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    Product Name: Dungeons and Dragons Online™ 11,000 Turbine Point Code 1 of 2 mailed to Amrien

    Product Name: Dungeons and Dragons Online™ 11,000 Turbine Point Code 2 of 2 mailed to Maxkili

    Please check your mailboxes.

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    Product Name: Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Legendary Upgrade - Digital Download 1 of 2 mailed to Kyokoi

    (will remail if returned)

    Product Name: Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Legendary Upgrade - Digital Download 2 of 2 is not used at this time, may save for later use of any sort desired.

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    Product Name: Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Menace of the Underdark™ Standard Edition - Digital Download 1 of 2 mailed to Audhil

    Product Name: Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Menace of the Underdark™ Standard Edition - Digital Download 2 of 2 is not used at this time, may save for later use of any sort desired.

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    I will confirm receipt of Otto's box on Anialda.

    Thank you again.

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    Notes of worth from humorous bygone times...

    Drowning takes several minutes for an epic character even without gear on.

    Drowning in a public area will not produce a soul stone that another party member can pick up to drag you thru a wilderness/portal.

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    Confirmation of Bigby's box received. Thank you! Congratulations for your achievement, and looking forward to more Halfling Games shenanigans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    We have a winner here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Audhil View Post

    If she should be so lucky, Menace of the Underdark

    She is very lucky as she is only entry for 1 of the 2 available MotU codes.
    I will try to get your code in the mail sometime this week.
    That was very fun and sporting of you, Fawn. Khyber love to you!

    NancyPDoyle, Dubitable, Bluer, Perisher, NPD, OttoAttack, and others, all on Khyber

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    Default How to run a smooth and fairly lag free Epic Normal or Epic Hard Caught in the Web

    Before we start, Fawn and I listen, look, and learn a lot from others.
    The majority of our DDO knowledge has been shared to us by others,
    including what we are about to present here.

    Caught in the Web is a raid known for lag.
    Lag consists of many things in many forms.
    Some lag is unavoidable, other lag can be manipulated.

    With the Crystal Cove reopening, instance fishing (the leader entering the instance and typing "/loc" and reading what the "i____" four digit number is has become popular again because events can stretch and strain parts of the DDO computer organization. The number i2049 is again feared with i2050 being slightly less feared. Seeing these numbers, a leader can recall out, reset the instance and renter hoping for a better number.

    Graphics lag such as that found in the Master Artificer raid, namely graphics that presents problems to computers with less good graphics cards, is not noticeably present in Caught in the Web. {Although since my computer is better than it used to be, I might simply be less aware of it.}

    Spawning lag, which has been pinpointed by MajMalphunktion and crew, is strongly present in Caught in the Web. Fortunately for us, that sort of lag is dependent upon player actions, which means this is something we can influence and change. This lag occurs when the DDO computer reaches over to the DM box to drag out minatures to place on the D&D table. This requires computing resources to do, and each particular raid is only allow a small fraction of the big DDO's CPU attention.

    DSL / internet provider lag is something that I have been able to observe over the past month as my internet connection has fluctuated between 0.14 megabytes by second and 1.50 megabytes per second. One can play DDO with a half megabyte per second internet connection particularly when soloing or questing. Raids demand significantly more internet connection, so that a full megabyte per second is probably recommended for most situations. The problem occurs here in that the more complex the situation, the more difficult it is for the internet to keep up with all the back and forth gaming data. Again, a player can influence this situation as well.

    Artificial intelligence of mobs is also a part of DDO lag. The recent stealth project is designed to created a much more efficient artificial intelligence for DDO monsters that takes less attention from the DDO computer, thereby allowing more CPU time for other calculations. This is something we cannot control, but the designers are working on it as we speak.

    What can we do as a leader of a Caught in the Web group to reduce the lag often found there?

    Reducing CPU data transferred back and forth between our internet and reducing monster calculations can be done in one fell swoop in a very simple method ~~ STEAMROLL the raid ~~ if it moves, kill it, until the final portal keeper ending. Simply removing every piece of calculations involving foes throughout the raid by killing them.

    Yes, kill the Mistress too. Mistress are red named (which cannot be instant killed) self healing monsters. If the entire party comes into an area, killing all the alive foes then turns their attention to the Mistress one by one, these monster will die within several seconds. This investment in time is regained in due time. A minute or two killing all the Mistress in the game will create more efficient play by all the party members throughout the raid.

    Killing Mistresses has an added advantage compared to zerging past them. Anna will provide a rest shrine whenever you ask for one. This costs her a small amount of health. It does not matter when you summon the shrine, although many will not believe this. The common technique is to summon it while she is draining an orb. Because she is gaining health while draining the orb, one does not perceive the small amount of health lost by summoning the shrine. Anna will also be protected by her shielding player if that player is near her. But zerging past Mistresses leaves Anna wide open to take significant spell damage. This significant spell damage caused by leaving Anna open to attack could have been used instead to summon an additional rest shrine(s).

