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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate
    Fawn's Fate part 8

    Part 7 link:
    Part 9 link

    Reaching up, a robust Halfling grasps a pine branch above his head and slowly pulls himself upward.

    Partly tied to the Druid Halfling's backpack, a wolf whines in disapproval at being trundled up, its paws dangling in mid air.

    Clad in buckskin, Bruce hushes the wolf with a "Shhh, Ace, shhh..."

    Struggling for a second, but finding the rope firmly holding fast, Ace, the wolf, relaxes.

    Bampth - the sound of teleporting is heard beneath the pine tree - Bampth - it moves onward.

    Bruce, pauses in his climbing, scratching his sandy hair with a puzzled expression,
    "What is a full fledged Devil Squadron Patrol doing here?"

    Bampth - the sound of teleporting is heard to the south.

    A crow in a nearby tree squawks at the intruders, angered by the Devil's presence.

    A pinecone drops from further above as if a squirrel is echoing the sentiments of the forest.

    "I wish I knew a herd of Treants to call upon.", murmurs Bruce in a whisper.
    Ace, the wolf companion, licks the back of Bruce's neck as if in agreement.

    Heavy footsteps and the clang of metal is heard marching away...
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    Quijonn's 40th life ~ another uber completionist.

    I believe this is the 5th Uber Completionist?


    Fawngate slowly crawls towards level 20, doing a rank (or a half a rank) a day.
    Kind of the old speed from much earlier lives.
    Currently rank 94 with Sane/RWD/IQ2 farms available.
    High road explorers/slayers is also worth a rank.

    Things have changed a bit towards the end.
    She has the cleric symbol beside her name now.

    Her ability to cure:
    Cure serious wounds, Maximize Spell, Empowered Healing Spell, 1k sp,
    8~9 turn undead healing bursts, and 75% chance to cast heal scrolls.

    Often she finds groups wanting a healer, because at level 18 many of the quests
    are better suited with a healer.

    Because she started playing DDO as a healer, and understand healing,
    she heals ok for someone with Cleric 8, Barbarian 6, and Wizard 4 classes.

    Interestingly enough, sometimes she is grouped with another player
    who has a vastly superior build for healing, yet she contributes far more to supporting the group.

    Fawngale remains at lvl 1 Favored Soul, perhaps waiting for a sign from heaven (or the enhancement revamp) to begin her final life.

    Fawnglow, the first life cleric, slowly moves forwards on her epic destinies, still unable to decide her future. I think she is slightly nervous about what may be?

    Good luck Padd and Pironious and thank you!
    Not sure, but if a TP Code does not immediately grant you TP points, I would recheck the code
    for typo errors as that is usually the problem.

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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 9

    Part 8 link:
    Part 10 link

    The bow of the Brightgate slices thru the foaming waves as it speeds westward.
    The salty air has a tang in it as the wind picks up.

    Off the Starboard bow, sea gulls fly in the wind.
    A green coastline lies beyond them.

    At the stern, two warforged sailors stand near one of the siege weapons,
    repairing some damage from the recent combat.

    Gyre Graysen is casting a preparatory ritual, while Flistel Hannurr is bringing
    a large, complicated tripod instrument up to the deck level.

    Waves splash across the bow as the metal Brightgate veers towards the shoreline,
    hoping to continue mapping the mysterious coast of Xen'drik.

    A human cleric follows Gyre, clad in robes rarely seen anywhere in Eberron,
    in his right hand he carries an Orb of the Traveler...
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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 10

    Part 9 link:
    Part 11 link

    Salty spray, clear skies, and puffy clouds on the horizon.
    Fawn smiled at the beautiful day.

    Several hours later, rolling the bottom of ocean chop, sea water splashing in her face,
    one's perspective certainly shifts. Rolling unto the top of a large ocean swell, Fawn
    received a glimpse of black rolling clouds rapidly moving from the west towards her.

    As her small rowboat rises higher, Fawn quickly ties her precious magical Orb Staff
    to her tattered mystical green robe. Grasping her magical oar, she continues paddling
    southward. As she comes to the top of the ocean swell crest, the rowboat takes
    a mind of its own, sliding westward and down, down, down.

    Turning part about, the rowboat is hit by ocean chop, hitting Fawn full in the face
    with a surge of salt water. Sputtering, Fawn shakes her wet mop of hair trying to
    get her bearing. Moving her feet to reposition herself, water splashes about.

    "That cannot be right? Water should be out of the boat, not in it?" Fawn briefly
    thinks to herself. Glancing down, she sees her precious scuffed backpack floating
    in the rowboat. Snatching up the backpack, Fawn slings it over her shoulder, as
    the rowboat rises up another ocean swell, turning randomly in the process.

    Looking about her in desperation, Fawn turns behind her and spots one of the many
    magic spell discs created by the ghostly spirits. Signaling towards it, she begins paddling
    her rowboat in that direction.

    The next few minutes are filled with confusion as Fawn gets wetter and wetter while
    sliding hither and yon. One of the ghostly spirits orders its magical disc that is hovering
    well above the tumultuous water to fly lower and closer to Fawn. Balancing upon her
    rowboat, Fawn grasps an edge and flips her backpack onto that disc where it lands in
    the midst of some heavy bags piled high on the magical disc.

    Thrown off balance by the efforts of the throw, she falls into the ocean.
    Fawn sighs with despair as the ocean begins to sweep her away.

    Taking a deep breath, she gasps as waves pull her down into the ocean. The salty water
    closes over her head, and she is disorientated. Kicking, she pushes towards the
    dim light above her. Coughing, Fawn breaks the surface and begins swimming
    towards her rowboat which aimlessly drifts away, taunting her.

    Kicking harder, Fawn swims furiously in a burst of energy as an ocean swell raises her
    high. She grimaces, thinking, "What goes up, must come down..." Sure enough at
    the end of a glorious few seconds of excellent swimming, Fawn is thrust downward
    into a world of spray and crashing water.

    Out of breath, and starting to wonder where she is, Fawn glances up and sees
    her rowboat - bearing down upon her with the great enthusiasm
    of a giant dog towards a long lost owner. Smiling for a second with relief,
    Fawn's expression changes to fear as she braces for impact.

