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    Hi Fawn its Kyo,Zorn

    congrats again on getting to your final life and joining the uber completionist club.

    id like to throw my name in the hat for - 1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download
    Kyokoi - 26th life, Completionist Barb
    Zornly 13th life, Cleric
    Zornley 3rd life, Sharadi Wiz Proud Officer of ToySoldiers

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    Quote Originally Posted by No_Dice View Post
    Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood AI designer here! During the next Lamannia update parts of upcoming stealth system changes will be visible. I’m still getting stealth ready for actual previewing at a later time. However, since parts of it will be showing up on Lamannia prematurely during the Enhancements second look, now is a great time to tell you more about what I’ve been working on. I guess the best place to start is the beginning…

    This all started months ago when I started fixing AI bugs and AI-related "lag" (yes I am working on the "lag bug"1 and have been since November… lag of course has multiple sources and symptoms, but this was one possible source.) As I worked, I started implementing triggers for myself to understand what was going on behind the scenes, and eventually implemented my debug cues as player-facing icons we could share with y'all.

    We took a good long look at stealth, invisibility, detection, blind attacks, noises, and the visual/audio cues you get from all of these systems. Major work was done to repair long-outstanding inconsistencies, correct bad monster behavior, and rework visual feedback that was misleading on when you were actually being “stealthy” or not.

    We also looked into why the “eye level” vs lighting influences wasn’t always matching up with the actual lighting placement/visuals in quests. In the end, I revamped the system in order to achieve some significant performance gains as well as fix many of the (now visible with icon cues) bugs.

    So what does that mean specifically? Here are some of our goals:

    Most critically, we’ve made some performance improvements that should SIGNIFICANTLY reduce AI-related lag and framerate issues, especially in large group and raid situations.

    So when the enhancement preview opens up, you’ll also see that these stealth features are being worked on – some of these are in later stages of development than others:

    • We want to make red footsteps only appear when a monster actually hears you while you’re sneaking. If you see the red splash, your position has been given away! (It used to play any time you might be heard, but weren’t necessarily actually being heard.)
      • We also want to make the footsteps show when more monsters hear you, such as by making it darker and redder!
      • Invisible characters should also display red footsteps to indicate when a monster can hear them as well. This is only a visual change - monsters could always hear you when you were running around invisible... We're just extending the visual feedback to more situations!

    • White footsteps still indicate that you are sneaking near a monster who might hear you if you get closer, and will still play only if sneaking. That's one of the benefits of trying to be sneaky : )
    • Monsters should no longer slide around when they are searching for a hidden enemy. Instead, we’re going to be adding a visual cue that doesn’t look like an animation bug.
      • We’re going to try giving them a “searching” icon to indicate that they haven’t found a target yet.
      • Similarly, we want to give monsters a “red ear” icon whenever they hear a suspicious noise.

    • We now have the ability to give your character the awareness to know when you have aggro from something. This will allow us to do things like putting you into combat stance rather than standing around idly until you’re getting punched in the head.

    We’re also sending our monsters back to Dungeon Monster 101 class to learn to play by the rules better:

    • We’ve been looking into the ways that monsters could “improperly” detect you. .. They currently cheat and get their target's location every 6 seconds or less even if the target is hidden or invisible, as well as essentially echo-locating players using the sounds of their own ranged attacks. This also has an unintended side effect of being a performance hog. Bad monsters! We want to replace these with fairer ways for the monsters to find players, as well as bring a big performance improvement.
      • We’ve improved the search attack algorithms. They’ll expand their search radius when making blind attacks, hate the target less after a few whiffs, and eventually give up after a number of fruitless attacks where they’re unable to hit anything. If they manage to get a relevant clue on their enemy’s whereabouts, then they’ll resume their search.
      • I’ve begun updating monsters to fire at your most recent known position when they can’t see you, where they used to cheat and fire directly to you when they aren’t supposed to know where you are.

    • We’ve also improved how monsters handle being blind, bringing it more in line with how they handle invisibility.
    • With the updated AI awareness, we’d like it to be possible for a sufficiently skilled player to use sneak to lose monsters after they spot you! This is something that was never possible in combat before because monsters had too many ways to “cheat” and see/hear you if you attempted it.
    • Here are some other “monster vs stealth” behaviors we’re working on:
      • We don’t want scorpions to burrow directly to you when they aren’t supposed to know where you are.
      • We don’t want minotaurs to charge directly to you when they aren’t supposed to know where you are.

    Generally speaking, these changes should have the effect of:
    • Making casual use of sneak actually valid, especially combined with other upcoming changes to how sneak works.
    • Trained use of sneak should be much more effective, and a valid build path/gameplay style that can be enjoyed by many more people.

    Obviously people will have questions about how this brave new world of sneakiness will impact invisibility. One of our goals was to add more value to using stealth in combat even if you are running with a party that does not want to wait for you to sneak ahead. We'd like to support a stealth character as a more viable build path, which can do more stuff that any random character who can slurp an invis potion.

    Stealth should have the following advantages over mere invisibility:
    1. With sufficiently high skill, monsters won’t hear you, allowing you to avoid detection completely as you sneak by (go go move silently!)
    2. Escaping combat using sneak - this largely hasn’t been possible before, but we’d like skilled players with appropriate skills to be able to escape completely by activating sneak and escaping the area where their opponents last saw them. When monsters search the area they lost you in making blind attacks, they should lose aggro over time and eventually give up if they receive no additional clues to your location. I’ve been spending a lot of time on this, as it was the most requested fix by stealth enthusiasts on the forums, and from my testing I think it'll be quite fun : )
    3. Assassinate! Still finalizing the application here but the goal is making sure our Assassins can … you know… assassinate things!

    We’ll go into more detail about the way stealth will work, particularly for you aspiring Shadar-kai Assassins. For now just be aware that there is a LOT going on with the stealth system at the moment, and the version that first appears on Lamannia is not ready for the spotlight yet. Once we’re closer to a playable test of the new stealth features, we will let you know!
    Very interesting indeed.

