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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargouille View Post
    There's no intended nerf of melee clerics. We realize there are some issues to address to ensure that comes to pass.

    We're working on the plan. More to come.
    More evidence that the second enhancement preview is Alpha 2 not Beta 1.

    Interesting reading on favored souls, including a comment about Searing Light affecting Capstone SLA cooldown,
    but not vice versa. (While Searing Light is on cooldown, the SLA capstone cannot be used? Will look for that.)

    Tattoo design contest with HUGE prizes and prestigue, I bet we see a lot of entries!
    Nice move, letting the little folks contribute to the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProducerRowan View Post
    Closed Beta will be launching at the end of this week (Lammania will close shortly to support that).

    If you pre-ordered Shadowfell Conspiracy and registered your key in early to mid June, you can expect an email invitation soon. Invitations will continue for later rounds, with priority for VIPs.

    Thank you for all the feedback during this enhancements preview! We will spend the Beta period focused on fixing bugs and improving the enhancement trees in general, but have two major changes already underway.

    Favored Soul and Cleric: We will be replacing the "Protection" tree with a melee-focused "Warpriest" tree, likely in the first patch after expansion launch.

    Sorcerer: Sorcerer will get a new, additional enhancements tree later in the year (likely U20).

    I'll save the details for Vargouille or one of the other designers to dig into.
    I'm happy, looking like I will get most of what I want.

    Again, willing to comprise halfway with the Devs on some complex points such as Epic TRing.
    Thank you.

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    Hi Fawn,

    Thank you for putting these prizes up, it's very generous of you.

    I would like to please put my toon, goodthings, in for the TP code roll.
    Thanks again!

    See you in a few days for the hunger games, last time was such a blast I'm really looking forward for the 2ed event.
    Not all that glitters is gold but if you strike gold on khyber you probably just smacked me.
    Goldnblood, Goldenoak Goldmooon, Goldsunn, Goldeni, Goldenflash, Goldenlich, Goldlit and Goodthings (he's different).

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    Congratulations on the achievement.

    Lellie ~ applying to have a random chance to win the 11k TP code.

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    Thank you, thank you!

    Enhancement update in PDF preview:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargouille View Post
    It's been posted in the Lamannia section, but for wider dissemmination: (Apologies to those without beta access. This link won't work for everyone. The announcement related to this thread is quoted below).
    To support the Enhancement Revamp, every existing Character will get a LR +20 TOKEN upon login.
    Need to log in nowadays to peek at the forums, a quiet woot because whatever it is Fawn is wooting about is classified?
    Lol, but it might be a random woot?
    Or a loot Woot?
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    Time to seriously think about dropping a few toons on every server, just to receive this new once in a lifetime heart?

    I think I have Wayfinder covered, how about ____?
    Last edited by Silverleafeon; 07-12-2013 at 02:01 PM.

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    for 11k tp code

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    Lots of fun last two nights, Halfling Games
    then Hunger Games!
    , woot!

    Posting Hunger Games prizes for the rest of the year in a minute.
    Going to need an assistant referee for the August Games, as Hossa has an important real life quest.

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    I would like to sign Elaynne up for a chance at one of the Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Editions.

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    Congratulations on being an uber completionist.

    I would like to apply for the chance to get one of the Shadowfell Conspiracy Collector's Editions with my character Luuthien.

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    Grats on your uber achievement. And how generous of you to choose to send prizes to celebrate.

    Please put me down for a Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition, under the name goooof. My non-uber completionist on his 2nd life

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    Wow, log out, log back in the next day, and the reborn in light counter still has 544 seconds left on it.
    That is after recalling from a finished successful Fall of Truth raid during which Fawngate died once entertaining the Truthfall one before the Revear is turned against us...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    In celebration of this big event, we are going to have several giveaways.

    Unlike in the past, Fawngate will be mailing the codes/gifts thru in game mail.
    Should the mail be returned to her after the typical two weeks, she will select
    a new winner.

    If you wish to be a winner (don't be shy), simply choose the one giveaway that
    interests you the most and name the Khyber character that the prize should
    be mailed to if you win.

