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    Default Final Build (notes on spells)

    As we all know, Favored Souls like Sorcerer get more spell points but have to choose
    their spells. So, it is important which Fawn chooses. Starting with the highest and
    moving downward with preferred spells chosen first, possible choices:

    Three Level 9 spells:

    Mass Heal, Energy Drain, Implosion

    Three Level 8 spells:
    Mass Death Ward, Symbol of Death, Firestorm

    Three Level 7 spells:
    Destruction, Resurrection,
    ???debating between mass protection, mass spell resistance not sure if mass protection promotes lag???
    ???Greater Restoration is typically scrolled by Favored Souls???

    Three Level 6 spells:
    Heal, Blade Barrier, Cometfall
    ???Banishment looks nice to have but no room???
    ???no room for harm to heal pale masters who tend to get into trouble a lot???

    Four Level 5 spells:
    Divine Punishment, ??Slay Living (heightened)??, Greater Command (heightened)
    ???Break enchantment has a lvl 15 max caster level but is it used in LOB raids???
    ???I don't like to buff individuals, so no elements/spell resistance???
    ???other choices are true seeing or Flame Strike???
    ???Might as well scroll raise dead???

    Four Level 4 spells:
    Freedom of Movement, Dismissal, Shield of Faith Mass,
    ?Divine Power for occasional using Forgotten Light Mace?

    Four Level 3 spells:
    Searing Light, Magic Circle Against Evil, Prayer,
    ?Cure Serious Wounds cheap cure?

    Four Level 2 spells:
    Spawn Screen (for FOT raid), Resist Energy,
    ?Hold Person Heightened?, Remove Paralysis
    ???Considered Close Wounds to build up some heal/epic moment stacks quickly
    but I think I tried that already and decided it was not really needed???

    Four Level 1 spells:
    Nimbus of Light, Obscuring Mist (for shadow tanking),
    ?Divine Favor for occasional using Forgotten Light Mace?
    ???Remove Fear, but I want Nightshield too.
    Assuming that I have a higher resist item than +3,
    all Nightshield does at Epic levels is block magic Missiles.
    I do have a level 24 Mabar Robe that I can use the clicky
    to block magic missiles???

    {Build suggestions and ideas are very welcome.}
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    I did go ahead and purchase the Legendary Expansion along with the TP bundle.

    You receive three codes, Collectors, Legendary, and Turbine Points.

    When you enter either the Collectors code or the Legendary code, it should go thru fine.
    However when you go to enter the second of the two (regardless of order),
    they is a bug which may tell you that you already have it.

    I called up customer service about this, and they were very helpful.
    One simply keeps entering the second code and it will go thru eventually.
    Not continuously but when one thinks about it.

    Another forum post claimed that the high volume of sales creates this problem.

    After a dozen tries, the legendary code went thru fine.

    You receive two different tickets to click on.

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    I discovered something very interesting about lag last night.

    I was trying to farm Sane with one enters from the market place.
    After awhile, I started having lag about 8 pm CST.
    This persisted for some time.

    However, I was able to go to the Vale and join / eventually lead
    a Vale SRE group with not much lag problems at all. There was some
    loss (mouse over the green icon).

    Returning to the Market, I noticed that there were 3 market instances,
    and the lag inside Sane was still bad. So, I watched a movie with Mom
    recorded from TV, returning later to find that the Market only had one
    instance in 1 and the Sane quest was lag free.

    This indicates to me that entering a quest from an area that has
    built up lag can give you lag inside that quest. Perhaps it is good
    that many quests are entered from explorer areas?


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    I ended up with one +2 skill tome and
    two +3 skill tomes in Fawngate's inventory.

    They can be used on any skill but UMD.

    Hmmm....which ones should I use them on?

    Writing it down in case I cannot remember/find on character sheet:

    Purchased from DDO store +1 umd skill tome, upgrade from +2 to +3 skill tome, and +3 skill tome.