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    I finally identified my lag times recently particularly in Caught in the Web.

    It tis like long ago, a major lightning storm visits the neighbor, leaves its marks
    behind, which time and fate render into a lag monster...

    For those of you who have had to pick up Fawn's soul stone and lead her
    to the chest portal, thank you for your patience.

    What is the acceptable megabytes per second internet connection for DDO?

    Seeing as my internet speed is varying at them moment between 0.7 mbps
    and 0.2 mbps, I cannot rightly know.

    I did track this, that approximately 0.2 mbps, CitW raid pushed 5k worth of
    data towards my computer which could not handle things in the least.

    But earlier the same day, a mostly lag free CitW along with two Lob runs
    were done.

    Well tomorrow, or the next day they will fix it hopefully...then perhaps,
    I will return to 1.5 mbps which seem to ride thru most situations fairly well.

    Seem major amounts of mobs particularly not being killed off triggers
    more demand on our technology. Lol, I guess that is why those red alerts
    of long ago with certain players sometimes triggered problems, especially
    when USA times west coast done with dinner and east coast not yet in bed.

    Anyway, pondered every angle, finally its internet connection speed again,
    like before is the real lag monster. I wonder where the connection is poor this

    It does give me sympathy for others, we have little control over how good
    our internet is offered us. It is interesting that I may have been raiding/questing
    someplaces this last week with speeds between 1/4 and 2/3 mgbps and doing
    fairly well (save for CitW)?

    Oh nice, looks like the experts patched things up before leaving for the day, woot!
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    I'll Enter Anialda for the Otto's box.

    Congratulations again on your completionist accomplishment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    In celebration of this big event, we are going to have several giveaways.

    Unlike in the past, Fawngate will be mailing the codes/gifts thru in game mail.
    Should the mail be returned to her after the typical two weeks, she will select
    a new winner.

    If you wish to be a winner (don't be shy), simply choose the one giveaway that
    interests you the most and name the Khyber character that the prize should
    be mailed to if you win.

    This offer will end sometime Soontm ~ July 19 (a month before the Expansion release date)
    at midnight eastern USA time zone. We will randomly draw names soon after that.
    {Chances to win are determined by number of applicants for that particular item.}

    {We reserve the right to secretly exclude anyone we choose, due to negative
    behavior patterns displayed in public.}

    Giveaways (only choose one please and list your favorite toon to receive it)

    1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download

    1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Legendary Upgrade - Digital Download

    1 Dungeons and Dragons Online™ 11,000 Turbine Point Code

    1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Menace of the Underdark™ Standard Edition - Digital Download

    1 of Four Otto's Irresistible Boxes
    Cantcatch tells you, 'ahh didn't I already tell you I wanted to be in for the ottos box'

    Not to worry, will count em all up and use the last request if you changed your mind.

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    Congratulations on uber completionist... I have some desire to do it myself, but as I'm not yet even regular completionist that is a long long way off. I'll see you ingame!

    Put me in for Otto's for the giveaway, thanks. Mail to XooleX ingame.
    XooleX - 22nd Life Palemaster, Dyrr - Sorcerer, Eladari - Tempest Ranger, Fazoul - Cleric, Mezyt - PM Wizard Trapper

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    Hi Fawn,
    Please put me in the drawing for: "1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download"
    You can mail it to Creepur or any of my toons listed below.


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    During the 70s people actually predicted that the world would suffer and ice age soon;
    not too long ago, similar people began predicting a Dark Sun age will begin soon.

    Hmm...what does that have to do with DDO?
    Other than the obvious, of is a Dark Sun portal in our future?

    Well, a basic math lesson:

    A Tangent is simply placing a 10' pole (nice for trapbusting) on top of a beach ball.
    The pole touches the circle at a single point, but goes off in a straight.

    A Sine wave is simply placing a series of beach balls, side by side touching each other.
    Each beach ball touches the circle of the one before it at a single point, but has a cyclic rate.

    Both a Tangent and a Sine wave are extremely similar to each other for the first 5 degrees or so.
    They vary dramatically later on.

    Rabbit have a cyclic rate of 70 years, their overall population varies in this time period.
    It is tied directly to the Sun which also has a 70 year cyclic rate of power.
    Interesting, 40 years ago, prediction are opposite of now, which is half of the cycle.

    Which means that it is very easy to take a small amount of data and extrapolate
    a Tangent from this data that goes out in a straight line into future because Tangents
    and Sine Waves look very similar with small amounts of data. Thereby lies the Dark Sun
    and Neverwinter doomsday earth prophecies.

    The difference between the Earth and Mars is the water we posses. Oxygen traps Hydrogen
    (which has an escape velocity) and forms water, a material with very special properties.
    Water expands and insulates when it freezes, allowing rivers and oceans to remain unfrozen even in
    deep winter. Water evaporates generating a great deal of energy (hence steam punk Eberron)
    and hence quickly creating rainclouds with small amounts rising temperature.

    So the Dark Sun / Neverwinter predictions are more complex that first examined. Even a small
    amount of change in surface temperature of water will create rainclouds that block sunlight
    and cool the earth. A free floating iceberg does not increase the water level when it melts
    because the amount of water it displaces is equal to its weight and most water weighs about
    the same amount.

    Right or wrong this a complex subject, not easily predicted.

    Yes, Fawn we hear you, what does this have to do with DDO?

    Since the Dawn of gaming, prophets of old have predicted dooms days.
    Sometimes they are right. Adventure by Atari is rather outdated now.

    Recently people have begun using log in charts to track DDO population
    for a whole sample of two or three months, and using these samples
    to predict dire doom. But is three month enough data, are they simply
    repeating the whole, is this a tangent or a sine wave mistake? Would not
    two years be a better sample size?

    I'll be the first to admit that recently DDO has had a low moment emotionally,
    with the alpha enhancements, the forums, and the Epic Disadvantage.

