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    Was going to work on flagging quests first.
    Anything 6 levels or less below a boxed character actually earns nice xp due to the
    first time on elite bonus plus the greater tome of learning first time bonus along with

    But, a guildie was looking for a group, and being lvl 18 he was interested in flagging for
    shroud. Interesting, the holiday box places me in the 18~20 grouping range more where
    people need that extra push to survive.

    So, off we went in part MAC part uber Khyberite puggers to the vale.
    Oh and before that Hermosa wanted to do Vale explorers so we had a good time too.

    Later on, after watching a movie with Mom, Fawngate logged on and spotted a Coal pug,
    so she joined up. One of the players was leveling up a monk with a similiar build to what
    Fawngate could have ~ Half Elf Ranger Dilly, lots of ranger past lives, manyshot, improved
    precise shot {along with thousand stars ~ Monk + 1 Rogue for trapping}. So we discussed
    his build and my build a bit. He had a good point that when a divine joins a raid, nobody
    cares what kind of DPS a divine has; also manyshot would draw aggro which could cause
    the divine to die ~ dead divines do very little healing. So what might be good for the monk,
    might not be good for the favored soul...

    It was very interesting in Coal Chamber and Sleeping Dust that Fawngate was using destruction
    with it actually working most of the time. Its been a long, long time since Fawngate was a Favored
    Soul, but this is one area where the difference really shows up. This makes me pause and wonder
    that maybe taking Spell Pen feat to open up the double Spell Pen epic destiny twist would be wise?
    After all, if she leaves the longbow behind in Epics, she has much more feat room.
    Twists are so easy to change, so optionals are good.

    Currently the longbow is doing nice damage, not barbarian great but somewhat nice.
    The shift to caster is starting to take place, but the longbow to draw mobs into blade barriers is
    very effective. Point blank might be worth keeping in Epics, but she might trade it out anyway.

    Overall, the ranger dilly is nice granting ranger scroll use, additional stacking energy resistance,
    as well as nice bow strength. Fawngate is a little slow so longstrider and jump scrolls are kinda
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    Found something new to do while waiting for people to gather at a quest~
    try out all the various armor kits in the DDO store with the preview button, lol...

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    Rank 90, seriously thinking of doing von and dq flagging on epic hard instead of the typical
    heroic elite for that xp toward lvl 25.

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    Life 21, now Half Elf Favored Soul 20, Exalted Angel Epic Destiny, Beloved of the Silver Flame.
    All Epic Destinies capped
    Stats: starting all with 14, level ups into wisdom.
    Lawful Good alignment {True neutral is no longer the perfect alignment}
    527 hp / 3403 sp
    (from no buffs, no Toughness item, greater false life, no Arggo feat, +6 con tod belt, purple dragon gloves, archmage from Fanion)

    Feats: Empower, Maximize, Quicken, Empowered Healing, Toughness, Completionist,
    Past Life Acolyte of Divine Secrets.
    Future Feats: Spell Pen at lvl 21, Luxury feat at lvl 24 (maybe Heightened Spell).
    {Spell Pen opens up Epic Destiny Spell Pen twists.}

    Skills (without buffs/ship buffs or items other than Con Cord Opp+Min2)
    Max Concentration 40 (essential for spellcasters even if you have quicken)
    Max Diplomacy 51 (active diplomacy shed aggro along with passive benefits~less aggro no one talks about)
    near max jump 34 (should be 30, but hey whatever)
    near max cc balance 21 (cause sitting on your bottom is not productive)
    max cc UMD 26 (good enough for flame arrow spell and various extras)
    heal 17 (hey, anywhere else was a unusable 1/2 rank)
    Opsay forgot 1 rank of tumble, lol...

