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    Quote Originally Posted by stainer View Post
    Hey! That is a good idea I didn't even think about. Cordovan could make it a featured page. That would be pretty sweet.
    Sound like fun ~ good luck


    Fawn is getting her Silver Flame favor today.
    {Maybe you can see where this is going ~ boxes + silver flame pots = fairly nice melee lives?}

    Catacombs Elite
    Bloody Crypt Elite
    Church and the Cult Elite
    Lords of Dust Elite (actually got xp for that one)
    258/400 favor atm

    Doing quests in "god mode" is a good way to refresh/learn knowledge about a quest.
    Being able to walk thru a walk with little fear of dying allows you to learn the quickest route,
    safest points, strengths and weakness of the monsters, etc...

    Simply not being lost, knowing where the levers are, ect, is a big thing and could even save
    your life in dangerous times. "Information is the key"

    {god mode=causual near level/elite with much higher level toon, ect}


    Interesting, Fawn currently has a rather nice web.
    It costs 3 sp to cast, has a listed DC of 44, and a cooldown of 6 seconds.
    (Did not count it all up myself.)

    She has kinda wanted a good web, and always thought she would need 3 cleric lives to get it.
    It is rather effective on epic hard quests.

    Archmage could raise it one more as she focused on Enchantment for her main boost.
    Magistar grants her nice bonuses.
    She could have taken Epic Conjuration focus instead of taking spell pen.
    (Wanted the spell pen to qualify for epic twists.)

    Her current twists are
    Dragon Energy burst tier 4
    Running with the wind tier 2
    Endless faith tier 1

    The magistar conjuration summons are CR 20 golems.
    Four random types ~ Iron, Clay, Flesh, Stone.
    You can heal them with repair.
    Each one is healed by various foes energy attacks per normal.

    The clay golemn in druid's deep was healed by the foes acid blasts.
    The summoning cooldown is 1 min, so easy to resummon as desired.

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    Thank you, Ghaladriel (Mobwrecker) for helping me with Tomb of the Shadow Lord, Shadow Crypt, and Tomb of the Forbidden.

    Also thanks for Enoach explaining how to solo with a hire Tomb of the Shadow Lord.

    {Silver Flame Favor 392 of 400 ; will finish up with Beyond the Rift on Elite}


    The new quests are really beautiful and fun to play.
    Thank you MAC for the epic hard run thru High Road of Shadows.

    Hope the Holiday package returns to the DDO store, a friend of mine logged in this afternoon hoping to purchase one right after they removed it from the store.
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    An interesting write up on playing a monk:

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    The Silver Flame pots make me think of Barbarians for some reason.

    Barbarians have three main troubles that I see:

    "Im raged and cannot use my haste clickie, please haste me."

    "Im in a room taking damage, guess I'll drink one of my precious silver flame pots."

    "Im in a empty room, its empty cause Im a barbarian, roar, but 20 cure serious pots take awhile to drink."

    So, I'm kinda thinking wait till enhancement update which will provide halfling barbarian,
    or go Half Elf with cleric dilly.

    The important levels are 16, 17, and 18 that is where you spend a fair amount of your stone life.
    Levels 6, 7, and 8 should be thought about, but characters that young aren't expected to be perfect.
    Levels 1 thru 5 are dominated by good gear, tactics, and knowledge.

    Cleric Dilly requires 13 wisdom, which would help with will saves.

    Barbarians do get decent skill points, making a rogue 2 splash for trapping a possiblity.
    Some TR zerg groups run thru traps, but all around pugging its nice to have.
    This probably would require 14 int for skill points.

    Rogue at level 1
    Str high as possible 16? ~ 10 points
    Con high as possible 16? ~ 10 points
    Dex decent for ref saves 12? ~ 4 points
    Int 14 ~ 6 points
    Wis 14? ~ 6 points
    Cha 08 ~ 0 points
    ____ total 36 points

    Level one Rogue Skill points 8+4 int = 12 per level
    Balance, Jump, Open Lock, Disable Device, Search, Spot, Tumble, UMD, Intimidate, Haggle, Swim, Tumble

    Barbarian Skill points 4 +4 int = 8 per level
    Open lock, Disable Device, Search, Spot all cross classed
    From level 7 onward Intimidate.

