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    Gamed with Hallaster and Thalzur in an enjoyable afternoon.

    Finished up most of bank favor and the last of xp by soloing Tear.

    Used the experience stone:
    Before ~ lvl 8 with 419,895 xp
    Buffs~ 30% xp pot; 4% ship buffs, voice of the master and mantle equipped; heroic xp boost 15%
    After ~ rank 85 with 3,239,655 xp

    Not sure how that compares with last time, will have to look up later on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Stone of xp time:

    Level 8 / 409,013 xp

    Voice + mantle equipped = 5%
    30% xp pot running
    4% MAC xp airship buff

    xp gained shows on screen, obtained 2,84?,??? ish

    Now 3,243,899 xp / rank 85

    Leveled up to 17 wizard rank 85
    similiar xp

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    Fawngate is now on her 20th life, as a Trapping Ranger.
    She has red hair and is a half elf.
    Her current inspiration is the heroine from the movie Brave.

    Rogue 1/Ranger 1
    Trapping skills, Point Blank Shot, Cleric Dilly, Silver Flame pots.
    Str 16/Dex 16/Con 14/Int 12/Wis 14/Cha 08
    +4 tomes all stats
    Completionist with two lives in Barbarian, Bard, Favored Soul,
    Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard

    A big thank you to Valkizix for giving Fawngate a
    so she will have a low level bow!

    Last life Barbarian 14/Rogue 4/Fighter 2
    Evasion, Trapping skills, Great Cleave, Improved Two Weapon Fighting
    Augment summoning/Intimadate not really used

    Enjoyable, had to take 2 extra rogue levels to get spot back up to the other
    skills as Fawn is not familiar with Forgotten Realm's trap locations.

    Was able to group with Cloey and Hordo and Blitz and other friends as
    Cloey gained epic levels with her final build of her 40th life ~ congratulations again.

    The silver flame potions were extremely helpful, along with the cleric dilly feat.
    I liked that combination so much will be repeating it for her ranger life, which is the
    first class she will have done 3 times.

    Survivability of this build was high, she was definately in the upper half of the kill count
    often enough, all in all a fun build. If had to do over again, ignore intimidate and make
    sure she gets enough points to keep spot effective, allowing her to only take two rogue
    levels instead of four. Mostly played as a Barbarian 14/Rouge 2/Fighter 2.

    Thanks Hordo, Cloey, and Blitz for making me laugh and making leveling up fun.

    I guess 20th life is half of uber completionist, so its a milestone of sorts...

    Perhaps I learned something about "roles" in DDO during my barbarian life.
    Cloey was playing a Monk splash 2/Favored Soul blaster build.
    Fawngate was playing a Barbarian who could trap, along with casting rez and heal scrolls with ease.

    Cloey was putting up public groups with something like "be fast, sufficent".
    I just joined her and Hordo by sending tells so I did not pay much attention to the grouping.
    She did declare upfront that she is not a healer, she would be blasting away.

    Now if anyone in the group should have been upset, it would have been Fawngate the barbarian~
    right? But she did not mind at all.

    Blitz did a great job healing, btw!

    So, we have Fawngate tossing rezes to Hordo the Soulstone Express, Cloey charging forward
    dropping high powered blade barriers and using destruction as if she was a wizard; and nobody
    complaining that the roles were blurred, because we understood each other and worked together
    to get the quest done quickly.

    Good luck, Hordo and Cloey with those epic elites

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    Very interesting end reward list action for Stealthy Reposesion.

    10, 11 run ~ no end rewards due to extreme repetion.
    12th run done on first time hard bonus ~ full end reward list.

    So, end rewards are now somewhat tied to difficulty or at least repetion penalties/bonuses.

    Now level 3, woot!

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    With the launch of MotU, end reward lists were associated with difficulty, with the exception of chain-end reward lists, which is a damn shame, because it would be great if doing the whole high-road chain on elite gave you the EE items in the chain-end list.

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    Thanks, very good to know.

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    Also of interests:

    I had a wrong asumption about the ice games frost recipes.
    Apparently it will increase the min level of a crafted item since all crafting items work on the +s,
    but it will not increase the min level of a random loot weapon.

    However it will increase the min level of a glacia spell item if the spell power exceeds normal:

    So, maybe a bit of frosting for twink weapons time?!?