    Fawn grasps the side of the rowboat as it smashes into her ribs.
    Grimly hanging on for dear life, she ponders her next move.
    "Obviously, get in the rowboat and keep rowing southward...", she thinks to herself.

    Circling overhead, the giant Albatross wings downward towards one of the many
    mystical discs that are hovering well above the sea, and settles down upon one of them.
    Each of these magical discs are transporting a large mound of bags full of
    gold coins. So, the Albatross begins rearranging bags to form a nest of sorts.

    Swirling around in the water, Fawn watches from atop an ocean swell as the
    Albatross settles down into its luxurious nest and begins preening its feathers.

    Sighing, Fawn heaves upward and attempts to get inside her little rowboat.
    Waves crash, the sky turns upside down, and slim Fawn and the rowboat both
    flip over. Shaking her wet sable hair out of her eyes, Fawn surges towards her
    upside down rowboat in a desperate dog paddle.

    Panting, climbing atop the overturned rowboat, Fawn checks her staff which is still
    bouncing against the robe tied to her hip. Spitting out salt water, Fawn looks upward
    at the sky as if talking to a superior being and shouts, "Oh bother, can this get any

    Apparently someone is listening, for a few seconds later, two Sahuagin surge out of
    the water onto the rowboat which quickly begins to sink. Spears glistening as they
    bark out threats of violence, the Sahuagin almost lose their balance by the movement
    of the boat. Rolling her eyes, Fawn gasps in disbelief, "You have got to be kidding!"

    From her right side, Fawn glimpses a rapid moment, and a moment later, two dolphins
    headbutt the Sahuagin off the now sinking rowboat. A third dolphin jumps in triumph
    over Fawn's head then chases after the outnumbered Sahuagin.

    Fawn's rowboat thoroughly intimidated by all this, raises her stern to the sky as her
    bow heads towards the ocean depths. The mystical oar is nowhere to be seen.

    The huge Albatross looks up for a second, then begins dramatically preening its feathers
    from high atop the pile of heavy bags resting upon a mystical disc hovering safely
    well above the dramas of the ocean waves, perhaps mocking Fawn, or maybe giving her a hint?

    Spitting out some salt water, Fawn signals for help as she begins swimming for the closest
    mystical disc.


    We are really enjoying writing this.
    Reminds me of the old days when we had fun doing play by post D&D campaigns.
    I always wanted to learn how to write and do art well long ago.
    Ironically when I volunteered for WotC and unofficial DMing of play by post D&D in the
    WotC Real Adventure forums, I learned how to write.

    D&D teaches storytelling, which is the basis for writing.

    Here is one of the WotC Pictures used in my play by post games:

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    Fawngate has now started her 30th life.

    She finished up her G.I.M.P. life with taking lvl 19 on her last rank,
    hoping to enter the High Road explorer area.
    But this area has been increased to level 20 for entry (at least in
    this case of Fawn not having done Thru the rift quest).
    So she turned to IQ2 / Sane on Hard/Normal with some hires she bought with astral
    shards. I really enjoyed seeing the level 19 hires blow up everything in sight.

    She redid her Epic Destiny choices as the feat swap long ago reset them all.
    In doing so, it was difficult for her to choose a destiny that felt appropriate for her.
    Several sort of fit, but not too well.
    This sort of sums up this whole life, asking herself, "Who am I?"
    Or more to the point, the answer to her question maybe lies in her alignment:
    Chaotic Neutral ~ which is what this life felt like.

    It was fun, a bit humbling at times, a challenge at times, and I am glad its done.

    Fawngate starts the second of her handicap lives, this one a bit different than the GIMP life.

    First she set up her ui settings all over the screen, and decided to look up how to save
    the settings as every TR she has to redo them. The answer is found in this link:

    She saved them under
    /ui layout save first
    so she can retrieve them under
    /ui layout load first

    As a test she loaded them unto Fawnglow, but it turned out funny at first.
    By placing the extra hot bars vertically and horizontally and inside the rolling bar
    the same way as Fawngate's hot bars are everything loaded properly.

    With that done, she did the Grotto quest and began working on the rules for her
    second and possibly last handicapped life. What she is looking for is a combination
    of the perma lich life and the bank holiday life.

    So for starters, she went to the harbor bank and shuffled out all of her plat
    except for 1,000 plat (plus some odd copper and silver coins). This leaves
    her with plat similar to a new character.

    Then she bought off the astral shard auction house a Ring of the Stormreaver
    for Fawnglow or Fawngale. This brought the astral shards total to 47.

    Next, she took the bonus reward ticket from her reincarnation bank and turned it
    in as she usually does. Just to make sure these tickets keep coming in the future.
    It yielded the minor boots of xp, slayer, and crafting all bound to character.

    After that she took her meager funds and bought:
    Level 1 cleric hireling, 100 fresh berries, 2 potions of jump, 3 scrolls of jump.
    (Potions are rather expensive if you are broke, lol...)

    She did not pad her bank with extras before TRing as it only occurred to her this
    morning to definitely go ahead and do this. Each time she dies, she will have to
    withdraw from her TR cache a permanent, bound to character item that has value
    and delete that item without buying it back later on. This is the perma liche rules.

    As she was emptying her TR cache from the life before, by double clicking items
    in the TR bank, she accidently triggered an exclusive bounce on her mantle of
    the worldshaper. The one from TR bank disappeared yesterday. This morning she
    found it in her mailbox, and since her mailbox is not part of the bank holiday rules,
    she claims it as fair game to keep.

    As far as I am aware, she does not have anything on the auction house that could
    expire and be mailed back to her.

    The bank holiday rules prohibit withdrawing from her shared bank or her reincarnation
    bank until she decides to prepare for TRing into her next life. It also prohibits using
    the auction house or trading with another player. In game vendors are useable at
    any time, however starting out with 1k plat seriously limits this option.

    In keeping with the traditions of Perma Death, games like FATE, etc, she should be
    allowed one legacy item, taken from anywhere she pleases. This remains a big
    question mark of which to pick. One item ~ anything from anywhere, what would
    you choose?

