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    Congratulations on reaching your last life, Fawn! I have a level 10 druid - will look for you as you level up. =)

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    Gratz on nascent Completionist!

    Now you just gotta max out the Monster Manuals and get yerself a menagerie of pets following you around With the extra lives you mentioned still to go, doing the MM's shouldn't be too tough.
    "Impossible is just a word to let people feel good about themselves when they quit." —Vyse, "Skies of Arcadia"
    Kayara Myrlan, Rogue, Khyber
    ==> For those many times when the customer ISN'T right <==

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    Grats on the pally life and best of luck on your endeavors for the final life as a druid. Look forward to updates. Also congrats to #5 poster on the previous TP win. Hoping for a snag this go round. Keep us posted on how the build goes!

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    Thanks for all the encouragement, believe me, it helps!

    Now using a new keyboard and mouse.
    Switched back to my favorite Logitech G510, and the Rat Mouse.
    I need to start using those programmable keys sometime, lol.

    The ones I was using decided to give me serious problems so that I could not post, log in or function.
    So, started reading the Hunger Gamer Triology, and then went to town to get the new keyboard.

    Lost the xp from an elite bravery Pit quest when the keyboard went crazy.
    Sad in one form, but happy to see the force traps on elite now do 5 ~ 26ish damage per trigger.
    (Enough that potions could keep one going.)
    Felt relaxed in the Pit, which is a new feeling.
    Had my maps out, and pretty much knew where to go and what do.

    Fawngate so far has been beat down said foe and self/spot heal.
    Nothing fancy and no animal forms yet.

    She logged in after the update with no weapons equipped.
    Oddly enough, I just smiled when I realized what was up.
    Told one of my friend what was up, then logged out and hunted around for the bound to account Carinfax.
    Well, she got to use the most uber no min level weapon ever in the game for quite awhile, but it is nice to see it retired.
    Broken Drow Greataxe into the bank till we figure out whether to vendor it or keep it for lvl 21.
    After all when one's first thought is going to be Fighter 1 (power attack + cleave) then 19 levels of whatever class you want, something is a bit unbalance...

    Needed a rest, so back to reading the books series instead of gaming.
    Sometimes you just gotta let go of those xp bonus days.

    Ran out of DDO points, and the store was closed, so I hunted around and scooped up several part used stacks of 20% xp potions.
    There are enough there, that I really need to use them up.
    The 30% potions were mighty nice for speeding thru the Bard and Pally lifes, but I guess now on, it will be 20%ers.

    Fawngate sits at lvl 7 (Figher 1/Druid 6) with no banked levels.
    I could not find her last remaining +1 heart, and I am not sure what to shift yet with her.
    There is the recommened high dex Monk 2/Druid mix.
    There is pure Druid.
    Since Druid is similar to barbarian in the matter or skill points, it would be very possible to make a Rouge 2/Druid 18 trapper/divine/melee.

    It has taken longer than I anticipated but the player balance in heroic levels is shifting.
    As always, there are plenty of sword swingers and arcane casters.
    The trapper // healer balance (which are usually the hardest ones to fine) is definately less and less trappers.
    Druid being a newer class than artificer mostly as the reason why.

    So, the evasion splash for monk or even the trapper splash given 4 skill points per level and spot as a class skill is going to be given a bit more consideration than normal.

    On another note, Healing raids/old style epics requires concentration, something that cause mental fatigue when done for long amounts of time. So, I continue to play Fawngate and leave Fawnglow semi~retired. Fawngold for that matter stays retired simply to not draw renown away from MAC till I decide to raid again.

    Someone commented on another thread about what ones needs to be a quality healer.
    Meself thinks ~ good keyboard, good internet connection, good concentration, good judgement skills, good devotion item, greater/superiour false life, heavy fort, some metamagic feat combination, toughness feat, max concentration, and whatever else you want to thow in for good measure.
    It is more about the player than the gear.
    You will at times need to use resources (for example mid level clerics often need to resort to wands and high level clerics should carry heal scrolls for certain situations).
    You must analyze and adjust to the party's style and strengths, which makes public groups a constant thinking process.

    Nuff about that, more and more people are asking, what is next?
    Abby asked that a long time ago, what on earth will you do when you get to completionist?
    Other ask, what is your final build?

    Good question.
    A long time ago, I would say final build = druid then laugh.
    To which they would reply, but it is not even out yet.
    To which I would reply, it probably will be by the time I get there then laugh again.

    Irony, here I am almost finished, and here druid is too...

