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    New past life strategies ~ it would seem that gaining your five toggles would a priority.

    I finally received an answer on the Iconic Toggles:
    Quote Originally Posted by Oldraven View Post
    No. As far as I can tell, the Iconic toggles are like a... 'class' of toggles unto themselves, with only one being able to be active at a time. I've tried.
    So, plan out a possible final life and pick out which toggles you want to have.

    For example, Fawngate the Favored Soul might want:

    Morninglord Iconic Toggle for +30 light and alignment spell power
    Shadar-kai for defensive protection

    Martial +30 fort for defensive protection

    Divine Power over Life and Death

    Primal Colors of the Queen (if it does not apply Divine Wrath as an attack on allies)

    Arcane Energy Criticals

    Martial Monk Fawn might prefer:

    Martial Doublestrike
    Divine Brace
    Primal Fast Healing
    Arcane Enchant Weapon

    Purple Dragon Knight grants a clicky that could be used in combination with Shadar-kai

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    Frosted arrives Nov 27, and little book version looks interesting.

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    Just watched Star Wars, The Clone Wars, The Complete Season Five and enjoyed it very much.
    The ending surprised me very much, and Fawn was deeply moved by it.

    Also the latest new Legend of Korra Book One Air was an enjoyable sequel to the Last Airbender Anime series.

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    I am entirely too soft on you guy and gals, but one last bit of plain speaking.

    Recently someone said they were worried about me about some of the things I say.
    I replied, Of course.
    They said that worries them even more.

    When anyone joking mentions Fawn is crazy, I simply agree, after all anyone doing 41 lives must be crazy...

    Turning to three masters of the English culture, we clue from them what we might perceive from Fawn.

    Shakespeare wrote many plays, and I had the occasion to study one under a very talented professor.
    There comes a moment in the play Hamlet after the famous phrase "Sweets to the sweet" when Shakespeare
    feels a need to insert abstract comic relief in the graveyard scene.

    Shakespeare realized that people need to laugh and cry and tense up with a full range of emotions for largest impact.
    Just as an artist realizes that one must use light and dark together to achieve brilliance.
    This scene is somewhat off the wall involving two minor one shot characters but full of witty comedy.
    The reason it is there is because the most kind noble sensible likable character in the entire play has died.
    It follows what is a very important tense moment in the play.
    Lightheartedness follow dark times making both deeper.

    Cary Grant was a master of the classic age of movies.
    In his portraying a submarine commander during WW II, (Operation Tokyo) there was a seaman who always talked about girls.
    At first glance, one would consider the seaman a woman chaser.
    Then one notices that his stories always occur when the crew's mood is the darkest.
    Then one notices his expert stalling for drama and time to think up an ending.
    Then one notices his being choose for a dangerous assignment, as Cary Grant recognized the bravery of his comic relief.

    Again, comic relief that is actually used in real life.
    When the crew needed it the most, he provided.

    AA Milne is the brilliant author of children's classic Winnie the Pooh.
    Lines such as these are deep and classical:
    Winnie the Pooh, "...I was just asking myself..."
    Piglet inserts, "And what do you think yourself will answer?"

    Such is the stuff of Fawn in first person with me asking her what see thinks...

    When I was in Pokémon, my last name with +esse added to the end eventually became as slang for "saying something deep and mysterious"
    At times I ponder returning to that point of view and changing my style of writing among you.

    Many changes have occurred recently, and I felt the need for plainspeaking.
    The enhancement pass was a success.
    The reincarnation pass looks finally fairly solid.
    I would like to see tiny bit more power boost there.
    I would like to see epic completions become auto grant 4th twist slot.
    I would like to see completionist feat become auto grant.

    For the future, I see raids coming, more content, the gnome race, a forgotten realms drow iconic, a dwarf ravanger iconic, a third iconic, possible improvements to the bard class, the 2014 expansion pack featuring epic destinies raised to level 10, raising the level cap to 30.

    Of all these things, my input is not really needed.
    I have already shown examples of raising the epic destinies levels to 10.
    There is really little needed.
    Increasing levels will grant much need epic destiny points to spend on abilities we don't have enough points to spend on right now.
    There is the inates which need to grant caster levels and some other bonuses of various types and amounts.
    I gave deep examples of possible inates, and I think the devs can improve them much better than I can.