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    Update of sorts:

    Logged on, and chatted with Rage for a few mins.
    He got together a group of MACs to do some epics, so I swapped over to Fawnglow (epic cleric).
    We had some nice runs.
    Eventually turned in the cleric commendations for a set of cleric gear for Fawnglow.
    Thank you MAC for passing her commendations the other night.

    Fawnglow went to the eveningstar ice race track and got her 4 daily coupons.
    Without having a clue what to do, she wandered about the track gathering snowflakes having
    a grand time. Turn out when all was said and done, she had 400 motes.

    Logged over to Fawngate to see if she could get some free coupons but apparently its four
    per account per day? Anyone, logged back over to Fawnglow to swap out the motes.

    Then Fawngate purchased a recipe #3 cheap from the auction house, along with a nicely
    priced +1 lacerating longbow. Took all that to the ice crafting altar.
    Yes, blue bound to character on equiped random loot can be put into the altar.
    So, she now has a +1 lacerating festival frosted longbow min lvl 2, along with 200 motes left over.

    The new eveningstar race track only took a small amount of the evening, was fun, and
    yeilded a satisfactory amount of motes for my personal usage.

    I enjoyed that very much.
    Thank you Devs coming from someone who never could do the ice ramps in the harbor.

    Fawnglow is getting interesting. (lvl 24 banked, working on a few twists now).
    People might want to look at the renewal angelic tier 3 ability, its good.

    Maybe eventually, Fawngate will be a favored soul again where she started, hmm...
    (Sound familiar~couple of other major completionist projects ended up there?)
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    So, yesterday, after leveling Fawngate up to 6, logging on to do some epics with Fawnglow
    then ending up making dinner and eating while slowly working Fawnglow out to the quest...

    We did the ice race track again with four more coupons.
    Woot, I'm liking it.

    The first run little sister greedly tried to get every snowflake in sight,
    and the timer ran out before she crossed the finish line.

    This resulted in only 32 motes, so perhaps one needs to cross the finish line
    before the blessing runs out. With a bit of practice her last two runs yielded
    about 120ish motes each which helped for a total of 350 motes.

    Then her 4 per day limit ran out. She thought about DDO store, then wandered
    off to the harbor instead. She did her usual jumping for a single blue coin off the
    Irestone inlet ship bow (stand on the very pointed tip of the bow, jump up into
    the light gravity zone, the press w forward while facing slightly to the right,
    get blue coin, fall in water, go to dock, run up stair behind ship, jump unto ship,
    carefully go to bow spear tip, change instantance, repeat...)

    After about 5 blue coins she got bored and decided to farm for the 3 barrel cove longbow
    while playing MTGO by tabbing screens. Ransack and no bow...

    Later she returned and got 3 more blue coins then logged out.

    She really like the Ice Race track and here is why:

    First, the race track grants a blessing that she assumes is an individual instance of snowflakes
    as she was on the race track with someone else. This means that unlike the harbor ice games,
    Each instance is independant of other players, temporary, and does not need to be permanently
    mantained. In short the race track is by design going to create much less problems to those
    questing and raiding imho.

    Second, the race track is an easy, quick way for those less mario brothers skillfull to get a
    nice supply of mote. A guildie was doing it for the first time who never did well at the ice jump.
    That guildie picked up the tricks fairly quickly.

    Third, VIPs get 4 a day coupons which is nice reward for being VIP. I like that.
    I have no idea how many coupons points free to play get, etc...

    Fourth, it is available in the DDO store to do more if one wishes. Nice because, one has the option
    to do more if one needs a few more motes before the event disappears. It also allows them to
    make an event with a limit on it that players like myself can enjoy without the potential for grinding
    it all day long. DDO store for more in essence is telling me, there you had your fun, go back to
    questing till tomorrow. It also protects the economy not being flooded for tons of motes.

    Fifth, it reduces the amount of harbor/bogwater tavern instances, which spreads out the server load
    and instance based lag.

    Sixth, Eveningstar looks cool with all the snowmen and dancing bears.

    Thanks Devs, its fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Lion hearted belt for immunity to fear, greensteel for immunity to blindness.
    You can safely skip both of those. Per life, I only use 15 blindness potions at most and GH will prevent fear.

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    This spell imbues a single ally creature with great bravery and morale in battle. The target gains a +4 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks. The target also receives temporary hit points equal to the caster level and immunity to fear.

    Thank you, I missed or forgot that.