    Spells (amt):
    1) Divine Favor, Nightshield, Nimbus of Light, Remove Fear
    {would like obscuring mist for TOD swapping Divine Favor back and forth
    [Do The Tod shadows have evasion, cause blade barrier should work unless they do? not listed as having it...hmm]
    Nimbus of Light without metamagics essential to build up epic destiny stacks
    Remove Fear and Nightshield essential for adventuring}

    2) Cure Moderate Wounds, Inflict Moderate Wounds, Resist Energy, Soundburst
    {Cure Moderate Wounds might be swapped for Close Wounds in order to build up
    epic destiny stacks quicker or perhaps Hold Person if Fawngate obtains Heightened spell,
    Inflict is for Pale Master healing, Soundburst would benefit from Heightened spell as well
    Resist energy is so automatic to take, I have to edit this post to say "take it".}

    3) Aid Mass, Magic Circle Against Evil, Prayer, Searing Light
    {Searing Light without metamagics builds up epic destiny stack, the other three are nice
    overall cheap buffs.}

    4) Cure Critical Wounds, Divine Power, Freedom of Movement, Holy Smite
    {Cure Critical Wounds not really needed with Coccon, Renewal, scrolls of Heal, and Heal;
    Divine Power stays as a nod to the longbow, Freedom of Movement is esential for divines,
    Holy Smite should be cast more, perhaps look at Order's Wrath again?
    Perhaps consider Inflict Critical Wounds for Pale Masters, swapping in Hold Person?}

    5) Break Enchantment, Cure Light Wounds Mass, Divine Punishment, Spell Resistance
    {Break Enchantment is basic divine essentials good for LOB and other places,
    Cure Light Wounds Mass is the easiest of the mass to fit in, Divine Punishment is a must
    have spell for divines, Mass Spell Resistance is so hard to fit in, hence the single target

    6) Blade Barrier, Cometfall, and Heal
    {The must have big three spells.}

    7) Cure Serious Wounds Mass, Resurrection, and Destruction
    {Second easiest place to fit mass cure, a Rez that says please wait for buffs/death penalty,
    and an Instant Kill spell for those pesky spellcasters.}

    8) Mass Deathward, Firestorm, Symbol of Death
    {Mass Deathward is essential to proper divine utility spells, Firestorm grants a nice area of
    effect spell, Symbol of Death grants an area of effect level drain. Some will question Firestorm
    but reading the spell description and trying it out, Fawn liked it even when the end game
    was vs Devils.}

    9) Level Drain, Heal Mass, and Implosion
    {Now that Fawn has past life spell pen, Implosion works fairly good, Level Drain combos well
    with Destruction and reducing overall foe hit points, Quicken Heal Mass is handy for raiding.}

    Enhancements: experimenting with, can have more light crit or more longbow as desired.

    Hot bar/hot keys: a mess, lol will work on that.

    Plat is dwindling at the moment with the festival, buying scrolls, purchasing a few guild augment slots,
    obtained an Epic Hard Roadwatch bow, etc..

    Feat swapped point blank out for empowered healing, this cause Fred to reset all my
    epic destinies that had a prerequisite feat/ability inside of it somewhere that Fawn no longer had
    which was about 4 or 5 of them include Magistar, Unyielding Sentinal...

    Thinking strongly this will be Fawngate's final build until a new class/race arrives.
    A bit tired of TRing, and looking forward to end game and starting to raid again.
    Maybe start up the sunday raiding noon pacific time with the holidays nearly over.

    Equipment/space might be less serious now that Fawn has a focus and direction to work
    towards. Still please more space someday. Helmar has been very helpful with free armor
    and advice in that field of expertise, thank you.
    I guess favored souls don't have TOD sets, oh well, have to look at the Eveningstar stuff closely...

    Lots of nice buttons to push, lol...two each of light spell and healing at will spell like abilities.
    Beholders with anti magic beware, Fawn is ready for yah.
    Maybe we will finally start using those programable buttons on the keyboard.

    Again, big thank you to the uber pugger of Khyber!

    Current twists ~ Coccon (1) and Summon Dryad (4) from Primal Avatar along with ?

    So many nice options for twists, maybe try out Energy Burst (4) for a burst effect for Tod flagging
    and energy sheath (1) for TOD both from Draconic Incarnation? [Just Swapped to go out with a
    bang (electric) (2) and energy burst (electric) (4) to do Sins of Attrition.]
    Programed my reset Draconic to have Energy absorbtion (cold) for a TOD shadow tank twist.

