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    I found my colossal ingredients bag caused lag looting and such well before Orange October.
    So I am working a new system.

    I have a tiny bag (was a large but I mailed that a few hours ago, need to look for another extra) that auto gathers.
    The colossal bag in not set to auto gather.
    After a chain of quest, I empty the tiny bag into inventory then gather into colossal bag.

    Problem solved.

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    Was looking forward to having another fate point, but it is bugged.
    Have bug reported it, and filed ticket on the matter.

    Max ED = 18 fate points
    DDO store tome of fate = 20 fate points
    4 Epic Past lives = 21 fate points

    Upgrade of second twist to tier three (4 3 1 twists slots) would require 22 fate points, so its not a big deal atm.
    Anyone else experiencing this?
    Perhaps the tome of fate is not stacking with the epic destiny past lives?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    /ui layout load first

    Saved me a quarter of an hour.
    Thanks Devs.
    Choosing Fortification for Fawn's fourth epic past life.
    She is now in shadowdance as an elf pure wizard.
    Twisting in Sense Weakness, +3 Enchantment DC, and imperceptible casting -95% agro half the time

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    Notes for me:

    Extra shadowfell legendary special section code used.

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    Interesting Halfling thrower build:!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Interesting Halfling thrower build:!
    Possibly one of the hardest hitting things in this game actually... kind of the same concept as a muncher. like it.

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    Charmyna has the same problem Fawngate has
    All ED max
    +2 tome of fate (ddo store)
    4 (he had 5) epic past lives
    Still at 20 fate points

    So, it a group bug instead of Fawngate being messed up which is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Charmyna has the same problem Fawngate has
    All ED max
    +2 tome of fate (ddo store)
    4 (he had 5) epic past lives
    Still at 20 fate points

    So, it a group bug instead of Fawngate being messed up which is good.
    It's in the known issues already (So they knew it was broken before U20 even went live)

    NEW: Players who reincarnate their Iconic characters can find themselves unable to Heroic True Reincarnate without customer service assistance. This happens when an Iconic character undergoes an Epic Reincarnation or Lesser Reincarnation, then undergoes an Iconic Reincarnation but chooses to reincarnate into a non-Iconic character, and then finally undergoes an Epic Reincarnation. This bug may also force a character to take the Iconic’s Religion (such as Amaunator).
    Characters affected by this bug may also encounter issues during the Character Generation phase of the Epic Reincarnation. While you can select an Iconic during Character Generation, you will see an “Unknown” error when you click on “Create” on the final page. Exiting Character Generation and trying again (without viewing Iconics) will still present you with the “Unknown” error. To clear the error, you have to log in twice. (The first login will fail.)

    NEW: Iconic Reincarnating currently does not require you to clear your Reincarnation Cache from previous Reincarnations. This will be changed in a future patch.
    NEW: Please be careful when Reincarnating. If you accidentally destroy your Heart of Wood after placing it into the Reincarnation UI, your client may crash!
    NEW: You currently do not gain a Fate Point after Epic Reincarnating 4 times.
    NEW: Items in Artificer Iron Defender or Druid Animal Companion equipment slots can be lost upon reincarnation (Lesser, Greater or True.) Players should make sure to remove gear from their companion/defender’s inventory prior to a reincarnation.

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    Thank you, that helps me a lot.
    Now I will not TR just to try to clear it out.

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    This thread is perhaps the philosophy of a completionist thru their journey, perhaps?

    Today we address two topics that I will NOT respond or debate upon if anyone else replies negatively to.
    Is what I say the truth? Sometimes I wonder what truth really is.
    I know I can be wrong; I only know perspective from my point in the maze of life.

    Point one.
    Someone suggested that Otto's Boxes should have Commendations of Valor in them.

    Notice DDO's point of view, in that they changed the new Otto's Boxes to no provide equipment of any sort.
    Simply put, the feel quality equipment should not be available in the DDO store.
    This excludes augments and tomes that are available (however rare) in game.

    Basically the point of view is not to sell quality loot in the DDO store, and that is why the Epic Otto's Box does
    not provided "level appropriate starter gear" since that would require putting near end game gear into the box.

    So, that is why I feel that Commendations of Valor probably should not be in an Otto's Box.
    Players buying Otto's Boxes should have already set TP aside for Epic Hearts.

    Its a delicate line, but I feel that DDO is still observing that line and trying not to cross it.

    Point two.
    Is an Otto's Box an exploit?
    I recently saw that posted on the Vault, and they stated that such a debate would never stand long on these forums.

