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    Overall, very impressed with the new Stormhold Wilderness graphics, very pretty.

    Fawngate is better than two days ago.

    A bit disappointed that the Close Wounds SLA did not make, but more than made up
    for by the Command SLA.

    She had several ways to finish spending her last 15 action points, and all of them were good.
    I really love the new enhancement system.

    Combined with her equipment upgrade to Gianthold gear, she is much strong than a month ago.
    Still about 700 hp, but now with 700 more sp (3700).
    Spellpower greatly increased. {Hoping to find a 138 radiant augment.}

    She got rid of Toughness and Spell Pen feats replacing them with Mental Toughness and Improved
    Mental Toughness. {She was tempted to take improved critical ranged weapons, or Acolyte of Divine Secrets.}

    She is seeing a lot more light critical hits.

    CitW still seems to have lag, but it might be improved.
    Someone needs to reprogram those Spy Archers, cause they really eat up the AI CPU time.

    Her basic set now:
    All metamagics (except extend and echew), MT, IMT.
    Almost all of AoV (except Crown, Wand and Scroll, Spell power boost).
    Enough Protection to get Command and +1 Wis.
    Halfling +1 saves.

    Angel ED
    Tsunami twist
    Fey Form twist
    Cocoon twist

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    Just took level 26.

    Difficult to choose between:

    Epic Spell Power: Light Passive +20 Light Spell Power Sphere: Divine
    Number of Destinies 1


    Guardian Angel Passive When you drop below 50% HP, for thirty seconds you gain Physical Resistance equal to your Wisdom and saving throws equal to your epic level. This won't trigger again for three minutes. Sphere: Divine
    Number of Destinies: 1

    The former promotes the whole light based Spotlight build.

    The latter is the first well written "trigger when below half health" game function that I have seen.

    Balancing between light and not dying has always been part of this build.
    Tough decision, but Fawn likes angels too, so we went with the latter, partly curious as to how effective it will be.

    Divines die when their health accidently gets low, so this might be a good thing.

    Overall, it feels like old times when blade barrier meant something.

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    Very pleased with the New Expansion. Thank you very much.

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    From the release notes:

    The Hall of Heroes

    A new option is available for quick travel between the realms of Eberron and Forgotten Realms. This account-wide feature will allow you to log to the character selection screen, and switch your character to the Eberron or Forgotten Realms campaign settings with the push of a button. Doing so will transport your character to the Eberron Hall of Heroes, or the Forgotten Realms Hall of Heroes. These travel hubs exist outside of the story and contain doorways to many locations in the respective worlds. Over time more locations will be added to the hall.
    Hmm...a 100% confirmation that other worlds will open up someday.

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    skills +4 tomes: ddo store pack: Concentration, spellcraft, heal, jump, balance, diplomacy
    loot ~ hide, spot
    {notes for me}
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    Gen Con (ddo 8 minutes in)

    More classes coming.
    Gnomes are strongly being considered to be added.

    They have a dragon kit, so they can make all sorts of dragons.

    Value free to play for more players.
    Don't have to buy all the content or grind quest over and over.

    Parallel storyline with WotC.
    Storyline continues with "Sundering" next year.


    What is The Sundering?
    Schuh: The Sundering is the last of a series of ground-shaking events. It really affects the whole world of the Forgotten Realms in a major way. You may remember when the Spell Plagues began, the two worlds of the Forgotten Realms, Abeir and Toril, crashed together. That created both geographic changes (the map of the Forgotten Realms and Faerun actually changed due to that collision), and also changed the way magic works. It changed the pantheon of the gods. The Sundering is all about those two worlds separating--coming apart--and the process of that separation is really the story that we’re telling over the next year. At the end of this story arc, Abeir and Toril will be separate again, and many of the things that happened when they crashed together will go back to the way they were before. So magic will be much like it was before the Spell Plague. Markings that marked spell-plagued people and animals will fade and go away.

    It’s really about moving the Forgotten Realms forward, but also about bringing it around to the most beloved and most fondly remembered Forgotten Realms.
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    Do NOT do any 20th, 40th, 60th, ect raid completions.

    There is a common bug yielding normal loot on end reward lists for these completions.

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    Sitting with Onno on the deck of his airship, enjoying the view and waiting for our group to fill...

    Gained level 27.
    {level 28 requires 6,600,000

    Gianthold equipment is woven together so its hard to work out a new set up.
    So much new stuff out there, so many possibilities.
    I guess if a set is hard to replace, it must be fairly good.
    The bladeforged iconic starter gear was like that.

