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    hey fawn, didn't know if you were interested anymore or not, but though I would point out Otto's Boxes are back in the store since you were lamenting the disappointment of Bigby's Boxes.
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    Thank you, I greatly rejoice in the return of the Otto's Box.
    It puts to rest conspiracy theories and the wondering if it will ever return.

    Looking back the Bigby's boof is simple matter of a DDO employee fixing (thereby nerfing) a DDO item on the way to the DDO store and not sending it back to Quartermaster X for repricing. If Bigby's returns "on sale" at a lower price {like maybe 30~40% off} it should sell fine.

    Fawn picked up three Otto's Boxes which she will hold onto for the day when she has to do a new class created for DDO. In doing so, she ensures that someone somewhere has an actual Otto's Box thereby blocking any changes ever being made to the Otto's Boxes.

    It rained this week, stopping any further chain sawing at the "jungle ranch" as I nicknamed it.

    When I bought the Otto's Boxes, I purchased a Collector's Edition code along with the TP code. I gave the Collector's Edition to a friend and used the TP code (with a few already saved up) to purchase the three Otto's Boxes. He was very happy as he was juggling and debating the new Xpack, and I was happy since the overall cost was equal to what the TP code would normally cost anyway. {The bonus TP code is quite the bargain.}

    Then I told him a story. Call it what you will, Karma, God, Guardian Angels, Good Witches, Ancient Dragons. The week before at the ranch, I had my first incident with a chainsaw accident. {Lately I almost always wear those orange hot chainsaw chaps.}

    I got some bug spray and raincoat and went out to the ranch to help rescue our neighbors tractor from a yellow jackets nest. I just walked in there with a can of raid hornet spray in both hands spraying anything that buzzed. Since I rushed out there, I did not have my chaps or my chainsaw.

    Later on, we needed some small trees cut in a muddy spot, so I grabbed the only saw which had a very dull blade. Towards the end, after cutting a tree and turning toward the next one, the bottom of the chainsaw cut thru my upper left pants legs, but the blade did not touch my skin at all. Not a bit. These are tight pants. I have had one other close call long, long ago, but it missed by a inches.

    The next day, we returned {wearing my funny orange chaps this time} to the jungle ranch {which has no cows on it, so its not really a ranch}. As I went back to the truck to clean and adjust my chainsaw, I heard my partner yelling. I came back and ask what was going on, and watched as he cut off a stick and said there was a copperhead snake. So, I started my chainsaw up, cut a really big stick and hefted it back to the snake area.

    He said it was a really big copperhead {kind of looked small to me at a foot and a half+ long, guess I have been playing too much ddo }, and he pushed it around to make sure it was dead then smashed the head in good. He saw the snake wander thru right where I had just walked away to return to the pickup truck and fix my saw.

    Pondering later on, made me wonder, did my generosity here in DDO protect me there in the wild jungles?
    If so, it was well worth every TP penny.

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    On another note, the NDA has lifted off of Beta Shadowfell.

    One of the first things you will notice is the XP mechanics are changing.

    Take a deep breath, think about it for a few, then relax, cause all is well.

    We get more xp in the long run, much more from this approach.
    Gone are the days when the best approach is running the same quest till you are terribly bored with it.
    Gone are the days of Dun Robar attack!
    Here are the days when raids mean more than loot.
    Here are the days when variety is the spice of life and real life gets a bit more attention.

    Cycle your toons, cycle your toons, cycle your toons.
    {Hard to believe hearing me say that, but the bonuses work that way.}
    One and done is golden now.
    Chain/Series/Selection farming is the new system now.

    On other notes, imperfect as the new enhancement pass will be, I welcome it.
    Phantom bugs will keep popping until the old enhancement system is gone.
    There will be bugs and imperfections, but overall, it is looking good.

    Perhaps less than 3 prestige's for every class is ok, since we can only take from so many trees anyway.
    Combining Bard Prestige is a good thing granting more goodies.