    But I have read Burpee Seed catalogs are realize that unless you live in Florida
    there is lot to difference between the seasons. Florida puzzled me, because the
    planting charts were upside down. Would not an MMO be cyclic with Alaskans
    who spend much of their winter months indoors if they were fortunate enough
    to have DSL?

    In real life, in various times, I have had moments where I tried to cross
    "A bridge too far". I had to backtrack and retreat (or retrench as the Regency
    slang would call it) from a position that I could not hold.

    Yet in these moments, looking back I found good and learning and adapting
    in new ways to my stable situations. Overall, although I lost the bridge too far,
    I was helped overall.

    Beta Enhancements are right around the corner, Epic and Iconic TRing look
    sweet, and the forums are better than disasters witnessed elsewhere by me.

    Good new in the future?
    I sure hope so, it seems to be starting.

    Maybe for the world and DDO, but please don't call sine waves tangents around me...
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    Magic the Gathering has been around for some time now.
    It is not as old and studied as chess, but was a unique breakthrough
    and it and D&D are WotC flagships.

    Two Magic the Gathering article came to my attention recently:

    One is titled "The value of a card"

    "We are going to get our hands a little dirty this week...Many of the questions are about the current Limited format or maybe a tough pick someone had to make. This week, I'm going to address one type of question that I get fairly often from newer drafters. Before we dive in, though, remember that all levels of drafter can benefit from a thought exercise now and again..."

    "The Ornithopter Debate
    I've seen this every time Ornithopter or a similar card is printed. I'll be at Friday Night Magic or drafting on Magic Online and someone will play an Ornithopter. For those who haven't seen this lovable contraption, here it is:

    Not much to look at really. It has flying, is a 0/2, and costs zero mana. Seasoned players simply look past it, or maybe pause to reminisce about the younger days of Magic. But they certainly don't pick it in Draft, nor do they play it in their deck.

    Newer players, though? They love it. They can't get enough 'thopter action. The only real question is how many they can fit into a deck. When pressed as to why they want to play so many Ornithopters, they will explain, "Because it's free!""

    What does this have to do with DDO, Fawn?

    "At first glance, it's hard to argue with them. It is free to cast, after all. So why don't we run as many as we can get? The answer is both simple and complex at the same time, and it's called opportunity cost.

    Opportunity cost is a phrase that economics students love to toss around. Here is a definition for it:

    "The opportunity cost of a choice is the value of the best alternative forgone, in a situation in which a choice needs to be made between several mutually exclusive alternatives given limited resources."

    Besides containing both the word "value" and the phrase "limited resources," this is a rough sentence to digest. To break it down into terms more relevant to our spellslinging needs, I would say this:

    "By choosing to put Ornithopter in your deck, you are choosing to replace another, potentially better card in your deck with a low-impact card."

    Before we sink our teeth in a bit deeper, let's diverge a little and talk about what a good card is and what a bad card is, in broad terms."

    Now we start to get the point, in DDO, we do have to make choices.
    Thru simply bullheaded determination, anyone can get a character up to maximum opportunity.
    One receives an Epic Destiny, 20 class levels of up to three classes, a limited amount of equipment slots,
    a limited amount of twists, a limited amount of consumables, etc...

    If we were to spread all cards out on a massive spectrum of power level, we would see a few things stick out immediately.

    At one extreme end — the cheap end — we would have cards like Ornithopter, Hunted Ghoul, Memnite, Merfolk of the Pearl Trident, and Sanctuary Cat. At the other end of the spectrum, we would see things like Emrakul, the Aeons Torn; Blightsteel Colossus; Enter the Infinite; and Omniscience.

    In the middle is everything else from Grizzly Bears to Grave Titans.

    First thing we notice: the extremes are generally undesirable.

    Cards that are very cheap are usually very low-impact as well. Poor Ornithopter is the poster-child for this. It simply doesn't do enough on the board to justify playing, at any cost. Even free.

    On the other end, the expensive spells do a heck of a lot to the board but almost never actually hit said board. Why? They are simply too expensive. The fact that these cards rot away in your hand while you attempt to build up the mana to cast them restricts how good they can ever be. Drawing one of these super-expensive mega-bombs is akin to taking a mulligan — never a good thing.

    Some of this theory is negated by the fact that DDO is not PVP it is PVE (player vs environment).
    But still we like to feel useful, and sometimes an individual being more useful is the difference between failure and success.

    That would be fine, but it wouldn't tell the whole story. The real reason we shouldn't run it is because of opportunity cost.

    As our amended definition says:

    "By choosing to put Ornithopter in your deck, you are choosing to replace another, potentially better card in your deck with a low-impact card."

    The real issue here isn't the Ornithopter; it's what the Ornithopter is replacing. In order to really show the player why he or she should take it out of his or her deck, we have to look to the sideboard and figure out what the player should run over it.

    The original definition of opportunity cost provided the following as the stage for when using this tool is appropriate:

    "...a situation in which a choice needs to be made between several mutually exclusive alternatives..."

    It took me a while to realize that "mutually exclusive" just means "when you have to pick one or the other" or "when you can't have it both ways." It's that simple, really. And this sentence describes Limited Magic perfectly.

    Every card you choose to put in your deck results in a different card not being played. You can't have it both ways; you must choose between two things, and the person who makes this decision better, more often, will win more.

    We only have so much resources.
    This is why things like choosing which metamagics are turned on are important.
    I often see Fawngate late in a raid with half her spell points left while some others are drinking potions or near empty.
    What spells do we use and when do we use them, what equipment do we choose?
    There are so many choices in DDO, and that what delights us with this game.

    Next Level

    If you think that the discussion in this article is to point out that Ornithopter is bad, you have missed the point. Ornithopter Awareness is just stage one of this lesson.

    As you move up the scale, you will be able to apply this logic to situations that are much less obvious, even to the seasoned player. The key is to know the mechanics behind why cards like this are almost never playable, not to simply know that they aren't.