    I wonder if I could work out a Fury of the Wild build for Hound?
    Despite all the hubbub, had two separate failed Hound of Xoriat attempting to use the overpower
    Yeah, I know, I'm divine, but still its curious, I guess improve critical ranged would be needed.

    Looking at with the
    Perhaps the Chitin would be Con +8, really freeing up some slots.

    It would mean taking off her heroic Torc, but maybe -10% spell cost = free transform kinetic energy?
    Her main spell points problem is, "Do I shrine and lose my "Reborn in Light" stack?"

    But then there is epic gianthold with new augment slots too...

    Reluntantly traded my tier 3 lvl 16 elemental longbow of earth for the level 20 tier one version.
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    Was not happy with my spells or my hot keys, so since Fawn has many bloods of dragons from
    TRing many times, she used one reviewing each spell carefully:

    Spells (new):
    1) Divine Favor, Nightshield, Nimbus of Light, Remove Fear
    {same as before}

    2) Close Wounds, Remove Paralysis, Resist Energy, Soundburst
    {Close Wounds is a new must have spell for angels with its 8 sp low cost and super low 1 sec global
    cooldown. Shifting into having the ability to remove most status effects. Stocked up on bears, bulls,
    foxes, owls, invisiblity, etc scrolls. Removed then retook Soundburst to have a fort save stun.}

    3) Remove Curse, Magic Circle Against Evil, Prayer, Searing Light
    {Healing curse is so powerful, Fawn felt the need to have a spell to deal with it.}

    4) Inflict Critical Wounds, Divine Power, Freedom of Movement, Order's Wrath
    {Empowered Maximized Inflict for pale master support for that oh he has way too aggro moment.
    Order's Wrath is a will save stun.}

    5) Break Enchantment, Cure Light Wounds Mass, Divine Punishment, Spell Resistance
    {same as before}

    6) Blade Barrier, Cometfall, and Heal
    {same as before, notice the Reflex save "stun" with comet fall, granting her a stun type for all
    three fort, ref, will saves.}

    7) Cure Serious Wounds Mass, Resurrection, and Destruction
    {same as before}

    8) Mass Deathward, Firestorm, Symbol of Death
    {same as before}

    9) Level Drain, Heal Mass, and Implosion
    {same as before}

    Favored Souls recognized they don't have enough spell slots to get everything they need.
    So they have scrolls such as Greater Restoration and Raise Dead for those needs;
    along with remove curse wands and heal scrolls to subliment their spells.
    Its actually more economical for spell points as well.

    Fawngate took Spell Penatration at lvl 21, so now the luxury feat is the big question.
    She would like a nod to the longbow, yet soundburst/order's wrath/cometfall/destruction could use the
    expensive Heighten spell.

    So either improved critical ranged, or heightened spell?
    Hmm...less and less use of the longbow as it ties her actions up with firing, reloading, putting up the
    arrow to cast...

    On another note, the augment slot system might just temporary clear up Fawn's inventory problem,
    after all who wants to old Fanion when the new one will be so much better?
    A lot of heroic items are going to become outdate for new fashions?

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    Carefully totally reorganized the hot keys and what a difference it makes in clarity of
    seeing what you have. {Doubled up her active hot keys to 10 bars by using alt with first five.
    Basicaly hot bars are: 1) = 1~10 ; 2) y~\ ; 3) g~' ; 4) z~/ ; 5) num 1 ~ num 10}

    A completionist project is a journey of constant change and adjustment, its so nice
    to be settled down in a place where one can organize, plan end game gear, etc...

    Even if Fawn decides to TR again for more past lifes this has been very helpful
    to see what her final goal may be.

    Irony, I forgot to put the Favored Soul past life 10/day light spell on the hot bar,
    and I did not even miss having it. The Favored Soul capstone searing light at will
    is essential to this build. {Also Inflict Critical Wounds is a close range spell,
    so its requires much more precision than Harm to use on pale masters.}

    I am reminded of the moment in Princess and the Frog (disney) where Raymond
    says "Grandmama, your light's out!". The summon archon ability is such a big
    thing to have with this build as it counts as casting light spells. This enables you
    to build up light spell stacks much easier.