    The Xoriat sever is locked down now, to prevent another "Day without walls."
    Warpriest (adding DPS to an altered protection domain) and the rest of patch 1 begins.
    Work on the revamp of TRing along with Epic TRing begins.

    The Devs have heard our pitchforks and torches and duly note thus.
    So far, good on that front.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Pondering later on, made me wonder, did my generosity here in DDO protect me there in the wild jungles?
    Soon or later "what comes around goes around", never have any doubt about that...
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    I decided to offer a reward for The Return of the Sith.

    If Sith brings his main toon back to Khyber, I will buy and mail that toon the big TP code.

    Take note other servers stealing our top players, Khyber is fighting back now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    I decided to offer a reward for The Return of the Sith.If Sith brings his main toon back to Khyber, I will buy and mail that toon the big TP code.Take note other servers stealing our top players, Khyber is fighting back now!
    message passed to him
    ABBYdoll : Blond Brain - Huge butt (don't stay behind or you will see nothing)
    ABBYhawk : No Brain - Big Muscles (never trust him)
    Fyros : A noob with a Great Heart (have no expectation and you will be happy)

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    Talking with a friend the other night, I did a lot of testing of various epic destiny twists and configurations for a Favored Soul:

    Offensive Twists:

    Stances such as Stay Frosty/Double Rainbow/Stay Good ~ yielded very low values due to the low amount of individual units to apply it to.
    Much better with magic missile or many shot longbows.

    Boulder Toss ~ yielded strong zero cost damage every 30 seconds. Good for a boost in DPS.

    Wild Shots ~ half damage and half cooldown = same compared to Boulder Toss also for zero cost.
    Both of which have some sort of General Spell Power Applied to them.
    Wild Shots can be cast twice as often as Boulder Toss for half as much damage.
    Both are unlikely to hit multiple targets.

    Shadow Lance ~ cooldown equals Boulder Toss and damage equals Wild Shots = half as good as Bolder Toss.
    You are unlikely to have the shadow charges to produce a blindness effect.

    Energy Burst ~ cooldown (30 secs) and damage equals Boulder Toss.
    However this effects multiple targets, and a Favored Souls is likely to be able to boost it more with effort.
    Tier four twist unlike the last three which are tier one.
    Moderate Cost of 20 spell points is affordable and definitely worth the blast effect.
    Zero range effect.

    Tsunami ~ fast cooldown (7 secs) and damage equal to Boulder Toss.
    Based on Wisdom for DCs.
    Metamagics can be applied.
    Tier three twist.
    High Cost of 50 spell points makes this expensive but effective to use.
    Difficult to make hit multiple foes, unlikely to happen.

    Stormrage ~ very expensive version of Stay Frosty.
    High Cost of 50 spell points makes this expensive to use.
    Low durations (18 seconds) makes upkeep time consuming.
    Due to a Divine's Divided Attention, this is unproductive.
    Does not apply to Archon Lantern, but if it did that would probably make it more useful.

    Summon Dryad Elder ~ a summons which most raids and epic elite leaders frown upon your using.
    Highly under valued as this summon buffs, heals, and does decent damage for free.
    Combined with Natural Shielding, three Druid Past Lives, and Augment Summons it can last in extreme conditions,
    however regardless raid leaders usually frown upon your using it.

    Avenging light ~ as a Divine this should be your favorite DPS.
    Cheap with low cooldown along with plenty of ways to augment it.

    Judgement/Lay to Rest/Judge the Many ~ not worth twisting, but if you a divine seeking dps this is worth
    spending 5 epic destiny points on.
    Lay to Rest damage is half of Boulder Toss with half the cooldown for a mere 10 sp (+10 sp for Judgement).
    You should still be able to get tier one of Endless Faith.

    Capstone for Favored Souls
    Either the Searing Light or the Cure Light Wounds SLA are great to have.
    The Searing Light has a cooldown of 6 seconds and can have all metamagics applied to it for free.

