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    Ok, so what do we have here.

    Very likely Epic TRing will include half dozen to eventually a dozen iconic classes.

    This probably will be accomplished by going up to level 30 then using an Epic TR code,
    from someone other than Kruz.

    By getting a past life bonus in each of whatever current iconic class are available,
    one will receive a second epic completionist bonus (hopefully this will not cost
    a feat to take as most people agree the original completionist feat ought to a autogranted).

    This means that if Fawngate wants to pursue this new Epic completionist, she would be
    going thru the epic level 21 thru 30 quite a few times.

    Thus, when the level cap is raised to level 28, Fawn should realize when it gets raised
    to 30 Epic TRing may come into effect, therefore she should not farm out all her
    Epic Destiny XP until the Epic TRing is made available.

    In simple language, there is no need for Fawn to Farm out anymore Epic Destiny XP.

    Also, I strongly suspect that the astral shard auction house will be full of bargains
    each time the level cap is raised a notch and players start discarding their older
    equipment. (The time to pick up bargain uber prison city equipment is when the level cap
    goes to 30, not when the expansion first arrives.)

    So, sit back, relax, and work on those heroic lives?


    Fawngate is on her 31st life, as a warforged artificer.
    Level 5, Xbow damage is very strong with her past lifes.

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    Fawn is now level 20 Artificer and as such done with her life # 31

    She died in the next to last quest in this life: Elite Coal Chamber.
    I saw the light go yellow/red/yellow/red/yellow/red and thought I would
    get booted from the quest and lose my hirelings whose contract expired
    hours earlier.

    But instead, Fawn slowly died, then the Favored Soul hire raised her
    up and we finished the quest. {Vale elites this life to finish off,
    and this went about as fast as other farming methods.}

    A thank you for all the Khyberian help this life and the very smooth
    runs when I joined public groups.

    After Vale, I took some caster hirelings into Elite Sane Asylum,
    which is tricky cause of the helpless stun from the explosion.

    Enjoyed Artificer, it is powerful with all Fawn's past lives.
    Only regret, not taking Cold Iron as a spell while leveling up.

    Typical stuff left to do:
    Clear unbound items out,
    finish up bank favor with von 1 thru 4 heroic elite,
    rest up and mow the lawn again,
    spend 20 more epic tokens on another True Heart.

    {{{DDO Stuff}}}

    Thanks for sending me tells in game.
    I realize some of you are having trouble posting atm,
    and others just plain like to relax and read.

    Some of my theories on the Iconic Characters may be very wrong,
    but Fawn does have point that maybe in the future she will not
    completely farm out her epic destiny xp when the level cap rises again
    to prevent she might have to go back and forth many times
    between level 20 and 30???

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    Fawngate has now started her 32th life.
    She bypassed the TR timer with her free lesser reincarnate.

    /ui layout load first

    She has five +5 lesser hearts of wood, and one +3 lesser heart of wood,
    that she initially bought in the thought that she would use them to do
    Favored Soul 15 / Class X 5 then use the lesser heart to get Class X past life.

    I was afraid at that time, that I could not do all the lives like barbarian,
    but in the end, I faced my fears and never used them

    So, with them just sitting there, I thought maybe now is time to use them,
    otherwise, I probably never will. First Artificer 8 then box adding 3 bard
    levels to the Artificer 15 levels. Reach 20, take last 2 levels as bard,
    lesser +5 heart, TR with Bard past life.

    I guess I'll learn about this method of TRing now, lol.

    Lives left to do with possible +5 hearts:
    Bard, Pally, Monk, Fighter
    Lives left to do with possible +3 heart Rogue
    Lives left to do not needing hearts:
    Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard

    [[[Artificer Knowledge]]]

    Bring the "use rune arm" toggle feat from your character sheet
    and put it on your hot bar. Unless you need to travel fast, toggle it on,
    because with full artificer levels it is very strong.

    Binding "c" to activate rune arm in the hot keys is helpful for me,
    as I play with mouse lock on.

    Warforged Artificer does get elected to my list of possible final lives.

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    Forgot to load conjure bolt spell, went into stealthy on elite,
    got surrounded with no way to fight back.

    Turned the game off, logged back in, found myself at Korthos,
    stepped into the tavern and a special quest popped up:
    "Stepping into the Tavern wounded, you decide a meal would be tasty."
    green arrow over tavern keeper.

