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    (Tell): Rekove tells you, 'Maxkili, and go for that 11k '

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    Frets for the 11k tp code choice

    and ty for the congratulations Frets

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    Mailed to the Devs concerning this Devs post and the resulting situation:
    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    Bonus sources of XP do not stack with the Stone of Experience provided in the Bigby's Handy Box.

    Copy of an in game mail concerning my only Bigby's Box trade:

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon
    Hello my friend,

    Dungeons & Dragons Online™ 5,000 Turbine Point Code Unlock Code: ______________

    Dungeons & Dragons Online™ 2,500 Turbine Point Code Unlock Code: _______________

    I understand your dissapointment about the new boxes,
    and I will find another use for them.

    Here is a refund on the two Bigby's Handy Boxes that are unused.
    Please mail them back to me when it is convient.

    Good luck,

    Hello DDO Staffers,

    These do not trade well as they are greatly inferior to the Otto's Boxes.

    If there is any possibility in your heart to return the Otto's Boxes for
    sale someday without changing the coding, please do so.

    It is a disappointment to add the Alpha Enhancements, the forum changes,
    the Epic Disadvantage threat.

    In the end, I am sorry I purchased 7 of these for a boycott might have
    been a smarter choice. Not sure whether to seek a refund or not as
    the Bigby's Box Stone of Experience does not work in the same manner
    of allowing bonus xp factors the way Otto's Box does. I do appreciate
    Cordovan quickly warning us of this nerf to the nature of the Bigby's Box.

    VIP bonuses such as +10% xp are a great incentive for us.

    I realize that you might be adjusting xp in the future, making the levels
    more even and hence you may feel a need to change the Stone's of Experience.
    Be aware that most Stone of Experience TRing is bonus TRing that normally
    would not happen, hence you gain not lose by allowing Otto's Boxes to
    work the way they do.

    We have plenty of character slots for more toons to TR if we please.

    Is it possible that a purchase of this could be refunded?
    I am not sure I want to yet, but I am strongly considering asking for a refund.

    Fawngate of Khyber

    PS Overall, I have high hopes for Beta Enhancement, a happy compromise for
    Epic TRing, and many other good changes I see lately.


    I harbor absolutely no resentment in my heart towards the person I traded with.
    They actually did not press for a refund, just asked if I could have any use for buying it back.

    In the future, I will not be trading any of the Bigby's Boxes.
    If indeed I do ultimately get a TP refund, I will replace those giveaway Bigby Boxes with TP codes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    It is possible that both could be made available from time to time.
    If Otto's returns occasionally without nerfing it then problem solved.

    Shrugs and wanders off...

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    You know the very first uber completionist did it without bravery bonuses or tomes of learning.

    There is also a completionist who never spend a single TP on adventure packs.

    But one of the most remarkable accomplishments I have run across is a Veteran playing on Orien, who played DDO with artificer hands. I never would have known until one day he told us.

    On this holiday weekend celebrating Freedom, thank you one and all who have served their countries.

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    Logged in on Fawngate, found the two Bigby's Boxes already in her mailbox.
    The player could have refused them if he wanted easily.
    Very nice fellow.

    This simply illustrates the Bigby's Paradox.
    We only have so much time, particularly for a luxury entertainment game.

    Boxes simply allow us to do some extra lives which are minor compared to epic destinies.

    No boxes -> he waited to TR.
    Hoping Bigby's = Otto's -> he was going to TR three more times.
    Disappointed in Bigby's -> he will only TR once more.

    Had he know sooner, he might not have made the trade at all.
    We tend to plan our TRing/emptying TR cache/hopes for the future at the same time.
    (The deal was actually pretty good till the XP bonus nerf was placed upon it.)

    Fear is the original sin. (L. M. Montgomery short story)

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    You know, I feel sorry for QuartermasterX, he is doing his job, but some of these Devs are really making it tough for him.

    Arranges really cool not considered pay to win collectors and legendary collection.
    Alpha enhancements come out, without a definite we will improve Beta significantly statement.
    Forums blow up.
    Glin comes along announces Epic Disadvantage.
    Programmer makes mistakes on the Owlbear.

    Arranges really cool new box.
    Programmer comes along and says, "Hey this ain't working right, let me fix it."

    I got a really cool email when I bought the Bigby's Boxes.
    I was impressed with the email, and looking at the contents of the box.

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    What is the difference between the two?

    Otto's -> level 19 plus a little bit.

    Bigby's -> reports of 14 almost to 15

    Guess which levels are hardest to gain on a legend life?