    Past life feats
    These all share the same cooldown and cost a feat to take.
    They are 10 per rest, but one can apply all metamagics to them for free.
    The cooldown is not too bad, but don't take all three.
    Perhaps worth taking if one can afford the feat slot.

    Normal spells ~ lol, yes we have them too.

    Renewal and cocoon save much spell points over casting metamagic heal spells,
    leaving you with more sp for dps.

    Defensive twists such as Sigil of Energy Negation and Energy Sheath work well when needed.

    As far as Epic Destiny Choices go:

    Exalted Angel is hard to beat for Favored Soul.
    It allows you to retain all your basic needs along with twisting in Cocoon for additional healing power.
    Divine Wrath heals and provides lots of DPS (much better than boulder toss).

    Runner up is Unyielding Sentinel with the 3 healing hands group, brace for impact,
    shield prowess, legendary shield tier 1, hardened tier 2, Con +4
    One almost gets to lower level tank like AC / HP with this approach and one keeps spell pen/caster levels.

    Shadow Dancer lowers your spell pen and forces you to remove your medium armor.
    Taking AC for evasion might be pondered upon.
    Not enough experience with this option.

    Shiradi Champion would be interesting.
    Again, removing your shield for a longbow reduces AC, and promotes a slight pause when casting.
    Losing spell pen, Divine Wrath, having to twist renewal, cocoon, and avenging light makes this so so.
    A divine's divided attention make manyshot options less effective.
    Not enough experience with this option.

    Grandmaster of Flowers for a Monk 2 / Divine 18.
    Not enough experience with this option.

    Draconic Incarnation would be similar to Shiradi as an interesting experiment.

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    Another interesting new level cap change is the addition of more feats.

    A normal feat at lvl 27, along with a special epic destiny feat at 26 and another one at 28.
    These special feats require a certain amount of capped epic destinies in certain areas to qualify.

    It is nice that the Devs are listening to my and other's requests to free up feats and let us have more.
    More Epic Feat Options are nice as well.

    Which feats should Fawn take??
    She is having a bit of trouble choosing.
    Her original course was Epic Spell Pen at level 27, but even on EE she is not failing spell pen checks yet.
    She redid her enhancements, picking up an extra enhancement spell pen, letting her trade greater spell
    pen for Enlarge.

    Enlarge seems to help in the bigger battle fields of Fall of Truth and Caught in the Web raids.
    No necessary, but nicer than I thought it would be.
    Fawn applied it to Heal, Resurrection, Mass Heal, Renewal, Avenging Light, Renewal, Divine Wrath,
    Light of the Flame, and Cocoon.
    This doesn't seem to tax her spell point consumption too much, due to her efficient build.

    She occasionally hits multiple foes with Wild Shot which along with Energy Blast (fire) and
    Cocoon served her well in her last EH Caught in the Web raid. We did not get the 6th chest,
    but EH even without the 6th chest seems to deliver more loot than EN imho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProducerRowan View Post
    Just to give some insight, our next raid (coming out early in 2014) will be balanced to level 30. Lots of dracoliches.

    We plan to raise the level cap to 30 at the end of 2014, and keep it there for the extended future.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vargouille View Post
    Interesting ideas.

    ... lost the race to Rowan!
    Quote Originally Posted by ProducerRowan View Post
    Shh, we're supposed to keep everything secret!


    Confirmation of the level cap going to 30 and staying there indefinitely.

    Things we do not have confirmation of but are likely to happen:

    Xpack 3 = Epic Destinies level 6 thru 10

    Quest/Raids working their way up to level 33~35ish.

    Epic Destiny for Cleric then Artificers

    9 more Iconics, released a few every year.
    Kobold Iconic
    Iconic Completionist

    More/upgrades for Dragonscale Armor

    Do0o0o0m threads predicting DDO will end in 2020

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    Distributed Denial of Service, triple completionist, currently on life 41.