    Her current Epic Destiny choices:

    Innate abilities:
    Celetial Destiny {Very nice, grants spell points, spell pen, etc...}

    Angelic Presence {Also nice, turn it on then forget about it.}

    Astral Vibrance {A bit of a puzzle, huge spell drain normally turning it on but during Reborn in Light
    and during Ascedance it is free to use without costing sp. Don't forgot to check that its off when
    you don't want it on anymore. Favored Souls have alot more spell points, so using this is easier
    than with a cleric.}

    Leap of Faith {Your wings recharge quicker which is nice, practice helps you get better using this.}

    Blessed Blades {Whatever weapon you equip has your alignment DR bipass, since Fawn is lawful good,
    her weapons are lawful good.}

    Ascendance {Cooldown of 5 minutes, lasts for 2 minutes, this is your mini version of reborn in light.
    Be sure and turn Astral Vibrance on while this is active then turn it off afterwards.

    Tier One
    Avenging Light (2 pts) {Awesume at will light spell}

    Radiant Power (3 pts) {Required for Endless faith and nice to have.}

    Healing Power (3 pts) {Required for Endless faith and nice to have.}

    Endless Faith (3 pts) {Bonus spell points, this is commonly twisted to other destinies}

    Tier Two
    Nothing taken

    Tier Three
    Renewal (3 pts) {Awesume, primary number one healing spell cast.}

    Tier Four
    Blood and Radiance (2 pts) {wanted 3 but not enough points}

    Rebuke Foe (2 pts) {need to remember to use this one more, good for named mobs}

    Exoriate (2 pts) {more difficult to keep active, which is why you want the close wounds spell}

    Tier Five
    Nothing Taken

    Tier Six (here is where the archon really helps)
    Divine Wrath (2 pts) {think ranged Draconic Energy burst with heals attached}

    Reborn in light (2 pts) {30 min cooldown, but your big secret weapon. Automatically turns on
    Astral Vibrance and allows it to be used for free. (Interestingly, the counter only needs to go
    to 50 instead of the listed 100 which is about right if you keep your archon going and cast a nice
    amount of healing/light spells.)}

    Notice that Fawn completely passed over the Judgement group (5 pts) and Smite group (4 pts),
    which actually gives other optional builds. The Smite is melee based and Fawn uses a longbow.

    For twists, her favorite is this:

    Summon Dyrad Elder CR 24 (Primal Avatar tier 4)

    Natural Shielding (Primal Avatar tier 2) grants evasion, hit points, ect to Dyrad

    Rejuvenation Cocoon (Primal Avatar tier 1) fantastic spell like ability for healing with

    {Why, when some say all summons are bad, does Fawn "waste" her twists on a summon,
    lol, maybe, maybe she knows something they don't?}

    She can twist in double spell pen tier 3s +3 Draconic /+3 Magistar along with tier 1 Cocoon;
    or tier Draconic cold energy protection, tier 2?, tier 3 Draconic Electric burst for TOD/Amarath.

    Fatesinger looks interesting, but alot of it requires songs to activate.

    Probably she will keep
    and take at level 24.

    She equipped her with con +8,
    and it really pushes up her hit points.

    It feels very odd to be abandoning her trusted 12~18 level equipment used so long.
    She has 11 cleric accomadations, enough to pick up her ring and necklace,
    so she needs 14 more along with 375 purple knight favor to upgrade her armor to the
    Amaunator's blessing set.

    Woot! lvl 23 now!
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    Default Current hot bar, cause I really like it, so I know for later on...

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    Helmar will probably want everyone to know, he is epic destiny farming there and that hp is not his good hp.
    {Also of note, on roll hotbar #20 is the defensive fighting feat since turning it on dispells Madstone.}

    Level 24, woot.
    Level up into Wisdom.
    Took Heighten Spell Feat
    Ulta blade barrier now costs 88ish, the stun trio went up to 50ish, etc...

