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    Thanks, Fawngate really ought to write down each quest she does in a list.

    Artificer is different and a lot of fun so far.
    (And its going to be 50% off in the ddo store)

    Currently rank 38 of 95, learning how to craft equipment for my Snoopy iron defender.

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    Thumbs up Hey there

    Its sup from Timmy, and i just stumbled upon this thread. Didn't realize you were documenting your TRs.

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    Interesting read o_O

    One thing I'm curious about, myself -- I'm planning to TR soon (before the stones vaporize, at least, so I can Stone myself) -- Some things I've read regarding the TR Bank suggest that not ALL items from the TR Bank are accessible at first, and that you need to remove items that are "above" them before you can access items further down the list. Is this accurate? If so, how does the game determine what order they go in?

    I was gonna say Sup says hi, but he beat me to it; friend of mine IRL.
    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Thanks, Fawngate really ought to write down each quest she does in a list.
    Well, you could always point anyone who wants to see said list to your MyDDO page; it keeps a list of every quest you've run (at least, on this life).

    It's under<forumname>/log/ --- like so:
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    Quote Originally Posted by EricKei View Post
    Some things I've read regarding the TR Bank suggest that not ALL items from the TR Bank are accessible at first, and that you need to remove items that are "above" them before you can access items further down the list. Is this accurate? If so, how does the game determine what order they go in?
    That used to be the case about a year or so ago, but thankfully this no longer occurs. All items in your TR cache are shown.

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    Confirmed, recently there has been no indication of this being a problem.

    {The giveway contest for Fawngate's 11th has ended, and she will try to get out goodies soon but she is currently adventuring with the huge 30% xp bonuses.}

    Thank you developers for extending the xp weekend, and all the other xp bonuses granted this past year!

    Fawngate is currently level 13 rank 68.
    In the desert, trying to keep up with two Guildies who are also working towards completionist~Thalzur and Loreick.

    She crafted a light repeating xbow with trap the soul gem on it.
    (evil burst for some effect on neutral creatures)
    Although it may not measure up to a Lit2, it is creating far more soul gems than Fawngate's bracers of trap the soul guard.
    She still has enough shards to make one more xbow, and her triple earth great xbow is respectable.

    Very much looking forward to the next two updates with hope...
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    Still celebrating the 30% extended xp weekend, still chasing behind Thalzur and Loreick, and now rank 88...

    Pondering whether to TR Fawngate again and play the epic content with Fawnglow?
    Keep both Fawns at level 20?

    Looks like Thalzur will be a ranger next and Loreick is debating rogue or druid.

    Bard / Pally / Druid left do
    Halfling left to do

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    After a busy saturday, Fawngate is now 93.5 of 95 ranks.
    She decided to stay at twenty and do the new epic content as well as raid.
    Her idea of being a completionist is doing most everything with one toon.
    Which is why she is my crafting toon.
    So, having an epic destiny done soon will be on her list.

    Staying at high levels means flagging for raids, etc:
    Chains of Flame for Demon Queen.
    Hiding in plain sight for access to sigil repair for The Titan Awakes.
    Most all of Amarath for Tower of Despair.
    All the Cannith Quests for Lord of Blades and Master Artificer.
    Dreaming Dark Island quests for the final Dreaming Dark quest.
    Reaver's Refuge for possible crafting dragon touched armor.

    Some of these quests I don't want to do on elite.
    I wonder how bravery bonuses work if you are level twenty?
    Before the fact that you were capped saved your bravery streak.
    Fawngate's hard bravery steak is over six hundred with elite streak half of that.

    I wonder how difficult it will be to reach level twenty five?
    Fawngate does want to run some of the raids twenty times, especially shroud and this is a good chance to do so.

    Hmm...I wonder what you can craft unto a rune arm, all Fawngate ever tried was master craftmanship I?

    The Silver Slinger has been a suitable weapon to go along with the fun vacuum repeating light xbow.

    Just found the doublecrow bow and will try it out soon.

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    Fawngate reached level 20 this afternoon, as did two other guildies.
    Was very tempted to join Loreick who went on to be a rogue in korthos.

    We did some challenges to help Thalzur and Suplup get epic tokens to trade in for a True Heart of Wood.
    Then I went and took a long nap and afterward worked on the yard...

    Pondered things some, there is so much good changes going on, seems best to stay at level 20 with Fawngate.

    She will have to choose between three epic destinies:

    Each class may access Epic Destinies that are closely associated with their sphere of influence:
    Arcane (Artificers, Bards, Sorcerers, Wizards) may select from:
    Draconic Incarnation ~ some nice things to twist out and might be good to save for a wizard life
    Fatesinger ~ looks like a bard epic destiny to me (save for bard life)
    Magister ~ looks kinda arty buffy type

    Fawnglow on the other hand will probably enjoy being an Angel:
    Divine (Clerics, Favored Souls, Paladins) may select from:
    Exalted Angel
    Unyielding Sentinel

    Leveling up a destiny might take 40k per rank (total of possible 1 million xp to totally unlock a destiny).