    Half Elf enhancements ~ human healing amp and human versitility.
    Barbarian enhancements ~ barbarian power attack?!!?

    Prestigue class ~ maybe something from the new update.
    Frezy beserker {while a good option} is definately at odds with this build.
    Frezy is something one could do part time, but not really what I'm looking for.

    Feats? {6 feats available thru lvl 15 along with cleric dilly}

    Obvious ones:
    {Cleric Dilly bonus feat}
    Barbarian Past life Beserker's Fury
    Improved critical slashing

    Which leaves three feats left.

    Is power attack still ok to take or is it no longer a good idea?
    Seen some math on it awhile back, but in actual usage at high levels unless its a boss its kinda good to have?
    The fact that power attack is double for two handed weapons is a big thing.
    {Never used precision, is that one rated better with the new combat system?}

    Either Cleave/Great Cleave ~ nice but requires a bit of thinking.
    Or Two handed Fighting line ~ nice but requires you to stand still while fighting.

    Quick draw ~ useful for potions, action activates, swapping weapons, and ranged attack with your throwing axe.

    Other past lives:
    Solider of the Faith ~ +3 luck bonus to damage {3 times a rest for 2 min}
    Sneak of Shadows ~ +16 hide and move silently, +4 to hit/+8 damage sneak attack {3 times a rest for 1 min}

    Equipment ~ with rogue levels and the accompanying sneak attack damage,
    probably the weapon of choice with be Fawn's Radiant Falcion.

    It's high crit range means 1 out of every threeish hits will blind the foe.
    Once blinded sneak attack damage will occur.
    This makes Cleave/Great Cleave handy.
    Blinded also reduces AC and eliminates Dex AC making Power attack a strong option.

    Having Cleave and Power attack give the option of taking Frenzy Beserker for times when dps is very important.

    Vampric Cleaver is a survival weapon of choice when self sufficency is important,
    such as soloing the Von 5 puzzle room for conquest.

    Probably wear the +10 ref save light armor that Fawn wore in her ranger life, making evasion somewhat useful.

    Trapping gear ~ cove hats with +15 skill bonus.

    Four Planar Gird belts for the +4 bonus to offset power attack.

    Lion hearted belt for immunity to fear, greensteel for immunity to blindness.

    A lot of greensteel guards.

    Maybe thinking of upgrading my cloak of night from lvl 12 to 16 next year.

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    Great running with you the other day fawn.
    If you want a weird build and another wiz life (prob not since you just did another), there is the wraith fighter one (12/6/2 wiz/ftr/rog). Nice thing is that you have the gear to pull it off until 8, then you jump to 16. Hardest part for me was 8-13 until you got wraith as you were just a really gimped wiz or ftr at that point (instead of slightly gimped for the rest of the levels).

    Catch you over Christmas
    Flufty, Flufs, Fluffi, Fluffit

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluffi View Post
    Great running with you the other day fawn.
    If you want a weird build and another wiz life (prob not since you just did another), there is the wraith fighter one (12/6/2 wiz/ftr/rog). Nice thing is that you have the gear to pull it off until 8, then you jump to 16. Hardest part for me was 8-13 until you got wraith as you were just a really gimped wiz or ftr at that point (instead of slightly gimped for the rest of the levels).

    Catch you over Christmas
    Three wizard past lives are a cat's catnip!
    Really admire your build.

    Would love to see details posted or mailed to me.
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    Destroyed house k bound to character potions.
    Decontructed perfectly good useful weapons.
    Decontructed perfectly useful armor.
    Decontructed two dragonscal armors.
    Threw away starter gear.
    Threw away named loot.

    Shuffled tons of not bound to character stuff away from toon.

    Spent a TON of plat on Silver Flame potions that only stack TEN in a space!

    Ready to TR Fawn Christmas Eve or thereafter.

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    Default Bump

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    An interesting write up on playing a monk:
    Nice link. Happy holidays.

    NancyPDoyle, Dubitable, Bluer, Perisher, NPD, OttoAttack, and others, all on Khyber

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    Default Flagging Requirements for TRs

    Wrote this up for elsewhere, thought I would put it here to remind me.