    The DDO store remains a large question mark on how much she will allow herself
    to use it. Obviously, equipment is forbidden, but hirelings are likely to be allowed
    as she has taken a fancy to occasionally using gold seal hires.

    She currently has xp potions as well as slayer boost potions running.

    Her build?
    Human Druid
    Toughness and Augment Summons

    For starters, she is trying Elite Stealthy Repossession, going into the quest with
    only +15% longstrider is a bit low for speed. She get cursed and at the second
    lever she becomes harried and unable to pull the lever. Changing tactics, Fawn
    runs for the front door and steps back into the harbor. Failure, but no death
    as recall/stepping back out is perfectly legal for her rules.

    Perhaps harbor solos then back to Korthos, me thinks.

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    Ship buffs are allowed.

    Fawn looked up crafting ingredients for an invulnerability shard:
    less body essences, greater body essences, strings of prayer beads.
    Hmm...she might can gather them up in time.
    (Thinking Stealthy would be much easier with that item crafted.)

    She is breaking every barrel she sees, and glad for the free tiny ingredients bag
    given away at the market entrance.

    Harbor Solos done once, back to Korthos...

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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 11

    Part 10 link:
    Part 12 link

    Time passes, a crow flies by and perches on the pine branch right above Bruce's head.
    The Halfling druid waves his hand and casts Speak With Animals.

    The crow glances down at Bruce and caws at him. "How be you, protector of me?"

    Bruce caws in return, "Reasonably well for a creature that is not blessed with flight.
    How are your nestlings growing?"

    The black crow fluffs its feathers with pride and begins upon a long rambling of
    the many exploits of its descendants...

    Bruce lets the crow talk, occasionally inserting an encouraging word while he
    and his wolf companion Ace listen to the sounds around the forest.

    Quite puffed up, the crow now satisfied that someone cares about his nest,
    offers an observation, "T'would be easier for you to live in trees, if you could fly."

    Bruce lets out an exaggerated sigh of disappointment at having been born
    a Halfling instead of a glorious bird. The expression is not hard to craft as Bruce
    greatly admires the bird's freedoms. Then drawing on his beguiling heritage,
    Bruce swivels on the tree limb exaggerating a search of the forest around him.

    The crow now on the bouncy direction Bruce intends, makes a noble offer,
    "Me look forest for you, see what not should be?"

    Bruce smiles and makes happy crow gestures.
    Elated at the new responsibilities, the crow flies off.

    Ace, still tied to Bruce's backpack, wags its tail and lick's its master's neck,
    happy that Bruce seems happy. Giving a kick or two, it then reminds Bruce
    that Ace feels a bit silly strapped to a backpack high above the forest floor
    on a pine tree branch.

    Bruce reaches backwards and pets Ace's head, "Its ok, we just want to be
    sure those devils are gone." Ace sniffs the air and snorts twice as if to say,
    "I ain't afraid of no devil!"

    From several directions, crow caws are heard as the crow gathers up its


    Update on Fawngate in the game:

    Picked up Sully's Grog from DDO store and traded for starter rez cake.
    Figured that was fair game.

    Got a lesser slayer's count boost from a free silver daily roll.

    Plat slowly building to 1,600ish.

    Bought an Otto's Box from the DDO store, placed unopened in inventory atm.
    Undecided as to claiming it as my legacy item or not.
    If unclaimed, it may prove useful in a later life.

    Enjoying this life better than last handicapped life, perhaps mostly because I have
    freedom of choice?
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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 12

    Part 11 link:
    Part 13 link

    Dante's large cat ears perk up and twitch.
    "Oh, yummer, I hear birds nearby." as its tail swishes.

    Plum continues walking down the cobblestone roadway, while Glum
    instinctively draws out his gleaming bejeweled greatsword.

    Dante skitters off the roadway towards the nearby conifer woods,
    poking at the brush hoping to scatter a few birds.
    Abruptly stopping, the large cat of noble origins, sniffs the air inquisitively.

    Plum shrugs, "Crows who needs em?"
    Glum hesitates, "Birds are the alarm of the woods, these don't seem calm."
    Still casual, Plum slips one hand into a vest pocket and gestures with the other.

    Dante sniffs again, then leaps unto a tree trunk to get a purer breeze to test.
    Glum slides off to the left of the group and crouches down.

    Plum pulls out a wand and begins casting a spell.
    Dante leaps higher and sniffs again, then calls out, "Orthon Devil scent strong and heavy."
    Plum mutters unflattering words in the Orc tongue.
    Glum glances about looking for teleporting ambush attacks.

    Minutes pass, as Plum scans the area, his eyes glowing blue from the enchantment of
    a spell. The sounds of crows lessens then gets closer.
    Glum states, "Them crows are searching the area; me think they are hunting Devils out."
    Plum hesitates at this news, thinking.

    Dante perks up, calling from high above, "What in catnip could that be?"
    Plum shifts forward as Glum moves to guard Plum's rear.
    Dante bounces down the tree as nimble as a squirrel, tumbling forward.

    The trio move thru some brush then stand consternated at an unearthly sight.
    A jagged iron spike is rising 25 feet high vertically in the air.
    Attached to the base of the spike, curving iron fence runs in four different directions,
    supporting the spike from tipping over. Fasteners are clearly seen connecting the
    various pieces together. The ground beneath this oddity is barren as if the life
    of nature had been sucked out of it; this barrenness extends in a circle two dozen
    feet around.

    Sniffing around, Dante nods, "Definitely Devils, mostly Orthons."
    The air around the iron spike crackles with yellow arching magical power.

    Plum readies a spell, and warns, "Stand back!"
    Glum glances all over as if expecting a sneak attack at any second.
    Dante tumbles away, anticipating an explosion.

    Plum speaks words of arcane power as he waves a purple orb in his
    left hand. The wand in his right hand crackles with mystic energy
    then lashes out with a blue pulsating wave of energy that surrounds
    the bizarre iron spike, interweaving with the yellow power of the spike.

    Plum fiercely concentrates aiming his spell trying to penetrate the Devil's
    spell. The blue spell twists and turns then flashes blue sparks across the
    barren ground. The Devil's yellow magic sputters and dissipates.