    This offer will end sometime Soontm ~ July 19 (a month before the Expansion release date)
    at midnight eastern USA time zone. We will randomly draw names soon after that.
    {Chances to win are determined by number of applicants for that particular item.}

    {We reserve the right to secretly exclude anyone we choose, due to negative
    behavior patterns displayed in public.}

    Giveaways (only choose one please and list your favorite toon to receive it)

    1 of 2 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download

    1 of 2 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Legendary Upgrade - Digital Download

    1 of 2 Dungeons and Dragons Online™ 11,000 Turbine Point Code

    1 of 2 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Menace of the Underdark™ Standard Edition - Digital Download

    1 of Four Otto's Irresistible Boxes ; losers getting a chance at 1 of Four Bigby's Handy Boxes!#post5033718

    We have decided to increase each code category by +1 as we bought another set of codes just now.
    With the new Bigby's Handy Box offering, we are able to increase the Box category as well.
    All five categories have been updated, not to worry your selection in a category remains whatever you already choose.
    Again its a big celebration and thank you one and all for the healing and happiness DDO has brought us!
    It is now 1:30 AM EDT on July 20th.
    The giveaway is now CLOSED.

    Please allow a few days for me to tally up and roll for the winners.

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    Our very first winner is in a Fawn's Guild only category, and since only Loreick entered, Loreick wins by default.

    Product Name: Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download

    Please note this code is above and beyond the codes listed as prizes.
    There are still two more collector codes available.
    Loreick is now eliminated from the rest of the giveaway prizes.

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    My internet connection is slowed down again, will have to work on that.
    Probably less playing while it gets fixed.

    0.40 mbps is not enough to raid without significant lag.

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    Gathering up this is page 51:

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoroshi View Post
    Applying for Otto's Box ~ Yorashi
    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Cantgrab ~ applying for a chance to win in the random drawing for an Otto's Box
    Quote Originally Posted by Salmagnus View Post
    Put me down for an Otto if I should win.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dark_Helmet View Post

    I would pick the following:
    1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download
    Quote Originally Posted by delsoboss View Post
    Babarr - Applying for 1 Dungeons and Dragons Online™ 11,000 Turbine Point Code
    Quote Originally Posted by fluffi View Post
    I'll go for the TP code as I usually want to add / remove levels, stats, etc so LRing (maybe a TR... GASP) has been kinda common for some of my toons.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chefd261 View Post
    I will toss one in for the 1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download
    sincerely Chef
    Quote Originally Posted by Deathlos View Post
    ill increase my odds by throwing in for the ottos box...

    Quote Originally Posted by Dmnqwk View Post

    Also, put me down for the 11k turbine points... - Amrien
    Quote Originally Posted by shadowspeaker View Post
    1 Dungeons and Dragons Online™ 11,000 Turbine Point Code

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    Page 52
    Quote Originally Posted by Audhil View Post
    If she should be so lucky, Menace of the Underdark
    Quote Originally Posted by dTarkanan View Post
    Please give me a chance at the 11,000 Point Code for TheIronGiant
    Quote Originally Posted by Limmie View Post
    Also, Limdur of Khyber would love to get a chance for that 11k TP code.

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    Page 53

    Quote Originally Posted by bergeau09 View Post
    I would like to try at the Otto box instead of the 11k tps, thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    in game mail from Shev

    i would like to enter in for the 11k tp code from the lotto you posted on the forums.

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    Page 54

    Quote Originally Posted by evaldor View Post
    Hey fawn! I'd like to apply for a shot at the 11k TP's you're giving away, if possible. Thanks!.
    Quote Originally Posted by DDO_Addict View Post
    1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download

    Quote Originally Posted by Cedrica-the-Bard View Post
    1 Dungeons and Dragons Online™ 11,000 Turbine Point Code
    The character name on Khyber is Zerger Jenkins. Thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by AlmGhandi View Post
    kruemeli on Khyber would very much like the 11k tp code! :-)
    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaStricken View Post
    Also, I'd like to enter the lotto for my warforged sorc, Earthiness, for an Otto's box.!
    Quote Originally Posted by MelkiorPeasantbane View Post
    Lotto: Meloth would like to enter for 1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download.

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