    As you progress up the ranks you will see cards like Fog effects and pure lifegain spells in a different way. Fog can do some things, and gaining life is usually cool, right? Not when they are replacing solid cards in your deck. What about cards like falter effects (cards that prevent one or more of your opponents' creatures from blocking) or win-more cards (cards that generally only are good when you are winning the game anyway)? What about clunky combat tricks, poorly costed creatures, or conditional alternate-win conditions?

    Fawn herself has greatly debated twists and ed point spending for some time now.

    Her latest twists (after a dozen changes) is:
    3 / 3 / 1

    Tsunami (Primal Avatar tier 3) ~ cost 50 sp (expensive), wis based DC (high wis), strong damage and effect, 7 second cooldown, complete application of various metamagics

    Sigil of Energy Negation (Magister tier 3) ~ cost 20 sp (moderate), stacking resist granting Fawn resist 121 in certain energies, quicken applicable, able to target distance targets such as Reaver tanks, duration one min (moderate), cooldown 30 seconds (half of duration)

    Rejuvenation Cocoon (Primal Avatar tier 1) ~ cost 12 sp (low), quicken and empowered heal applied, cooldown 12 seconds (high for heal)

    Her Epic Destiny points are spend in the Judgement Series (mark and damage undead cheaply) instead of gaining Endless Faith (+10% sp) for Exalted Angel.

    Are these the best choices? Not necessarily?

    Hermosa impressed me by refiguring his favorite cleric and using Legendary Dreadnought to gain 1k hit points along with 3k spell points. Compared with Fawn's 650 to 700ish hp and similar sp, this is impressive. Even more impressive is his studied realization that Exalted Angel requires massive light/heal casting to be properly utilized. His extra AC and PPR will serve him much better.

    (Tell): Hermosa tells you, 'its unyeilding sentinel with a few careful twists... and I do get my extra 5 cleric lvls, so I gave up 2 wis to gain the hitpoints. +5 caster lvls means -1 wis mod is unimportant to my DCs anyways'

    In fact at the moment, save for some Pale Masters and Evokers, I don't see many people caring much about the extra 5 caster levels gained by having certain epic destinies. Perhaps when the level cap goes to 28 and the eventual accompanying increase in epic destinies to level 8+ then we shall see more concern in this matter as spell pen is tied to caster levels.

    But choices we will make.

    The next few drafts you do, I want you to treat the deck-build portion like a mini boot camp. You are the drill sergeant, and the cards are your would-be soldiers. You are preparing for the heat of battle, with lives (and booster packs) on the line. If this were real life, only the best squad of twenty-three soldiers would see the battlefield. Even if you really liked a couple of them, if they weren't up to snuff they would end up at home scrubbing toilets while you marched off with your chosen team.

    Our equipment, is it just, is it right?
    We can only wear so many pieces.

    And is Fawn crazy, having fun running CitW solely for the fun of being there, not rolling on a single piece of equipment that is put up for roll? As she clutches her Forgotten Light which has been forgotten by many others, is she really doing the right thing. As she stand in the tide of battle wearing a version of the eveningstar cleric set, Last Divine Lady standing at times, is she crazy or wise?

    Well that brings up the second article, "How to Win Games and Influence People"

    aka "How players with limited card pools can win multiplayer games."

    Players new to Magic really face an uphill battle in casual games. A new player can be an unknown quantity in games, and many players want to eliminate the unknown. This leaves many new players fighting for their lives early in many games.

    Also, a newer player generally doesn't have as solid a grasp on the rules as an experienced player does. This can limit deck ideas or lines of play. If you only know some of what you can do to win games, it makes winning that much harder!

    Another area that makes winning more difficult revolves around the size of the card pool. A new player will invariably have a smaller card pool than a veteran player. Veteran players tend to have multiple copies of powerful cards and can use these cards to put together better decks than the newer player. Many deck ideas that new players may have are set aside due to the limited availability of many of the cards they might need for their decks.

    I want to take this opportunity to help those new players win some games. While there is little that I can do here to improve your rules knowledge, I can give some general suggestions in other areas that will help you be more competitive at your kitchen tables.

    We all face this sooner or later, the best stuff is out there, but we ain't got it.

    Know What You Can Do

    This first step seems a little silly, but it is important. You need to know what your group will tolerate. If your group is anything like mine, degenerate combo decks will likely mean you are going to win plenty of games. The decks in my metagame are not prepared to shut down a combo deck. Some decks can deliver significant amounts of damage quickly, but rarely do they take out a single opponent in time to stop a combo.

    On the other hand, playing that degenerate combo will likely only earn you a single win, since my group won't be interested in playing against that deck again. Perhaps your group likes a combo deck but is strongly opposed to a deck based on someone else's deck found on the Internet (often called "netdecking"). You are not looking to build a deck that wins once. You want a successful deck that can win repeated games in your group. A one-off is fine, but we are looking for some long-term success.

    We play PVE not PVP but still this is important concept. Groups have expectations. If you bring and Arty to the group, weapon buffs are anticipated. Fawn knows her role, and she has certain things in place to make sure she can do that role easily and efficiently.

    I recommend running more generic themes when putting your decks together. Many decks are very specific, requiring full sets of particular cards to work together to get a particular result that should produce wins. I have an extort deck that requires multiple copies of particular cards to create my win condition. My collection lets me do that. You will likely find that you rarely ever have more than two copies of any one card, so these types of decks are often impossible to build, or you find you are building a subpar version of the deck.

    There are more than one variation of an item effect. Fawn wear an Epic ring that is very similar to the Epic Elite version. She obtained it thru flagging processes. The difference between the two is being hit one more time on twenty. She realizes she can discard this item later on. At one point she had to choose between crafting an Dragonscale armor set (which binds to character) and creating some other arrangement. She ended up starting with a EE Belt of Seven Ideals and working much of her already acquired gear around that choice.