    The spawning lag can also be dealt with by the party sticking together slightly in front of Anna. Each time Anna crosses a webbed bridge and steps onto a significant rock island, this enables every possible monster on that island to spawn. Any time more than a dozen monsters spawn in a raid there can be seriously bad lag with the CPU creates, positions and calculations each monster. The proper approach to this is to simply have the whole party wait for Anna to arrive at the beginning of the new rock island. As the party fights it should try to kill everything near it, without moving forward. Simply put, if you cannot perceive Anna, then you might be in error.

    There is a point in the raid where Anna will automatically go left as she takes solid ground instead of jumping while the party would greatly prefer to jump down to the right. The person leading Anna should walk right up to this ledge and wait for the party to clear the right side before leading Anna forward to the left. Remember stay close to Anna will save her health if you pick the option "Let me be your shield."

    Various parts of the raid:

    Lolth likes to place spell traps and summons in the area right out of her reach, so backing up too far in the first fight will promote spell wards. The safest place for a healer to stand while everyone is being thrown off by the Legs of Lolth is on the white moss backed up firmly against the front of the rock ledge that Anna was sleeping upon. There are variety of objects that you will hit while in this position that will block your being thrown off the edge. Fawn often completes Caught in the Web without dying, and even solo healed a EH CitW this morning, woot!

    A healer makes a fairly good Anna keeper except for waking her up. Waking up Anna requires significant time near Lolth who will drain the healer sp, therefore a melee is best suited for waking her up. After that a healer can talk to her and keep her close by without any problems. You can program Anna to not fight (recommended for the very end) or to fight (which seems ok if the party stays near her).

    Lolth spell point drain is not prevented by an Ioun Stone (yes I tested this, and drank several potions to do so).

    Sometime right after the first battle could be a good time to set up an extra shrine as it is a long time till the first orb is drained. More shrines mean more spell points for killing Mistresses which mean more health for Anna who is not hurt by that which is dead. So its a circular strategy.

    The island of the third orb contains the "everyone jump right while keeper waits with Anna before going left" ledge.

    The final fight involves slowly pulling monsters from the final Lolth battle room into the room right before it. Anna must touch the web bridge for these monsters to appear.

    The last orb is best drained with Anna not fighting and done after Lolth has been defeated. This allows the party to protect Anna more fully and pick up a shrine at the same time since most players don't realize that shrines are never free. The healing keeper can wait by the right most rock with Anna until Lolth is defeated, then drain the orb and go upwards to the barrier killing everything near the barrier.

    In the final fight always turn right immediately and avoid the south area. Take care not to kill the ascended necromancer in the south island till last as it greatly slows down the spawn of portal keepers. Killing a portal keeper near normal monsters will turn those monsters into portal keepers. The barrier will drop temporary when there are no portal keeper present which is why the person keeping Anna should always be auto running against the barrier.

    We have not covered the raid in complete detail as many of you have done it more than Fawn and I. Listen, look, and learn. The day Fawn and I decide we know everything about DDO is the day we become dumb. Caught in the Web is a new raid and we enjoy it.

    I would like to express appreciation for all the various leaders for putting up public groups for Fawn and I to join, thank you!

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    Hi Fawn,

    tyvm for putting on this raffle, and id like to confirm i recieved and input the code for he collectors edition expansion pack.

    Kyokoi - 26th life, Completionist Barb
    Zornly 13th life, Cleric
    Zornley 3rd life, Sharadi Wiz Proud Officer of ToySoldiers

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    Fawn, thank you for your CITW write-uo. An observation:

    I agree that a range healer makes an ideal Anna keeper. Vut I say even from the start. Speloint drain can be aboided by standing near Anna where that big white tooth potrudes from the ground. You can interact with Anna, waker her up, tell her to let you be her shield, tell her not to fight, and have her drain the orb, all whileleaning on the back of the tooth, your spellpoints safe. Now she'll start to wander a little when the spiders spawn, but she'll come back.

    This is faster than transferring her keeper midquest, I think. Let's run one and I will sow you. Kally got his Twighlight om is 20th tonight, so lol there may be fewer citw runs in Khyber's near future. Good for wizloxx, she earned it.

    NancyPDoyle, Dubitable, Bluer, Perisher, NPD, OttoAttack, and others, all on Khyber

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    Traded Legendary code number 2 along with Collectors code number 3 today with a friend.

    Have available for trade:
    Collector's code number 4
    Menance of the Underdark code number 2

    Please do not post any of my trades for market references as I tend to trade below market value.
    Send me a PM if you want to make a reasonable deal, be warned TPs are worth a ton of pixels.

    I may end up with more codes as it is just as cheap to buy codes to get the good TP deal when Fawn wants TPs.

    She liked the new armor outfits that are bound to account and can be applied to any outfit.
    I consider them expensive but nicely done, so we splurged on them.
    Thanks Qx, well done there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NancyD View Post
    An observation...
    Thanks for the tips, just did that last night.
    Looking forward to running/leading more with you and other friends now that I am very comfortable with the new raids.

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    Had something happen the other day which seemed a reflection of the past.
    It was difficult for me to figure it all out due to Fawngate's UI settings, people poorly handling satire, and it mostly being a series of tells to the party leader.