    {Noteworthy, a dev tinkered with the Angel Destiny. Two things are very different than
    described in a good way. Reborn in light only takes 50 for its counter.
    Excoriate happens when Endless Ardor stack >=5 not Righteous Fervor stack is >=5
    Both of these changes were very very needed, thanks Devs.
    Hope they never change it back.}

    Interesting, this picture does not have the problem with blurring text.
    I made it much larger than I normally would, perhaps that will be a key to unlocking the comic.

    What I like about this build:
    Effective big cheap heals.
    Constant cheap light rays with high crits.
    Stuns on the light rays.
    Great hit points.

    What I love about this build:
    Walking up to a shrine and seriously debating whether Fawn really needs to shrine,
    while others are automatically using it.

    Using a longbow? No, sadly not really at all.
    Maybe a bit with my crafted Improved Shattlemantle/Improved Cursespewing or for fun.
    Not really worth investing the amount of feats needed.

    A longbow favored soul would probably look like this:
    FVS 18/Monk 2 ~ half elf with Beloved of the Silver Flame
    Point Blank, Manyshot, Rapid Shot, AA prestigue Class, Improved Critical Ranged
    Empowered Healing, Quickened, maybe Maximized
    Blade barrier, buffs, Mass Heal, ect..
    Shiradi Champion with Twists.

    Frankly its kinda true when things are rough, people want heals badly and when things are not rough,
    as long as you look like you are kinda busy doing something they don't care how much dps you bring.

    12 more Cleric Commendations along with 250 more purple knight favor to upgrade my armor and the set bonus.
    Have my belt slot open for whatever now.
    Could really have a total equipment changeover with this new augment system coming out.

    Had fun doing an Epic Elite Don't Drink the Water khyber pug yesterday, and yes we finished.
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    Default Current Enhancements so I know for later on.

    From the top of the list:
    {Included wearing Terrorweb Chittin Breastplate which adds 5 acid, cold, fire and electric resists}

    Favored Soul Ascendancy / Light of the Flame

    Half Elf Swamp Lore 1 + 2 ~ base acid resist before buffs 15
    Half Elf Tundra Lore 1 +2 ~ base cold resist before buffs 25
    Half Elf Desert Lore 1 +2 ~ base fire resist before buffs 25

    Silver Flame Exorcism

    Favored Soul Angel of Vengeance 1 + 2 prestigue class

    Human Adaptability 1 Wisdom (wisdom is even atm, will be odd when equipment complete)

    Human Improved Recovery 1

    Racial Toughness 1 + 2

    Favored Soul Prayer of Life 1
    Favored Soul Prayer of Incredible Life 1

    Favored Soul Improved Spell Pen 1

    Favored Soul Energy of the Scion 1, 2, 3 (prestigue class requirement)

    Favored Soul Prayer of Incredible Smiting 1 + 2

    Favored Soul Smiting 1, 2, 3, 4

    Favored Soul Prayer of Smiting 1 + 2

    Favored Soul Life Magic 1, 2, 3, 4

    Favored Soul Toughness 1, 2, 3

    Favored Soul Wand and Scroll Mastery 1, 2, 3, 4

    Stats without buffs:

    Str 27
    Dex 27
    Con 30
    Int 20
    Wis 34
    Cha 25

    Balance 26 (with +15 item could be 40 which enough to run buns in Titan Raid)
    Concentration 62 (Cove Dagger bonus till Cleric Eveningstar set done)
    Diplomacy 57 (ConOpp bonus here)
    Jump 40
    Haggle 30 (ConOpp bonus here)
    UMD 32

    Crafting 150/150/150 (sure was expensive to get the last 5ish levels.)