    You don't necessarily want to build a deck that only works if you have three specific cards in play at once. You want cards that are strong by themselves, or work with groups of cards. Banefire is strong on its own, needing only the mana that you have played through the course of the game. Etherium Sculptor will be a good card in a deck that runs a variety of expensive artifacts. It doesn't need to be four copies of Wurmcoil Engine, but it can be a single Wurmcoil, a Steel Hellkite, a Sharding Sphinx, and an Ethersworn Canonist. You will find that the variety makes it much more difficult for opponents to pin you down. It can also make it more difficult for them to determine what deck you are playing until much later in a game. Make the variety a strength for your deck.

    Something I also found were cards that were functional reprints, or were similar enough for the purposes of my deck, that gave me some of the redundancy I was looking for. You may not have four copies of Honor of the Pure, but that one copy and a Thistledown Liege and a Crusade will give you the redundancy you wanted to make your white creatures bigger.

    Building a decent deck is an article unto itself. For now, I'll leave it to you to find some of the stronger cards in your collection and try them in a deck together. We aren't looking for a deck that blasts your opponents out of the water, but instead something you'll enjoy playing that can hold its own when pressured.

    We don't always have what others want, but we can work with what we do have, meshing it together.

    Lay Low

    Once the game gets started, one of the best things you can do is to avoid attention. Rather than stand toe-to-toe with opponents who are playing powerhouse decks, just lay low. You don't want to sit there defenseless, but you want to use up as few of your resources as possible. Your deck offers you only a limited number of resources in comparison to your opponents, so you need to use them carefully.

    One of my favorite lines from Star Trek: Next Generation is in Season 2, episode twenty-one. Commander Riker is talking to Lieutenant Worf. He asks, "You're outmanned, you're outgunned, you're outequipped. What else have you got?" Worf responds, "Guile."

    When you go against a group of players with bigger card pools than yours, you are probably facing stronger, more resilient decks. Their decks can blast away back and forth, casting big cards and explosive effects throughout the course of the game. Simply put, you're outmanned, you're outgunned, and you're outequipped. What you do have is guile!

    This is one of my favorite parts of multiplayer Magic! While I enjoy the occasional game where I drop my threats on the board and dare my opponents to beat me, I prefer a more calculated game. I try to balance how strong I appear to my opponents. I don't want to appear to be the strongest or weakest. I constantly try and put myself in a position throughout the game where I am the least likely target. Reading your opponents and trying to run them against each other is a part of multiplayer Magic that doesn't exist in any other variant. I love the opportunity to use guile.

    This is not going to be popular with many other people. They will go to the forums, they will send me emails, they will scream at their screens. They will tell you that the best way to win is to take control of the game and demand that everyone else play your game. They will encourage you to play out your threats and make them beat you.

    I won't deny that playing an "in your face" style can be fun. It demands punches and counterpunches between you and your opponents. The "in your face" style of play more often produces the amazing plays and swings in the game that many people love. I enjoy it and encourage everyone to play "in your face" at least occasionally. When your deck is loaded with significant threats; dramatically changes the playing field; or is very deep with recursion, allowing you to play out threats again and again, simply standing front and center screaming, "say hello to my little friend!" can work some of the time. It looks spectacular when you can pull it off.

    I am not the best player in DDO, far from it. Fawn is not the most uber toon out there. But we do try to be one of the smartest teams on the battlefield. We think, we react, we analyze the battlefield, both of us together as one.

    Pounce When the Moment is Right

    This is when guile really comes into play. In most games, the best time to make your move is the moment when you are left to face the final opponent. You hope that, by this time, the other survivor has used up most of his or her available resources, bringing you to an even, or possibly better, footing. As you become more comfortable with your group, you'll know when you need to apply pressure to jump in at the right moment. Like Riker and Worf, misdirection and subterfuge will be a key to your strategy. You'll get to know when someone's deck is a significant problem for your deck, so you'll want to work with others to try and take down that player early. You'll learn which players are vulnerable to your feints and which will call you every time.

    As a new player, one of the areas where you come in on equal footing with every other player is your sense of gamesmanship. Most regular players tend not to use this, instead relying on their play skill and/or the cards in their decks. While your collection and rules knowledge grows, make guile your ally. This is one place where you can tip the battlefield in your favor.
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    One last MtGO article:
    Legendary Rule Changes

    More than just retaining the importance of Planeswalkers and legends for story reasons, R&D is excited about this change, as it opens up a lot of design space that was previously off limits due to Planeswalkers and legends gaining prominence in our game. Until this change, we were unwilling to print cards like Faith's Fetters that prevented a permanent from activating abilities instead of exiling it outright. This was due to the fact that casting Faith's Fetters on a Planeswalker would not only take it out of the game, but also another version that player had in his or her hand. It is also highly likely that without this change, we would've just stopped making as many powerful Clones as we have in the past because of the pressure they put on legendary creatures.

    This change will also let us create legendary lands again, a process that (outside of Eye of Ugin) hasn't really been seen since the Kamigawa block, and for good reason. Most players found their game play under the old legend rule to be not particularly fun. Between both getting your land destroyed in a fashion you can't respond to by an opponent and having a dead card in your hand if you happened to draw two copies, they were a bad sell. While I don't anticipate we will do them very often, it is another tool we have for balancing powerful lands going forward.

    A lot goes on behind the scenes....WotC is looking over DDO's shoulder,
    and I hope they continue to do so in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MelkiorPeasantbane View Post
    Hi Fawn, sounds like you are having fun.

    Lotto: 1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download

    Fawnraid: Looking forward to joining a raid. Me and a guildy have been flagging, finished up Von 4 on Epic Normal last night. Died shortly after grabbing the lightning rod, so missed out on the epic chest. I'm beginning to think that hirelings are more hindrance than help! And why doesn't my bard have Music of Makers?! I think we (my guildy and I) will flag for shroud next, two quests left to do (Rainbow and Dust).
    I forgot to say, that would Meloth who wants to enter the lotto, since your doing the character mail thing and not the forum mail thing. I'm going to edit my post now to fix it just in case =).

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    Thanks, and thanks again for all the congratulations, they mean a lot to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SqueakofDoom View Post
    Hello! Lamannia is down so we can bring the Enhancements back to Lamannia! I apologize for the late notice. A lot is changing with this update, and we will need to verify that everything is in working order, so Lamannia will remain down until Tomorrow, June 28th.