    Clicked on the skill tomes received from the Xpack, choose
    Concentration and Balance for the +3 ; Jump for the +2

    Took me a minute to realize that placed the skill tomes in my inventory which Fawn
    still needed to read.

    Choose Jump on the upgrade and Heal on the +3 skill tome from the DDO.

    Read them all.


    About to do a rogue/arty life soon.

    Got 5 more +3 skill tomes from the DDO store:
    DD, OL, Spot Search, Diplo


    Sitting in the bank atm:
    +3 Tumble, Haggle, Intimidate, Repair
    +2 Swim, Listen



    New notes (will not explain)
    +3 ~~
    +2 Swim
    +1 UMD
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    • A new named Augment called the Gift of the Master can now be created at the Altar of Epic Rituals near The Twelve by combining the Voice of the Master, Mantle of the Worldshaper, and five Greater Tokens of the Twelve. This item can be placed into any Colorless Augment Slot and provides a +5% Enhancement Bonus to all earned Experience Points. Using this augment on an item will permanently make the item Bound to Character.

    Since I have been saving a second mantle of the worldshaper for this occasion,
    I went and used the altar in the 12 open area beside the flaming earth elemental.
    Placed items in altar, clicked and it said "A wondrous thing has happened."

    Received a colorless augment that provides +5% xp.
    It is min level 1.

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    Used the lvl 17 Owlbear:

    Farming Sane ~ did well, only died once, seemed to want to stay closer to me than the typical hire,
    as seemed slightly quicker to respond to new threats.
    Sane Hard ~ we almost had a party wipe, but somehow I survived.

    Rainbow in the Dark Elite and Hard ~ did well and was very handy to be able to summon in
    the middle of the dungeon as one party member failed to find the quest entrance.

    Lord of Dust Elite ~ the end boss killed Owlbear, but this gave us time to kill the end boss.
    Lord of Dust Hard ~ then end boss targeted Owlbear quickly, but did not kill owl.

    Von 3 + 4 Elite ~ Owlbear died once each in the worst traps of these two.
    Unlike the Panther, Owlbear's ref seems a bit less uber.

    Von 1 thru 4 Elite Zerg for Favor ~ Panther, Owlbear, Elder Dyrad Summons
    and plat Favored Soul 18 hire were very fun.

    Overall, if you love the Panther, then using the Owlbear for Orchard and onward for quests seems very nice so far.

    {Max hp on lvl 17 Owlbear without trying Bear's ~ 782 with Fawn (Augment+Twist+3 Druid PL)}
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    Awhile back, Thalzur, Loreick and I had a interesting discussion about the possibility of
    racial past lives. We thought and agreed that having credit for doing each race once
    would be nice. Kind of a D&D race completionist type of thing.

    The Devs have really gone a step beyond that with the Iconics.
    Stepping above race to introduce themed characters. This will play
    out very interestingly as the Epic TRing unfolds.

    I really like what I see with the Morninglord.
    Notice the SLAs.
    This give me hope that the beta and gama enhancement Xoriat
    versions of Divine characters will be much closer to what I desire.

    All in all, I am pleased now with DDO, I am seeing a lot of attention
    paid to the general feelings of the masses in certain areas.
    A good example is 5% xp bonus in an augment.

    Limited Bank Space remains probably a major technical problem.

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    This life was a life of learning even better about instant kills,
    and the round em up, jump cast fireball technique.

    It started with joining up with monk zerging thru tangleroot.
    So, Fawn turned on maximized and decided she needed to
    learn real quick, as we raced thru.

    The spell pen Fawn has now, makes so much difference with
    instant kill spells. Because if you fail the first check, you cannot
    roll the second.

    I think I am more familiar with arcane spells now,
    love banishing now. Ending up running the Vale as Fire spec,
    just never had the time to change to ice. Lol, did fine anyway.
    Acid secondary with a bit of lighting.