    Save your old sigil for Titan.
    You can skip Hiding in Plain Sight, Ghola Fan, and Slavers if you have access to greater teleport.
    Getting in on the raid early usually someone is casting that upon players in Tempest spine or Subteranne.
    Your first teleport is to the entrance of Restless Isles to repair your sigil.
    (Bypassing Hiding in Plain Sight)
    Your second teleport is to the raid entrance as per normal.

    You can save your final items from Wizard King/Offering of Blood/Chains of Flame and turn them in
    to be flagged for DQ 1; until the advent of Stone of Experience this was silly since you want to do those
    quest for xp. Even with the Stone the one and done first time bonus is still nice xp.
    DQ 2 requires redoing DQ 1 each and every raid.

    Fawngate just pulls the Greensteel stone of her backpack every life.
    Vale quests on elite are good xp.
    Its a matter of getting enough 12 favor to be flagged for the Shroud, which means at best juggling
    the 12 favor a bit (Acid Wit on Elite allows less elsewhere, etc).
    But you still have to do all five quests, it just allow you to do one on casual.
    You also have to do the Merida quest, along with her crafting quests.

    Gianthold Reaver's Fate raid requires Crucible, Madstone, Prisoner of the Planes on any difficulty,
    as well as the relic turn in, as well as Tor and all 3 dragon optionals in Tor.
    Note that doing Tor on elite w/o dragons, then redoing on normal to do all 3 dragons is a common
    Also note that one need not do all 3 dragon optionals during the same quests.
    It is possible to have a party wipe on the acid dragon after doing the other two,
    then returning a week later and doing the acid dragon with a party wipe on the ice dragon~
    thereby making you flagged for Reaver's Fate.

    TOD/Cannith Raids requires flagging Quests on any difficulty.

    Tempest Spine/Hound/Vision of Destruction/Chronoscope has no flagging requirements.

    The Forgotten Realm raid Caught in the Web requires doing 3 quest chains.
    Nice epic xp anyway. Also if you use the Key to Evenstar to bipass Beyond the Rift,
    you might find the far right quest giver for the third quest of the first chain unavailable.

    Vault of Night requires Von 1 thru 4 to be done on any difficulty.
    Again good xp, consider doing these on elite early if using Stone for first time xp.
    Also consider only doing them 1~2 times if you want to save for Epic Destiny XP.

    Getting into Litany of the Dead requires a completed sigil frame.
    Some lives I do more Gianthold, others more Orchard.
    Sometimes I farm out Inferno, sometimes I skip it.
    You must finish all four optionals of Litany on any difficulty to enter the Abbot.
    This requires doing the quest at least four times as only one optional can be completed per quest.
    Litany is good xp and worth doing if you can.
    Go one at a time, take your featherfall off, and keep moving in the trap at the end.
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    Default Failure ~ look here for a possible answer.

    {Expanding upon a topic asked elsewhere ~ why do my potions sometimes fail.}

    Fawngate looking over the battlefield with 5 soul stones lying about, ducks around a
    corner, quickly rummages thru her backpack, finds a clear blue vial, and drinks it...

    Sound familar, yeah, its crunch time when every little action matters.
    Have you every been there and for no reason your emergency action fails?
    Well, lets look at some of the causes for failures:

    1) Drinking a potions while standing still then starting to move while the potions is being drunk
    will cause a failure. Somehow starting to move interupts the potion drinking animation. It is ok
    to drink potions while moving or while standing still.

    2) Climbing of any sort while activating a clicky, enhancement ability, casting a spell, or drinking
    a potion. This includes climbing a ladder, a small set of set, or even a single small one step bump
    in the hallway. You cannot do things while climbing hence you get cancelled.

    3) Swimming of any sort while activating a clicky, enhancement ability, or casting a spell.
    This includes deep lava, a channel swim, or even a large puddle of water such as found in
    the necropolis "town". You cannot do things while swimming hence you get cancelled.

    You can drink potions underwater as such its a good idea for even a self healing class to
    carry them for the occasional emergency jumping into the water or the crucible swim.

    4) Casting any arcane scroll while wearing armor/shields using umd. My cleric who now wears armor
    alot and invested heavily in umd skills has to put on robes and change to her quarterstaff in
    order to cast fire shield scrolls. Divine spells are not affected by "arcane spell failure" but
    arcane spells or any sort including scrolls are. Bards are considered to be casting arcane spells
    even if they are listed as divine ~ such as a bardic cure serious wounds if they are listed on
    the bard's spell list.

