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    Quote Originally Posted by EricKei View Post
    Interesting thought -- my only thing with that is, it mandates the introduction of proper Psionics into the game, something the franchise has historically had a very hard time balancing. Each time they're tried to re-invent it that I've seen, psi starts out as a nice thing to have, and quickly mutates into "vastly overpowered" territory. I'm thinking that Dragonlance is more likely. Greyhawk is always a possibility, but that's "generic" D&D (at least, pre-Eberron days), thus, perhaps unlikely and unneeded... for thought.

    Psionics would be a definate major project indeed!
    Perhaps for the third expansion?

    Dragonlance is classic and would balance out steampunk eberron a bit more, and kender would be fun to play.

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    Full solo farming run thru Tangleroot, and found that bards can fun to play!

    Woot, invisibility scrolls and some songs...

    Then guildies joined me for an elite Deleras run, thanks Ten and family!


    Ran into a sorcerer who zerged thru delaras on hard faster than I have ever done it before, woot.

    Gave up my elite streak to join a hard xp farm of bloody crypt.

    Currently level 8 / with 1.5 levels banked.

    Running into a lot of quality returning players/new players to khyber/etc...
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    Spent the day in the Shadow Crypt, thanks Pete for the opener.

    (Another regret~not having Fawnglow flagged for the nec 1,2,3 crypts.)

    Filled in the last little bit with Von 3 to capped off lvl 11 completely.
    Thanks Major and Son for the good time, after crafting some chaos type construct bane weapons.

    More and more people joining Shades Epic channel, something to consider folks...

    Pondering psionics, the difference between and the splat books is that splat books must be better than the core rule books to sell, whereas DDO can adjust things that seem broken after release, something a book cannot do...

    Really enjoying the game thru the eyes of a new computer with higher graphic setttings.
    Nice job, devs, keep up the good work!

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    Yet again, you zipped through levels without a thought to ya ole friend Fluff. I created a new toon before you TR'd and now I guess I'll wait until next time.... lol.

    Congrats on your new computer. I played on my laptop a while ago and I was SOOOOO glad I got back to my main machine. Its all Fluff, but so am I.

    Take care mate
    Flufty, Flufs, Fluffi, Fluffit

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    Default Heya Fawngate!

    My toon Mokune is on life 7 (Druid) @ lvl 13 atm. I have a couple guildies at 13 as well.

    Bloodyfistah has been afk for a couple days but is planning on using a Stone of XP to jump to 15 (holding 16) soon.

    I'll add you to Mokune's friends list this afternoon and give you a shout if I'm running anything in your level range.

    That is if you don't mind running with some ex-MAC (Xhiron/Iquitz)

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    Please do, I always love questing with both of you.

    Pardon, if I wiz by sometimes, the DDO program often cites to me, "error your friend's list is already full.."

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    Saw on the internet that the women's soccer teams had started playing in the Olympics, so I searched out the Opening Ceremony which is on Friday evening to be recored on my DVR. Glad I did not miss it, as Mom really enjoyed the China Ceremonies very much!

    If you see me a bit less, I'm probably watching the Olympics...

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    Course you have to watch the Olympics.. they're in the UK.
    Flufty, Flufs, Fluffi, Fluffit

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    Awesume opening ceremonies, loved the Queen's entrance!

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    Quite a life the bard has become...

    Trying to explore the caster build of a bard, pushing charisma, with decent con, str, and int.
    A single splash of rogue, trying to remember the D&D pen and paper motto:
    "Never ever give up caster levels when possible."

    Finding that bard just has some levels without any spells gained.

    Finding my greatest fear starting to surface: crowd control with no way to efficence take the foes down for the count.

    Finding the prestigue classes interesting, but not seemingly as stunning as other classes.

    Finding spell DCs to be growing a widening gap of -1 to -3 verses what a full arcane sorcerer or wizard might expect.

    Finding my basic melee abilities growing less and less effective.

    Finding the main damaging spell a bard has is shout and greater shout which don't scale with levels.