    After this is done, its content, raid content, and more content filling in greatly around the framework that has been established.

    Enough of plain speaking...
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    Fawn is wrapping herself into a cocoon of light and mystery.
    I am not sure what the end will be, possibly it is a new beginning.

    She seems to be drawing about at the moment pulling away from disturbing thoughts and attitudes.

    Perhaps it would be very wise to avoid mentioning exploits around her at the moment.
    Who knows what she might do in this deeply subconscious state of being.
    Quotes could even reflect off her shields in directions unknown and unexpected.

    I can feel that is deeply troubled by the boldness and lack of fear demonstrated by some.
    I wonder that Orange October might influence her metamorphosis in ways that would not happen otherwise.

    Reaching her perfect completion, she seems to be evolving in a new direction.

    I don't know quite what to make of it all, but something will happen and soon.
    After all my motto has always been, "If you are not happy, ask yourself why, and do something about it."
    Certainly the bold openness of some involving major exploits is not increasing the happiness of this luxury entertainment.

    What others do is their business, judging is not Fawn's way.
    But Fawn's friendly chatter seems to influence people to feel they can confide in her.
    Knowing more exploits than some of the stars on the vault is distressing.

    What should my reaction be?
    Should I threaten to report people?
    This would only produce fear and fear is a negative emotion.

    Perhaps, I will wait on Fawn to lead, letting her be in her cocoon of light, waiting, watching for signs...
    Her little sisters too, seem to wait upon her, to follow her lead wherever it may go.

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    Reported another exploit to cordovan.

    Folks just be quiet around Fawn about exploits ~ problem solved....

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    This is not a crusade.
    Simply put, leave Fawn alone.

    Stop telling her stuff, stop asking for her stuff.

    Show some common sense.
    Show some respect for others.
    Show some fear for banhammer.

    Lose lips sink exploits.

    Surely you know Major reads the vault.
    Surely you know some players are going to report.

    Love your exploit, zip your lips...

    Nuff said, may chester smile upon you this day.

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    I'll not reply to those very few who need to calm down.

    I will remind those people that I gave away 4 Otto's Boxes, 4 Bigby's Boxes, multiple TP codes, blanks, and tons of other stuff.

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    Jumping on an object is not an exploit.
    Look at the quest design of Tor.

    Red boxing is not an exploit.
    Look at the Dev post explaining that.

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    Default Fawn's Thanksgiving Giveaway ~ giving away her unbound loot.

    Greeting all.

    Fawngate and her little sisters are having one last big giveaway.

    Anyone posting in this thread between now and thanksgiving has a chance to win something from below.
    If you see things you would like, please list your favorites.
    {Fawn reserves the right to ignore any posts that are not polite.}

    Please also list the Khyber toon you want the items mailed too.
    Things that are not in demand may be mailed quicker.
    Things that are in demand will be rolled upon in due time.
    There will be a certain amount of plat available transferred as a free trade later on.

    Shared Bank ~ unbound items
    Snow Elemental Gem
    EH Skyvault Shield
    Craftable Ring with Medium Guild Augment slot
    1 Empty Small Ingredients Bag
    3 Empty Large Ingredients Bags
    +4 Seeker of Greater Elemental Bane Scimitar ml 14
    733 Omnispell Dust
    23 Potions of Invisibility
    5/day divine power clicky
    750 pouch of granite and diamond dust
    1 Large Ingredient Bag (obtained from Drowrogue last year can be confirmed by looking up Khyber Market threads) max size of 24 cannath crafting essences
    Necklace of Haggle 15
    Light Shield with medium guild augment slot
    3 vibrant purple ioun stones (ready to be upgraded)
    2 pale lavender ioun stones (ready to be upgraded)
    3/day invisibility clicky ml 3
    Seal of House Dun Robar Shatter +10 Insightful Str +2 ml 21
    Wis +9, Wizardly IX necklace ml 27
    Alchemical Heavy Mace
    Wis +9 Resistance 10 Necklace ml 28
    Alchemical Sickle

    Probably not available
    Dun Robar Tendon Slice ring
    2 Radiance Sticks
    Fire absorption prismatic cloak

    Closettome ~ unbound items
    2 Flawless Red Dragon Scales
    1 Empty Small Ingredients Bag
    3 Raid Bypass Timers
    10 Adamantine Ore
    1 Empty Large Collectables Bag
    3 Empty Large Ingrediants Bags