    Fire was nice since a lot of the time was spent in Sane.
    But this really settled in some new arcane abilities better.

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    Cleared the TR cache out, Lesser hearting to reset TR timer.
    Shutting the computer down twice in the process.

    Since this was a caster life, either a melee or a ranged would be nice next.
    I noticed that if I used a +5 heart on Fluffy's build I can turn it into a fighter life.

    Another option is a wandering monk bank holiday life, not sure if I am ready for that.
    It would take a lot of time if done fully.

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    Fawngate has now started her 35th life.
    She bypassed the TR timer with her free lesser reincarnate.

    /ui layout load first (had to hunt that up)

    I wanted something different and thinking a movie yesterday we
    watched about a knight, I choose Paladin.

    STR 16 / DEX 10 / CON 16 / INT 08 / WIS 12 / CHA 16

    Toughness + Shield Mastery
    Concentration + Intimidate

    Lives left for uber completionist after this one:
    Fighter, Rogue, Monk, and Wizard

    Well, Fawn is TRed and I'm real pleased on the progress she made
    during the 15% xp bonus, its late time for bed.

    Those wondering why empowered healing on my final build?
    Its totally worth it in Fawn's opinion to max Renewal and Cocoon.

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    The Dev tracker is working again, so shutting down the Forums a bit ago fixed it?

    Sigh, the End of the Road quest is closed.
    However, is the one that drops Forgotten Light,
    which is the Epic Elite item in Fawn's treasure hunt giveaway.

    {First two players to offer in trade an EE Forgotten Light will receive
    in return an Otto's Irresistible Box ~ in celebration of her final build.}

    Someone pointed out to me that Fawn's build is different than the typical Favored Soul
    build. There is no Evocation or Necromancy Focus nor greater versions of the like.
    Its a good point.

    She favors Renewal for healing, thus reducing her cost of healing by 1/8 of a normal
    Favored Soul. In exchange for this 1 out of every 10 blade barriers/destruction will be inferior to
    a normal Favored Soul build.

    I am not sure which is better, but I am glad that D&D is complex to consider various builds.
    Perhaps worrying about spell point efficiency is not needed on a Favored Soul, but
    her little sister was a cleric with poor equipment who went many places and did fine.

    She is very likely to use her spell like abilities and combinations such as symbol of death/blade barrier
    or energy drain/destruction. Light spells can be quite interesting once you get your stacks going.

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    Stealthy farm done bringing Fawn from level 1 to 3,
    so she can go to korthos in style.

    It only took 9 runs instead of the usual 12,
    given VIP bonus plus her new augment sloted into
    a deconstructed colorless sloted bracer got off the Auction house.
    {Greater Tome of Learning and 30% xp pot running.}

    Sometimes I listen to DDO Gamer Podcast while farming this
    type of thing, informative and relaxing. Thanks guys for doing DDO Podcasts.

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    As I was completing today,
    it occurred to me that this Eberron society is quite concerned with ancestors.
    Count all the sarcophagi in low level quest, there are a ton of them.

    Then it occurred to me that this society has the potential to use spells of
    life magic such as Resurrection, although they are expensive to cast.

    Would that not place a great deal of change on the thought patterns of
    those preparing final resting places? Knowing that someday, someone might
    possibly cast a spell able to raise you from the dead?

    Then my mind turned to our world where great tombs have been
    created long ago. Did these ancient people wonder whether our world
    would someday become more Eberron with magic mixed with technology?

    If today, we had the resources to resurrect ancient Egyptians, would we do so?

    I believe I read somewhere where it is becoming possible to recreate extinct
    animal species, and the debate of whether that is smart to do?

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    New Healing Potions:

    Wash (right beside harbor bank)
    Lesser Healing ~ 3 amber vials
    Moderate Healing ~ 2 Pure Water

    Giles (in harbor at market gate)
    Lesser Healing ~ 3 pages from a research notebook
    Moderate Healing ~ 2 Khyber prayer pamphlets

    Peta (market near bank)
    Same but dust which is a crafting item.