    Another Triple Completionist, Congratulations!

    He is doing exactly what I seriously thought about doing.
    Waiting till the enhancement update to TR into his final life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feather_of_Sun View Post
    Glad to hear you guys like the changes.

    Here's the reasoning behind what was changed:
    • We felt the rewards did not feel like they followed a proper progression. A higher category didn't always feel better than a lower category.
    • Landing in the bottom few categories felt like losing. At the worst, we're alright with someone feeling "meh" about the result of an unlucky roll. Actively being annoyed at the result though, that's what we didn't want.
    • The categories were too confusing! There were too many possible results, and many of them were unwanted by some people.

    To fix that, we made the following adjustments:

    • The category sizes have been altered, so that fewer rolls are weighted toward the bottom results.
    • Collectibles and Ingredients have been removed.
    • All rolls now result in an XP reward.
    • The size of this award increases with higher tier categories. The XP token is Bound to Account, and you can save them up and transfer them to the character you prefer to use them on. They do not benefit from XP potions or other bonuses to earned XP.
    • Categories have been streamlined. Descriptive text under the category now tells you exactly what you can get from your roll landing there.
    • The second to top category always awards Skill Tomes. (+1, +2, or +3 on Silver, +4 or +5 on Gold)
    • The top category always awards Ability Tomes. (+1, +2, or +3 on Silver, +4 or +5 on Gold)
    • XP rewards from Gold rolls are 10 times the XP rewards from a corresponding Silver roll.

    We hope that the streamlining of the categories and available rewards, together with the XP rewards, will help make everyone's Daily Dice rolls more appealing.
    Definitely interesting changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post Denial of Service, triple completionist, currently on life 41. SarlonaAnother Triple Completionist, Congratulations!He is doing exactly what I seriously thought about doing.Waiting till the enhancement update to TR into his final life.
    they are more, but some keep it quiet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post

    I decided to offer a reward for The Return of the Sith.

    If Sith brings his main toon back to Khyber, I will buy and mail that toon the big TP code.

    Take note other servers stealing our top players, Khyber is fighting back now!
    Very kind words I certainly would love to come back and play with my old friends, but I don't think I will be spending much more money on DDO (and for a student, transfers are far from being cheap!)

    If someone deserves that gift, I believe it is Abby, for being awesome!

    Edit: I just noticed you had in mind a 18 divine / 2 monk. This was probably one of the most fun builds I played, although that was back when DC casting was still "viable" and EIN hadn't been nerfed.
    You can look up Nick's build the Grandmaster of Death, basically a 18 fvs / 2 monk that can "do it all".
    Last edited by Symerith; 08-13-2013 at 04:10 PM.

    Sithali-1 ~ 31/31 Lives ~ Completionist
    The Sith Project ~ Youtube channel ~ Sithali, King of Burst DPS ~ Pyrene, the Endgame Paladin ~ Facebook!

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    Default Fawn's Fate

    Fawn's Fate part 18

    Part 17 link:
    Part 19 link:

    {We interrupt the regular scheduled story to bring you...}

    Deep in the night, the shadows shift, stirring slightly.

    A click is heard, and light seeps thru the doorway crack.

    Whirling noises softly begin.

    Outlined against a glowing monitor, a tan and white furry creature begins tapping at a keyboard.

    Be warned One and All.

    Many, many Pokémon seal packs have been broken.

    I heard one of the four dragons say in a voice like thunder say, "Come."
    I looked and there, before me was a white horse.
    Its rider was holding a Pinion.

    I Heard the second ancient dragon say, "Come."
    Then another horse came out, a fiery red one,
    and its rider was given max ranks in bluff.
    To him was given an Epic SoS.

    I heard the third ancient dragon say, "Come."
    I looked and there before me was a black horse!
    Its rider was holding a nerf hammer in its hands.
    Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four dragons,
    "A quarter for three lives, and unlock the machines for birthday parties."