    Hmm... a million xp, that is not too bad, will be longer doing 20 shroud runs for a cleanser than earning that...

    It appears I need to be careful which I choose as to access adjacent destinies Fawngate must unlock them by level up.
    (Magicstar or Dragon will unlock bard fatesinger which will unlock rogue shadowdancer...which leaves a bit of a reach for Pally and Druid epic destinies)

    It looks like Fawngate will have to give up her elite and hard streak.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Fawngate reached level 20 this afternoon, as did two other guildies.
    Was very tempted to join Loreick who went on to be a rogue in korthos.

    We did some challenges to help Thalzur and Suplup get epic tokens to trade in for a True Heart of Wood.
    Thanks for all your help. :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Splotto View Post
    Thanks for all your help. :-)
    You are quite welcome!

    While I am posting on the forums, we can finish up Fawngate's 11th life celebration contest:
    Entries are:

    This member posted one day too late and won the last contest, hence will win a consolation prize instead of being entered into the big event:

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    Rolling d6 (with a 6 being a nicer consulation prize and a reroll for the main event):

    4 and 6 rolled
    1 rolled on the reroll

    will try to message out the rewards after awhile

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    I found this for epic destiny planning which might prove helpful:

    It is missing a way to bridge from arcane to divine and from arcane to wilderness.
    However, it is also missing the cleric and druid epic destinies.

    Magicstar 4 levels --> access to Druid epic destiny?
    Dragonist 4 levels --> access to Cleric epic destiny?

    So perhaps?

    Magicstar leveled up to 5
    Consider feat swap to get spell focus evocation (but can still use the destiny enough without it).
    Would grant Bard and later on Druid epic destinies.

    Need 1 million xp to do so?
    Still have IQ, Reavers, Dreaming Dark, part of Madness, Part of Missing Chain, raids, old epic content, new epic content.
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    Game is now updating, and Fawngate is looking forward to all the new shinies...

    Many thanks to the developers for putting in much thought, effort, and work into these next two updates!

    Epic levels needed a great deal of adjustment to the game and they are rising to the challenge.
    Hat off to you!

    Much more spice and fun ahead!

    In a way this completionist project is ending and beginning at the same time.
    Ending because I have done most of the classes and races, rebeginning because so much new has arrived.

    Again, thanks developers, cause Fawngate knows you are doing a good job!
    You do listen, you care, you do work hard.
    Heaven knows that can be a rare item in this world...

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    Went to the city and watched Disney's new Brave movie, and enjoyed it.

    Inspired by that, Fawngate shuffled her way over to the ranger epic destiny thru spending some DDO points.
    (Started at Bard --> Keyed to Rogue --> Keyed to Fighter --> Keyed to Ranger)

    Expensive, but it will help later on a lot.

    Then after chatting with guildies Fluffybear, Nebberly, and Noes, I watched another movie on dvd.
    (Definately tired out after pressing foward on the last three lifes.)

    But happy and excited about the new content even if Fawngate just sat in the harbor hunting her IQ docent and rune arm...

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    Aaaand now that the patch has gone live. one thing really intrigues me -- Something that is either new, or that I did not notice on the Lamm patch notes... It says that Wizards (and Arti's?) will now retain some/certain spells after TRing.

    I was just curious to see if anyone has heard about testing on this, what is kept, etc. One of my mules has 2 bag windows full of nothing but non-buyable wiz and arti scrolls >_> and knowing that I can dump some of those later on would be nice to know. for certain.
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    Hmm...sounds interesting, would like to know that too.
    ■ As of Update 14, all existing and new characters may speak with Kruz to perform a lesser reincarnation character respec for free, without using a Heart of Wood, one time. You may perform this free respec at any time of your choosing, and each of your characters may speak with Kruz one time to do so.
    ■ Several Spells will no longer disappear upon reincarnation.
    ■ Extra Pre-purchase items are no longer being re-granted upon reincarnation.
    ■ Reincarnating Wizards and Artificers are now allowed to pick spells while levelling up regardless of past class history.
    ■ Characters may perform a True Reincarnation so long as they are level 20, or higher, and have a True Heart of Wood.

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    Forgotten Realms is impressive, love the looks.
    Enjoying the new normal epic quests.
    Enjoying the different feel of forgotten realms.
    First level of an epic destiny in the bag of tricks, woot!

    Some bugs out and about, but very happy overall.

    Lesser/Greater Reincarnating might be advisable to wait on at the moment.
    I am not going to do any reincarnations for awhile.

    (Certainly remember to remove your equipment from your iron defender/wolf pet before doing so at any time, as it otherwise might be lost.)

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    Mailed out the coupon codes to the two winners.
    The consulation prize is a set of kobold companions, also mailed out.