    Dvayd (market) + Kipling (market)
    Lesser and Moderate Healing
    Its looking like the level of the augment offered affects
    the level of the healing potions and most of the
    traders offer some sort of potions.

    Manntakhan (house j near entrance)
    Moderate Healing and long lasting Eagle's Splendor
    This trader is asking for a collectable that I have more of
    than some of the requests.

    I cannot get into Gianthold, but I'll use my key to enter Eveningstar.
    Lol, not seeing much here, I guess they might not know about Eberron
    Collectables yet...

    The healing potions I bought so far were not bound.

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    Added a link from page 1 of this thread to the start of Fawn's Fate storyline also found here:

    Also added forward links to Fawn's Fate part 1 thru 17.
    Hope to continue the storyline soon.

    Thank you moderators for making DDO forums a fun place to be

    Been thinking and looking here:

    Morninglord Weapon Training: Grants you +1 to attack and damage with morningstars, maces, and hammers. Grants +1 to attack and +2 damage with mauls.
    • Blessing of Amaunator: You gain use of the Blessing of Amaunator spell-like ability which acts as Aid Mass, Spell Resistance Mass, and Deathward Mass.
    • Amaunator’s Brilliance: Spell Like Ability: Sunburst: A globe of searing radiance explodes to blast targets for 6 to 36 points of light damage in addition to blinding them. Oozes and Undead instead take 4 to 6 points of light damage per caster level. A successful Reflex save reduces the damage by half and negates the blindness. The save DC for this spell is based on your Wisdom. Light fearing undead may be instantly destroyed by this spell. Uses spell points. Cooldown decreases with each rank gained.
    Along with:
    ...Ideally, we'll offer additional build flexibility first, with Lesser Reincarnation, which will allow you to change your base class in the near future...
    So, Fawn could one day TR into this Iconic, taking 1 cleric then 14 favored soul,
    then using a +1 lesser heart to become pure favored soul. Perhaps after getting
    Epic Iconic Completionist.

    So, next summer Fawn will have lots to do. Better not overdo the epics now,
    as she is going to see a lot of them later on...

    (Realize that there is absolutely no evidence of crazy epic iconic TR new completionist path theories.)

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    I listened to the latest podcast which was quite good:

    and latter chatted with Cloey with taking Fawngate thru the Harbor elite level 2 quests for the 35th time.

    The podcast has two DDO staff producers taking in it, which is interesting.

    I told Cloey I used the path when I made my first Bladeforged and when the Lord of the Blades asked,
    "Do you want to level all the way up to 15?" I said "Yes."
    Zip, ding! Numbers all over the place, then there I was.
    I had to pick enhancements which reminded me of how cumbersome the current system is.

    After talking with all the warforged and breaking some boxes which had random cool potions in some,
    I left the creation forge, to enter the marketplace and put on my new gear.

    The gear was all bound to character (sad for Fawn), but it looked pretty good.
    Fun, quick, looks like something I could be effective with.

    Cloey, on the other hand, debated most of the time Fawn zerged thru the Harbor on various builds.
    I think she settled on an Artificer style.

    Then we debated a good name for her. Lol, Warforged have a different naming style traditionally.
    (My bladeforged is has a storage name, as it replaced a storage unit.)
    All in all, I am pleased with the new Iconics and hope to see more of these in the future.

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    Having TRed so much, my inexhaustible supply of portable holes is gone.
    Thank you Loreick for giving me one of yours.

    The last two lives, I have had to go to the auction house and buy whatever was
    cheapest buyout.

    So, lives nowadays, I probably break even at best.

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    From elsewhere, but placing it here, so I can look it up later as desired:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tolero View Post
    So a couple things on the Owlbear:

    I'll put this out here just to rule it out: make sure you are summoning the right level Owlbear. Two Owlbears hirelings are provided, one level 17 and one epic level. The icons look the same and it's possible to have mixed them up as a result (especially if your 2nd owlbear ended up on the next tab of your inventory).