    Closetingre ~ unbound items
    2+ million plat (some available)
    2 Locus of Vol (crafting ingredient for vampirism shard)
    5 Empty Large Ingredients Bag
    17 Potions of Wonder
    2 Flawless Red Dragon Scales
    1 Medium Soul Bag Contents full of 40 types of soul gems ~ 56 essence of earth, 16 undead, 3 strong undead, random others
    1 Pirates Grog
    3 stacks of 50 each lumps of coal
    2 empty large collectables bags
    1936 antique bronze tokens
    2 gems of crashing waves
    10 Karagon's Tasty Hams
    93 and 87 tasty hams
    99 and 5 shreds tapestry
    Empty Medium Gem bag
    Empty Medium Collectable bag
    87 gems of the Ocean's Winds
    Partial Snow Elemental Gem
    41 pouches of granite and diamond dust
    50 and 50 greater vials of seafog
    3 major sp pots
    Scarab of Spell Absorption

    Fawngale ~ unbound items
    3+ million plat (some available)
    Small amounts of Fire Shield Cold and Warm plus haste
    Sapphire of Heavy Fort
    +3 Con Tome
    +3 Str Tome
    4 Otto's boxes
    2 Jeweler's Tool Kit
    1 EE Chill of Winter Rune Arm
    1 EH Mantle of Ceaseless Toil
    1 EH Arching Sky Rune Arm
    1 Ruby of Superior Frost
    1 Ruby of Superior Shock
    1 Diamond of Dex +6
    1 Topaz of power 25
    50 +5 Thieves Tools
    Str +8 Protection +8 belt ml 24
    Diamond of Haggle +13
    2 Epic Ring of Shadows
    Deadly +9 Natural Armor +9 necklace ml 26
    4 Raid bypass timers
    Empty Large Gem bag
    Medium Soul Bag 36/40 contents ~ 30 undead, random others
    Sapphire of protection +5
    38 potions of wonder
    15 stacks of 50 vials of greater seafog
    2 stacks of 50 jolly roger bombs
    22 epic potions of death ward ml 1
    Grave Wrapping
    Str +6 ring with yellow slot ml 16
    Staff with ice lore and glaciation and impulse ml 24
    Str +8 Protection +6 ring ml 23
    Con +8 False Life 40 ring ml 25
    Deadly +9 Concentration +19 goggles ml 27
    EH Allegiance
    40 Epic haste potions ml 1
    Empty Medium Collectables Bag
    Small Soul Bag 15/20 random assortment
    Ring with small augment slot (slow trap and striding +25%)
    10 Epic GH potions ml 1
    Giant's Roar longbow ml 6
    Hair Dye Rose and Amber
    Broach of Shielding
    Fire Lore IV Quarterstaff ml 8
    +1 True Law Longbow of Lacerating with colorless slot ml 6
    100 and 100 tasty hams
    100 gems of crashing waves
    Silver Longbow
    Longbow ml 16 radiance and radiance lore
    Archmagi helmet Halfling only race umd 22 ml 15
    Sapphire of physical resistance 10 and 8
    Boots of the Innocent
    6 Epic Potions of Deathward ml 1
    Diamond of Wisdom +5
    Diamond of Intelligence +3
    945 omistones
    Ruby of Magnetism 66
    +3 caustic dagger of greater ozze bane ml 18

    Fawngate ~ unbound items
    Will need to increase plat by 4 million
    1 Otto's Box
    Tapestry Pouch unknown amount inside

    Possible item which might be kept
    Shadowsight EE

    Fawnglitter ~ unbound items
    3+ million plat (some available)
    Hair dye charcoal
    Kardin's Eye ml 11
    Gloves of disabling +13 with small guild augment slot
    Empty Wide Quiver
    250 omnispell dust
    stacks of 20 ~ greater elemental, aberration, and construct slaying arrows
    3 stacks of thieves tools +5
    Great Axe of the Chained solider ml 12
    +1 holy greataxe of smiting
    4 stacks of 100 tasty hams
    Mantle of the Dragonfiend ml 13
    Adamantine lined handwarps ml 10
    Convalescent Bracers of Parrying ml 23
    +1 festival frosted holy heavy repeater of pure good ml 6
    Planar Focus of Prowess +8 con
    Dwarven Thrower
    Scepter of the fleshweaver
    Thunderstorm Crescent Elite ml 17
    Leaves of the Forest Elite ml 17
    Livewood Core Elite ml 17
    Charosh's Inferno EE