    DR 10 Silver
    PPR 25 (Fanion shield atm)
    Acid 15 {absorbtion 10/15/20 available}
    Cold 25 {absorbtion 10/15/20/50 available}
    Fire 25 {absorbtion 10/15/20/33/50 available}
    Electrical resist 21 {absorbtion 10/15/20/33 available}
    Sonic resist 6

    Fort 100%
    Saves 33/31/35
    Bab 17 (Divine Power increases to character level)

    Lawful Good alignment

    Spell dc without ship buffs:
    Order's Wrath ~ will save 33 (needs item booster)
    Cometfall ~ ref save 32 (needs item booster)
    Soundburst ~ fort save 33 (needs item booster)
    Destruction ~ fort save 31 (needs item booster)

    Spell power (picked up holy symbol of loth in case Fawn decides to use her Roadwatch bow.)
    Fire 127
    Force 117
    Light 227
    Negative 197
    Positive 177

    If wanted more longbow enhancements to add +8 / +2 more damage:
    Improved Ranger Dilettante 1, 2, 3 (costing 6 points)
    Favored Soul Longbow Specialization 1, 2 (costing 3 points)
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    I think the main thing I could criticize about this build is the wisdom score.
    After all, Fawn started with a 14 base wisdom.

    After she gets her eveningstar cleric gear done, she will need to redo her enhancements as her wisdom
    will be odd.

    Wisdom +7 item / Insightful Wisdom +2 / Ship buffs +2 = 39

    So, either drop it to 38, or increase to 40.

    She easily could in fact raise it to 42 with more costly enhancements.

    But, since she is mostly casting light spells and heals one might pause at reducing light critical multipliers
    to increase the DC on spells she rarely casts?

    Even further, one might suggest that she start using more Rebuke Foe destiny abilities on named creatures
    (requiring even more light spell casting) since the Rebuke Foe debuff provides:

    Active Ability: (Cooldown 3 seconds) Only usable when Endless Ardor stack >=5.
    Target enemy tales 5% additional damage from physical and light damage for 30 seconds.
    Can stack up to 5 times, new stacks add 30 seconds to remaining duration.
    Endless Ardor stacks reset to zero.

    That is something for the melees to get excited about, just like the Name Champion feature.

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    A big thank you to:

    The moment I discovered this website was the moment I really begin to become what I am today.

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    Finished up part 2 of the 3 part Caught in the Web raid flagging chain.
    She is flagged for Von and just needs Wiz King EH for DQ.

    Fawngate is now lvl 24.6
    She is trying to make sure and leave some XP farms for later on when a new
    destiny comes out.

    Thanks all those MAC and Khyber puggers for helping out.

    She received some more Cleric Commendations today.
    Upon learning that she might need to do a lot more quests to attain
    375 Purple Knight Dragon Favor including some on Epic Elites,
    she decided to obtain the Breastplate of Shining Sun
    (since upgrading her Chittin armor may take awhile),
    along with the Signet of the Shining Sun and the Symbol of the Shining Sun.

    Helmar recently gave Fawn a +8 Con +13 balance Belt so Fawn bound that
    in the stone of change and started wearing it.

    The Amaunator's Blessing set does not affect her spell like abilities which she depends
    upon, but Searing Light is now 7 sp instead of 8 sp. Mass Heal, Destruction Combo, the Trio
    Stunners, and Buffs are 10%ish less expensive. She has to take off her Torc for this, but
    still the -2 sp for cures along with -10% spell cost should be helpful in raids.

    Still pondering which type of caster sticks she prefers, having the Symbol of the Shining Sun
    frees her from only using the Cove dagger's concentration bonus.

    I guess this is full circle, from starting as a Favored Soul and ending as a Favored Soul...

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    Redid enhancements to experiment ~ from the top of the list:

    Favored Soul Ascendancy / Light of the Flame

    Half Elf Swamp Lore 1
    Half Elf Tundra Lore 1
    Half Elf Desert Lore 1

    Silver Flame Exorcism

    Favored Soul Angel of Vengeance 1 + 2 prestigue class

    Favored Soul Longbow Speacialization 1 + 2

    Improved Ranger Dilettante 1, 2, 3

    Human Improved Recovery 1

    Racial Toughness 1 + 2

    Favored Soul Energy of the Scion 1, 2, 3 (prestigue class requirement)