    Otherwise, the Epic Owlbear's current stats are:
    200 Physical Resistance Rating
    DR 15/-
    Death Ward
    Heavy Fortification
    20% Acid damage absorption
    20% electric absorption
    20% cold absorption
    20% fire absorption
    30% healing amplification

    Ability score wise, compared to the lower level owlbear and panther:
    Level 25 Owlbear
    STR 91 DEX 38 CON 53 INT 12 WIS 20 CHA 14

    Level 17 Owlbear
    STR 61 DEX 28 CON 38 INT 12 WIS 18 CHA 14

    Level 20 Panther
    STR 34 DEX 23 CON 34 INT 10 WIS 19 CHA 14

    and base attack damage breaks out like so:
    Level 25 Owlbear: 10d6
    Level 17 Owlbear: 5d6
    Level 20 Panther: 3d6

    Hope this helps to clarify!

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    Also of interest right now to me:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post


    As a special thank you to our players for their patience during our website work, we would like to offer our community a gift of XP! Use coupon code 4UMSXP for 1 Sovereign I Experience Elixir (a +50% XP Bonus good for three hours), 1 per account!
    Quote Originally Posted by QuartermasterX View Post
    Shadowfell Conspiracy will include 10 Quests and 2 Wilderness Areas in addition to the 1 prelude quest currently available with pre-purchase.

    This information will be added to the Shadowfell Conspiracy FAQ and Pre-Purchase page.
    Nice preview video here:
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    Its late, about to go to bed.

    However, its a big weekend, and here is an update:

    Her big treasure pull: A portable hole from the chest of acid death in Delara's part 2.
    Her most memorable death: Being killed along with another party member in a poison trap.
    {We bug reported that one.}
    Her biggest technical mistake: Building a Pally with 08 Int ~ no Combat Expertise.

    Fawngate's Pally life has come and gone in a blink of an eye, although it seems
    like quite awhile ago to me.

    She is now on her 36th life, that of a Halfling necro lich form wizard.
    She is at level 18, having just used a stone of experience.

    Of great excitement to her is that every time she TRs or LRs, she gets two tickets,
    one from the collector preorder and one from the legendary upgrade to the preorder.
    When she opens both of these tickets, she gets two +3 skill tomes and one +2 skill
    tome. Considering that lately each time she TRs, she resets the TR timer with a LR,
    she is rapidly building up Skill Tomes for her all her Skills. I suspect that as soon as
    the Xpack goes live, this will stop happening as eventually it did with the first preorder.

    So if you consider the TRs/LRs as normal purchases and count the DDO store cost of these extra skill
    tomes, she is getting quite a bargain from her Pre Order.

    Lives left till Uber Completionist: Fighter, Rogue, Monk
    Fighter will +5 LR at the end of Fluffy's build.
    Rogue will be the 666 arty rogue fighter build.
    Monk is still being debated in my mind heavily.

    Final build notes:
    Fawn has decided she wants Augment Summoning, so we need to fit that in.
    She feels there might be time she want to pull a hire like that uber lvl 23 ranger,
    and having +10 str to his attack would be fun.

    Fawn is also wondering about not having Dragonmark of Finding.
    The premise is from a tactical chess lesson: that of the overburdened piece.
    An example is a queen guarding 3 lesser pieces, which works well until the
    opponent takes all three, one right after another, leaving the queen to scramble
    guarding them all. She worries that she would become frustrated with players
    not waiting for her to open the chest, since divines usually heal, buff, then loot.

    Pondering, I realize that the Epic TRing with the Iconic characters will allow Fawngate
    to play thru all the class again with the new enhancement update, starting at level 15
    instead of Korthos...Poor Jeets, he will miss Fawn...

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