    So, what is next after druid/whatever?
    I honestly don't know.

    I really enjoyed Forgotten Realms a few lives ago as an Artificer.
    It is so much less stressful then the old epics.
    Some of my TRing was simply to avoid playing epics/raiding.
    Then Fawnglow/Fawngold did a lot of raiding and some epics.
    But now my tendancy is to not play those two.
    Not sure if it is being a bit tired of healing + leading raids (if you heal a raid/powerful epic there is a lot of concetration involved add that to leading a raid in which you cannot leave the keyboard to relax for a bit equals too much).
    Or maybe it is just that i like only playing one character.

    Not sure if people realize this.
    When everyone else is taking a break, you don't get one.
    Fortionately some people were nice enough to take the star from me in the past.

    I noticed that DDO tends to allow for very different playing styles/personality which is very nice.
    Some people love certain style of play.
    I meet a person who loved to buff characters realizing that expectations of what she needed to do in actual combat would be very low.
    Thalzur loves to do fancy spells ~ mass hold person, phantasmal killer...

    Doing a completionist going thru all the lifes helps you appreciated other playing styles and try them out.
    Its kinda nice, but you have to adjust on the run.

    The much debated new DDO store item, Raid resetter is an answer to a problem long plaguing Fawngate.
    Simply said, a TR will reset your raid counter.
    Although, it might be possible to allow a raid counter to not be reset upon TRing, there is a huge danger in doing that.
    The danger is that TRing is the last resort to cure a character of BUGs.
    Fawngate has solved one or two bugs simply by TRing.
    The more you mess with a TR, the more problems you can introduce.

    So, every time someone TRs, they lose any completions less than 20 towards a 20th completion.
    Since greensteels are so important to a TR, the cleanser obtained by 20 shroud completions is essential to have at least one of.

    If a character such as Fawngate is on her 14th life, she has throw away many raid completions in the past.
    It was not uncommon especially in the earlier lifes to have 12ish completions of several raids right before she TRed.
    Multiply that by multiple lives 8 ~ 12 * X lives = big numbers thrown away.

    Stick around for 20 completions, oh sure why not?
    Count it out ~ 2 completions a week for 10 weeks.
    10 weeks = 1/5 of a year.
    Depending on how efficent you are that can be 2 to 6 lives.

    So, what does one do if rolling the timers over if not a good idea?

    Well, consider maybe reducing the raid timer?
    That is very problematic for the general gaming population in several ways.
    Raiding is a social gathering that on a weekly/biweekly basis is fun.
    Hourly raid = not fun IMHO.

    Moving on to considering reducing the 20 completions life down to 10 completions.
    Well, raid loot should be hard to get, so probably this is a bad idea too.

    Now a completionist character is gonna consider DDO points to solve some of their problems.
    There are many lives when Fawngate used no xp pots.
    There are other lives when she continual used xp pots.
    A stack of xp pots = twenty dollars or so.
    A bunch of raid bypass items = similiar amount.
    Not to be used in general, but when one feels the need for it.
    It pays the electric bill on the DDO building, feeds the Devs, ect...
    But it does not mess up the balance of things.

    On another note entirely, my biggest regret of completionist project is not having gotten the openers for Delara's 2 or 4 along with Necro 1+2+3 crypts on Fawglow. I realized the last couple of lives to be very carefully when Fawngate reaches lvl 11, because no level in the game cause more stress at home than this one.

    Irony, lvl 11 is one of the riches xp levels in the game. However, not having an opener to the shadow crypt means once I get into a group for it, I cannot leave the computer all day long... Even now at the moment, Fawngate faces the difficulty of obtaining and using a Bloody Crypt opener.

    Maybe, just maybe, I should stop everything, and bring out Fawnglow to blow thru those necro 1 quests. Get one opener at a time? {Edit ~ went and soloed to get Bloody Crypt opener in less than an hour. Brought panther, guild plat hire, ddo store hire to get thru the 4 person quest.}

    Our little guild is rising. Fawngate got a stack of renown potions and we are at 31 or maybe higher as I speak. Just Thalzur and Lorieck and Fawngate atm with 3 blank accounts to fill in.

    Hallaster just about caught up with me when I decided to take a break, but he was doing another Sorcerer with barbarian splash = speedy bombmaster machine. Maybe he just wanted me to get ahead on completionist. Watching other's progess in friendly ways helps some.

    Again, thanks for all the encouragement, believe me, it helps!
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    Fawngate is now almost lvl 9.
    She is trying out maximized Ice Storm along with using the wild shape forms.