    Favored Soul Prayer of Incredible Smiting 1 + 2 + 3

    Favored Soul Smiting 1, 2, 3, 4

    Favored Soul Prayer of Smiting 1 + 2 + 3

    Favored Soul Life Magic 1, 2, 3, 4

    Favored Soul Toughness 1, 2, 3

    Favored Soul Wand and Scroll Mastery 1

    Favored Soul Charisma 1

    Half Elf Dexterity 1

    Favored Soul Wisdom 1

    Stats without buffs:

    Str 27
    Dex 28
    Con 30
    Int 20
    Wis 36
    Cha 34

    Equiping Skiver in off hand (greater arcane lore)
    and a radiance 114/greater necro focus/spell pen 9 sceptor in the main hand
    Devotion 114/greater necro focus/spell pen 9 staff
    Cannith tier 1 lvl 20 Elemental Longbow

    Hoping to see what kind of number the light rays can do, along with longbow damage.

    Heals so far are usually quite sufficent, and Fawn still has all 200 heal scrolls she bought
    when she turned lvl 20...

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    Just for peoples information, you don't have to be dead to use the epic moment, Reborn in Light.

    Also with this build, the 50 charges need come quickly enough, unless you forget to turn on your lantern...

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    Wish the cooldown timer for Reborn in Light was 15 or 20 minutes instead of 30...
    {Or maybe make sure the timer is cancelled if you finished out of the quest?}

    I like the look of the Breastplate of the Shining Sun on Fawn.
    Found an gifted rose hair dye and used that on her along with a ddo store hair style.

    Did not try for the Polar Bear, but Fawn did pick up the Mephit package.
    The mephits are surprisingly significantly larger than the earliest companion creatures.
    Congratulations on Dolarrah getting his Polar Cub!
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    Eppy Woot!

    Level 25 on Fawn's final build life #21

    Now Flagged for DQ.

    Spent 3 xp pots getting to 25 including spending some time lost in the Underdark.

    The 5 xp pots that come with the Holiday Box are exactly what Fawngate used to get to 20,
    along with two less good bonus pots.

    13 sp pots used in this life so far, quite a few used on Elite Running with Devils.
    (Used the longbow firing near foes to draw them closer, which works well.)

    Trying out the Roadwatch Longbow (my best bow) vs Light Spells:

    The Longbow is a little faster, but not a whole lot faster.
    The longbow's damage is 50ish + flamearrow 1d6 range.
    The light spells do twice that and more.

    The light spells crit is 9% +9% more from the skiver,
    while the longbow will crit on a 20 (5%).

    Longbow crit 268 damage.
    Avenging Light crit (while holding longbow not Skiver) 968 damage.
    Other light crits for 300 to 500ish often.

    Combining archer and light spells slow both up alot.
    So in the end, Fawn must choose between the two.
    But the longbow did grand in heroic levels, well worth it.

    Could one do this build with less than 21 lives?
    I would like to think so.
    Tis the journey, that makes the destination sweet.

    An end supposed
    Becomes a bend transposed
    Will completionist ever end
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    Redid enhancement again, paying the 15 shards, after the king's forest testing done today.

    So now, for my records:

    Favored Soul Ascendancy / Light of the Flame

    Half Elf Swamp Lore 1 + 2
    Half Elf Tundra Lore 1 +2
    Half Elf Desert Lore 1 +2

    Silver Flame Exorcism

    Favored Soul Angel of Vengeance 1 + 2 prestigue class

    Human Improved Recovery 1

    Racial Toughness 1 + 2

    Favored Soul Prayer of Life 1 + 2

    Favored Soul Improved Spell Pen 1

    Favored Soul Energy of the Scion 1, 2, 3 (prestigue class requirement)

    Favored Soul Prayer of Incredible Smiting 1 + 2 + 3

    Favored Soul Smiting 1, 2, 3, 4

    Favored Soul Prayer of Smiting 1 + 2 + 3

    Favored Soul Life Magic 1, 2, 3, 4

    Favored Soul Charisma 1

    Favored Soul Wisdom 1

    Favored Soul Toughness 1, 2, 3

    Favored Soul Wand and Scroll Mastery 1

    Very similar to the beginning one, with the expections that light (smiting) is maxed,
    Wisdom and Charisma abilities are evened out, healing has a better chance of crits.