    Leaving the Tavern, another quest popped up:
    "Word of your trials have spread, others are willing to help you."
    green arrow over korthos hireling vendor.

    Rather cool for new players.
    {And people who forget to brings bolts to a battle...}

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    Unfortunately, there will not be much story this week, pressing forward in the game right now.

    Last night, Fawngate logged out at rank 28, this morning she purchased a handful of hirelings,
    and did the 4 house k level 5+6 bank favor along with Tear all on elite.

    Thistle died quickly in Tear and was replaced, but for a permanent gold seal hire,
    she has done very well up until now. Between the TP, the xp pots and her, I think the
    starter pack has paid for itself nicely.

    Fawngate is now rank 31 and 2/3 with a goal of reaching rank 35 in order to be able
    to use another Otto's Box. The question at the moment is whether to take level 7 or
    bank it. In an earlier life, Cloey's alt did not bank 7 before boxing and Fawn did;
    at one point comparison of our xp total was within 1k of each other. So, although
    in theory its a great idea, if felt the need for level 7 and was careful to not go way
    over getting level 8, things probably will be fine.

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    Fawngate is now level 2 on life #33 as a human cleric.
    {Toughness + Empowered Healing}

    She converted her life 32 into a bard past life.

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    [[[Random thoughts from life 32]]]

    Half of this life done with plat + astral shard hires.
    A fist full of hires can be impressive.
    Which makes me laugh, to see them all
    working together, and right now, anything that
    makes me laugh in DDO is good.

    One of hires main flaws is targets changing from
    "you cannot target me" to "I'm a bad guy now.
    Problem solved by changing hires orders from guard to
    aggressive or vice versa.

    Sunburst can be a bit hard on the eyes if it is spammed
    all quest long. At one point, I suggested to the Devs
    that giving clerics sunburst as an SLA would be nice,
    but maybe the flashes would make it a bit much?

    Some of this life done by joining less than uber pugs,
    and patiently working with them to get the job done.
    Wondering if sometimes uber players get spoiled by
    only running with other uber players and that becomes
    a crutch.

    Although life 32 went quickly, after it was done, I kind of
    felt like, I am not sure I can keep doing this. But, I went
    ahead and TRed into a cleric which I know how to play.
    Lol, I even gave her 18 wisdom, which is expensive.
    Then, I started enjoying playing her.

    I think the last life was focused on building to get a cheap past life,
    instead of how to build for playing the game. It was also
    very similar to the life before it but less good due to
    losing 3 levels to the past life class.

    15% xp bonus on right now, I think I'll level up Fawn the cleric
    since I am enjoying her. Not sure how to end this life, or what
    is next. But I think I have pinpointed why so many TRs hit
    burnout quicker than me...

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    Having played a Halfling recently, then changing to a Warforged,
    then playing a Human just now, the size of the "box" (what the
    game considers space your character occupies) is a significant

    Personally, I consider a smaller box better, but maybe a tank
    might feel otherwise.

    I had a terrible time, the last two lives doing Stealthy Repossession with
    a Warforged race, yet right now, I am doing fine with a human race.
    I even left my jump clicker in the bank.
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    XP notes for Otto's boxes for life 31 and 32.

    Life 31
    banked level 7 till xp capped at 1 xp from level 8,
    took level 7, got korthos explorer, took level 8
    drank 50% xp potion, voice, greater tome of learning, vip
    Thank you Trapacap for the ship invite and the 5% ship buff

    Final xp 3,876,473
    Bonuses granted 1,233,977
    Vip bonus 203,966

    Life 32
    took level 7 earned a third of a rank past level 8
    That overflow xp had a 30% xp potion and 2% ship buffs with it.
    took level 8
    drank 50% xp potion, voice, greater tome of learning, vip
    Thank you, for the ship invite and the 5% ship buff

    Final xp 3,873,498
    Bonuses granted 1,221,427
    Vip bonus 203,571

    Not a whole lot of difference between banking and not,
    but if one earned levels 9+ while not using any xp potion,
    then it might start showing bigger differences.

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    Fawn is now rank 91 after using a Stone of Experience on her 33rd life.
    She is currently human cleric level 18.
    Feats: Toughness, Empowered Healing, Empower, Maximized, Quickened,
    Completionist, Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration.
    Max Wis, High Con
    Skills Concentration, Diplomacy, Heal, some CC Balance

    After a very interesting conversation with someone who knows,
    Fawn has come to the conclusion that Uber Completionist is not a worthy
    goal for her; it is instead to be viewed as a trap. Perhaps someday that
    perspective will change when Epic TRing becomes available, but until
    then, Uber will be label a dead end.