    Perhaps with the new xp system, an Otto's box would place one at level 20.
    But that is still in testing phases, a long time away, and Epic Banking Advantage II
    seemed to be destined to do thus as well.

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    I think I'll just keep the Bigby's Boxes.

    Leave the giveaway as is.
    Maybe second life Fawnglow will open one, get the pet, and jump to 15+/-
    Leaving me with one left to shift to a forgotten mule...

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuartermasterX View Post
    Agreed... we will have something even nicer than Otto's Box this time around!
    I'm going with, QuartermasterX did not realize they nerfed the Stone's of Experience coding on the Bigby's Boxes.

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    Why not put one into the Hunger Games final prize later on?
    That will work.

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    Playing "what if or shall I?" for a minute.

    If I establish a beachhead on Wayfinder, how shall I do it?

    Contact customer service, empty a ton's TR cache (otherwise you lose it when you move),
    and choose a toon to move over?

    Hmm...Fawngold is lvl 20 and not playable, she just haggles. But I never use her anymore.
    Fawnglow is level 1 second life. She has a bit of equipment, including server greensteel cleaners.
    Fawngale is level 4 legend life one. She could be made into a Spotlight build.

    I don't know how long it takes to more toons atm.
    It depends on how busy they are, and rumors are they are very busy atm.
    So, it might be faster just to make a new toon?

    I hate to go buying more Bigby's Boxes after condemning them, but it would help get a nice start.
    Or I could make an Iconic there.

    I think I have a cleric there that I created for the Torelo charity event.
    If nothing else, she could be a mule/storage toon and hold an Box if I choose to use one later on.

    Moving Fawngate would be a treacherous to Khyber, she needs to stay here,
    but one of her sister's could be moved.

    I guess with 43 character slots left I could have as many toons as I please over there.

    More Playing "what if or shall I?" for a minute.

    What would I do when I arrived?

    Well the chronicle highlighted the Halfling Games and the Hunger Games.

    Maybe a version of the Hunger Games on Wayfinder might be fun?
    Farming a scale set would be tricky, but one could start off with a bigby's box or two.
    Sigh, more boxes I don't want to Otto we miss you so...

    A variation of the Halfling games? Maybe a different race?
    Not sure how much raid ready toons are over there.
    Maybe a more common F2P race, like Human?
    The Human Games?
    The Halfling Games sounds a lot cooler, but one does what one can?


    Playing "what if or shall I?" for a minute.

    What class / race would my main toon over there be?
    Would need to be whatever race is being used for the ____ games.
    Healers are usually the last ones to join a group.
    A variation of the Spotlight build would suit me.

    I could buy a Bigby's Box or two, place them on the cleric over there,
    empty Fawngale's TR cache, apply for her to be moved over, and
    start leveling her up.

    I would need to look thru my mules and try to outfit her on this side of the rift.

    I think I could spare her.
    Maybe roll up an Iconic Bladeforge or two.

    Ponder this a bit more, do I or don't I go make a beachhead on Wayfinder?
    I don't have much of anything on other servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    /ui layout load first

    Saved me a quarter of an hour.
    Thanks Devs.
    Making a toon called Fawngate of Crystal Valley on Wayfinder.
    Will wait to see how much I play it.

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    Hello Devs,

    Here is a double compromise.

    Bigby's Compromise What if
    On the surface, Bigby's vs Otto's is quite stark.

    But let us play "what if" again?

    Seeing as Fawn still has a few Otto's Boxes from the last sale, we know the items linger a bit.
    There is probably less than 100 left on Khyber, and dwindling as we speak.

    Seeing as the Devs have announced thinking about adjustments to Legendary XP, we hope for changes there.
    First Life - 1,900,000
    Second Life - 3,139,250
    Further Lives - 4,378,500

    Lack of bonuses to xp certainly makes a new toon easier to work with, as Fawngate of Wayfinder simply
    used her Bigby's Box without a voice of the master, etc...and is now level 15 Favored Soul Spotlight build.

    Suppose a Dev came up to me and said,
    "For your account, which would you prefer, Otto's Boxes as is and Xp as is
    Bigby's Boxes as is and Legend Life xp changing to be the same as Second Life Xp?"

    Well, hmm...that would definitely give me pause to ponder.

    Let's do the math.

    An Bigby's Box second life places you at Second Life - 1,561,750 {after having to earn Second Life - 244,750}
    and needing to earn Second Life - 3,139,250. Net xp needed to be earned = 1,812,250 xp

    An Otto's Box third life places you at some what past 3,827,500 {after having to earn Further Lives - 408,500}
    and needing to earn Further Lives - 4,378,500. Net xp needed to be earned about 918,500 xp

    But without the boxes there would be a savings of 1,239,250 xp for each legend life.