    Release Notes and Known Issue will be updated soon.

    Keep and eye out for Events!
    For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, here they come....

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    Hi Fawn,

    Id like to go for the Legendary expansion pack instead of the collectors pack.

    tyvm Kyokoi
    Kyokoi - 26th life, Completionist Barb
    Zornly 13th life, Cleric
    Zornley 3rd life, Sharadi Wiz Proud Officer of ToySoldiers

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    Nice job pushing through all those lives. I'm closing in on my first attempt at completionist and know how monotonous it can feel at times. Though the influx of new friends along the way really helps.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    1 of Four Otto's Irresistible Boxes
    I'll take a shot at entering for one of these. Character name is same as the forum name - Ryiah.
    Ryiah | Raeyah | Reikara
    The Band of Gypsys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryiah View Post
    Nice job pushing through all those lives. I'm closing in on my first attempt at completionist and know how monotonous it can feel at times. Though the influx of new friends along the way really helps.
    More Friends for the Win!
    Alternating caster / melee / ranged / divine seems to help too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Giveaways (only choose one please and list your favorite toon to receive it)

    1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Collector's Edition - Digital Download

    1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Shadowfell Conspiracy™ Legendary Upgrade - Digital Download

    1 Dungeons and Dragons Online™ 11,000 Turbine Point Code

    1 Dungeons & Dragons Online™: Menace of the Underdark™ Standard Edition - Digital Download

    1 of Four Otto's Irresistible Boxes
    Please place me in the drawing for a box: Koneka
    * * * Koneka * * *
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    More Friends for the Win!
    my fault... I made pub in guild
    ABBYdoll : Blond Brain - Huge butt (don't stay behind or you will see nothing)
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    Default Spotlight Build

    Hello everyone,

    It rained this morning, dropping my DSL from 1.40 mbps to 0.01 mbps.
    Well at least I know the miracle fix the other day was pixie dust and dry weather.

    Sooo...we will back in the game next week whenever Tinker Bell brings us more dust...
    telephone repairmen has same ticket as last week.

    In the meantime, we are going to review Fawngate's Spotlight build
    which is gradually evolving and being tested. I was asked recently if
    I thought this build up myself? I would like to think so, although I
    am not naïve enough to think that I am the only one to consider such
    a build type. Fawngate developed this during one of her earlier lives,
    and for this build she abandoned her Pokémon heritage to create something
    any player could use as legend life build effectively. (Completionist not

    Thank you Darree for gifting Fawngate with an EE Bastion Shield,
    it provides Fawngate with an AC of 73ish and decent PPR. She added the
    Imperial Globe of Blood and a DDO store +7 natural armor to it. Her
    defensive chance at level is now 50%. This another one of those compromises
    Fawn seems to take of power vs. survivability.

    She remains very interested in the Lord of Blades crafting, as Iconics
    will consider these Items the new greensteels of the future. Hopefully
    she will get her Radiant Shield and other items finished someday.

    To comment on the choice between Favored Soul 20 and Monk Splash.
    She has quested with Darree and Cloey who both play Favored Soul 18 / Monk 2,
    and noticed that they died more frequently than Fawn does.

    In part that may be simply playing styles, but it does address the question
    Fawngate pondered of whether evasion is necessary for her build. They have
    evasion and they die more than she does.

    In reality, EE questing with Fawn such as a recent Battle for Eveningstar EE,
    becomes a matter of her Heal, Renewal, and Cocoon being on constant cooldown,
    as she tries to keep up with the intensity of the battlefield. She does keep moving
    a lot, she rarely uses diplomacy, and she has resurrection quickened at all times.
    Fact of life, in EE players are going to die.

    Doing EH raids such as Caught in the Web and The Fall of Truth are great fun,
    and she holds up well in those (as long as her internet is ok). She had 11 soul stones
    in her inventory during a recent CitW raid, and she kited the undead dragons
    in a recent FoT raid.

    I like Halfling as a race, but I would trade Halfling for the Morninglord Iconic which
    offers a third light SLA to her arsenal. One could use other races as desired,
    Halfling has a smaller box than most which appeals to me.

    With the advent of the Juggernaut builds (which are warforged) the choice of
    empowered healing becomes more and more solid as it makes Renewal and
    Cocoon very solid SLAs. Healers really should have Cocoon, it is that good.

    Fawn occasionally fails a spell pen check. I have probably noticed about a dozen
    or so failures in her entire epic adventuring this life. It is rare but it happens, so
    the focus on Spell Pen is worthwhile.

    Her twists vary, but the current twists are 3 / 3 / 1

    Tsunami (Primal Avatar tier 3) ~ cost 50 sp (expensive), wis based DC (high wis), strong damage and effect, 7 second cooldown, complete application of various metamagics
    {This helps in solo beat down a few foes situations.}

    Sigil of Energy Negation (Magister tier 3) ~ cost 20 sp (moderate), stacking resist granting Fawn resist 121 in certain energies, quicken applicable, able to target distance targets such as Reaver tanks, duration one min (moderate), cooldown 30 seconds (half of duration)
    {Smiles when Darree walks thru it and notices his electric resist becomes 120.}

    Rejuvenation Cocoon (Primal Avatar tier 1) ~ cost 12 sp (low), quicken and empowered heal applied, cooldown 12 seconds (high for heal)
    {Top number one twist in the game for anyone.}

    As far as swapping out of the Angel Destiny for survivability, she is always an Angel.
    She does have Shadowdance outfitted for evasion with all +1 Dex choices taken.
    With a double twist +6 Ref she can manage solid survivability at the cost of healing power.
    But as we noticed before, keeping the group healed leaves the agro on them not her,
    so its a mot point. Perhaps something to consider if she ever wanted to solo EE,
    which she never does...