    Took Ruin for the level 27 feat to try it out.
    With Max + Empower it does a little over 3k damage,
    which is nice for Fawn despite the expensive sp cost.

    Her other choice would have been Epic Mental Tougness.

    Her favorite twists are Cocoon


    Tsunami: Active (50SP to activate) (7 sec cooldown) (SR: no) (Empower, Maximize, Quicken, Heighten, Enlarge) Sends forth a wave of water, knocking enemies down and dealing 30 cold damage plus 1d10 per character level and 30 bludgeoning damage plus 1d10 per character level. The cold damage and knockdown are negated on a successful Fortitude save vs. 10 + Wisdom modifier + Character level. Some monsters can resist Tsunami completely, such as Water Elementals and Oozes.

    She likes those so much her fate points are spent for 3 / 3 / 1 twist slots.

    The last twist varies but is often Energy Sheath for Fall of Truth.
    Tsunami is very handy, so she is settling on that one as a favorite.

    She has been running a lot with Toy Soliders guild, which she almost joined three times.
    They made EE Fall of Truth almost seem like a rough EN pug.
    Enjoyable to be around along with their friends.

    The new epic destiny feats are interesting.
    So far, Guardian Angel seems to have protector her some.
    She has died twice lately when a giant skeleton hit her in the back with a huge club.
    Maybe, 100% fort is not quite enough now?

    Looking at the level 28 ED feats atm...

    Finished my first render:
    Kind of fits a future scene in Fawn's Fate.
    {Have pages of story written roughly.}

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    "..and for a moment in time, everything was perfect; then that moment vanished..."*

    {*Tangled the Disney Movie}

    Fawngate is now level 28, all past lives done, all epic destinies done, all crafting levels earned.

    Thank you, one and all Khyber for all the questing and raiding that got her here,
    she could not have done it without you.

    Last night and this morning was a bit equipment shuffle.
    So many new shinies, so many combinations.
    Finally, a combo that fits, with adjustments to fit her lifestyle.
    Only one greensteel remains for spell points, and it will be removed after the first few minutes.

    Spellpower without empower (75) or maximize (150) approaches 300+
    The Blue Dragon Helm set and the Planar Focus set both stayed as the +15 & +15 stacking spell power is grand.
    A twist adding Fey Form for +15 more spell power completes the lineup of bonuses.
    {Hunting/trading for stronger (over 120) Impluse, Radiance, and Devotion augments.}

    Her caster stick: Balizarde, Protector of the King + Bulwark of the Storm's Fist.
    Lol, Cloey will faint when she hears, Fawn is using a shield, again?!?
    Fawn spent heroic coms to get a red slot on a rapier she is not even proficient in.
    {Gotta love +2 luck, +4 insight, +8% dodge, planar focus, and a red slot.}

    Without ship buffs starting the quest, she sits at 759 hp, 3994 sp, 91 ac, 32 ppr,
    125 fort, ghostly + lesser displacement + 8% dodge, 55% chance at level.

    She can switch to longbow tactics with less AC and spell power,
    she can also twitch up the AC a bit more. Which is what we like about the new
    Fawngate. Her build is solid but she has several nice directions to branch out into as desired.

    65 points spent in Angel of Vengence with the rest in the Protection Domain.
    Again, several variations there and with the Exalted Angel Destiny.

    Her Epic Feats:
    Guardian Angel (temporary boost for 30 seconds every 3 minutes when she drops below half health.)
    Ruin (a wonderful addition for those, kill the caster quick moments).
    Forced Escape (cooldown 20 secs,~ auto purging of stuns and the like on Fawn).

    We like the new expansion.
    It has a Quaid (raid with only 6 players allowed) called "What goes up."
    Thank you, Toy Soliders and Friends for helping Fawngate finish that on EE.
    There are several crazy fun quests in Stormhold including that one, wow what a quest...
    Great job Devs.

    Asked by others, with Fawn's AC does she get missed much in EE?
    Actually, yes she does get missed.
    Sometimes I feel like taking agro as Old School Fawn is easier than
    sitting back healing others. Although she did not take any Halfling Racial enhancements,
    the old theory of a small moving box is harder to hit, particularly one with high ac and
    renewal + cocoon. Just look at Fawn the next time she stands next to a warforged.

    Her deaths ~ trapped by a ton of ice earth elements / giants or
    being stunned / flesh to stone. Hence Forced Escape as her final feat choice.