    Fawnglow ~ unbound items
    4+ million (most probably not available)
    9 major sp pots
    Fortified bracers of dodge ml 23
    Empty small soul bag
    Deadly +6 necklace of Accuracy +6 ml 21
    Necklace of resistance +6 with colorless and yellow slot ml 17
    2 Otto's Boxes
    +1 True Chaos Greataxe of Smiting (ideal portal beater for shroud) ml 12
    hair dye five different colors
    4 tapestry
    Empty Medium Gem Bag
    2 Medium Collectable Bags (30/30 random stuff) definitely does not contain duplicates
    Empty Large Gem bag
    100 potions of improved brilliance
    Locus of Vol (crafting ingredient for vampirism shard)
    250 omnispell dust
    11 jelly cakes to regain sp
    Superior false life shield with guard ml 22
    EH ring of the Stormreaver Prophesy
    Cloak of Ice new version
    Large Ingredient bag (80/80 random stuff) definitely does not contain duplicates
    craftable Banded Mail heavy armor with large guild augment slot
    Alchemical Light Mace
    Large Ingredient bag (15/80 random stuff) definitely does not contain duplicates
    Empty Large Gem Bag
    Ring of Feathers
    Lesser Convalescent Bracers of Parrying
    Arcane Shard
    Wis +6 Goggles of Resistance +2 ml 15
    +5 Coruscating Longbow of disruption ml 24
    craftable breastplate with medium guild augment slot
    craftable banded mail with large guild augment slot
    alchemical greatsword
    striding 30% ring ml 13
    duegar waraxe of the weapon master (combat mastery)
    empty medium gem bag
    two craftable bastard sword with large guild augment
    37 buttons of win
    craftable studded leather armor with large guild augment slot
    Con +6 belt of balance +10 ml 19

    Probably not available
    Cold Absorption prismatic cloak
    Planar Gird

    Fawngold ~ unbound items
    4 million plat (might be available)
    Women's hair style (no mail)
    Haggle goggles
    The Mad Lute
    2 Man's hair style (no mail)
    Dye reversion tonic (no mail)
    Hair style reversion tonic (no mail)
    Deadly +9 ring of Accuracy +9 ml 27
    Large variety of hair dye (some no mail)
    Haggle Cloak ml 28
    +7 Solar Longbow of Ghostbane
    Fortified Boots 120 of False Life 50 ml 28
    Destructive Shadow Staff
    Impluse 126 Longsword of necromancy +4 with red slot ml 26
    +1 holy dwarven axe of greater dragon bane ml 10
    Epic Glorious Dawn
    Health +6 ; 1/day inviso clicky
    Lighting 126 lore 17% caster stick ml 26
    Sun blade
    Wis +9 necklace Natural armor +10 ml 28
    +5 solar longbow of smiting with red slot ml 28
    Craftable gloves with medium guild slot
    Striding 30% boots ml 15
    Cha +6 cloak ml 15
    Red Kobold Shaman certificate
    Allegiance EE
    Fortified 120 gloves of false life 45 with colorless slot ml 28
    Epic Aquatic Bracers
    Wisdom +10 Goggles of Resistance 9
    Deadly +10 ring of natural armor +9
    Fortified 120 gloves of false life 50 master craf ml 28
    Helm of the Black Dragon EE Dex +8
    Ancient Band ml 12
    craftable bracers with colorless and yellow slots
    cold absorb 20% breastplate (for tod)
    Epic Ring of the Dijinn
    +4 solar handwraps of stunning +10 ml 24
    3 Otto's Boxes
    Junior Fleshrender Certificate
    Craftable boots with colorless and yellow slots
    Thunder and Lightning EH
    Frostbrand ml 8
    +7 Eldrich short sword of heartseeking master craft ml 28
    Pink and Green Ioun Stone (ready to upgrade)
    Brone golem certificate

    Probably not available
    Royal Guard Mask
    Planar Gird
    Bracer and Necklace and Ring and Goggles of Solid Fog clickies
    Deadly +10 ring of Accuracy +10 master craftsmanship ml 28
    Fortification 120 boots of dodge 10%
    Con +10 bracers of protection +10