    Inside the Angel Destiny, she choose the Judgement line over the Endless Faith line,
    as she does not have enough points for both. There are lots of undead and evil
    outsiders in the game, plenty enough. Enlarge might be nice here and with Renewal,
    but feats are sacred. Hmm...maybe if completionist was an auto grant feat?

    What spells does she use and not use: Hold Person never gets considered,
    Soundburst is very rarely cast, Nimbus of Light is bugged for the Angel Destiny
    and remains on the spell list only to check in future, Cure Serious Wounds
    would be used more in EE, but it is such a button fumble to heal in major EE battles.

    So spells in frequent use are:
    Spell list:

    1) Nightshield, Remove Fear,
    Optional choose two:
    Divine Favor (occasion longbow use)
    Consider swapping in Obscuring Mist

    2) Resist Energy, Spawn Screen (FOT)
    Optional choose two:???
    Consider trying Hold Person Heightened to test out
    Consider remove paralyze (which removes slow)

    3) Magic Circle Against Evil, Prayer, Searing Light
    Optional: choose one:
    Cure Serious Wounds for a cheap single cure when heal is on cooldown
    (need better hot key placement)

    4) Freedom of Movement, Mass Shield of Faith
    Dismissal (not dependent on heightened and a solid choice always)

    5) Cure Light Wounds Mass, Divine Punishment
    Optional: choose two:
    Break Enchantment (LOB)
    Greater Command (if you have heightened)

    6) Blade Barrier and Heal
    Optional: choose one:
    Cometfall (cheap crowd control)

    7) Cure Serious Wounds Mass, Resurrection, and Destruction

    8) Mass Deathward, Firestorm, Symbol of Death

    9) Level Drain, Heal Mass, and Implosion

    Build nickname:


    20 levels Favored Soul

    Optional ~ Lawful Good (to make your weapons lawful and good aligned)
    Optional ~ any other alignment you prefer

    Wizard and/or Favored Soul past live(s) optional

    36 point build
    (Try to obtain at least +2 tomes on all stats)
    10-2 race Str (2 points)
    14+2 race Dex (6 points)
    14 Con (6 points)
    14 Int (6 points)
    18 Wis (16 points)
    08 Cha (0 points)

    Be aware you cannot cast spells unless your charisma is 10 + spell
    level being cast. Therefore you must wear a charisma item at all times.
    Carry lesser restoration potions in case your charisma is drained.
    Carry remove curse potions to use on others.
    Scroll True Seeing, Greater Restoration (opened up for twisting) (maxed out) (maxed out) (maxed out) (tier 4) (tier 4) Optional (tier 4) Optional (tier 3+) (tier 3+) (tier 3) Optional

    When in Angel Destiny, you want to be able to twist Cocoon, Elemental Absorption,
    Energy Sheath, Unearthly Reactions, Piercing Spellcraft, Block Energy,
    Draconic Perception, Sense Weakness, and possibly others...depending upon the quest.

    When in other destinies, you want to be able to twist Avenging Light and Renewal.
    You will gain Evasion by being in either Shadow Dancer or Primal Avatar.

    Halfling (optional use Human, Half Elf, Elf, etc..)

    Required Feats (7 heroic, 3 epic available)
    1ish) Toughness
    3ish) Empower,
    6ish) Completionist (optional feat as desired)
    9ish) Spell Pen
    12ish) Maximize
    15ish) Heighten Spell
    18ish) Quicken
    21ish) Empower Healing
    24ish) Greater Spell Pen,
    27ish) Epic Spell Pen

    Special Feats:
    Silver Flame choices to gain access to your Searing Light SLA
    Energy Resistance ~ Fire, Lighting, and Cold are the most popular combination

    One optional feat of your choice (Humans get an extra here)

    Enlarge (battlefields are getting bigger)
    Mental Toughness / Improved Mental Toughness / Epic Mental Toughness
    (Which provides +1 % spell critical each, take when desired)
    Past Life Feats / Augment Summoning / Least Dragonmark
    (As desired)
    Necromancy or Evocation Spell Focus
    (Which opens up Magistar Twists Spell Focuses, but you already have twists aplenty.)

    Skills ~ required (4 per level plus tome bonuses)
    Concentration (first and foremost max always)
    Spellcraft (not available yet max always)
    Heal (not working yet pump as desired)
    Get your total jump modifier to +10
    Get your total balance modifier to +10 or more
    One full cross class rank of Tumble

    Skills ~ optional but very effective
    Diplomacy (as desired even partial will work well)

    Skills to ponder deeply before taking
    UMD ~ good for greater teleport for entry into restless isles,
    otherwise never even being considered. Remember you are wearing
    Medium Armor and might be using a shield; this results in heavy
    arcane spell failure penalties for in combat casting. All these
    skill points will be transferred to Spellcraft for Fawngate.

    Enhancements Required prestige class
    Heal Devotion Increases
    No Heal Criticals
    All Smiting Light spell type enhancements
    All Smiting Light spell critical chances
    Some Halfling Saving Throws Enhancements
    Some spell pen bonuses if available.

    Enhancements Optional
    Heroic Companion
    Heal Critical Chances
    Other goodies
    Alpha version of new enhancements:

    Epic Destiny Choices:

    Exalted Angel ~ light mode

    Innate abilities:
    Celetial Destiny {Very nice, grants spell points, spell pen, etc...}

    Angelic Presence {Also nice, turn it on then forget about it.}

    Astral Vibrance {A bit of a puzzle, huge spell drain normally turning it on but during Reborn in Light
    and during Ascedance it is free to use without costing sp. Don't forgot to check that its off when
    you don't want it on anymore. Favored Souls have alot more spell points, so using this is easier
    than with a cleric.}

    Leap of Faith {Your wings recharge quicker which is nice, practice helps you get better using this.}

    Blessed Blades {Whatever weapon you equip has your alignment DR bipass, since Fawn is lawful good,
    her weapons are lawful good.}

    Ascendance {Cooldown of 5 minutes, lasts for 2 minutes, this is your mini version of reborn in light.
    Be sure and turn Astral Vibrance on while this is active then turn it off afterwards.