    5) Wearing two different "spell absorbtion" devices/items will cause them to become flacky.
    Perhaps they are both applying/assuming the other will work. Better to have just one of such
    equipped at a time. Technically the last one equipped will work, but I have witnessed both
    not working when Fawngate had an ioun stone, silverflame trinket and a mantle of the worldshaper
    equipped. Perhaps the mantle was exhausted and was equipped second, I don't remember, but
    the other two sure did not stop any level drains and down Fawn went. Whether the Silver Flame
    Trinket interfers with the ioun stone or voice of the master is not deterimined yet.

    6) Equiping a bow will load arrows from whatever location is available. Equipping a crossbow
    will do the same. It is possible that the missle attempting to be equipped has a min level above
    your character level; this will cause your bow/crossbow to become unusable till you rearrange
    your missles. In an emergancy this could kill your character. It is also possible for an aligned
    missle to get loaded into your equipped missle slot. This can result in a "negative level" being
    applied to your character. Fortionately a negative level of this nature is not too serious, unlike
    level drains which are devasting.

    7) Death penalties stack with each other in a culmilative manner. The stack is cleared when you
    shrine. This partially why you cannot "buy your way to victory" with a stack of rez cakes.
    The first time you die, you get a single death penalty. The next time you die, you get two death
    penalties. The third time you die, you get three death penalties.
    Each of these penalties last for one minute and are removed one at a time, they apply a significant
    penalty to health, spell points and rolls of any sort including damage.

    Hence a toon (character you own) that has died for the sixth time in an adventure will be useless
    in many ways. The chances of them dying again are quite high, and the amount of melee damage
    they can do will be extremely low. After one minute, they will have five penalites; after another
    minute they will have four penalties; ect till after six minutes all the penalties will have worn off.

    It is quite common for a player to "let their death penalties wear off" before attempting to disarm
    traps, rengage a raid boss in melee combat, or doing any other serious activity.

    8) If you are not facing a trap box, your attempt to disarm it will automatically fail with no harmful
    consequences. If you take any damage while searching for or disarming a trap, you are interupted
    and the attempt fails without harmful consquences. If you fail to equip your item that grants bonuses
    to disable device, you will likely fail the attempt with possible harmful consquences. When disabling
    a trap, any roll that fails by 5 or more will blow the trap box up, making it unavailable to further
    attempt to disable that trap.

    Trappers tend to have four separate items often in the same slot for spot, search, disable device,
    and open lock. They often have them on a set of hot keys along with the search skill. One can
    interact with a trap box allowing one to just click on it to disable it. In order to deal with some traps
    (such as the spinners found in the left side of Descrated Temple of Vol) be in mouse lock mode
    approaching the trap box slowly till the interactive symbol pops up. This allow you to disarm it
    as far away as possible. One can start disabling a box by jumping at it and clicking on the box
    while in mid air.

    Trapper do have to cross traps to get at boxes. At times there are monsters there as well.
    These monsters may be more than the trapper can handle alone. A trapper can pull monster
    thru traps, although some monsters take feats/enhancements/abilities to avoid their own traps.

    At times there will not be an active trapper available. Hence it is good to learn how to avoid traps.
    This is one of two reasons why the jump skill is important. Some traps can be jumped over.

    Some traps trigger from both sides of a hallway, hence running down the middle will result
    in two traps hitting you, one from either side. If in doubt running down the side of a hallway is
    better than the middle. Some traps have an approach that allows you to bipass
    the trap by climbing up a wall and walking on the wall to avoid it.

    Some traps cycle in a manner that allows windows of opportunity to run thru them.
    Allow for lag, by moving forward while you see the trap active. Use clicky/spell/item that will increase
    your run speed.

    Some traps only activate once allowing an evasion type toon to trigger them,
    or someone to trigger it then jump back quickly.

    Some traps can be avoid by taking a different route thru the adventure.

    Some traps do energy damage, hence energy absorbtion will help negate a lot of their effects.

    It has been said that most every trap in the game can be avoided if you are clever enough.