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    For those recording/calculating Box data (life 20)

    Voice of the master (no mantle of the worldshaper)
    Epic Quest xp bonus +15% current
    30% xp potion
    4% ship buffs

    Before: 427,555
    Holiday Box
    After: 3,236,668

    Level 17 rank 85

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    Default Two Paradoxes and two cities...

    A paradox, a pardox....reminds me of a song in Gilbert and Sullivan's comedy:

    In fact, Gibert and Sullivan's works were full of twists and turns.

    In this particular song, the hero is informed by his now rejected nanny that he was
    born on Feb 29, therefore his indenture to be a pirate would not actually expire till he
    turned 60ish, hence he must rejoin those he had just swore to exterminate...

    A very, very long time ago when dragon magazine was very young,
    when articles debated points such as whether DMs should purposely seek to kill parties,
    when the ecology of the rust monster was an interesting new creature,
    when half drow female cleric deserved a second glance,
    when Cavaliers were a class,
    when the dungeons and dragon cartoon was on primet time Sat morning...

    In those bygone days, there was an article that discussed a paradox that has followed D&D for ages~
    what does one do with a character that is the ultimate paragon of its class?

    When all is said and done, and there are no Vengers left;
    when one cannot earn more abilities, class features or spells;
    when only the gods can challenge you;
    when you are getting bored;
    what is next?

    The article itself had a simple solution~
    write retired at the top of the character sheet and get out a new blank
    character sheet to start over.

    WotC and Turbine have come up with some other solutions for this paradox,
    increasing level cap, creating epic levels, creating true reincarnation, etc...

    {I wonder if 5th edition D&D should include true reincarnation?}

    But eventually one can reach where Star and Cloey along with a few others have gone~
    uber completionist or otherwise known as uber paradox...

    What does one do when this occurs?
    Does one turn to an alt?

    Well, lets take a look at the heartset of a completionist first.
    There are alters such as Hordo that have many many toons with many experimental builds,
    it is their fun to create tons of characters.
    Completionist projects tend to be the other extreme.
    They have fun placing all their focus on a single toon, realizing their efforts will go further
    if focused.

    Luxury entertainment is a matter of measuring the joy found therein,
    we tend to do what makes us most happy.

    While the advice, write retired upon an uber completionist from afar sound logical,
    it smacks against the very essence of what created the uber completionist in the first place...

    Hence the paradox begins.

    Sometime this year, the enhancement update will probably appear.
    Sometime this year, the new item slot system will probably appear.
    Within it, melees might see a lot of love.

    Sometime within the next two to four years, the level cap may go up to 30.
    Currently epic destinies don't appear to have a level restriction on them,
    just a warning that level restrictions may occur.
    Epic destinies could be raised as high as 20 levels each, but certainly are
    headed for a max of 10 levels when the level cap reaches 30.

    New classes may appear, possibly one per year, although just bringing out
    the enhancement update this year would bring new life to all the classes.

    So as the clock ticks, does the paradox unravel, or does it just bring new twists?

    Looking at it from a personal viewpoint, Fawn will simply turn towards art knowing
    there is so much potential for her in that direction. She still needs to finish watching
    those computer art videos and work more on establishing her comic, the holiday boxes
    are exciting hence she is distracted atm. So for her, uber completionist or even halfway
    there is simply a twist in the road, but what about for those few others?

    Perhaps that the amount of uber completionists can still be counted is a credit to DDO?

    Perhaps the paradox being so far out of the reach of the typical DDO player is a blessing?

    A paradox, a paradox, there is another paradox as well.

    What does one do with a toon whose bound to character space is taken up by many excellent
    items too valuable to throw away?

    What if one is at the point to deconstucting crafted items, throwing away anything not of value,
    destroying potions and scrolls, filling up mules aplenty?

    What if one comes to the point of esentially full of bound to character stuff?

    What if one prefers to build one's soul instead of one's possesions?

    What then?

    Does one stop raiding?

    Does one switch toons?

    What if one prefers a single toon over any other?

    Does one avoid epics that yield bind on equip items or does one simply store them on mules?

    What does one do in this case?

    Should one simply TR again and again?

    What happens when one runs out of past lives to obtain?

    Pehaps the only answer lives at the very top of this post?

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    Default New vs Old Combat Cones

    We have heard talk of a bug called "you are not facing the target" errors.

    Being a completionist project, playing the same toon tons over various very different lives
    gives one a bird's eye view at times.