    Tier One
    Avenging Light (2 pts) {Awesume at will light spell}

    Radiant Power (3 pts) {Required for Endless faith and nice to have.}

    Healing Power (1 pts) {Required for Endless faith and nice to have.}

    Endless Faith (0 pts) {Bonus spell points, this is commonly twisted to other destinies}

    Tier Two
    Judgement (2 pts) {Lots of undead and evil outsiders most places}

    Tier Three
    Renewal (3 pts) {Awesume, primary number one healing spell cast.}

    Lay to Rest (2 pts) {Very short range and a bit difficult to cast, but nice to have.}

    Tier Four
    Blood and Radiance (2 pts) {wanted 3 but not enough points}

    Rebuke Foe (2 pts) {need to remember to use this one more, good for named mobs}

    Exoriate (2 pts) {does more than you think, DDO wiki is wrong this activates with light stacks,
    not heal stacks}

    Judge the many (1 pt) {Does not happen as often as desired, but its cheap to gain.}

    Tier Five
    Nothing Taken

    Tier Six (here is where the archon really helps)
    Divine Wrath (2 pts) {think ranged Draconic Energy burst with heals attached}

    Reborn in light (2 pts) {30 min cooldown, but your big secret weapon. Automatically turns on
    Astral Vibrance and allows it to be used for free. (Interestingly, the counter only needs to go
    to 50 instead of the listed 100 which is about right if you keep your archon going and cast a nice
    amount of healing/light spells.)}

    Playing Strategy:

    Spotlight focuses on using powerful spell like abilities.
    You can right click on your spell like abilities in the hot bar
    and apply various metamagic feats to them. Be sure and do that
    as therein lies your strength. These are completely free in cost
    so turn all available on.

    Apply metamagics as necessary. A good rule of thumb is for
    Quicken and Empower Heal turned on for Mass Heal and Heal.
    Quicken works well applied to Resurection and Firestorm.
    Empowered Healing and Maximized works well applied to Mass
    Cure Light and Serious Wounds. Maximized and Empowered
    works well applied to Blade Barrier and Divine Punishment.
    Also leave plain vanilla versions of Heal, Blade Barrier and Divine
    Punishment somewhere on your hotbar too.

    Your light spells are to beat down melee foes. You are working with
    the melees helping them. You have two light SLA which is great,
    as you need three light spells to rotate between.
    Searing Light w/o Metamagics will do for the last one.

    Make sure you remember to turn on your archon. Its awesome and it
    will keep your epic destiny stack up high. Once you get a stack of ten
    light spells, start using Divine Wrath as often as you can.

    Energy Drain is your big offensive spell, if you see a caster use it on them.
    You have enough spell pen to land it. If it fail a lot, there are two twist that
    you can use to increase your spell pen even more, twist one or both in.
    You will not find a more powerful spell in your arsenal than this one.
    Any creature energy drained one or more times has poor saving throws
    and will not be able to resist other spells you cast.

    Renewal is grand healing spell, and dirt cheap. However it only heals after
    two seconds, four seconds, and six seconds. So at times Cocoon is a better
    choice for a party member who is in trouble. But Cocoon has a long cooldown,
    so you might actually have to cast a Heal spell.

    Astral Presence is nice, turn it on.

    Use Ascendance anytime it is off its 5 min cooldown.
    Turn on Astral Vibrance whenever Ascendance is turned on.
    Turn it off when Ascendance expires.

    Reborn in light has a terribly long cooldown that persists
    after you leaven dungeon. But don't save it for when you
    die, cause you should not being dying.
    (Unless you are doing uber stuff and need the fail safe.)
    {If you have to choose between you dying and someone else
    dying, save yourself first and foremost.}

    Carry scrolls and wands, they are your friends.
    There are many things such as Greater Restoration that is easily scrolled.
    If you cannot find room for a spell that you want, use a scroll or wand instead.
    Carry one to two stacks of heal scrolls with you, always. No point in rushing to
    a raid only to find you are out of scrolls. They are expensive but can really
    extend your spell points when necessary.

    Harm is on the so
    pale masters are something you just must realize Clerics can help, but
    you cannot. But if you level drain foes for them, they will love you anyway.

    While leveling up, you may find a good longbow useful,
    however you will discard such tactics when you reach epics.

    For healing a group of melee in a raid, alternate between one of your mass cures,
    and quickened empowered healing Mass Heal. If you can, start throwing in
    Divine Wrath as well. Spot heal with Cocoon/Renewal as needed. Use your F keys to
    target players and yourself. Target players that are unlikely to die or lag
    when healing groups (referred to as your hero).

    When casting Implosion, always target yourself first, in case that helps with any
    targeting bugs that occasionally present themselves.

    Her current gear:

    +8 Con Eveningstar Chitten Armor with the cleric blessing set
    Cleric Blessing Set ring and necklace
    EE Bastion Shield
    EE Forgotten Light
    Greensteel HP boots
    Greensteel guard bracers
    Greensteel guard gloves
    Greensteel guard helmet (enervation)
    Crafted Absorption Trinket Electrical/Fire
    Optional ~ Greensteel absorbtion weapons Fire/Acid/Electrical/Cold
    EE Belt of Seven Ideals
    Various Augments
    Epic Ring of Shadows (did the Tor Flagging Chain twice to get)

    Future in 2014:

    When Epic Destinies go to level 10 at the same time the level cap will go
    to level 10 (mark my words they will), that will grant 20 extra points to
    spend on +1 Wis (taken six times), Full Endless Faith and Healing Power,
    and Be at Peace.

    At that point hopefully Completionist will be an auto grant feat giving you
    that and a level 30 feat to add to the feat list. Those would be luxury,
    and Fawn might lean towards Enlarge spell for her SLAs.

    {select all, copy is your best forum friend these days}
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    I choose my character Ykty to apply for
    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    1 Dungeons and Dragons Online™ 11,000 Turbine Point Code
    Since I already bought the two expansions.

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