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    Default Fawngate's Completionist Project

    Originally found at
    (Which is expirencing website troubles atm)

    Fawngate is my first character made for Khyber
    (Myself being an immigrant who started on Orien during the opening months of free to play.)

    She has her own story now, called Fawn's Fate found here in this thread:

    Her goals are to learn something about DDO each life, learn each class by playing thru the class seriously, playing a life in each race, and to have fun in the process.
    She often runs or joins pick up groups as Khyber has excellent players.

    Her little sisters Fawnglow (a raiding cleric) and Fawngold (a haggler) are designed to support Fawngate.

    Her past lives:
    Human Favored Soul
    Human Favored Soul (at which point she decided to try for completionist)
    Human Necro Wizard (with a repeating heavy xbow nicknamed the gatling gun)
    Half Elf Light Monk (strength with cleric dilly)
    Level 1 thru 11 Half Elf Cleric (balanced cleric with fighter dilly)
    {Deleted at this point due to stress in real life which resulted in loss of part of reicarnation bank}
    Level 12 thru 20 Half Elf Cleric (balanced cleric with fighter dilly)
    {Left guild due to my father's death, temporary put aside}
    Dwarf Barbarian (rogue splash for trapper)
    Warforged Sorcer (fire/cold/acid combinations tried)
    {Began running raid trains again}
    Elf Rogue (strength with fighter splash)

    Current life 9th:
    1 Rogue 17 Ranger (str+con trapper) 93/95 ranks

    Future plans:
    Sit at 20 and see what unfolds with the new expansion.
    Might take 19 levels of Ranger to get more spell slots.
    (Gambling on Druid bringing new nature spells that might be useful.)

    Lives left in order of perferance:
    Artificer (as many feel its strong atm)
    Paladin (healing amp)
    Bard (will saves)
    Fighter (want some of the above and possible halfling dragonmark costing 1 feat before doing)
    Druid (want to let it shake down before trying out)

    Races left:
    Drow ~ Bard?
    (Considered for Paladin at one time.)
    Half Orc ~ something melee?
    (Considerd for Warchanter Bard at one time.)
    Halfling ~ depends on dragonmarks
    (Considering Fighter.)

    Advice that helped:
    Alternating melee lives with caster lives.
    (Sanity thru variety being more important than exact path.)

    Many thanks to the people of the Mature Adventurer's Guild for their build advice, support and help.
    Many thanks to the people of Timmy with a guild name sooo long it runs off the page for helping me thru the barbarian life and onward.

    Things I regret:
    Not having Silver Flame potions during the Barbarian life.
    Losing Fawngate's Gatling Gun inside her reicarnation bank.
    Not having enough bank/backpack space at times.
    Not having enough room on my friend list to place everyone.

    Enjoyable moments:
    Many happy times in Khyber!

    Beware, this thread tends to ramble about as I talk about builds, when to TR, moan about bank space, etc...
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