    IMHO, its not a bug, simply a more realistic correction and a buff to clever melee players.

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    Default Update now on life 21

    Late last night, Fawngate finished emptying her TR bank and TRed into her 21st life.

    Perspective on arcane archer ranger trapmaster:

    I enjoyed it, would have like to see what epics as a ranger would be like.

    Plenty of skill points for trapping and concentration.

    Party wipes on elite Enter the Kobold, elite Acute Delerium, elite Lord of Eyes.

    Trap boxes blown ~ zero.

    Feats~Point Blank, Maximized, Weapon Focus Ranged, Tougness, Completionist,
    Improved Critical Ranged, Past Life Sorcerer

    Questing areas~ skipped harbor instead getting backback favor in the market, skipped Necropolis,
    entered the Vale very soon after boxing, ended up in Dreaming Dark island to finish up.

    Thanks to MAC, friends such as Loreick and Thalzur, and the great puggers of Khyber.

    Manyshot really works good.

    Fawngate is now on life #21.
    She is a completionist having done every class and race at least once.
    She did splash a few levels into some classes but she played them all fully.
    She has 3 Ranger lives, 2 each of Barbarian, Bard, Favored Soul, Sorcerer, and Wizard lives.

    She is currently doing the only life not yet done as a legend life ~ favored soul.

    Starting stats ~ 14 in every ability.
    Eventually base stats will be 14 +4 tome +2 completionist = 20 before lvl ups and equip.

    Feats Point Blank, Half Elf Dilly Ranger, Child of the Silver Flame.

    Her goals for this life, providing enough presence into favored soul for getting the job done,
    with speacilization into Silver Flame features.

    Her stats this life represent a 4E approach of broader point spending.
    Skills ~ diplomacy, concentration, jump, balance cc
    Spells ~ Nimbus of Light and Nightshield.

    Basic needs for favored soul ~ maximized spell, empowered spell
    Extras for favored soul ~ quickened for shroud mass heals
    Epic needs for favored soul ~ empowered healing for renewal

    Basic needs for Arcane Archer ~ Past life Sorcerer active feat, Point Blank, Weapon
    Focus Ranged Weapons
    Extras for Arcane Archer ~ Rapid Shot then Many Shot along with Improved Critical Ranged

    Basic needs for adventuring ~ Toughness or Past life active feat Barbarian
    Extras for adventuring ~ Completionist, Past life Wizard active feat, Past life Favored Soul active feat

    Philosophy of this life ~ formerly a long time ago before the days of artificers, Fawngate crafted a
    greensteel min 2 heavy repeating xbow which was nicknamed Fawn's Gatlin Gun. Using Flamearrow
    wands, she had a good time. The idea was born out of casting quickened maximized empowered
    heightened exteneded blade barriers which patiently sat whirling while Fawn ran up to various mobs
    to try to pull them into her blade barrier by hitting them once with a melee weapon.
    Eventually the idea rang in her brain that one could throw a dart at the monster instead
    of running up to it and grew from there.

    Possible level 3 feats ~ Completionist / Empower / Maximize / Weapon Focus Ranged / Barbarian Past Life
    / Toughness / Past life Barbarian / Past life Sorcerer

    Possible level 6 feats ~ see above

    In order to get Arcane Archer running before level 8, she would need to focus on
    Past life Sorcerer and Weapon Focus Ranged.

    In order to get the most hit points, she would need to focus on Past life Barbarian and Completionist.

    In order to focus on Favored Soul casting, she would need to focus on Maximized and PL Socerer.

    In order to get the angel of vengance prestigue class, she would need Maximized or Empowered.

    Assuming she takes Completionist, Toughness type, 3 Arcane Archer feats, Empowered,
    Maximized by level 18 (7 feats) this leaves the lvl 21 and 24 feats open for extras.

    Some care needs to be taken with spell planning as well.
    She gets a level two spell at level four, and level three spells at level six.

    Cure Moderate Wounds, Nimbus of Light, and Nightshield have always been keepers for end game.
    Soundburst and Searing Light also have great potential.
    Maximized and Quickened grants a low level bomb.

    It would be a shame not to have the Favored Soul prestigue class early on,
    and Toughness/PL Barbarian yields enhancement hit points.