    I like the wild shape, it has a real different twist to melee combat.
    I not sure if I like bear form more or wolf form.

    Running into a few hybrid trappers.
    People don't seem to take me seriously as a healer with the fighter level and I kinda like that.
    They are more careful and when the chips hit the fan, its easier to step up and take care of what needs doing.
    You can be sure, my first heals are going to that trapper or barbarian who is getting the job done.

    All in all with the wildshape, I really don't need the fighter splash, and I am looking towards lesser hearting it out asap.
    Just cannot find that last lesser +1 heart, lol...

    With Fawngate almost at completionist, my other toons get less and less attention.
    Not sure if I'll play them much at all after I make completionist.

    If anyone has a spare cube companion, Fawngate would give 3 frds for it.
    She likes the companions, so she is generous.

    With mournland filling up, one can only assume the enhancement update is in a full testing cycle now:

    I can cast Ice Storm in Delara's graveyard in the public area outside the quest.
    I am taking that to mean that the Mabar event is coming up, and they want to flip some switches early to make sure nothing is problematic ahead of time.

    Fawngate died yesterday once due to no ship resist 30 lighting shrine/casting her own resist energy spell/casting her own protection from energy spell.
    But it was her fault too, as she zerged ahead on her own.
    Worried that the skeleton orange name was doing too much damage, I checked it out in the quest combat log, and the damage was about 55ish which is reasonable. Most of that would be blocked by resists which Fawngate did not have up.

    Need to get some more Delaras in and start working Fawnglow to having the Shadow Crypt opener.
    It really did help with the Bloody Crypt knowing I could let go and pick it back up later on since Fawnglow can open it anytime.

    My mom is cheering for me.
    When I think about it, it is very helpful for her, to have me in the computer room where she can ask for help as needed.
    I'm quite available for her, and most gamers don't mind if I afk every once in awhile.
    The ones that would mind, I doubt I would enjoy playing with anyway.
    She sleeps almost every night now, which is a blessing.
    And the blood pressure pills helped her heart out alot.

    Learning to always shift to human form when casting buffs, otherwise everyone runs off due to the longer cooldown times.

    Abby finally TRed and her crew of race car drivers passed me while I was taking a break.
    Lol, should be interesting to see if I can keep up with the trio.

    Honestly, I'm glad they brought out epic levels/forgotten realms/druids regardless of the bugs which they seem to be chasing down rather effectively.
    Imperfect excitment imho is far greater than a boring nothing new this season.

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    Currently Fawngate is rank 58 (lvl 11 with a of banking).

    She just started casting firewalls, lol.
    It took her several hours (yes hours) to have time to add new spells then hunt down spell components several more hours later on.

    A busy day yesterday, including a complete run thru the shadow crypt.
    Fawnglow did NOT get the opener, as we found someone doing a complete run.

    As well, Fawngate joined Abby's racing crew and we had a good time.
    The treasure chest made a different sound at one point so I decided to search my inventory and behold a shard of xoriat which I did not know existed.

    By the way, many thanks to the Devs on update 15.
    I love the new treasure chests!
    Thanks for some more high level quests and epic quests.
    Good luck with the enhancement update!

    At the end of the day, I ran HIPS and Gola.
    Nice experience with two quality players recently returning to the game.
    Had an extra +2 con tome, so I gave it to one of them.
    I am running into a lot these sort of people.

    Stil have not shed that fighter level, well Fawngate has some greensteel scimitars so that will help.
    If she goes into healing mode, she shifts out of animal form.
    Fortionately most people don't take a druid with a level of fighter seriously as a healer.
    Kinda nice. (Guess I played a raid healer for a bit too long somewhere along the line...)
    They did not take me seriously as a bard healer either, lol.

    Someone told me during a Deleras part 4 run, that they liked Fawngate the bard best.
    Lol, kinda took me by surprise.
    I probably underestimated how much good she did as a bard.
    Too worried about what she could not do, not enough focused on what she could do.

    I have forgotten totally about taking augment summoning, so I am going to take that at lvl 12.
    She took past life active feat monk for the extra unarmed damage.
    But so far, I cannot verify whether its helping her animal form damage?

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    A very interesting read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadHiggins View Post
    A very interesting read.
    Thank you

    I am going to assume (a dangerous thing indeed) that

    Druids use natural attacks and monks use unarmed attacks and the two are different.
    Hence the active past life monk feat would not help a druid?

    Difficult to tell using the training dummy, atm?