    I heard the fourth ancient dragon say, "Come."
    I looked, and there before me was a pale horse!
    Its rider was named Pearl, and the Rainbow Wall followed close behind.

    Read closely all and know that Do0o-o0l0o-m is nigh!

    The four horsemen are here! Do0l0-o0-o0om is upon us!

    Since your worldly goods are no longer necessary, please visit the nearest House Kundarak bank branch and make a hefty deposit to the Foundation of Mournland Warforged Orphans as quickly as possible.

    All contributions will receive a credit towards the Coin Lord yearly taxes.

    Make haste!

    The whirling fan sound stops as the monitor light flickers off.
    Shadows blend with the night, flowing.
    A voice calls out, "Furret is that you?"
    Last edited by Silverleafeon; 12-23-2013 at 09:05 PM.

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    Soundtrack for Shadowfell:

    Quote Originally Posted by Feather_of_Sun View Post
    This reads as hyperbole to me, which is difficult to respond to. I'll give it my best, though.

    Only a few things are increasing the level of existing items:
    • Items crafted from the very first Risia Ice Games with "Frost" or "Icy Burst" will go up in level. (Items with "Festival Frost" or "Festival Icy Burst" from more recent Risia Ice Games will NOT go up in level.)
    • The bugged rings from a few content packs that had no minimum level at all are finally fixed.
    • Very old items with Pure Good from before Pure Good's value was raised from +1 to +2 will increase in level accordingly.

    Realistically, this is not negatively affecting most people, and the systematic improvements to the functionality of the game that it results in are worth it.

    Here's examples of some of the improvements made as a result:
    • Crafted weapons, armor, and shields will have a minimum level 1 lower than they used to.
      (If they aren't immediately affected with Update 19, you can disjunct and re-craft them for the proper level valuation)
    • Crafted items now have a platinum value appropriate to their level, rather than a value of a few copper.
    • Banishing, Vorpal, Smiting, and Disruption will begin to appear in treasure as +4 value effects, rather than +5. This means they'll contribute less to the level on your item.
    Upgrade for the most part, thank you.

    Well, they said those no min level rings would be corrected, and its finally happened.
    Fawn's rare min level 2 heavy mace that was better than most anything else is going too.

    Shrugs, after 40 lives, it was fun, kind of like the drow greataxe she used for 3 lives...

    We are looking at serious yardsale/spring cleaning when Fawngate TRs anyway.

    Bring on the Enhancement pass, we are looking forward to it.

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    It has been pointed out to me with proof that the Spy Archers in the CitW raid are a major source of lag.
    Killing them stops much of the lag.

    From the release notes, the steath fix seems awesome:

    Changes are as follows:
    • Performance improvements have been made that significantly reduce AI-related lag and frame rate issues, especially in large group and raid situations.
    • The game is now much better at determining when you are in or out of combat, so that you don't appear to stand there idly while getting clubbed over the head by attackers.

    Apparently certain monsters took way too much Turbine CPU effort.
    But if turbine has actually placed our toons out of combat during lag, that would be huge.

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    Built a test toon, iconic Morninglord.
    Nice job on Divine Disciple / Morninglord.

    So far, no obvious glitches in the game.

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    Was able to move my level 4 hunger games class restriction test toon to Eveningstar.
    My hagglebot will appreciate that feature.

    A level 4 Sorc is more powerful than before.

    Should be interesting what this does with the Hunger Games.
    (every 2nd Sat of the month, 8 pm NY, NY time.)

    +20 heart is located in backpack as promised.

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    +5 tomes in the DDO store.

    No sure how long that will last.
    Picked up a set for Fawngate.
    (She pulled a +5 con on her 40th Fot.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    /ui layout load first

    Saved me a quarter of an hour.
    Thanks Devs.
    Lesser +0 heart reincarnating Fawngate mostly for the fun of it.
    Would like spellcraft skill, etc...

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