    I ran into someone who actually had more epic past lives than Fawngate.
    In fact as I type this, they are probably in game right now gaining another past life ahead of me.
    We briefly mentioned the matter, and I replied:
    "Time is money. Money is time."
    He agreed sincerely.

    Should this question be posed to a 13 year old and a 77 year old person, their answers would be very, very different.
    However, I am neither of these.
    Fawngate claims to be much older than I, and who am I to discuss a women's true age?

    All in all, this is deep question. Which deserves a deep answer.
    My perspective may not satisfy anyone, but it is after all simply a reflection of where I am.

    Fifteen years of my life were spent with very little resources and the hope that one piece of land would be valuable someday.
    As I sit here now, unmarried without a career, having given my time to parents, mixing my future with theirs,
    there is much spent and not spent in many ways; there is much done and not done in many ways.
    I can look across the driveway as see a ford truck taken care of very well, and know that it is much older than that of our neighbors.

    The Turbine Points that I do spend, sometimes given away in the form of codes and boxes, have been paid for with
    blood, sweat and tears. Time was spent somewhere to earn the right to skip time inside DDO.
    The time has been paid in full somewhere, somehow.

    A 77 year old person has gone thru a considerable amount of resources throughout their life.
    They have made mistakes that cost them.
    They have chosen paths and destinies that flowed in many directions.
    Their time left on this earth is short.
    The amount of resources passing thru their lives is large.
    Some saved, some spent on necessities such as food and shelter, some spend on luxuries such as entertainment.

    A 13 year old person has very little to call their own.
    The have their whole life ahead of them, perhaps.
    Even their time is dictated by their parents to a certain degree.
    DDO is a far cry from Atari's Adventure.

    Such influences one's perspective, and gives way to the philosophy that
    "Time is money. Money is time."

    To call an Otto's Box an exploit would make one question "What is an exploit?"
    Recalling the new quest, "A study in Sable" the optional boss in the garden maze,
    we do see that Devs don't mind us jumping unto a high perch, in fact it gives them
    justification to place a hard hitting red named into a quest.

    This means that the boss will only slow down a party, not stop it as long as they think.
    Again the subject of time arises. Kiting spectral dragons because the scare us, slows us down.
    What is time as it warps around us, and are we doing what we should with it?

    Sometimes things that seem mistakes are in fact learning experiences.
    Can we truly know without experiencing?
    Is a perfect path thru life, truly perfect?

    Sometimes when I give away codes or boxes, I realize that a wife and four children would cost
    me much more. Three things lately went toward daughters of DDO players, one hidden and one not.

    In the past I have simply said, "DDO store is fair game" and left it at that.

    Is an Otto's Box an exploit?

    Fawngate has recently set a long term goal of constructing an Epic SoS,
    as she nears her 20th completion of Von Raid (15th atm), she looks forward to maybe gaining
    a normal SoS on her 20th list.

    Tis something to work towards, look towards.
    These epic reincarnates allow here to build up raid completions which is nice.
    TRing always destroyed 20th lists consistently for Fawngate.
    I glad to see a form of reincarnation that preserves favor.

    I would be nice to have commendations valor in saga rewards as well are triple commendation amounts for raid end reward lists.
    But that is not my battle or my war.
    My war was fought, lost and won over the power curve of past life feats, and now I retreat back to this thread,
    and its pondersume endless philosophy that would put a blue dragon to slumber...

    What do I truly think?
    No, IMHO Otto's Boxes are not exploits, and I want to loot my SoS shard and seal from a chest without a loot auction
    even if it takes forever and a day to do so...

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    Just need a Von raid or a few other quests to get to level 28.

    Very reluctant to TR into an Iconic as one big Saga list is very close to completion,
    and only 4 more Vons to get a 20th end reward list.

    I keep finding more Saga npcs, it really a complex new idea, that takes exploring.
    I also may need to do more EEs to make sure and get the true elite reward.
    Six was a suggested amount to me.

    Fawn and I tend to wander about, just enjoying the game.

    A big thanks to Celeneh for giving me an extended tour of the demonweb,
    a place feared by old school TRs as the wilderness that kills xp pots.
    Learning epic quests/wildernesses better now, which is fun.

    Interesting, there are places in the demonweb wilderness that as exist inside CitW raid.
    Bridges are not the same, and some is different.
    But perhaps since CitW occurs in the Demonweb that makes sense?

    Builds now a days, for me, question which sphere will it level up in.

