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    Fawn's Fate
    Fawn's Fate part 8

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    Reaching up, a robust Halfling grasps a pine branch above his head and slowly pulls himself upward.

    Partly tied to the Druid Halfling's backpack, a wolf whines in disapproval at being trundled up, its paws dangling in mid air.

    Clad in buckskin, Bruce hushes the wolf with a "Shhh, Ace, shhh..."

    Struggling for a second, but finding the rope firmly holding fast, Ace, the wolf, relaxes.

    Bampth - the sound of teleporting is heard beneath the pine tree - Bampth - it moves onward.

    Bruce, pauses in his climbing, scratching his sandy hair with a puzzled expression,
    "What is a full fledged Devil Squadron Patrol doing here?"

    Bampth - the sound of teleporting is heard to the south.

    A crow in a nearby tree squawks at the intruders, angered by the Devil's presence.

    A pinecone drops from further above as if a squirrel is echoing the sentiments of the forest.

    "I wish I knew a herd of Treants to call upon.", murmurs Bruce in a whisper.
    Ace, the wolf companion, licks the back of Bruce's neck as if in agreement.

    Heavy footsteps and the clang of metal is heard marching away...
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