    Totally retrained Fawngate.
    Now a druid lvl 12 (no fighter levels)
    Less str (13) more dex, wis (17)
    Crafted a ring of combustion 66, Heavy +5 densewood shield (for blocking)
    Got out her greensteels
    Took Empower, Maximized, Barbarian toughness feat, Improved Critical Slashing, and Augment Summoning
    Skills (int dumped at 08) concentration, diplomacy, balance, and a bit of jump
    Took the season's spellcasting pretigue class

    Should be interesting
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    Currently rank 65 ; just took lvl 13.

    Fawngate really started enjoying her druid life yesterday.
    Found a group doing Von 1 thru 4 elites to ensure flagging for von 5.
    Ended up doing each twice, then did Von 3 on hard quite a bit, along with 3 Tempest Spine runs.
    Lucky enough to join a Von 5 elite run which capped out her xp.

    So far, traps on elite are to be greatly feared.
    Traps on hard are not so bad if you don't have to deal with multiple traps at the same time.
    Traps on normal can be run thru mostly.

    Probably gonna look towards the desert now ~ Offering of blood, Marade the Mine, Fallen heroe torches, grab the seals from the side tome in preparation for Wiz King elite.
    Also the first Lordmarch series ~ try to do Diplomatic Immunity to open up flagging for the other two.

    It bothered me a bit, wondering when I could sneak in the lesser reincarnate.
    But I found when I capped my lvl 11 xp with Thalzur (thanks for the help) that Fawngate could take level 12.
    Leaving her not banked (no banked xp is allowed if you want to use a lesser/greater heart).

    Interestingly enough, it wiped out Snoopy's wolf name and deposited her equipped gear into my inventory.
    This is something the Developers fixed as at one time, there was a danger to losing your pets equipment if you left it equipped.
    (Might be good to remove any valuable equipment anyway.)
    So, my wolf pet was renamed Snoopy again, and I reminded myself to craft Snoopy some better gear...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Took Empower, Maximized, Barbarian toughness feat, Improved Critical Slashing, and Augment Summoning
    I believe druids (like monks) use IC: Bludgeoning for their critical profile despite whatever damage type their weapons deal. A little unintuitive I know. Or are you using the out of natural form build? If so you're good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartholamew View Post
    I believe druids (like monks) use IC: Bludgeoning for their critical profile despite whatever damage type their weapons deal. A little unintuitive I know. Or are you using the out of natural form build? If so you're good
    Thank you, I wondered which improved critical they benefit from.

    Fawngate is usually using fire elemental form atm.
    When she was zerging thru Offering of blood with a group on elite and then soloing normal, it really felt like she was a force of nature itself.
    {My compliments to the Devs.}

    The improved critical slashing benefits her greensteel scimitars, one of which is a radiant scimitar.
    {On the MAC completionist thread: } Fawngate debated a long time on radiant rapier vs radiant scimitar.
    Eventually scimitar was decided to be a superior long term weapon choice even though a rapier might be a better choice for a rogue.
    It was debated and hoped that druid would have proficency in scimitars as they traditionally do.

    Yesterday a lot happened.

    Xsithx (a very good player) and Fyros (who is Abby) were very busy farming when I logged online.

    They had already finished what I planned to do next, so I joined them anyway and we farmed out Wiz King.
    My first death in elite wiz king probably would have been averted if Fawngate had ship buffs.
    Multiple chain lighting + electic resist gone + not attacking skeleton wizard immediately = death
    {Our guild is lvl 33 and moving rapidly upward.}
    Some of the monsters in quests such as offering of blood and wiz king can dispell a cast buff (such as resist energy) when they hit you.

    After that they took a break, and Fawngate slipped in an Elite Chains of Flame ; Elite and Normal Offering of Blood run ; then joined Xsithx and Fyros at the end of their Elite Chains of Flame.

    So being flagged for Demon Queen, the three of us took her on at level on elite.
    Against the demon queen got done with some deaths and some fancy manuevers.
    Fawngate mistakenly choose wolf cause its easier than bat.
    Wonder of wonders with 6 elite hounds of xoriat blowing out her firewall and knocking her on her bottom, she dies...

    So being flagged for the raid, we try to do it at level with the three of us.
    When the demon queen says, "I am war..." she aint kidding.
    We got the Queens health down to 10%, 18%, 12%, 15%, 5% (so close), 50% (getting tired on the last one) then gave up.
    But it was fun trying.