    Finding myself wishing for a firewall, cleave, or blade barrier to whittle down the mass of monsters.

    Finding myself simply wishing, a caster bard had some form of offensive casting, and wondering if spell buffing is their only strong point. Wondering if so, why do they not have some form of granted ability similiar to a partially free extend spell feat, via action point or other means?

    Finding their songs to be their main strength, a point which even a melee bard can take advantage of.

    Although not thru with this class, I wonder if perhaps it deserves a serious overlook?

    Scared to lesser reicarnated into a melee type Bard due to the occasionaly bugs being reported with lesser reicarnation.

    Seeing a new guild come to life with Thalzur and Loreick starting up a 6 account small guild, was interesting enough for me to join them, although it does leave me depending on house J buffs for a time. Well, I guess I'll find out if MAC policy is right about the house J buffs or not. Tis sad and happy at the same time. May have to modified my friend's list again to add more MAC and Timmy guildies to it. It's a terrible timing as Bards don't get resist spells and rely on others to quest with, sigh...

    Whatever guild my friends are in, I am always happy to quest with them.

    All in all, talked it over with myself and Mom, and ended up putting a sign on my computer:


    Lol...guess I'll sort it all out later on...

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    I smiled in amused sympathy as Thalzur who was TRing with 4 lives left to go, starting complaining about needing to throw away stuff to be able to empty his TR bank. Been there done that a lot...

    We do need more bank space in the DDO store Soonth...

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    Looked thru the closetome mule and found two +1 lesser hearts there.
    So, as I will not playing much in the next two weeks, I decide to do a bit of experimenting to learn bards better.

    Reicarnated into
    Bard 14
    Str and Con 16 ; Cha 18 rest of abilites dumped

    Empowered, Maximized, Fighter Dilly, Active past lives of Barbarian, Sorcerer, and Wizard

    Disco Ball, Mass Suggestion, Typical Buffs, Lots of Debuffs, Shout, and Sonic Blast

    Trying out maximized Shout for size along with a resonance 60 item.
    It typically does 50 or 100 damage.
    Without metamagics it seemed to typically do 40 to 50 damage for a lot less spell points.
    The range is very short 30' and the cone is about 30 degrees, kinda of hard to hit multiple targets or even back into a corner with.

    Hmm... Sonic spell power starts at 123 ; empower should add 75 ; maximized should add 150...
    450%? * 5d3+15 = 90ish? (for 51 spell points)
    223% * 5d3+15 = 45ish? (for 6 spell points)

    Sonic blast was actually kinda a nice spell with the resonance item:
    223% * 5d2+10 = 40ish? with a stun (for 4 spells points)

    The real winner was the past life sorcerer doing 224 ish damage per cast and the past life wizard doing multiple 10 to 15ish hits per cast.

    Another winner was mass suggestion, and the triple positive maul...

    Intentional or not Bards don't seem to have much in the way of doing damage...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    It's a terrible timing as Bards don't get resist spells and rely on others to quest with, sigh...
    That's what UMD and Resist Energy (11th) wands are for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojobie View Post
    That's what UMD and Resist Energy (11th) wands are for.
    lol +1

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    Sent a couple of letters to the Developers concerning bards.

    Although they don't necessarly do what I say, they do listen since I'm polite, to the point, offer solutions, only bring up what I feel is important, etc...

    Surprised me awhile back, some of the things I brought up concerning the Xpack, they addressed in very creative fashion.

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    Talked back and forth with Thalzur and Loreick letting them know I did not want to be second in command nor did I want to do any of the recruiting.

    I am quite happy that they took my suggestions on changing the original name, and Thalzur came up with a very cool one~its latin by the way.

    It seems recruiting will not be done at all for quite awhile.
    They did not even recruit me, I just jumped up and down wanting in when they formed it.
    Its not very often you have chance to join a 6 acount guild,
    ~ all guild renown is multipled by 4 ~ with two other players who crank out renown.