    Typing this up while waiting for the last Halfling games to fill ~ Fot raid.
    Thanks Saleena-Riedra, the party leader, for a fun season.
    Being a Halfling is Fun with Fawn even if the "experts" say otherwise...

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    My idea of using the spell Dispel Magic to neutralize Forgotten Realms spell traps failed as
    it only reduces the trap CR by one with each cast.

    However, one can go the portable hole and purchase stacks of Greater Dispell Magic
    scrolls. These lower the trap CR by 1d4 levels with each cast. Since the traps can be
    CR 24+, this requires close to a dozen scrolls sometimes on a single traps, but it works.

    A trapper is much nicer, but for those occasions on EE when no trapper are around,
    its a serious option for a divine/arcane who already can use these scrolls.

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    Notes to self:
    Used one of two spare Collector's codes left.
    Top one still not used, and the Hunger Game's Codes are still not used.

    Sat down last night and reset Fawn's Enhancements and Angelic Epic Destinies.
    Its so nice to be able to see it all before you and tinker back and forth with all the number
    till you find a combo you then hit accept.

    Traded Order's Wrath spell for Recitation spell, hoping to keep her AC high.

    She took all she could from Halfling side, cancelled, took all she could from the Protection side.
    In the end, she compromised, taking her favorite 65 points from Angel of Vengence,
    then picking up the bottom row of Halfling for +3 saves and +2 dexterity,
    along with +4 AC, +15 hp, Command SLA from the Protection side.

    She did the same thing with the Exalted Angel ED, tinkering back and forth then compromising
    in the end giving up stuns (which currently affect allies too) and only taking tier 2 of Endless Faith
    (120 less spell points) to gain the low cost Judgement for undead and evil outsiders.

    Her twists also compromised with Cocoon (best twist in the game), Tsuamia (nice damage attack),
    and Brace for Impact (+2 more to saves and +40 fort). Costing her 15 spell power or Energy Sheath.

    It has been my notice that rogue and assassin type foes are killing a lot of my allies.
    Fawn has learned not to turn her back on them, and run when a chain attack appears.
    As in days of old, one learns to get 100% fort for heroic levels, but epics do seem to require more,
    hence she plans to wear 120 or 125 fort boots along with Brace for Impact twist for a total of 160ish fort.

    More fort and better saves with almost as much AC.
    We shall see how that turns out.

    The new enhancement system and new xp rules are something to adjust to.
    For Fawn being my only toon with her constant changing as she TRs it is perhaps easier to deal
    with than others who have more work cut out for them.

    Since quest can be replayed continually, we are seeing more of a raiding attitude towards questing,
    which is nice. The Sagas bring interesting new life to the playing field.
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    Still working on figuring out 3d art...

    Just finished up the Harper Saga:
    (Guild: Your guild has earned 60,000 renown. (15,000 base + 45,000 very small guild bonus!)
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    Every player seems a bit stronger now.

    Did the divines get the big nerf?
    Well if they did, Fawn did not get the memo, because she is stronger than ever.

    Someone mentioned to Fawngate last night, "Why are you glowing?"

    Well, I could not see her glowing.
    At first I replied maybe its my pet.
    Then I tried standing inside my fire elly pet, but it moves away from me.
    {Perhaps it was my archon, but player wondering knew I was a favored soul?}

    I asked if it was blue glow, and was told no.
    There was a rumor that completionists will glow blue someday.

    Its kind of like that rumor about the completionist feat being free,
    or more bank space, or triple completionist being offer a slightly improved
    version of the completionist feat. I'll believe it when I see it.

    Lol, now everyone will want to take a look at Fawn to see if she really glows?
    We will have to hunt down another completionist to take a look at them.
    If its uber completionist only glowing, that would be Cloey, Fawn, and ???

    Looked on the aution house last night for bit.
    Really nothing better to fit in basic gear.
    Maybe someday she could get one each of those absorption cloaks in acid, cold, electric , and fire.
    Combined with her greensteel absorption that would be nice.

    Maybe craft another displacement clickie.
    Quarterstaff has a longer duration (min level becomes caster level),
    but it does not take into account extra epic levels. Still 2 minutes is nice.

    Shuffling my daily dice xp to the shared bank, which is ridiculously full with new stuff.
    Guess the Hunger Games top four will get nice prizes again.

    All the new changes will make the Hunger Game interesting indeed.
    We are not changing any rules despite any rumors about the shifts in power.
    Test out your new builds and may the odd ever be in your favor.