    Gone is Wand and Scroll Master 2~4, which is typically considered essential.
    Perhaps an explanation~just duoed Elite Bastion with Helmar, used the first shrine,
    skipped the next two, saved the last one for the end fight. Actually had to use a couple of
    heal scrolls to limp back to the last shrine there. But in the past, Bastion has been one of
    those quests that are hard on healers; skipping right past two shrines is indeed something for me.

    A stack of heal scrolls are nice for a long, long raids but they cost 14k plat for a stack of 100.
    Its a big thing for Fawngate to have a healer this efficent, who also can blast away 4k light bombs
    that heal for 1k.

    Need to start using, my epic moment more often, I kinda save it, then the quest is

    Banked the Voice of the Master after wearing it or the Mantle almost constantly for 116 milion xp.
    Crafted a +20% striding ; Greater False Life Trinket to replace it with.
    I ought to gold plate that dice and nail it to the bank

    Thanks Fireling and Helmar, Fawngate is TOD flagged and can for the first time buy Yugio pots.

    Need to do Cannith quests, and continue with the Eveningstar Lost Thread series.
    Last edited by Silverleafeon; 01-25-2013 at 10:25 PM.

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    The question could be brought up, why is Fawn not the Favored Soul 18 / Monk 2 build that can solo Epic Elites?

    The answer is complex, but perhaps Fawn will give us some insight in that direction?

    Soloing Epic Elites sounds very lonely to Fawn.
    Lonely is why she left the 3 man guild which only had her active at the time in it.

    She games to be with her friends, she games to have fun, she games to explore the horizons,
    she games to be available to her parents yet have social contact with this small world,
    she games to hear "hey mate" with an Austrial accent, she games to games to hear Serinay's quiet voice,
    she games to join a khyber pug that clicks, she games to hear a British accent,
    she games to laugh when MacBiscuit cracks a joke, she games to hear Helmar squeeze out another point of AC,
    she games to see the great effort the Devs put into creating a wonderful world,
    she games to hear a Cloey say "Once more but this time faster...",

    Yesterday late, Fawn joined an Epic Elite Von 6 by invitation.
    An egg spawned, and now Fawn nows why one must quickly destroy all the eggs.
    The second to the last person to die was a monk that Fawn was healing.
    The last person to die was Fawn.
    As everyone released out, Fawn looked at her hotbar, and noticed a fully charged "Reborn in Light".
    Looking around, seeing the Dragon at 20%, seeing herself surrounded by 8ish CR 42 Fire Elementals,
    she decided to release too.
    She found herself released to the Leaky Dingy tavern.
    This is the one she binds to when leaving Korthos, and she never rebinds till her first release of a life.
    She rebound in House C and enjoyed doing challenges with Serinay.

    {Thank you to the person who gave me 2 sp pots when I declared Fawn would be contiously healing,
    not taking turns in a healing order. She drank 4 pots and thanks to 2 pulls off quests earlier and that
    donation, she broke even on the raid.}

    During a recent end fight of Beyond the Rift, a Drow ran straight towards Fawn as she was healing,
    then suddenly turned away from her. A very high Diplomacy score has certain passive effects to it,
    that are not fully recorded or understood.

    A different build for more surviability, hmm...if Fawn is the last one to die?

    What I am noticing now is similiar to what I noticed a long time ago on Orien;
    quality end game healers are rather in demand...

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    Quebec, Canada. (Playing on Khyber)

    Default Thanks!

    Hey Fawn!

    Just wanna Thank you for coming at the EE dragon yesturday, even if it failed I had fun and enjoyed playing with you!

    GL on the completionist project,

    Hossa / Darree ~Khyber~ Doom Legion (Level 75)
    Proud Host of the DDO Hunger Games Along with Fawngate.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jendrak
    Somebody should definitely explain to Turbine that when they roll up a new GM that INT is not dump stat.

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    Thanks Hoss, it was fun

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