    Hatcloset ~ unbound items
    2.5 million plat (might be available)
    Shaag;s Helm ml 3
    Belt of the Seven Ideal ml 13
    Belt of Balance +15 ml 15 (for Titan raid)
    Large Ingredients bag (1/80 almost empty)
    Healing Stick w lore ml 20

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    I will throw my name in the hat for an Ottos Box, EE Shadowsight, and/or the Royal Guard Mask (invis pots are always welcome too).
    Thanks Fawn!
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    Quote Originally Posted by drowrogue View Post
    I will throw my name in the hat for an Ottos Box and/or the Royal Guard Mask (invis pots are always welcome too).
    Thanks Fawn!
    Good to see you.
    Yes, the Otto's Boxes will be popular we will probably end up rolling on them.

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    I found this awhile back and goggled it again this morning:
    It is the eleventh post in the thread.
    It the second really, really good explanation of instance lag in DDO that I have encountered.
    Quoted in full here:

    No, i2049 is simply the default instance for most "inside" instances (ToD, etc.). "Outside" instance like the Marketplace will typically use the 1-2048 range.

    As far as is known, which instance handles the "outside" instances are more or less random (or at least, I have no idea). However, "inside" instances always start off by using i2049, then if there's already one in i2049, then it'll use i2050, if there's already one in i2050, then it'll use i2051. It's how you can have different ToD groups running simultaneously, for example -- even though they're all running the same raid, each group will have its own unique i number assigned to handle that particular group.

    Admittedly we tend to be sloppy with our language on this. Basically, as far as we know (or speculate), it's really that the i number is some sort of resource allocation (such as that each i number can use 5% of a CPU's processing time, for example). "Inside" instances will get assigned to the i2049 one by default, and higher ones such as i2050, i2051, etc. as needed if there's already one at the lower numbers, which is a different resource allocation system than the i1-i2048 series. But this means that unless there's someone else already running the same quest, you'll almost always get assigned i2049. Hence crafting halls are almost always assigned to i2049, banks are almost always assigned to i2049, etc.

    Now you can temporarily force a higher instance number to be assigned to you, by creating a quest (hence it will be assigned to i2049 if you're the only one running it), resetting it, then immediately creating another one and going into that one. The latter one will be assigned to i2050, because the i2049 resource hasn't fully "released" that quest yet. You can continue getting even higher i numbers if you want, but by the time you reset i2050 the i2049 one will have cleared so you'd be constantly switching between i2049 and i2050. Unless you have other players that are creating new instances, of course. I remember Item doing it with Abbot -- had each member in the raid party split up and create their own instance, then only the highest-numbered instance player would stay while the rest of the group would reform around him -- so that they could use i2060 or something like that and be assured that the server was dedicating resources specifically toward that group.

    Back then, when we were figuring this out, we verified that lag was instance-related, i.e. if you're in i235, and it lags, then everyone else in i235 would lag while people in non-i235 wouldn't necessary lag (unless they had their own problems, of course). We did this by having a userchat 'lag' where players from all over the Orien server would ask if others were lagging and report their /loc when a player started lagging, and we saw that the lag matched the i number.

    Also, back then, the crafting hall had a different mechanic than now: When you opened the crafting window, it would download the entire crafting recipe list from the server to your client -- your DDO "receive" network usage would spike up to the network cap of like 30 kb/s (IIRC) for like 5-10 seconds until it downloaded the whole thing, which was why it would lag whenever somebody opened a crafting window. Well, you can imagine back then when cannith crafting was new and there were so many people crafting that some servers would have multiple crafting instances...and that by default, this was all done in i2049, the same resources that get used by default when people ran ToD and Abbot and stuff. That's why we started using i2050 to run our raids (though back then we couldn't reset, so instead we had to time it correctly to wait for the 5-minute timer on an empty quest to expire and then immediately make a new one before i2049 was "cleared" of managing that quest), it was to get away from all the people in i2049 crafting hall trying to download the entire recipe list all the time and using up i2049's resources.

    After some patch or another, they changed it to where the client would simply read the crafting recipe list that's stored on the local client hard drive, and send only crafting attempts to the server instead (rather than the player looking through the menu of recipes). So it no longer used up so much server resources, especially whatever's in charge of i2049. i2049 is still used by default for most of the "Inside" instances, but at least that fairly continuous load was stopped.