    Going to start reading online comics again, been a bit now.
    Perhaps this first: http://friendshipisdragons.thecomics.../comics/first/

    Just in case everyone thinks Fawn has recovered from the insanity of 40 lives, she is posting a picture for you:
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    +5 Tomes are available now for a limited time! Click here for more information!
    Hmm...figuring things out, there is a slight possibility of getting a +6 tome now.
    I forget but I think you need treasure level 31?

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    Default Double Rainbow Prism Stance

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    Worked on the background a long time with this elf.

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    Yesterday, Fawn and I made up a bunch of doll necklaces.
    Fun and good artistic flow which always helps.
    Mom had to hunt up dolls to put them on after I cleared out the ones she had on the table.

    Did some more EE stuff with Toy Soliders and Friends.
    Not so scary anymore running EE, but it get wild at times.

    Fawn tried out Unyielding Sentinel.
    She did not like it as well as Exalted Angel.
    The 200+ hp. 30+ PPR and 20+ AC is nice.
    But she has to twist in Endless Faith (which was only tier 2 due to comprises),
    along with Renewal and Cocoon. (still minus 300 sp).

    Her main concern is sharply lacking in the dps she is used to.
    Losing multiple light SLAs and the twisted Tsunami really affects her.
    Killing baddies is a major part of protecting yourself, she realizes that more than ever now.
    Wielding a longbow grants dps, but lowers AC to Exalted Angel standard, lol full circle there.

    So back to Angels.
    Reset the protection domain, and ended up with exactly the same points spent.
    Looked at the Halfling racial tree and did want to give up the extra saving throws.

    Decided to go Light spells w/o much concern for using the Pinion (nice weapon that it is),
    so tweak the double standard weapons swap into single then found a cheap EE Dagertooth belt.
    Tinkering a bit, AC and saves went up by 4 and 3 respectively, with a sp item spell swap to
    gain the last wisdom point a bit into battling.

    Still hanging unto the dragon and planar set bonuses...

    So far the Fort experiment worked, as 165 fort seemed to hold off a lot of the sneak attack / crit damage.
    Backing off to 140 fort to see how well that works, but I guess +45 hp is not as good as +25 extra fort?
    After all, one crit is going to be a lot more than +45 damage...hmm...

    Searching the auction house for cheap Prismatic Cloaks, not for the perfect bonuses, but simply for an
    extra absorption stacking item to swap in when things get rough.

    Did that crazy war camp quest on EE again.
    We decided staying alive and rezzing the arcanes was better than worrying about killing.
    Finally went tried shrine, but that flying dragon keep peltting me with snowballs...

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    Interesting contest:

    We used to joke about things like that in MAC, Fawn and I will have to ponder where we might build?

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    Set one of my pictures to pc background.

    Fawn has one Collector's Edition Code left and does not know what to do with it.

    She was going to give it to Sith along with a large Turbine Point Code,
    but since the Sith will not be returning (Jedi rejoice?) ...

    This makes me ponder The Sith's fall from darkness to begin with?
    Silly me, but wondering?

    Xzelithorian from Toy Soldiers reminds me of the Sith.
    Very talented, strong player who is humble too.

    Someone remarked once, that the Sith changing servers did the dark side in.
    Certainly moving his thread from Khyber server to achievements was a cruel blow in the end.
    There are reasons why Fawn would resist moving this thread elsewhere,
    as her friends are here, not there.

    She knows some people don't like this thread as it reminds them of things they don't want to see.
    {Like an uber completionist chatting on about My Little Ponies ~ a very old school pnp D&D pun.}

    Others actually like this thread when they have the time to read its lengthiness.

    She knows to not respond to jabs posted, but often buries them with new post while realizing
    the moderators will remove them soon enough. Thank you moderators for doing your job instead
    of trying to be friends with everyone here. After awhile the jabbers know, Fawn don't say nothing
    and the cube moves thru the night, so they leave us alone here in Khyberville.

    The Sith was looking for serious End Game questing / raiding hoping another server would offer it.
    Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to see." Fawn has noticed that if you really want to see
    something, taking the star is the quickest way to make it happen.

    Some are disappointed that the "arms race" continues, but Fawn looks onward, seeing that TRing
    becoming the ultimate end game results in a cap of the "arms race". Level 30 is where we are headed,
    with rare +6 tomes, master craftmanship + cursed items, there will be an end to level cap increasing soonTM...

    Tis coming just as surely as Epic Destiny level 6 thru 10 will be the next X Pack...
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