    There is a guild on Khyber that used to be a shining example, but like every popular organization ~ the apples at the bottom of the barrel can go sour.

    I pondered about it a lot, then I overheard Fawngate whispering to herself, "Remember who you are."
    Her UI settings have all guild names turned completely off as if to say, "I could care less what guild you are from. Individuals stand on their own merit with me."

    The whole thing was very silly, a few people thought Fawn was too chatty, never mind the fact that she was solo healing an EH CitW, herding Anna, encouraged starting with only 10 players, and did not object to the leader dual boxing. She was given plat / pots right off the bat from some nice players, and for that I thank you.

    She burned up some raid bypass timers to do several FoT till a few people got vocal, cause Fawn was not part of their exclusive little club. Lol, silly people that guild tried to recruit Fawn several times.

    Now I just flip open the LFM and watch them wait 30 to 45 minutes for a healer. Silly people, when Fawn ran with you, we hardly had time for ship buffs.

    The first rule of DDO is never ever insult a healer.
    But I hear Fawngate whispering to herself again, "Remember who you are..."

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    Fawn redid her equipment recently which involve a lot of thought and some jewelry tools from the DDO store. Since she will TR into an Iconic someday, I need to post this somewhere for later reference:

    When all was said and done she had:

    medium armor blue dragon scale armor (tier 1)
    along with EH +8 wis helm {green slot +7 resist, colorless vitality +20}
    EH Manacle of Ceaseless Toil,
    Con Op greensteel cleansed goggles,
    nonepic Torc,
    Planar Focus of Euridtion +3 insightful Wis {or PL Ioun Stone or crafted Fire 33% Absorption}
    EE Jeweled Cloak, {green slot false life +35, yellow +2 necromancy DCs}
    EH Daggertooth belt, {colorless +2 ins dex, green +2 luck}
    EE Ring of the Dijn {should have crafted out this ring instead but too late now}
    Gauntlets of Immortality (tier 2) {colorless Globe of Imperial Blood, yellow Draconic Soul Gem}
    Heavy Fort Greensteel Boots
    EE Ring of Shadows {yellow +7 dex}
    Upgraded Quiver of Alacrity (which reminds me, I need to buy arrows again...Lol)

    Bulwark of the Storm's Fist {blue protection +7, purple radiance 114}
    Balizarde Protector of the King rapier from CitW (tier 1)

    Increased Wisdom 44, decreased Charisma 20
    Her AC is much higher at 83 without buffs (31 ppr).
    Recitation provides +2 ac and saves, so she is refreshing that more than she used to.
    The rapier provides her only dodge at 4% along with insightful AC and saves.
    HP is the same w/o buffs is 702 in Exalted Angel.
    SP increased w/o buffs is 3205 in Exalted Angel.
    Now have the Torc, but lost the -10% spell costs of the cleric set.
    CitW Rapier~ Fire 170, Force 110, Light 254, Positive 240
    (Forgotten light Fire 176, Force 116, Light 266, Positive 246)

    Typical Twists ~ Cocoon, Energy Sheath, Energy Blast
    Looking right now again at twists....

    Unyielding Sentinel yields:
    977 hp, 2876 sp, 96 AC, 41 ppr
    (could take hardened and make that 105 AC easy)
    Last edited by Silverleafeon; 08-04-2013 at 02:17 PM.

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    Pondering giving up greater spell pen and not taking epic spell pen when the enhancement change come out.
    Probably will do a +0 Lesser Heart and swap skill points from umd (never used due to asfc of medium armor) to spell craft for light damage.

    Maybe Enlarge Spell to apply to Renewal?
    Maybe a new feat?

    She just hardly ever fails a spell pen check on typical stuff with all those past lives.
    Hmm...have to ponder abit, so much happening on August 19ish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    The first rule of DDO is never ever insult a healer.
    First rule of life should be : never insult anyone...
    First rule of DDO should be : never hurt little Fawn who is the nicest person on Khyber !
    (don't waste your energy with these people, they are not worth the trouble)

    Bigg hug to you
    ABBYdoll : Blond Brain - Huge butt (don't stay behind or you will see nothing)
    ABBYhawk : No Brain - Big Muscles (never trust him)
    Fyros : A noob with a Great Heart (have no expectation and you will be happy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lillou View Post
    First rule of life should be : never insult anyone...
    First rule of DDO should be : never hurt little Fawn who is the nicest person on Khyber !
    (don't waste your energy with these people, they are not worth the trouble)

    Bigg hug to you


    Traded MotU code 2 to brand new player.
    Good luck.

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    Codes number 5 used, do not send out.

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    I feel like there is something awesome going on here and maybe I picked the wrong server when I started playing way back when.

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    This Friday is the Halfling Games Tod raid.

    This Saterday at 8 pm EDT (8 pm in New York, New York) is the Hunger Games.
    I will be there, we will run it, there will be prizes.

    Atm, doing a lot of chain sawing while conditions are favorable.
    So, less DDO time right now.
    Looking forward to the Expansion.

    Fawngate should transition well.
    Probably will not even have to LR Heart.

    {Notes for self Collector's Code 4 in process of being used.}

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