    Stepping forward, Glum looks closer at the crazy iron spike device, and declares,
    "This crazy spike is made entirely of cold iron, valuable stuff." Breaking off a
    sizable tree branch, he begins bashing at this bizarre devilish cold iron spike,
    knocking it apart.

    Dante nods than gets out a few odd looking tools and goes to work
    dismantling the Devil's jagged iron spike into small neat rows of scrap cold iron.

    Plum smiles, "Cold iron will sell for a nice profit..."
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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 13

    Part 12 link:
    Part 14 link

    Slowly braiding her sable hair, Fawn smiles at foresight shown by the ghostly spirits
    when they made the sea versions of the magical discs much wider than the one used
    at Loot Hill to haul gold to the beach. Stretching her legs out, and rearranging the bags
    of gold, Fawn takes a deep breath looking around with interest.

    Behind her the flotilla of hovering magical discs is spread out in a fan shape, all following
    the 33 feet diameter magical disc that Fawn is riding upon. These dozens of discs each carries
    a large mound of bags positioned in the center of the disc. Each disc has half a dozen
    spirits nearby doing various activities, one of which sits near the front of the disc, presumably
    steering in the directions that Fawn has been providing since her dramatic rescue from the sea.

    Smiling, happy to feel safe again, Fawn gently pats her blue silk pouch, and whispers,
    "A real plush dragon's lair for you someday, April. Plenty of gold to roll around in.
    I promise, I'll go back and rescue your nieces and nephews somehow.
    The White Dragon Tropical Clan will survive. You are going to really like where we
    are heading, so much you will want to break out and peek around..."

    Absorbed in her murmurings to the white dragon egg, Fawn fails to notice a maiden
    spirit moving closer, hanging upon every word spoken. The mystical disc continues
    on its present course, flying well above the raging sea. Waves leap high into the air
    then fall back again, fiercely seeking what they almost claimed as their own.

    Whispering more motherly sweet nonsense, Fawn carefully opens the pouch to
    examine the dragon egg. After a long look-see, she decides it is unharmed, so
    she begins stroking it gently with her Draconic Soul Gem making the dragon egg
    glows gently with rainbow colors.

    The giant Albatross, well in the rear of the flotilla of hovering magical discs,
    appears to be calmly sleeping, confident things are going well -- or maybe resting
    for the future?

    The maiden spirit presses closely and suddenly the Orb of Istar (atop the Staff of Istar)
    blazes out with radiant light. The maiden stops and bows towards Fawn with gestures
    of peace. Looking at the maiden spirit, Fawn discerning that she means no harm, beckons
    towards the spirit.

    Fawn begins a conversation with her, "Hello, my name is Fawn, what is your name?"
    A bit shy, the maiden spirit replies, "I am Willow of Armaga Harbor. Is that a real dragon

    Nodding full of pride, Fawn pulls the Dragon Egg completely out of the pouch. The ancient
    runes covering the outside of the shell glow with the same rainbow light as the pulsating
    Draconic Soul Gem. Smiling, Fawn watches Willow's pleased expression.

    Sitting down upon a nearby bag of gold coins, Willow relaxes as she crosses her legs
    and adjusts her phantom skirt.

    Instinctively, Fawn waits sensing that Willow seems chatty.

    In a minute Willow speaks, "It was a dark and stormy night when the Pirate King came..."
    Pausing, she shudders for a second. "...all of Armaga was slain. None were spared.
    The harbor village was burnt to the ground. Before the Host could claim our souls,
    the Pirate King and his Priests of the Devourer preformed a ritual that bound us to
    protect the Pirate King's treasures. It drove us mad with anger and took away our
    freedom of choice. But now that is gone somehow because of you. I thank you,
    we thank you. But we fear to pass on from Eberron. What will become of us?
    Did we do dark deeds in our madness?"

    Listening in sympathy, Fawn waits.

    Passionately, Willow continues, "Many of us have decided not to pass on till
    we do deeds of kindness, so that we will be remembered for goodness and
    judged, if judgment there be, by those actions."

    Fawn continues listening, knowing her fate is intertwined, at least right now, with
    the fate of these spirits.

    Leaning forward and peering intently at the white dragon egg, Willow asks,
    "Is this really the last of a Dragon Clan?"

    Fawn slowly nods, "As far as I know, there is less than a handful of its Clan. I hope to travel
    to rescue another to be with this one, if I am not too late. It is a White Dragon,
    and precious few are from the tropics. In the summers this Clan migrates to Everice*,
    then the Clan returns each winter to the islands of northern Xen'drik**."

    Willow puts her chin on her knee, thinking...After a minute she come to a decision, "These
    gold coins still grant us mystic powers, perhaps because we were bound to the coins for so long.
    If you intend to leave this treasure in a dragon's lair then we could stay there,
    protecting the dragons?"

    Fawn nods in agreement at this plan.
    Standing up, Willow shouts over to another floating disc, "Teima, come here!"

    While Willow beckons Teima, a spirit with a commanding presence to come here,
    Fawn activates the Crown of Istar, carefully sighting towards a tiny tear in the fabric
    of Eberron. Issuing new directions, she directs the spirit steering her floating disc to
    veer more southward to intercept this tiny rent in the fabric of space that lies ahead.

    Teima arrives and is introduced as the best fishing captain of Armaga (hence the acting
    "mayor" of sorts it seems). Explanations and discussions follow. Fawn is careful not
    to alter any opinions of hereafter life, simply listening and letting the spirits talk.
    Other spirits join in the debate as they float around animatedly weighing the pros
    and cons of this opportunity.

    The huge Albatross wakes at all the chattering spirits and watches with interest.




    Fawngate continues leveling up, moving to the harbor with level 4 banked.

    Her meager funds had reached 4k plat, and she is still
    trying to gather up enough body essences to craft a invulnerability shard.
    (1 greater and 5 lesser still needed)

    Again, the handicap class provides insight to the playing issues other have.
    Even with a lush 4k plat, she can barely afford 10 each (1/10 of a normal
    stack of potions) of remove blindness/remove curse/remove poison/
    remove disease/restoration as that little bit took half of her savings.
    {No longer will I wonder why players don't have stacks of potions in the harbor.}

    She did purchase the DDO Market Starter Pack, hoping for the permanent gold seal hire,
    along with the cute companion.