    Now if I can only syncronize with one of them for some leveling up, lol...
    Ah, the Olympics awaits, just as well, I think I was about to suffer from burnout.
    Twill be a long life this bard one, as I want to go up to full epic destiny, but the turtle makes it sooner or later...

    Thinking Thalzur, Loreick and Fawngate might make Completionist about the same time.
    My lead is dwindling

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    Tossed a couple more letter to the Devs about Bards.

    There seems to be a lot of talk on the forums about challenge xp.

    So, I went and did two of my favorites several times
    (the least of Kobold Island and the least of Rushmore Mansion)
    then did Buying Time several times as well.

    One of the first things of interest is that XP per minute on these three compared very closely.

    Also of interest is that a bug concerning challenges seems to have been fixed.
    When challenges first came out, a 3 star rating yielded only a bonus for completing 3 stars.
    To get the 2 star bonus, one need to actually do a 2 star run.
    This seems to be back in effect.

    What happened was that at one point, the 1 thru 5 stars were scoring altogether along with the tome of learning bonus for a huge first time score, if one did a lot of stars at once. This should be considered a bug imho. Add to that epic and new content being overated and Fawngate had an interesting Arty life...

    Regarding the accusation that all challenge xp was cut in half right before update 14, I really don't know, seems I would have recalled if Kobold Island xp used to be double what it is now? It has just been awhile.

    First full day of questing in quite awhile.
    I'm rather happy about update 14 patch 2, which seems to have addressed heroic elite being intimidating.
    There were things I could not quite put my finger on, that seem to be gone now.
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    Default Bards

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Intentional or not Bards don't seem to have much in the way of doing damage...
    As far as spell damage, no. Bards are pretty much CC and buff class. All the damage output is the bard buffs through the other players in the party. Bards can be a pain to solo unless you are using bard-like tactics facinate, charm, etc.

    Melee bards like warchanter (pure of multi) I found easier to solo. Even on a melee you can have good CC, facinate and mix the best of both tactics and some melee power to get through a life with a lot of soloing.

    Fact is, bard is easiest played with party members, you can buff, heal and keep them happy watch the damage they do increase from your buffs. Good news is bard is a pretty easy class to get parties together with
    RTFM on Khyber

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    Quote Originally Posted by Machination View Post
    Melee bards like warchanter (pure of multi) I found easier to solo. Even on a melee you can have good CC, facinate and mix the best of both tactics and some melee power to get through a life with a lot of soloing.
    I need to try that out sometime.
    Fact is, bard is easiest played with party members, you can buff, heal and keep them happy watch the damage they do increase from your buffs. Good news is bard is a pretty easy class to get parties together with
    Nods happily.

    Picked up Extend spell feat again at lvl 15, having a 3 minute haste is so much nicer.
    Swapped Shout (poor spell~don't take) out to get freemdom of movement.
    Seriously thinking about getting grease, since bard is one of the few classes that can cast both FOM and grease.

    Empower + Max + Cure Critical Wounds + Red Fens Helmet = 140 to 170ish hp healed per cast
    Virtuousa Prestigue class + Stormsinger cloack = tons of songs 23ish usually never even come close to using them up.
    Not sure if the two song regenerations stack.

    Substaining word (area of effect song to regain hp) if sung will get rid of a spellsingers sp regeneration song.

    Will want to take Greater Shout and find out whether it is decent or not.

    Not banking yet, and kinda bouncing arround Gianthold atm...

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    Default Reply to another thread, but worth noting here

    In reply on another thread about whether or not to take extend spell feat as a bard:

    Doing my bard life for completionist:

    Got extend spell feat and was very happy with it.
    (Picked it up about level 9.)

    Totally respect my character (lvl 14) to learn more about the class.

    No longer had extend, and was unhappy about that.
    Picked extend back up (lvl 15) and am very happy I did.

    Can you play a good bard w/o extend ~ yes you can.
    Is extend worth having, definately makes playing a bard easier.
    Its turned off atm with it being applied to haste, rage, and displacement.

    Player rarely group up~nuff said right there....


    (I think even if I had a 6 min haste, I would keep extend.)

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