    Hmm...I would be tempted by an offer of Bigby's plus legend xp reduction.
    There is certainly a better offer of Otto's but lowering of overall xp is noteworthy.
    I think I would take that offer.

    What would happen if the curve flattened out a bit along the way?

    Currently about half of the xp needed to get to twenty is contained within the last five levels.
    The TR xp spiral just makes it worse.

    But higher level quest do offer more xp for the most part, until one advances beyond the Vale of Twilight.
    Legend life levels 19 and 20 require a whopping 1 million xp, daunting for a player used to 1.9 million for a whole life.
    Second life levels 19 and 20 only require 700k xp, not quite as overwhelming, but a bit tricky if one does not
    realize Amarath and House C provide poor xp.

    Hmm...lot to think about there...still I would take that offer knowing overall it would help the game.

    Option 1 Compromise

    Just play "What If" one more time.

    Let us say a Dev came up to me and said,
    "Which would you choose, leaving the Epic Destiny Xp as is along with Iconic TRing
    changing it to Option 1 with generous amounts banked for future heroic xp applied as desired
    along with a cookie jar of your making along with Iconic and Epic TRing?"

    Maybe, I am wrong and the little people don't care?
    Maybe, those heavily invested in Epic Destinies are usually heavily invested in Past Lives?

    If so, then...hmmm.....
    Well, Fawn really wants auto grant completionist feat.

    It would be nice to see Barbarian past life to scale better say like the toughness feat.
    It would be nice to see Favored Soul Past life to scale better say like percentage of mental toughness feat.
    Just plain a honest review of all past lives making them scale better at both ends, and maybe folding
    some of the purchasable feats into current and newly available past live feats.

    An Iconic completionist auto grant feat.
    Some very nice Iconic past life auto grant feats.

    An Epic completionist auto grant feat.
    Some very nice epic destiny past life feats.

    The ability to bind 2 or 3 Epic Destinies the first time one epic TRs.

    More Iconics more opportunity to gain SLA thru auto grant past lives.

    Definite upgrading of enhancements with the Beta grouping.

    Divine Disciple level 3 light spell min level not lower than 20.

    Increasing the Epic Destinies to level 10 sometime next Summer as an Xpack.
    20 more points to spend, and innates adjusted and increased as the Devs see fit to do.

    Increasing the level cap to 30 within the next two years.

    I would take that cookie jar and smile.

    Fawngate of Khyber

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    hey fawn glad to see ur still around here

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    Thank you, good to you again Wuyoh as always!
    We will get you entered in the giveaway as soon as you supply which Khyber toon you want it mailed.

    Fawngate of Wayfinder did the first three Korthos Quests this morning.
    Not able to cast spells (opsay) due to her low Cha of 9, and somewhat ineffective
    due to her low Str of 10 with a vet 2 starter mace.

    Since she is broke, she cannot buy a Cha item atm, and I am not sure I want to
    invest in DDO store tomes for her yet.

    Fawngate of Khyber had a question and answer session last night for the Hunger Games.
    No one want to test out their secret builds and/or equipment, but I heard a few interesting ideas.

    Hossa and Fawn challenged Loreick who was amazed at the challenge Stash arena.
    Like me, he never knew such rich options were available.
    The challenge ended as a surprising and fun tie.

    Friday night Halfling games are great fun, looking forward to Shroud next week.

    Then the second Sat of the month, coming up soon we have the Hunger Games match,
    with a blue dragon helm along with half million plat and 20 flawless blue dragon scale as first prize.
    I believe there is one spot open on the reserved list, and sometimes we have a no show which leaves last minute entry(s) available.

    The entry rules are fairly simple.
    Must be level 4.
    Cannot be a TR.
    Cannot have more than 2 total levels from any class that is labeled as a caster by the DDO character creator.
    (currently Wizard, Sorcerer, Favored Soul, Cleric)
    All equipment is allowed with no limitations.
    House P, House J, and ship buffs are legal except for those providing elemental resists.
    No camping (standing next to respawn location to kill players as they are rez by the computer)
    Iconics are allowed (don't take more than 4 levels)
    Vet status toons are allowed (earning xp for all available action points is allowed but bank level 5).!

    2nd Sat at 8 PM EST.

    linkie or goggle Eastern Standard Time

    Allow three hours for the main matches.