    Pure Elf Wizard Fawngate upon hitting 6 million Karma could have swapped out of Shadowdancer, but she liked free evasion.
    She enjoyed Wizard Shiradai for primal. But I think she will swap to a Favored Soul/Cleric for the Divine Sphere.

    Hmm...I don't like the thought of playing a melee in EE, but Monk was fun long ago...

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    Default Lag Cure

    While in the FoT raid tonight, I received the most interesting advice.

    When lagging, place your camera in first person view close up, then face the floor.
    The amazing thing was that it worked for me.
    The latency % stopped dropping quickly and after a bit was down to 1~2% from 39%

    I also reduce object draw camera down to high as well.

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    Close person view, all the way in, and all draw distances set at medium helped keep lag out of Fall of Truth.
    Its not that my machine has a poor graphics card, its reducing the information to be processed.
    That raid is in a big room, and prime time, my DSL sometimes shares with neighbors for bandwidth.


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    Second lag free Fot raid for Fawngate.
    Judging by the numbers this is helping a lot.

    Taking Fortification a second time.
    Liking the evasion from Shadowndancer more and more.

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    Juggernaut build claims it can run in Legendary Dreadnought which is in the martial sphere.

    TR into bladeforged...

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    Default RE: thanksgiving giveaway

    If they are available still (late i know) i would like to put my name in the hat for the following

    seal of house dun robar (+10 shatter) - velashiera
    EH ring of the stormreaver prophecy - velashiera
    EH thunder and lightning - velashiera
    1 otto's box if avaialbile

    happy holidays and always a pleasure Fawn, there need to be more light hearted happy folks like you around!

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    Finally found the destructive shadow staff and mailed it to RTFM, along with EH thunder and lightning - velashiera.
    Vel you have some other random goodies that are nice being mailed to you as well, happy holidays to you too

    18 of 20 Von raids, about to eat dinner with Mom, wondering about TRing into an iconic after this Epic Reincarnate.
    Bladeforge's +5% fort is tempting.

    At 6 million Karma, and staying in shadowdancer as an elf pure wizard.
    Being able to crowd control is very interesting.
    Although I would not have picked this build, Fawn uses it very well.
    DC 55 works

    What next?
    It would be nice to continue with martial sphere for more AC, but we still have our divine and arcane toggles to obtain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargouille View Post
    True Reincarnations, which includes Heroic and Iconic, are on the same shared timer.
    Lesser Reincarnation has its own timer.
    Epic Reincarnation has its own timer.
    Timer wisdom, ty.

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    Got the Sword of Shadows on the Von 20th list.

    Epic Reincarnated ~ Fortification x3 now (along with Colors of the Queen x3)
    Martial Karma Empty.
    Back to 20 elf Wizard.

    Pondering the future, and probably go read a book till I figure it out.

    Colors of the Queen does show up fairly often, but I would not classify it as overpowered.
    I am not familiar enough with Shirdai procs to distinguish the two, but its seems similar.

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    Dev Dairy on the new A study in sable.

    Nice write up, and honestly, I love this new quest.

    Finished book 8 of the wheel of time.
    A fellow gamer recommended a pair of books by the author who finished the wheel of time series, so I ordered them from amazon.
    He seems very popular, though I have not read anything of his yet.

    Kids are out of school, so its back to
    checking my internet speed before group with players atm.

    I do apologize if Fawn ever lags out when playing with people.
    This will be corrected in due time with a second booster box to our rural internet area.
    I'm lucky to have DSL.

    Its mostly prime time, which is when DDO Khyber may have lag anyway.

    There seems to be a growing sentiment that the best raid group would be a dozen monk archers types.
    Some seem to think that favored souls are outdated and barbarians are gone with the wind.

    While I don't argue that point of view online, I pause and remember.
    Not so long ago, Fawn the Halfling Favored Soul and her adventures.
    No class in the game is tougher to play than a divine pugger, imho.

    She recalls making sure a barbarian was fully supported during a CitW raid; said barbarian dominated
    the kill count while she placed a modest top four finish in the kill count.

    She recalls leading the kill count during another CitW.

    Right now, I'm pondering at a crossroads which way to go, waiting for Fawn to act.
    Perhaps we will load up the shard auction house with 10k auctions to empty our bank out.
    At least this afternoon the internet is so much more responsive than last night.

    You can post up to 20 items on the shard auction house at up to 9+ astral shard million listing.
    Nobody in their right mind would buy that.

    Well when you start emptying your Tr cache out there is no turning back, cause your toon is unplayable due to lack of space...last minute to turn back...

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