    The i2049 investigations were quite some time ago, and I have no idea what supposed lag investigations Turbine has been doing since they were posted. Admittedly much of it is speculation anyway, because we don't know how Turbine's server architecture works; however, the conjectures and wrapping a theory around the information we collected were worked out from my background in being admin for a MUD, where MUD-hosting sold server resources in increments of stuff like 2% of CPU, specifically so that one MUD that was badly coded (had infinite loops, etc.) would use up its 2% of CPU and the CPU would automatically stop further processing on it to process the other MUDs, so that one CPU could run multiple MUDs simultaneously without them affecting each other. We speculate that Turbine's instancing scheme uses a similar mechanism to allocate resources on its hardware.

    As for Turbine's responses to our investigations, Vengeance777 and I somewhat disagree on how to interpret their dev comments (though it wasn't really a dev commenting, it was MajMal). MajMal said the situation was more complicated than that and that the lag wasn't caused by the instance, and that they've fixed stuff internally (MajMal also promised to release details about the lag, which apparently never happened to my knowledge). Vengeance777 interpreted it as the devs saying that our details no longer applied (i.e. they've updated their code to fix lag being instance-specific), whereas I interpreted it as Turbine wordsmith sleight-of-hand to deny the problem.

    Specifically, MajMal said that no, the instancing isn't what causes the lag (and hence, implying that changing the i numbers doesn't work or no longer works, and implying that Turbine shouldn't devote resources to improving that to address lag). But I never thought that the instancing is what caused the lag nor was that ever the conjecture in our discussions -- the source of the lag is still sloppy code (bad AI subroutines, whatever), and moving to a different instance was just a way to avoid lag from other groups that were also sharing the same resources (i number). Basically, it's so another group that encountered the buggy AI code (or whatever is the source of lag) in their ToD run using i2049 wouldn't affect your Abbot run if you were using i2050 instead of i2049. If the lag was bad AI routines in your run, then yeah, you'd still get lagged. MajMal ignored this point, or at least to my knowledge, never addressed it. They basically said the problem wasn't at a place where nobody ever said it was -- classic misdirection. Using a different instance was just so us players could isolate ourselves as best we could from whatever was causing the lag, not to actually fix it.

    As for whether or not bothering with i2049 is still worth it, it's still up for debate. We never got any update from Turbine on this, so we're basically still operating in the dark. It's possible that going for a non-i2049 is still better. It's also possible that the i2049 thing no longer applies because we are now dealing with a different type of lag. For example, back then, when the server was uploading crafting recipes to everyone, it's possible that the lag was caused by a network bandwidth cap (transmitting all those recipes would take a lot of bandwidth, but not much CPU nor memory necessarily). If current sources of lag are more CPU-based (i.e. buggy AI that leads to infinite loops such as the hireling AI bug where it would occasionally request its position like 200 times a second), then it's possible that Turbine's code inherently is better at localizing this to a particular group or location without affecting other people in the same instance. We simply haven't bothered trying to dig deeper on lag, especially since Turbine never provided the promised details on it. Vengeance777 speculates that it's due to monster AI when they spawn in looking for a target (i.e. gargoyles spawning in looking directly for the altar) rather than most spawns where they stand their until they encounter something interesting, but we haven't really dug into that, and Turbine hasn't really given anything either.

    As for Mabar, the first instance that gets created when the doors first open up will undoubtedly be handled by i2049. There are 5 level ranges of Summoning Chambers so i2049 is handling 5 of them right off the bat along with bank, cannith crafting, people running ToD, etc. So this instance is undoubtedly somewhat stressed, especially when the run first starts and there's say 50 gargoyles and 5 dragons all spawning at the same time in this instance. Some people on Orien advocate waiting like 8 minutes after the doors close so that they can run their own summoning chamber later than everyone else, presumably avoiding everyone else's lag. But this runs into another problem: loading and unloading players from an instance causes a lot of server load for whatever reason. You can see this by running around House J when a dragon run just ends -- you will slow to a crawl as everyone tries to leave Delera and tries to get into the House J instance at the same time. When you delay clicking on the altar, sure, you'll be doing things later than everyone else, but you also run the risk of major lag when the instance is busy trying to remove everyone else from it as they complete (success of fail) their own Summoning Chamber runs. So I would say it's sort of a mixed bag.