    Travel to the Inspired Quarter tavern area.
    Turn on tells, general and party chat in a visible window.

    Look for a Halfling Favored Soul level 25 named Fawngate and a melee named Hossa and their lfms.

    Turn on accept challenges, party invitations, and trade (default settings)
    Enable the XP key function (default press X or hot key see xp).

    Please accept challenges offered by Fawngate/Hossa when time is there.
    Please do not start challenges to the Pit arena as we are too low a level for it.
    It will bug us and we will have to all relog to continue.

    There will be environmental hazards, beware.

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    Hello Devs,

    Loreick and Fawngate had an interesting conversation last night as we compared our stats.

    Loreick is a Warchanter whose Charisma was well into the 50s.
    Fawngate is a casting Favored Soul whose Wisdom was well into the 40s.

    So we began comparing our characters.
    Loreick's song expired, taking 2 charisma away.

    Loreick has +8 Cha and +3 Exp Cha item
    Fawngate has +7 Wis and +2 Exp Wis item
    So there is another +2 difference but nearly enough to merit the huge gap.

    We both had a Globe of Invulnerability.
    We both had Completionist.
    We both started at 18 in our casting stat and increased it with each level up.

    Then we compared Capstones:
    Bard capstone grants +2 Cha
    Favored Soul capstone grants +2 Cha

    Then we compared Epic Destinies:
    Bard Fatesinger provides +2 Cha
    Favored Soul Exalted Angel provides +2 Cha

    Neither one of us used the epic destiny right side straight +1 stat increases.

    Wait a minute why is the Favored Soul capstone and Exalted Angel
    boosting Cha when everyone wants to boost Wis to help with spell DCs???

    So, a bard song, level 21ish gear instead of 25 along with a glaring
    error in class design yielded a huge difference between our most important stat.

    Perhaps while we are examining the enhancements, could we please change
    all Favored Soul +2 Cha capstone/epic destiny boost to be +2 Wis instead?

    Thank you,
    Fawngate of Khyber

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    Has anyone attempted to take a third class level while having Epic levels? It seems like this issue may have been fixed, but I can dig around if this is still not working.
    Might could do that with Fawngold, but she is pure haggle not very effective.
    Maybe Epic hard/normal with some help to gain 21?

    PVP fun on Saterday in the Stash.
    I am so amazed the Devs programed all this challenge system and hardly anyone knows about it.
    All we think about is the lobster chaos.

    We did have a request of Epic PVP which is now noted, and will be pondered upon.
    We did have a request to do the Hunger Games on Orien which is now noted, and will be pondered upon.

    Spiderfawn, how did you get up there?

    Halfling games fun.

    Fawn was asking whether one might get a weapon on the 20th list of Caught in the Web,
    as she thought it might be nice to have a weapon from that raid for her planar conflux she got as an end reward.

    She was complimented on her healing prowess here, and was respectively in the middle of the kill count surprisingly.

    No one got anything from the chests till Fawn and another person opened the very last chest.

    The other person got the spear, and the Pinion appeared in Fawn' chest.
    Fawn had to debate about putting it up for roll or not.
    Since it is the favored weapon of the Silver Flame, she eventually took it from the chest.

    She had about 24ish heroic commendations and used almost all of them to upgrade it.
    Now she is glad she got the 375 pdk favor.
    Loreick recommended a supreme acid for the red slot, which sound good,
    unless she wants devotion / radiance 114 instead. She could have the Shamatic in the trinket slot,
    but that eliminates the Planar conflux in the trinket slot.

    Speaking of equipment, she got Shadowdance set up to use with evasion and base ref of 56,
    then realized she was wearing medium armor. Taking off the medium armor lost 200+ hp, lol...

    Big 4th weekend for Fawn, thank you Abby for showing me the "safer" spots and how to jump to them in Tor.

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    Fawn Completionist Creed about loot is different than normal perspective.

    Usually she submits a roll of 1 on loot when rolling, automatically losing if anyone else rolls on it.
    Anything that lands in her chest, she ponders deeply whether she will ever want it in later lives.
    If it seems interesting she will keep it, if she does not like it even for obscure reasons she puts it up for roll.

    It might seem a bit greedy in some ways, but after awhile you hear Fawn saying, "Oh I already have that..."
    On the other hand, some consider it not greedy enough, and encourage Fawn to roll more aggressively...

    I saw another completionist post a similar ideal somewhere.
    Last edited by Silverleafeon; 07-08-2013 at 02:59 PM.

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    Loreick entering giveaway for Collector's Edition of Shadowfell.

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