    Her 30% xp potions just ran out, and her 20% xp potion ran out somewhere in IQ
    last life. She has 18 hours of 10% xp potions along with the VIP bonus.

    Her daily dice rolls are a big moment, as even a plat reward would be welcome.
    She received a spirit cake, making two in her possession now.

    I am beginning to conclude that perhaps the penalty for Perma Lich should be increased
    in the case of releasing while dead. Perhaps dying then releasing from a quest should be double
    the penalty of simply dying. This puts some emphasize on strategy.

    Since elite Stealthy Repossession has a 50/50 chance of Fawn dying, even with a
    invulnerability shard, I have decided to skip that quest. There are one or more bosses
    that can spawn at the end, making an elite red alert with a ton of kobolds chasing you
    even worse.
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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 14

    Part 13 link:
    Part 15 link

    Ace's furry wolf ears perk up at some distant sound.
    Whining it expresses tones that Bruce recognizes as indicating danger in the distance.
    Bruce encourages Ace while waiting for the crows to return.

    Minutes later, five crows return each cawing their different version of their scouting flights.
    The primary topic is a very large CAT who has entered the forest and the CAT'S two piggish pets.
    The CAT and its piggish pets are making loud and greedy noises.

    They are obviously evil (all CATS naturally are) but the proof lies in the withered grass
    and bushes where they are making loud noises.

    Ace's squirms in anticipation of a CAT hunt, while Bruce steers the conversation back to
    any sightings of devils? The crows launch on a tirade about devilish cats which lasts for
    several minutes...

    Ace wiggles then freezes in its, "I'm a wolf and I spot a foe and I'm goanna trample..." pose.
    Glancing downward, Bruce sees the underbrush moving, pushed aside by a group of
    strangers. Moving closer to the tree trunk, Bruce huddles on the large tree limb,
    trying to remain unnoticed by this new development.

    Closer they come, soon a tan cat (Dante, who is almost as large as a medium Halfling)
    with a white neck appears walking straight towards Bruce's tree. The crows immediately
    respond, cawing and flying away, calling cat insults to any birds within hearing:
    "Protect your eggs, the devil CAT is here." , "May CATS perish from Eberron.",
    "Summoning all DOGS, may the WAR begin!", "Flee to the treetops, the END is near.",
    the crows all caw as they flee before this large Tan Cat.

    Behind this "CAT" comes the cat's pet pigs ~ a pair of Half Orcs dressed in a stylish fashion,
    much more civilized and citified. Bruce carefully sizes them up. The first Half Orc seems
    lightly armed, dressed in a vest with no visible armor or weapons. The second one is a brute
    in gilded panther leather armor who easily hefts a bundle of Cold Iron on his shoulder,
    at his waist is a greatsword in a scabbard. Both (Plum and Glum) seem confident but wary
    as if quite worried about something.

    Pausing directly below Bruce's Tree, the three begin talking. The CAT speaks first in an
    easy to understand language, "Keep looking, there might be more Cold Iron about."
    The brute Half Orc (Glum) replies, "Hey, Dante can you sniff out any more devil scents?
    The vested Half Orc (Plum) draws a wand, casting a simple Detect Magic spell.

    The CAT, whose name seems to be Dante, begins sniffing, taking an extra few seconds
    around the base of the tree before moving westward. The two Half Orcs follow closely
    behind, disappearing from view as the brush and trees obscure them again. Bruce
    adjusts his position while pondering all this. A congratulatory shout is heard in the distance,
    probably from one of the Half Orcs, followed by loud hammering.

    Climbing down from the tree with practiced ease, Bruce lowers himself to the forest floor.
    Untying Ace from his backpack, Bruce begins casting various druid spells that enhance
    his tracking abilities and allow him and Ace to move thru the forest without leaving a trace

    Ace starts to bolt westward, but Bruce halts the wolf companion with a few words,
    "No zerging now. Buffs first then we investigate." Ace stops and sits on his haunches
    knowing that running off will only earn Ace a swat on the rump. Mournfully looking up,
    the wolf's eyes seem to say, "But, but, Zerging is what I do best..." yet it patiently waits.

    Turning east, Bruce goes away from the CAT and its two pig pets backtracking their path till
    he reaches the spot of barren earth, despoiled by the devil's jagged cold iron monstrosity,
    Bruce feels the soil that was drained of all life, carefully gaining knowledge. Ace sniffs
    the overturned soil dug up by Plum and Glum.

    "Long ago, I heard tales of devils blighting nature. My elder had me study ancient scrolls
    about various abominations that come from other dimensions." Bruce speaks to Ace.
    The wolf indicates many scents are here. Bruce scratches his head, puzzled,
    The barren ground should be much more widespread--something halted this disaster.

    Bruce speaks, "Curious indeed. Ace, let us follow these three and see what they are planning."
    Ace bares its teeth as if to say, "I can handle the big one if you can take the rest."

    Turning around and continuing his tracking, Bruce moves thru the forest without making a sound.

    Soon mutterings and loud bangings are heard ahead, where Plum, Glum and Dante are busy
    at work destroying another one of the devil's jagged cold iron monstrosities, happily exclaiming
    how much platinum this scrap cold iron will bring.


    Fawngate is level 4 with level 5 banked.

    She pulled a surprising,
    from her first end reward of Lost Tome quest in the harbor.

    After more deconstruction, she appears to have enough essences to craft a single
    invulnerability shard, which will probably be given to her wolf. I also bought a leather
    light fort armor from the armor vendor.

    I am enjoying this life so far, it is fun to think carefully about equipment using what
    you find. Druids also yield well to haphazard equipment.
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    Fawngate is now level 5 with level 6 in the bank (rank 28).
    Player experience so far trump equipment.

    No deaths yet, and always a long look down the reward list after
    finishing up something like Waterworks or STK.

    The question in my mind as we are fast approaching rank 35,
    should Fawn use her Otto's Box or not?

    Until tonight, I have been leaning heavily toward not using it
    this handicapped life, but then it struck me what soooo many
    people talked about in detail awhile back.

    The greatly discussed scenario was "What happens if a first life
    toon with no resources uses a stone of experience?"

