lot.

    Perhaps the Queen's Gambit and the Bridge to Far are similar in their own way.
    Then again are they, or is the Bridge too far something else entirely?

    It is bold and strong, White is saying here is a pawn, do you dare take it?

    *All Gambits involve offering material possessions for strategic advantages.
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    Book 2 finished, about to start book 3.
    Pleased so far, and maybe learning a bit more about writing as we go.

    Been a long time since Fawn played an Assassin, still pondering second Iconic TR.
    First one will definitely be Pally 2 Sorcerer 13 Bladeforged.
    We will wing it for equipment.

    Sadly deconstructed some very trustworthy low level gear.
    Well done, good and faithful, rest in essence peace.

    Placed some nice stuff on the Astral Shard auction house for cheap, maybe some will sell.

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    Just finished watching recorded movies with Mom.

    The new Cedar Cove episode was out, so we watched it.
    I help her keep track of who is who and she tells me about the books
    that I bought for her (over a dozen in the series).

    What does that have to do with DDO?

    Well pen and paper D&D books give instructions on how to be a Dungeon Master.
    Eventually while studying D&D product to be a better WotC Delegate while I was in
    that position, I realized that D&D teaches story telling as a fine art.

    There is very little difference between storytelling and excellent writing,
    most of which is solved with a simple spell check along with proof reading
    and much rewriting .

    What is the difference between Cedar Cove, The Wheel of Time, and The Game of Thrones?
    All three have multiple storylines, deep plots, characters with quality backgrounds, and
    immersing environments.

    All three do what any great animation movie such as Brave or Tangled does:
    keep the storyline moving. Animators cannot afford to waste footage since its all
    drawn at 12/18/24ish frames per second. Establish a good plot quickly.

    Thank you WotC for helping me learn something I dearly wanted.
    Sometime things happen when you least expect them.
    Who would have thought my jungle would teach me basic road making, or creek crossings?

    I'm not even sure exactly what this completionist project has taught me,
    but the journey is not over yet.

    I have not the heart to work on a second toon, not yet anyway, there is so much more
    coming with Iconic/Epic TRing. But now Fawn sings a dreamly lullaby while the summer
    sun shines and the creek is low...

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    My point of reference for whether to raid or not atm:

    {Still avoiding CitW since she is on her 39th...}

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    Used Fred to trade Forced Escape (which is very nice) for Hellball (which could be called Rainbow Orb of Harmony).

    Rainbow Orb is an interesting Epic Spell.
    With Max and Empower it costs 75 sp (slightly more pricey compared to Tsunami 50 sp).
    Its cooldown is 6 seconds (again, similar to Tsunmai and much quicker than Ruin's 15 seconds or Energy Blasts's 30 seconds).

    Its a reflex save based on Fawngate's moderate cha or slightly higher int, so evasion could be an issue.
    So far in the wilderness areas, it preforms well.

    More tests forthcoming, but its nice there are multiple good options in these Epic Destiny feats.
    This opens up ~ feat swap Ruin for Epic Mental Toughness as a possibility.

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