    She has been pressing forward to get to her final build, which will
    be at least for now, a cleric. She is extremely good at healing.

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    Subject: Deleting Characters

    Feel free to discuss politely.

    If a stranger on DDO randomly asked me, "Should I delete a character?"
    My answer would be "Unless you need a character slot, no."
    We don't always take our own advice.

    After TRing Fawngate into a cleric, I feel happy again.
    My latest dream is to wander lost in some wildness with any xp potions ticking away.

    My heart has decided that playing Fawngate is the only character I ever want to play in DDO.
    If I cannot be playing Fawngate, I don't want to play at all.
    There are players who cannot understand this philosophy of mine,
    and I am giving up on trying to explain this to them

    When players ask inside DDO "Why I deleted Fawnglow and a few others?"
    I am not going to bother answering.

    If someday, the Devs actually grant us unlimited bank space, there will only be
    one character on my account...

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    Why am I labeling Uber Completionist a trap?

    Well, its a dead end, and if I want to only play Fawngate,
    dead ends are bad.

    If I leave a few past lives undone, then I can double heart into
    those lives before TRing out of a class that Fawn already has three
    past lives in. Saving those leftover hearts for something like this
    seems better.

    If I get bored with cleric, she can be a master of webs,
    then a kobold socerer, then...

    Eventually epic TRing will come into play, whatever that is,
    and new classes will arise.

    Fawn will enjoy some epic wandering next, and if anyone says,
    go get your other toon and join us for such and such, I'll laugh at them

    The days of need a toon at high levels to support your TR toon,
    are finally over for me. Iconic characters on the horizon, Otto's boxes,
    Greensteels done...
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    Must be busy tonight, I cannot log in, lol...

    Well have fun folks, Saturday night is always hopping.

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    Good morning, just got up.

    Feel a little bit like Harry Potter in the last book wondering
    whether to pursue the Deathly Hallows or the Horcruxes...

    {Perhaps, I'll explain myself more later.}

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    A rather interesting post in the general forums...

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    I have not actually deleted Fawnglow and company yet,
    TRing two of them and leaving them in Korthos might have done the trick...
    {They have a certain amount of unbound loot stored on them.}

    Fawngold is completely unplayable even if she looks otherwise,
    it was easy to convert her to a hagglebot long ago.
    Perhaps my thoughts then, mirror my thoughts now on the subject.

    When I decide then I will have decided.
    {Much depth in that, lol...}

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    I could run Fawngate up to level 25 for 3 million xp, but...

    She does not have her 3rd Wizard Life which I consider definitely worth getting at this point.
    I can tell right now, the extra spell pen makes a huge difference playing her vs. Fawnglow.

    She also would have a lot more fun in Epic being able to use the Angelic destiny properly
    as a Favored Soul with the light archon casting light spells for her to build up her epic
    moments stacks.


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    Loreick and I were talking the other day about divine spells and what they do.
    After awhile he asked a very good question, "Why don't people cast Spawn Screen
    while questing in the Fall of Truth raid?"

    An excellent question indeed.

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    Badly goofed this life, failed to run waterworks or steam tunnels, due to all the uber
    khyberians leading great pugs.

    So, after joining a lord of dust ~ into the rift group last night, then farming sane this morning,
    I headed to Eye of the Titan, Reclaiming Memories, and Mining for Ancient Secrets which
    fixed my problem.

    Off to Vale Slayers, Rares, and Explorers, then take 20 and do heroic elite Von 1 ~ 4...

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    EDIT Treasure Hunt is over Atomic Mew is the winner.

    Fawn and I have figured out what our final build will be.

    In celebration of this discovery, she is offering a treasure hunt:

    For the first two players to offer in trade to her a:
    she will give each of these two players one each of a:

    For those looking for "fair market value" of these items,
    please realize that I occasionally give away turbine point codes
    in this thread, therefore, I am not a proper example to use.

    For those of you who are smart at building characters, please
    feel free to chime in with builds, suggestions, ect...

    This build was attempted twice by me long ago, and both
    attempts failed. It is a complicated build.

    Without further ado:
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