    By the way, ranged damage will eventually receive:
    +6 ranger past life,
    +2 beloved of silver flame,
    +2 Favored Soul longbow specialization enhancement
    Bow Strength from Ranger Dilly increasing from +2, +4, +8
    +3 luck bonus from Divine Favor

    To hit:
    +1 Child of the Silver Flame
    BAB of Fighter with Divine Power
    +3 luck bonus from Divine Favor
    Four Greater Heroism clickies.
    Haste Clickes.

    Resistance to energy types:
    +10 to three different energies taken at 5th, 10th, 15th favored soul levels.
    +4 to to acid, fire, and cold from ranger dilly enhancements
    +6 from PL Ranger
    Resist Energy level 2 spell

    Free spell like abilities:
    Sorcerer past life when taken
    Searing Light at level 20
    Avenging Light epic
    Renewal epic

    Notes to self, look into crafting ranged aclarity item?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post

    We have heard talk of a bug called "you are not facing the target" errors.

    Being a completionist project, playing the same toon tons over various very different lives
    gives one a bird's eye view at times.

    IMHO, its not a bug, simply a more realistic correction and a buff to clever melee players.
    The "bug" is when the server says a mob is behind, or inside (or 30 ft away) from a player while the client says the mob is in front. This is most noticeable with non-melee attacks at very close range. This is why backing up or jumping can cause rune-arm, ranged, and spell attacks to hit that would be "not facing" while standing still.

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    I respectfully disagree, but am willing to listen to more facts or offical statements on this matter.

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    Well, Fawn decided she wants to stay as a Favored Soul and play some end game.

    So, doing research on the subject.

    The first thing is the paradox of Completionist feat costing a feat.
    Yes, its very nice to have, but the tightest thing about character building for Fawn is number of
    feats she gets vs the number of feats she wants to have.

    Lots of work to get a feat that everyone else gets for free from their airship,
    which is why a completionist project kinda wants to be in a larger guild.

    Moving onward, probably want the completionist feat anyway, the real debate is how much ranged
    focus does one want balanced by how much light focus do you want. At epic levels, one reaches a
    fork in the road; which path should the true silver flamer take?

    {Atm Fawn is lvl 7, looking towards Tear for bank favor then boxing very soon.
    She has Ranger Dilly, Point Blank, Toughness, and Maximized.}

    The Shiradi Epic destiny offers a lot for the longbow; the Exalted Angel offers a lot for light spells.
    They don't mingle vice versa at all, although one could twist back and forth.

    Twisting Rainbow into Exalted Angel would require 4/3/2 twist slots and the best Fawn
    has is 4/2/1 twist slots, besides some of Shiradi lies in the innate abilities.

    Twisting Endless Faith, Avenging Light, and Renewnal into Shiradi is easily done with less
    than 4/2/1 twist slots (3/1/1 needed).

    If one chooses Exalted Angel then nature of the epic destiny makes one get much more side
    benefits from having and using one's light spells and healing spells as much as possible,
    including Renewnal and Avenging Light. Meaning maybe one might not use the longbow
    much at all; and if one ponders not using the longbow much, then should one even have the
    arcane archer prestigue class which will cost 3 feats and 13 action points?

    If one chooses Shiradi one might use the longbow more, leaving one to wonder if
    one should take rapid shot and manyshot. Rapid shot would improve casting times,
    while manyshot has the danger of not wanting to stop and heal others.

    So, Empower, Maximized, Point Blank, Weapon Focus Ranged, Improved Critical Ranged,
    Rapid Shot, Manyshot, Toughness, Precise Shot, with no room for completionist.

    Fawn's longbow so far has worked out well, but she is starting to shift into needing to heal more.

    A free feat swap removing point blank would actually help if it reset her epic destinies as they
    definately need adjusting.

    If she did go Angel only, what would be good for feats?
    Empowered Healing with Renewal works great (epic level 21)?
    Quickened on spell like abilities is nice and important for shroud mass heals (level 18)?
    Empowered and Maximized work good on spell like abilities and blade barrier (got)
    Toughness for hit points (got)
    Past life Acolyte of Divine Secrets (9d8 light spell like ability 10/day)

    Wow that is only seven feats, perhaps letting go is a good thing?

    (One can twist in +3 spell pen from both Magister and Draconic Incarnation if one has the feat
    Spell Penatration, but that involves a slightly different direction.)

    {Box information for the data analysers:
    412,456 xp ~~ 3,242,557 xp ; 30% xp pot, voice, 4% ship buffs done on airship,
    no game wide heroic xp bonuses}

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