    Suddenly faced with being on a strong xp potion timer,
    no equipment to speak of, would they fall apart?

    This sounds interesting enough to test out...

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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 15

    Part 14 link:
    Part 16 link

    The sun glints in the western sky, shooting golden rays of light thru trees.

    Glum turns as Dante spots a peculiar pile of very ancient stones. Moss and ivy thrive
    upon it, and some stalks of wild wheat grow atop it. The large cat does not hesitate,
    but scampers right up to it and lays a tiny pyramid of apples beside the wheat.

    Glum looks closer and blinks, "Is the air shimmering around this pile of stones, or
    is it my imagination?" Smirking a bit, Glum approaches in a practiced pious manner,
    and kneels at this possible "religious monument."

    With squinting eyes, Glum bows as his hands quickly search for hidden entrances.
    Adjusting his position to better search some more, the Half Orc raise his voice
    and prays "O great One, show me a sign of yourself. Shower a zillion apple tarts
    upon me."

    Moving backwards and to the side in practiced reverence, Glum scans the "altar"
    for any treasure that can be stolen.

    Plum, well versed in this scam, looks backward as is his custom.
    But the only things within sight are a large brown bear teaching its bear cub
    the joys of eating from raspberries bushes. The little bear spits out the berries,
    and Plum smiles, "Poor momma bear, your cub has a lot to learn about
    bear stuff."

    Dante climbs a nearby tree, while Plum turns his gaze back to the ancient stones.

    Glum stands, adjusting his sword belt, still praying for many, many apple tarts
    to fall from the sky.

    Freezing, Glum thinks, "Did the air just shimmer again around
    the ancient stones?" Less mocking and more curious, Glum again prays "Show
    me a sign of your greatness so we may honor you in the future."

    The air around the ancient stones flashes as a silver random vertical line appears,
    varying between two and seven feet. Light stream thru it for a second, blinking gold
    then rainbow. The line expands into an eight foot vertical circle for three seconds.
    Then a view from beyond appears from/thru the circle, that of deep ocean waves
    and stormy clouds. But quick as a flash, the circle contracts, then vanishes altogether.

    Still as a statue, Glum stares, mouth wide open.
    Dante tumbles beside this Half Orc barbarian.

    Both ponder for a minute, then Dante speaks, "Tis Arawai's doing -- as that is an ancient
    shrine to her. Most impressive, although a zillion apple tarts would have been tastier..."

    Plum glances back and sees that the bear and its cub are as impressed as he is!



    Post # 2000 woot!

    Update: Life #30 Double Completionist done,
    all races done at least once.

    Fawngate is now level 19, almost rank 93
    Sane farming done, still have elite streak going.

    (Seriously thinking of dropping streak soon.
    Lords of Dust farm, IQ2 perhaps with elite streak,
    then maybe drop to hard for Running with devils?
    Lots of options...)

    Although, probably handicapped lives should not use stones of experience,
    Fawn felt like it, so she did it. She is claiming the Otto's Box as her legacy item.
    She bought a 50% xp potion from the DDO store as that is just common sense
    to use. She probably will repeat a variation of this handicapped life at some time,
    and maybe at that time she will not use a stone. After all, on her 40th, she needs
    lots of flagging.

    Almost broke again after buying a +6 str glove and +4 wis ring from vendors.
    Upgraded first favor tier of bank, and got spell components.
    (Had about 16k plat at one point.) Still lack potion stacks.

    Bank is full of essences and collectables, just not enough to be much use.
    Tiny ingredient bags sure are tiny, but its better than nothing...

    Equipped most every piece of gear provided by the Stone of Experience,
    glad to finally have Deathblock and Heavy Fort. Sure wished some of those
    many empty equipment slots had something in them.

    Pulled a Sustaining Symbiont (which she happily equipped) and a Shard of Xoriot from Sane farm.

    Deaths so far:

    First ~ rushing into the middle of the main room in Tangleroot,
    getting surrounded by sneak attack / critical hit.
    (Fawn knows better than to do that, doorways are your friend.)
    A nice player picked up her soul stone and took it back to the shrine.

    {Destroyed Ethereal Bracers from the TR cache to pay the Perma Lich
    penalty. She did not use an Otto's box last life and hence kept some
    of the more valuable starter gear from two lives ago since she had
    not decided upon the specifics of this life until after TRing.}

    Second ~ getting out of the city that continually spawns foes
    in Tear (on Elite which is level 9 while Fawn was level 6 with hirelings).
    Used a cake and managed to get the door opened.
    (Probably should have been wearing my only invulnerability shard
    instead of giving it to my wolf.)

    {Destroyed Cape of the Roc from the TR cache to pay the Perma Lich

    Third ~ in the next hallway, rushed a group to get away from doorway
    and got surrounded. Fawn and her level 3 permanent hire went
    down. Her other three hires managed to fight their way to the next
    shrine while carrying those two soul stones which impressed me.

    {Destroyed Surefooted Boots from the TR cache to pay the Perma Lich

    Silver Daily Dice rolls:
    Another spirit cake then 5 greater good essences.

    The new iconic character Bladeforged looks very interesting to me.
    TRing is not available for it on the Xoriat server at the moment as the whole Iconic
    things is very future atm, and we sure don't need the TR code messed up.

    Just one more indication to me that the TR code is going to be rewritten from the
    ground up within the next year and half.

    The alpha version of the enhancements received a lot of feedback from me.
    Hopefully there will be major upgrades before we are thru.

    My wolf companion spots a very nice collar in my TR cache, and imploringly looks at me.
    I shake my head and it sighs in consternation...
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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 16

    Part 15 link:
    Part 17 link:

    Bruce moved a bit closer to the raspberries bushes, trying to get a better view
    of Plum, Glum, and Dante. Eavesdropping had taught Bruce their names and much

    Bruce, raising a big furry bear paw with sharp claws, this Druid started picking berries,
    as he thought to himself, "The joys of wildshaping* being able to change into the
    forms of animals along with all its advantages. It is very handy to spy this way."

