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    EE Von1: combat log

    Combat): You hit Lurking Brute for 286 points of acid damage.
    (Combat): Spell Crit! Your Hellball has greater effect!
    (Combat): Your just reward effect has been removed from you.
    (Combat): You are affected by your just reward
    (Combat): You have temporary spellpoints.
    Combat): You hit Lurking Brute for 651 points of fire damage.
    (Combat): You hit Lurking Brute for 263 points of electric damage.
    Combat): You hit Lurking Brute for 209 points of sonic damage.
    (Combat): you hit Lurking Brute with Hellball.
    (Combat): Your righteous fervor effect has been removed from you.
    (Combat): You gain +1 Sacred bonus to Light Spell Power. This effect can stack up to 10 times.

    (Combat): You begin to cast Hellball at level 11.
    typical 138 ~ 380 damage in each of sonic, electric, fire, cold, and acid
    Crits in the 500 to 680 range
    Sometimes one of the elements is missing, but rarely.
    Great area of effect likely to strike multiple foes and combines well with blade barrier tactics.

    Cha currently 28
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    I went ahead and swapped Ruin for Epic Mental Tougness, just curious.
    Letting go of 3 AC, it places hp over 800 and sp over 4000, which is kind of fun.

    So, wandering around the prison wilderness looking for an evade to pop up on damage while casting Rainbow Orb (hellball).
    Seeing none.

    So, stepping into A lesson in deception on EE, hoping to find that evade damage.

    Walk into the first room, and 16 EE villains attack me.
    Run, turn back, cast a Rainbow Orb, and it them all, every one of them.
    Turn run, repeat.
    Turn run, drop blade barrier.
    Turn cast Rainbow Orb again.
    Turn and find over two foes left.
    Kite and light SLA for a second, then the room is clear.

    Scroll back over combat log, find no evade but have several temp spell points granted due to crits.

    Now there are those that say Ruin > Hellball.
    So lets look at this:

    Ruin - sp cost with metamagics = 110 ~ typical damage to a single foe 3k ~ cooldown 15 seconds ~ crits huge numbers which is slay a normal foe.
    Rainbow Orb (Hellball) ~ 85 sp cost with metamagics ~ typical damage to a single foe 1k ~ cooldown 6 seconds ~ crits often adding a quarter or so to the totals.

    Which one looks better on the surface?

    Now the practical application.

    Ruin in the room with 16 monsters ~ kills one ~ cooldown prevents further casting same maybe once more.

    Rainbow Orb in the room with 16 monsters ~ kills all after 3 castings along with a bit of help from a blade barrier and Fawn's Archon.

    Hmm....which one is better now?

    One has to also consider that Ruin, Forced Escape, and Hellball grant non spellcasters the ability to cast spells if they can afford it.

    Moving deeper in the dugeon, I managed to find some foes that evaded my blade barrier.
    Here is what I seek, quality EE foes with evasion.
    Focusing on them, Rainbow Orb is fairly easy to drop while fancy kiting, absolutely no evasion or reflex save symbols pop up while using Rainbow Orb (Hellball).

    My main problem now, only 1k+ sp left.
    Oh, a shrine, thank goodness.

    One on One with a Crazy Howler.
    Light SLA plus shield block for the win.

    Moving onward, definitely found some R.O.G.U.E. types.
    They evade my blade barrier some, ignore my implosion, but Hellball, Avenging Light and Light of the Flame works.
    Some of the Hellball damage is as low as 81, but others are much higher, not seeing any refex warnings.
    {Sonic 237, other elements 256, force 290, light 320, positive 356 ~ before temp buffs}

    Back to shrine, not really working towards EE solo completion, just in her to find out if Hellball stinks vs EE foes.

    Nice, my aura of menance shows up on the combat chat like Spider Man's danger sense.
    Lol, that is how the experts in the Hunger Games see Fawn coming, by her aura popping up on their debuff bar,
    the smart ones turn around and run the over way.

    Found another group, this time one blade barrier and two rainbow orbs did the job.
    A light SLA finished off the stunned straggler.

    Ditto, again BB spell, RainbowOrb, wings, turn and turn again, Rainbow Orb then clean up.

    Dropping down into the Lizard Sewers, my aura brought in too many lizard folks and they tended to rubber band. Will have to consider turning aura off in EE to not attract attention from around the corners. That or not kite quite as far. Never the less, an interesting experiment.
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    Only looking for violet (electric) EE Prismatic Cloak now (have rest of set now),
    along with high power radiant / impulse / devotion augments.

    Successful four man Elite ToD done, thanks to the Cloak for tanking the shadows.
    Lol, was going to be more, but everyone seemed to say, oh sorry I'm not flagged
    after joining. Fawn endured the optional end boss while they killed the main guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Hello Khyberians,

    I have two Shadowfell collector codes left.

    Fawn would like to give them away for

    (if you happen to see any high level augments 138+ power cheap and mail them to Fawngate thanks)

    Those interested please apply by posting or PM.

    Thank you,
    Fawngate of Khyber
    Still available, and open....
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    Just did two Fot raids today.

    Watched LoB, MA, Citw fill up without joining cause my raid timers are one short of the big lists.

    There was three raids all at once, had to choose, but after that not so much.
    Took the lead for the first Fot myself.
    A few more days like today, and Fot will be at 59 and holding...

    A lot of people stuck about no more raiding till the raid counters get fixed.

    Just in case a recent dev post made you think things might be fixed:
    Its not, hold tight and wait some more...
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    Woot, Lunarko mailed me "Hair Dye Fawn".

    Thank you, applying now!

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    I object to EE rogue types not being as awesome as PC rogue types. They should look at Hellball and go "Ha, no damage for me!" Stupidly designed spell, unfair towards the bestest class evar!

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    Mistress of Magic casting a ritual over EE rogues...

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    Cordovan has complied a nice list of resources for DDO players:

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    Happy day today, going to sell the jungle...breathes a sigh of relief.
    I would keep it, if it was adjacent to the house, but its not and I cannot manage it by myself.

    Started book 4, really like the character development with Perrin and Mat in book 3.
    Enjoying the series so far.

    Voting for an Iconic Pixie soonTM ?!?
    Just completed tanking SR in Fot EH, woot!
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    Doing my 53rd CitW (which is actually 40th), Thrillla had a swell tip:
    He stood on a rock, ranging Lolth, while Halfling Fawn stood right behind him.
    This shielded Fawn from SP drains and damage so she could mass cure / mass heal the party.

    Did not get 40th reward list, will submit ticket later after patch.

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    Cool drawings! What program are you using to make them?

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