    I don't have any particular insight into avoiding lag for Mabar, other than some personal observations the last few days:
    * The most laggy times seem to be during prime time (so say 6-11 pm EST), while runs outside of those times tend to not have (as) much lag and thus fairly good success rates. But I suppose it's because with less people running Mabar at those times, there's also less chance for whatever infinite loop or buggy code to occur. One of our guildies who only log on in the evenings has failed every single Mabar run he's been in due to lag. Another one of our guildies who's a Euro has gone something like 20 for 20 in his runs.
    * Lower-level runs tend to have less lag, and complete more quickly to boot (possibly lagging the other runs as the lower-level guys leave the instance). They're also easier because the dragon seems to only have 8 DR with the light off, so you can fairly easily just DPS him directly even without someone on the lever (if you're shortmanning). And gargoyles die in like 2 hits. In the 26-28 run, a caster with some sort of crowd control (firewall, blade barrier, etc.) is almost necessary for the levers (and pretty much definitely necessary for the altars). For a level 1-8 run, any melee will do on the levers, quaffing cure pots as needed.
    * One laggy Summoning Chamber in an instance may or may not affect other Summoning Chamber runs in the same instance. I've seen times when a high-level run lag wipes while the lowbie one has no lag, all with the same i number. I've also seen times when both runs lag simultaneously. In other words, there may be different sources of lag, each having their own scope of influence. And of course, the lowbie run exiting quite often will lead to lag in the high-level instance.

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    Default Rockridge's Thanksgivings List

    Thanks for your generosity Fawn!

    I'd like to put in my list of items for your lottery in order of preference ;-)

    - Ottobox (1 or possibly 2 for another toon)
    - Convalenscent Bracers of Parrying
    - Pale Lavender Stone
    - Vibrant Purple stone
    - Grave Wrappings
    - Sapphire of Heavy Fort
    - Ruby of Superior Shock
    - 1 Large Collectibles Bag
    - 1 Large Ingredients Bag

    Good luck with your "house cleaning". I should probably do the same too, hehee.

    Cheers - Rockridge/Blackcomb

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    I'll toss my name to the otto box lottery.

    I would love the invis clicky ml 3


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    I will toss my name into

    Otto's box(amazing you have so many)

    any pet cert

    any hair dye.



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    Wow indeed!

    I'd like to toss my name in for Otto box as well, but really i'm way more interested in a pale lav. I TRd one of my toons prematurely to being able to snag one :P

    If you make those available, the royal guard mask and ring of the ancestors are always lovely items to have as well - especially unbound ones in case recent changes messed with them...

    Are the essences avail individually or just in the "large bag" lottery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Greeting all.

    Fawngate and her little sisters are having one last big giveaway.

    Anyone posting in this thread between now and thanksgiving has a chance to win something from below.
    If you see things you would like, please list your favorites.
    {Fawn reserves the right to ignore any posts that are not polite.}

    Please also list the Khyber toon you want the items mailed too.
    I wondered when you were finally going to "make room" in your inventory

    Enoach is Eyeing the EH Stormvault Shield
    Crydel mumbled something about the Omnispell dust
    Anialda saw the Alchemical Heavy Mace and wants it added to his Christmas list
    Anianna loved the idea of a pink Ioun stone floating around his head
    Kealorn said he is tired of his small gem bag and would love an upgrade to a large one.
    Glimdorn saw the EE Chill of winter rune arm and leaked on himself

    So if Fawn would find it in their heart to add these to the list of potential new owners of the items, they would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by andy310 View Post
    Are the essences avail individually or just in the "large bag" lottery?
    Since I can prove that I made two important trades with drowrogue for essence bags long ago, I can safely assert and prove that my essences are not duplicates.
    Fawngate is 150/150/150 on crafting, so she would be willing to remove essences from her DDO store bound to character bag and give them away.

    Yes, essences will be available individually as well as the big bag winner.

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    Also, running the Vale for xp for 41 lives, you end up with the ability to make a lot greensteel blanks.
    If anyone wants to request a particular greensteel blank, Fawngate can make some.

    I am not sure how many, but we can work on it till her ingredients whittle down.
    These would not be made from duplicates.

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