    Behind Bruce, a scratching sound is heard. Bear Form Bruce, looks at Ace
    who is sitting on his haunches scratching himself. Glancing up, Ace gives Bruce a mournful
    look full of reproach and grunts out in bear talk, "Did you have to turn me into a bear cub?"
    Ace rolls over trying to rid itself of this new fur and funny smells, then sighing deeply,
    it digs a half hole to lie in the cool exposed earth.

    Seeing Plum watching them, Bruce encourages Ace to act like a real bear cub would,
    "Here come eat some tasty berries!" Ace begrudgingly saunters forward and opens
    his mouth, as Bruce drops a handful of tasty raspberries into Ace's mouth.

    Bruce smiles a bear like smile, "Yum, yum!"
    Ace looks horrified and spits all the berries out, "What are you trying to do--poison me?"
    Gagging, the bear cub spits again.

    Flashes of light from the Ancient Altar of Arawai draw Bruce's attention away from
    the berry patch. Arawai, the goddess of nature, is deeply revered by most of the druids
    in Xen'drik that Bruce has been taught by. Startled at this new development, Bruce
    watches in fascination...

    The air around the ancient stones flashes as a silver random vertical line appears,
    varying between two and seven feet. Light stream thru it for a second, blinking gold
    then rainbow. The line expands into an eight foot vertical circle for three seconds.
    Then a view from beyond appears from/thru the circle, that of deep ocean waves
    and stormy clouds. But quick as a flash, the circle contracts, then vanishes altogether.



    Using the temporary Dev tracker:

    I found some unofficial release notes of Update 18:
    Quote Originally Posted by SqueakofDoom View Post
    While they are not proper Release Notes, here are some answers to your questions:
    • Update 18 is NOT the Shadowfell Conspiracy Expansion Pack
    • Update 18 has quests introducing you to the environment and lore that will appear in the Shadowfell Conspiracy
    • These Quests are only Heroic difficulty
    • While the named loot has not yet been added to the three U18 quests, the three quests will have named loot
    • We have renamed "Toughness" (on items) to be "Vitality"
    • Bladeforged Iconics are not supposed to be able to reincarnate
    • We are working on fixing the Character Copy tool
    • We are working on making the Test Dojo door permanent on Lamannia! (While we have a fix, it still needs to be tested.)

    Please feel free to bug anything that seems like a bug to you. It is better to bug something that is working as intended than to not bug something that is actually a bug.

    Also, while I'm not sure why Lamannia had a brief downtime, I have replaced the Dojo and Eveningstar Doors in the Marketplace (near the Trainers).
    More level 15 quests?
    Just take a look at your adventure log and count how many level 15 quests this game has.

    Not completely sure, but it appears that Iconic Characters will not able to TR?

    Not sure about you out there in audience land, so how does it affect me?

    After some pondering, it works out fine.
    I have one account with no intentions of forming a second.

    I have 3 toons that I intend to TR ~ the triplets: Fawnglow, Fawngale, and Fawngate.

    I have half dozen toons with TP / tomes / xp invested in them, working towards
    Vet 2 mules.

    That leaves me with about 30 character slots that can be deleted and rerolled as
    long as I transfer out the contents of their storage. About half of these don't have
    much items. Deletion and reroll as Iconic Heroes would be cool. Lol, I might even
    actually play a few since first life level 15 is not so far away from Epic...

    Hmm...well I can accept not TRing Iconic Characters, new power with its own limits.
    I see it as a nod towards not forcing the big grind on everyone.
    One has to balance various types of players and this seems very interesting.
    After all, even a completionist project needs a few low grind character slots....

    I had to laugh when I saw someone criticizing the Bladeforge Path, stating that 18 str is so
    superior to 16 str. If you play enough D&D, you realize the huge cost of an 18 stat.
    True, Legends get a ton of build points (36 points is huge compared to say
    26 points offered a convention one year or a typical 28 point build offered in a play by post game).
    A simple +1 to hit and +1 damage for 6 build points is very, very pricey.

    I also had to laugh when I saw someone claim that they are no epic destinies that provide
    mass healing. They obviously had not played a build similar to Fawngate's favored soul
    angel life, which Fawngale is now slowly working towards. is a highly overlooked feature.


    I look at my computer area, there is a napkin with notes scribbled on it.
    Had some writing ideas at a restaurant last week and jotted them down.
    Most of the other sheets are real paper, but I still have to finish off that scene.

    Spring is here, and yard work prevails.

    I have been buying ensure type drinks for my mom, which seems to help her.
    She is in better health than last year, which is nice.

    She is thrilled about the story.
    She likes to be the first to read it after I am done writing it.
    (Which is very good, since I cannot get the "edit post" button to work.)
    Grammar here, spelling there, I catch as much as she does on the final lookovers.

    An important point, she helps me with, is identifying any points of confusion.
    A writes knows what they intend, but sometimes slips up in bringing it forth.
    From past play by post work, I learned quickly that if my Mom does not quite
    understand, it was guaranteed at least one of the players would have trouble too.
    Its rare, because I realize its a problem, but its a good final test before presenting it to you.

    Sometimes we have to let go of good ideas in favor of better ones.
    Like the time, my Mom read a post and said, "Why did Fawn do that?"
    In the back of my mind, it did seem stupid, but I was so busy writing then.
    The minute she said it, I completely agreed, she is not that dumb.
    So, rewrite this line, change that one, retype this paragraph, and we are ready
    for another reread.

    I recently deleted Fawn's Bio that has been on her character sheet since her creation.
    It had spoilers and also some of the information was too complicated to fit into this
    storyline. But it was the basic plot line in a nut shell. Some of it involved the Continent
    above Xen'drik, and I really thought that was too far away to work into the storyline.

    Good writing is rewriting and rewriting...but its fun and I hope to update each day
    if possible. I am not sure exactly what happened to this being a comic,
    oh well, we shall see in due time..
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    Fawngate just hit level 20, no more deaths.
    Lord of Dust E, Nx8ish, H
    Eye of the Titan E
    Reclaiming Memories E, Nx2, H
    Mining for Ancient Secrets E, Nx2, H
    Vale Slayers, Rares, Complete Explorers

    She has 1 day and 13 hours left on her TR timer.

    Druid was fun.
    No regrets.

    The Permalich / Bank Holiday handicaps were interesting.
    Worth considering repeating.