    9) When opening locks you may find a "you are not facing the door" error. Twitch and move around
    to a new position. Some doors are fancy and your probably targetting part of the door that is blocked
    by another part of the same door. The knock spell works at range which sometimes is helpful to open
    up a door that has a trap in front of it. Difficult locks are more likely to be failed by a knock spell especailly
    at higher levels. DDO store has a Knock item that is occasionally used for unlocking an area that offer
    high xp, such as Delaras part two.

    Of the four thief skills, open lock is the least critical for making thief rolls. Often a door can be unlocked with
    an inferior open lock modifier. Failure never explodes a lock. Spot is the next least critical for making thief rolls.
    If someone shows you where to search (or you already know) ddo wiki has maps that can help, then
    spot is not necessary in most quests. A few have random traps. However, Fawn much prefers spot skills
    when possible. Search is the next least critical for making thief rolls, because failure simply means rerolling
    without penalties. Disable device is the most critical of the thief rolls, however if you carry +4/+5 thief tools,
    these grant you nice bonus (+5 tools=+7 bonus). If you do your korthos/harbor quests as you ought to while
    leveling up, the free agent vendor in the harbor will sell you theif tools. At higher levels +5 tools are frequently
    found in chests. Guildies/friends/auction houses offer these superior tools. This tool bonus is part of the
    reason that an inferior open lock skill might work.
    {Investigating that search is not a random roll, which may be why it takes longer and can be
    interrupted ~ pen and paper taking 10. If so rerolling search is fruitless without increasing
    your search modifiers.}

    To get the most thief bonuses possible, consider the following:
    Action point skill boosts
    Best thieves tools available.
    Best/almost best skill bonus items available for your level.
    The Cove pirate event/cannith crafting offers a chance to create your custom theif items.
    Foxes cunning potions/wands/spells/int item for search and disable device.
    Find trap spell for searching.
    Wisdom bonuses for spotting.
    Bard songs for any.
    Good hope, heroism (potions avaible in marketplace), greater heroism.
    Ship buffs.

    Be aware that any trap with a DC of 20 or more cannot be found or spotted by someone
    who does not have either the trapfinding class feat or is under the influence of the trapfinding spell
    which can only be cast upon yourself.

    10) There is a bug which prevents your toon from targeting anything. This will cause you to fail to
    be able to open doors, interact with objects, ect... It is associated with blocking. It may be associated
    with blocking while wearing a shield, or blocking while taking various amounts or types of damage.

    Fortionately there is an easy fix. Simply change your weapon / weapon set. It immediately goes away.
    This bug is related to shields in general somehow as it has changed when the programing for shields

    11) You might be unable to cast certain spells duing certain updates of the game while blocking/
    blocking with a shield/blocking while taking various amounts of damage. Ironically this bug has
    gotten worse when the bug listed in #10 is improved, so they may be inversely related, or maybe
    not. Try releasing your shift button/changing weapons and so forth. It is possible that that two are
    related and you are having a cannot interact issue.

    12) Activating radiant servant aura/healing burst abilities may fail to activate or may even take a
    turn away without activating. Simply make sure to target yourself before using these abilities.

    13) Some abilites such as a Clerical aura will disappear after going thru a loading screen.
    Realize why it dissappeared and plan accordingly.

    14) Spell targeting another character fails due to out of range or blocked by an object.
    Commonly found in the healing business. Clerics lack mobility. Certain classes are granted
    faster speed (monks/barbarians) and/or speed boosts. Heavy armor will definately reduce your
    speed. Sand with reduce your speed. Striding items have gotten faster than before.
    Smaller sized races appear to move faster but this is an illusion due to being closer to the ground.
    Clerics do not get jump as a class skill, slowing them down even more.
    Cleric realize that when they die, the parties changes of recovery are siginificantly reduced.
    All these things combine to make cleric slow...

    A good player will back out of combat when taking a lot of damage in a quest to allow the cleric
    time to heal them. {Raids are different as backing away from a boss while you are the target
    of a mass cure can kill everyone else.} A good player will make sure they maintain line of sight
    with the cleric when they are in need of a spell.