    Then Fawnglow (Fawngate's little sister) did a epic hard devil's assault with alts of my friends.

    Mowed the lawn, blew out the garage, logged back in.
    Did Diplomatic Immunity chain then Invaders then Relic of the Soveriegn host, then Diplomatic Immunity again.

    Important ~ failure to talk to Tollis in Eyes of Stone before killing end boss then dimension dooring to beginning of quest results in failure as Tollis is no longer available to talk to.

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    Now lvl 15 and working on rank 80.

    Thanks Xsithx and Fyros for a good day.
    Thanks Ranford for letting me pike while you did the smoothest Blockade Buster I have ever seen.
    Thanks to the lvl 17 Sorcerer, who encouraged me and wallopped the beholder in Delrium on elite and hard difficulty.

    Loving the Druid now very much.
    Fawngate is a force of nature.
    Much thought has been put into this class, it was worth waiting for.

    In the lordmard quest Eyes of Stone, be sure and talk to Tollis before talking to Vorick (the head coin dwarf coin lord who was turned to stone pardon spelling) otherwise the quest will be impossible to complete when you enter the new instance of the courtyard. {Yes, I am in the process of bug reporting it/talking to the Devs about it.}

    Fawnglow (Fawngate's little sister) has nicknamed some people "chicken little" cause everytime she turns arround they are running around like chickens screaming the sky is falling down. She has healed enough to know that this world is not perfect and never will be. But it can be tended to, patched up, healed, and organized...

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    A bit puzzled atm on what type of armor can be equipped to a druid's wolf pet?
    Tried light chainmail and that did not work, maybe a docent?
    Or perhaps leather due to druid oath?
    Guess I'll try those.

    The handwarps ~ trapmaking station ~ weapon collars, Fawngate understands:

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    Now level 17 (rank 86)
    Thank you Xsithx and Fyros for helping me farm the Orchard quests.
    Obtained a complete sigil for a liteny run.
    Learned some neat tricks.
    Entered the Vale at rank 85, a bit early, but saving Liteny for tomorrow.

    Enjoying the water form wildshape, not all Fawngate's spell slots have spells in them.
    Really liking the Druid.
    Have one True Heart left in the bank from all those bought on sale, not sure what to do when Fawngate hits 20...


    Cleaned up the rest of my elite wish list quests doing vale and doing lord of dust on elite. Now whenever it seems, Fawngate can let go of her elite streak.
    Currently at rank 87 lvl 17 on the last life to obtain completionist.
    (All races done as well.)

    Have not done running with devils on elite ; jumped into the quest to see how the changes to spell casters are, and it seems better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Thanks to the lvl 17 Sorcerer, who encouraged me and wallopped the beholder in Delrium on elite and hard difficulty.
    You missed out on Elite Fear Factory and In the Flesh. PM me if you're interested in running Vale (or other 16) Elites tonight.


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    Many, many thanks to all the players who helped Fawngate and I make it to completionist.

    Just now used the trainer in house j while Ranford watched.

    Looks like Fawngate has to TR to actually take the Completionist feat.
    So, she is going to TR tomorrow.

    Into what, she has no idea, gonna sleep on it...

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    So what do I do know?!?!

    Or as Thalzur says, ask myself "Who am I?"

    Fawngate went to the Fatespinner and strated working with her destinies which had been reset due to a feat swap.
    She got a bit panicked to see only 1 fate point listed.

    After a bit of logging and thought, she decided to try the fatespinner dialoge:
    "Reset my fate points"

    Lo and behold, it reset it back to the proper 4 fate points.
    Thank goodness.

    She did a Hard Shroud pug, thought about the raid bypass ddo store item.
    So that maybe after a ton of shroud completions she could finally get her sp item cleansed...
    But it takes awhile for shroud to fill nowadays, hmmm...maybe in the evenings?

    Anyway, we are going to close the current contest and start a new one.
    Those posting before this post have a chance to win a turbine point card as stated beforehand.
    We will get to throwing the dice soon.

    In celebration of Fawngate reaching completionist!
    Those posting after this post until Fawngate starts her next life have a random chance at a 1600 turbine points card.
    Repeat posting does not count as a second entry.
    This contest will end when Fawngate's 15th life contest begins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Damn you forum folk...damn you all!!

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    Congratulations on nearing the end of your journey.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    A bit puzzled atm on what type of armor can be equipped to a druid's wolf pet?
    Tried light chainmail and that did not work, maybe a docent?
    Or perhaps leather due to druid oath?
    Yup wolfs can wear leather.

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