    I like the one week TR timer, it is a good burnout
    prevention, I hope they keep it.

    I just realized that Iconic Characters not being able to TR
    greatly affects Fawn. If you could TR into this classes,
    it would be adding 15++ more lives to her path towards
    uber completionist.

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    ~~~technical stuff~~~

    Right click on edit post and select "open in new tab".

    Go to that new tab.

    One should be able to edit posts in this manner.

    Edit: this post was edited by me, woot!

    Thank goodness.


    Skill Tomes are coming SOONtm and they look interesting.
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    Default On strike

    My divine characters who typically heal raids and epics are officially on strike,
    to protest the new enhancement changes for Divines as they feel the changes
    are very poorly done.

    If you a player find less and less divines willing to heal your raids,
    consider what will happen if the Developers do not GREATLY rework
    and improve this situation.

    In the meantime, no epic/raid heals from me.

    I have TRed these divine characters and they now sit in Korthos.

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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 17

    Part 16 link:
    Part 18 link:

    Glancing up at the sun glinting in the western sky, Fawn furrows her brow
    as she reaches into her tattered green and silver robe to pull out her red
    leather covered journal with the peculiar words "READ ME" emblazed in
    gold on the front.

    Her hovering magical 33 feet diameter disc is stationary, stopped at a spot
    where the sea air seems to shimmer very nearby. Fawn sits on
    a convenient bag of gold, carefully turning the pages of her red journal.
    Whispering to herself, she searches the book.

    Behind her the flotilla of hovering magical discs is spread out in a crescent
    shape, as Teima, Willow, and many other ghostly spirits continue an animated
    debate concerning their future along with the future of the endangered dragon
    clan. Even more spirits join in the debate as they float around from disc to disc.

    Sighing deeply, Fawn whispers with regret, "Why, O why, did I not label these
    rift locations properly?" Beside her, the huge Albatross lands.

    Flipping to the rear of her red journal, Fawn scans the pages quickly for a
    index or appendix. The huge Albatross interjects "The ghosts seem pleased,
    but you do not. Is anything the matter?"

    Fawn looks at the sun, lowering itself, and realizes if she wants any daylight left
    to see by, she will need to work quickly. "Yes" she replies, "My notes are incomplete.
    I know how to create a portal, but I don't know where it will lead? One of these
    is the right one, but there are half a dozen here."

    The Albatross confidently replies, "Then might I suggest the third one?"
    Fawn looks blankly at the huge bird, "How would you know?"
    The Albatross continues, "Followed by the fifth, first, fourth, second, sixth..."

    Laughing, Fawn smiles in an enchanting fey grin. "Ok, I'll just guess."

    Directing the various discs off to one side so as to prevent casual detection
    in the unlikely case that anyone might be near the portals opening up,
    Fawn prepares the rituals, glad that she possesses the power of the
    Orb, Staff, and Crown of Istar which will make multiple castings much easier.

    Deep in concentration, Fawn slowly widens the tear in space, careful not
    damage it by lining it with ancient silver fey magic. The tear is a vertical tear,
    making it easier to work with as the flow lines between planes are more
    harmonious. Soon, the silver fey magic infuses the tear making it pliant.

    Fawn continues to the next step, applying light streams searching out the
    first coordinates. Next, the gold magic is applied, made easy by the Crown
    of Istar, followed by the rainbow magic of the Orb of Istar.

    The vertical rift expands into an eight foot vertical circle as Fawn peers into
    this portal trying to identify where it leads to before anything on the other
    side can come thru. After four seconds, she closes the portal down.

    Taking out a magic pen, she labels the first of the locations as being
    "Mountain plain, cactus in the distance, turquoise pillars up close."
    Nodding, Fawn memorizes her next choice of locations and restarts
    the ritual, grateful that her experience allows her to leave her rift
    prepared while she searches out the other potential rifts.

    These next two prove unfruitful, but Fawn persists while the huge Albatross
    offers encouragement.

    The fourth portal opens upon a peculiar pile of very ancient stones. Moss and ivy thrive
    upon it, and some stalks of wild wheat grow atop it. Before it, a brute of a Half Orc
    in gilded panther leather armor stands worshiping this religious monument. On his
    waist is a greatsword in a jeweled scabbard. Beyond him is a large bundle of Cold

    "Oh!" cries a startled Fawn, and she quickly shuts the portal down before this
    menacing Half Orc can jump thru and attack her.

    Wiping her sweaty brow, Fawn declares, "That was close! I did not expect to
    see anyone that nearby." The huge Albatross nods sagely, "I believe he was more
    startled than you..." Nervously laughing, Fawn smiles.

    The ghostly spirits amused by the misadventure gather around, asking questions
    and details about these portal spells...

    Some quick explanations followed by more portal casting, and Fawn finally finds
    what she is looking for. The vertical rift expands into an eight foot vertical circle as Fawn
    peers into this portal and sees: hot springs gushing and steaming hot water
    that flows downward and hisses as it plunges into the cold seawater bay.
    In the distance, icy mountains rise high in the sky.

    "This is it, Cover Cove, located in Everice. Impossible to reach by most anyone
    who cannot portal into it."

    Concentrating upon the portal spell, she widens it in preparation for the flotilla
    to fly thru it..."Here we go!"
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    Lol, interesting, this guy says some neat stuff, woot!


    We now know, Iconic Characters cannot be TRed.

    But, Fawn is going play what if?

    What if somewhere in Forgotten Realms there is this cool dude called?
    Well what shall we call him?
    How about

    And Drizzt being an Epic sort of guy offer the Epic TR option (coming Soontm to a game near you).

    This Epic TR thing is only available if you are level 30.

    This Epic TR thing allow you to become either a level 1 normal class or a level 15 iconic class?

    The iconic classes become the "new completionist path" mentioned by producer Glen's letter.

    Since iconic classes start you at 15, normal TRing is not available for them, so Kruzt is completely locked out for them.

    This cool dude might offer Epic Respecting, if you ask him nicely, then again, he might not?

    Well, what you think about that?

    I mean I cannot see any other new completionist path on the horizon.
    Imho, all epic destinies done has its own reward system.
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