    Fawngate is epic level 2 with 17 ranks in her ranger epic destiny.
    Sadly she did not have high enough dexterity to take the epic archery feat nor high enough constitution to take epic toughness.
    She ended up taking the fighter past life feat at level 21.

    Definetly enjoying the new content.
    Decided to not advance past epic level 22 until she has done all the eberron epic normal quests at least once.
    Epic normal so far is a happy quest zone for her.

    Done some eveningstar challenges and excited about them.
    Enjoyed some eveningstar quests as well.
    The king's forest is really big and I like it.

    Picked up an ideal healing club for Fawnglow when she gains some epic levels from the weapon vendor in eveningstar.

    The healing spring epic ability is really nice, Fawngate hopes to use it as a twist of fate later on.

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    Fawngate has completely finished earning epic destiny xp for Shiradi Champion epic destiny.

    She rather liked this epic destiny, particularly the healing springs ability which became popular for the party.
    The party must be near her when she casts it, then they can wander far away and still recieve healing for the next 5 minutes.

    Approximate Xp needed to cap an epic destiny:

    Eveningstar challenges 4&5 stars done 2 or 3 times each.
    The first Eveningstar quest chain done on epic normal/few epic hard twiceish.
    Epic von on epic normal once.
    Epic normal/hard and elite heroic Lords of Dust Chain quests variously done.
    Shroud normal twice Reavers elite once.
    Explorers/slayers/rares in Cannith manufactury and the King's Forest.

    So, as you can see there is plenty of epic xp left to do another epic destiny, or two or....
    (She is indefinately banking epic level 23 on purpose.)

    There is a fair amount of discusion on the boards about epic quest difficulty.

    It reminds me of the old posts saying things like:
    Soloing elite is easier then doing normal difficulty with a full group of people.
    Fawngate laughes at that saying, wondering why one does not find better friends?

    To Fawngate, epic normal is for times when she wants to adventure, but the party lacks depth of party composition.
    Perhaps there is no healer and she is scroll healing and using her healing springs?
    Perhaps there is no trapper or no arcane able to cast hold monster and disco ball?
    Perhaps she and her friends are doing things for the first time and don't know the quest?
    Perhaps there is no melee dps?
    Perhaps it has been a long day, and her weapon feels heavy in her hand?

    These are the times when epic normal makes a lot of sense,
    these are the times when she is glad there is a setting where she can go ahead and quest anyway,
    these are the times when she is challenged and enjoys that setting.

    Overall, Fawngate is really enjoying the new expansion very much.

    What do epic destinies mean to the completionist?
    How should one approach them as a completionist?

    Thalzur and Fawngate had a discussion on that matter.
    He is about 3 lives behind Fawngate and rather keen on TRing to build up a few more lives.
    It really helped Fawngate relax when she easily could count the lives left: bard, druid, pally and halfling.

    What do epic destinies mean to a completionist?

    For a character going after a completionist project that requires 50 millionish xp, the 10 millionish total epic destiny project just plain sits there like another mountain to climb. A shiny that certainly will add to one's character's depth. It's too hard to ignore, as completionist realize that it is the joy of the journey more than the destination that matters.

    There are probably three or four approaches to the matter of obtaining epic destinies:

    Thalzur's favorite is to ignore the epic destinies at the moment and go straight to completionist then start building up the epic destinies, TRing as needed to reset xp and gain a few extra lives that he wants anyway.

    The linear approach which would be doing a class then doing its epic destiny and then TRing. Straightforward and simple.

    The grab em when you raid approach. There are times when your character will need to raid for twenty completions and get the twentith completion end reward list (think shroud cleanser, etc...) With epic level banking there should be enough xp for ? number of epic destinies. Your character will probably have one or more likely two raiding lives. Plan which class to do this with. Fawngate's first raiding/epic life was cleric and perhaps the current one as an artificer.

    The grab two or three epic destinies during each life approach. This is likely for those folks who like Fawngate TR several times then suddenly decide to go after completionist. There are lots of people doing the high level content at the moment, and its fun to join in the festivities. No hurry to grab em all, and you might want to TR immediately out of your less favorite lives. (Ironically, Fawngate has rather enjoyed most all the classes in one way or another.)

    A distinct problem for the completionist is unlocking the epic destinies to move about on the epic destinymap. It is possible the purple dragon knight favor will grant a key for an single unlock. There is where class choices may matter the most. Until now, variety is the spice of life was the most important factor for what class to do when.

    Fawngate solved the problem by going to the DDO store and purchasing keys.
    Partly she simply wanted to show the developers how happy she is the epic levels and the druid are finally here!!!!!
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    Like normal levels, one can only bank 1 epic level plus enough xp to be within one point of the level beyond it.

    (For example, at 2,099,999 xp, Fawngate is level 22 and no longer gaining epic level xp. However, she is earning epic destiny xp which is her goal.)

    It seems very advisable not to take level 24 until one wishes to capped at level 25.

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