    This includes making sure you are as close to the cleric as you can be for a rez spell or a much
    needed cure. Standing in front of a cleric and bouncing up and down, is a sure way of saying,
    "hey im trying to make it easy for you". This also includes waiting at the entrance of a quest,
    or beside a rest shrine for the cleric to finish what they are doing. It is difficult for a cleric to
    buff people on the run, because their movement speed/jump/line of sight problems all combine
    to make a lot of spells fail. Casting a spell will slow you down, this will result in out of range errors.
    Wizards often cast jump/haste on themselves and jump while casting; a spell cast in the air
    will not slow down your movement.

    Moving away from the entrance/passing up a shrine quickly is a way of saying, "im zerging, i can
    take care of myself, heal me if you happen to be around and want to, otherwise its fine". If you
    run away and ask for deathward, be aware you might die before then cleric get line of sight. Also
    be aware a cleric knows that he/she must buff before engaging the enemy as his/her death is
    much more significant to the parties survival. When all is said and done, expect a slow start from
    a cleric.

    15) Invisiblity provides a +20 bonus to your hide skill. Running (not in sneak mode) while invisible
    means your move silently rolls will automatically fail. When you engage sneak mode, the less eyes
    that show up, means that you are less visable. Sneaking is a complex subject and I have linked a
    good reference earlier in this thread. Invisibility is nice, but once a dungeon hits red alert
    invisibility is useless.

    16) Bluff pulling single monsters is a good way to approach a challenging dungeon. This tactic will
    fail if the noisy party follows too closely. Keep more than two rooms back if possible.

    17) Some types of monsters and bosses are not affected by intimidate. Monsters have various
    hate patterns. Undead tend to go after clerics. Devils tend to teleport towards whoever has the
    most spell points. Certain monster randomly reset their hate, or reset during a triggered event.
    Intimate by a character who can take the heat can save the party. This is a simple concept that
    is best learned for advance gaming such as raids.

    Creating spikes of damage can remove the hate of a monster from tank. This creates confusion
    for the healers and can use up their resources more quickly. Since the healer's resources are
    the lifeblood of adventuring, this is an important factor to consider.

    If you do have dangerous monster(s) hating you, either blocking to take less damage or circling
    to avoid being hit can help.

    If you are held/knocked down/otherwise helpless, blocking particually if you have a quality shield
    attached will reduced the amount of damage you take.

    If you are running around with the monsters hate, expect the melees to get out their ranged weapons
    because its is very frustrating to chase monsters due to the same reasons the monsters are having
    trouble hitting you.

    18) Barbarians cannot drink standard potions while raged. However they can drink potions from
    the guild vendor while raged. Guild vendor potions are bound to character and target self only,
    while some standard potions can target others.

    19) Always target yourself first when summoning this prevents out of range errors and the like.
    When summon from the shard of xoriat always take off your spell absorbtion items as they have
    in the past "absorbed" the casting of a summons from that item. Try to avoid summoning near
    walls as a few summons might end up stuck in a wall till they teleport to you, possibly the dryad?
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    Default hey Fawn in reg to search dc

    Hey fawn I could be wrong but I think search dc's are set and as such have no roll to them so you can roll till the cows come home and unless you get a stat mod like gh you will not get it if its to high other than that though good post (and like I said I could be wrong).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post

    3) Swimming of any sort while activating a clicky, enhancement ability, casting a spell, or drinking
    a potion. This includes deep lava, a channel swim, or even a large puddle of water such as found in
    the necropolis "town". You cannot do things while swimming hence you get cancelled.
    Nice list!

    Nowadays you can drink a potion whilst swimming, even underwater.
    No longer reading the Forums.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chefd261 View Post
    Hey fawn I could be wrong but I think search dc's are set and as such have no roll to them so you can roll till the cows come home and unless you get a stat mod like gh you will not get it if its to high other than that though good post (and like I said I could be wrong).
    Strongly thinking you are correct, but would like to test it out if I can.
    Thank you!
    Quote Originally Posted by MnaSidhe View Post
    Nice list!

    Nowadays you can drink a potion whilst swimming, even underwater.
    Opasy, lol, will correct immediately, thank you!


    Added barbarian potion drinking problems as well.

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    Default TRI~G.I.M.P. 6662 rules

    As we already know, G.I.M.P. stands for Get Into Multiclassing Project.
    There is a random generator online (linked earlier in this thread) for making character thus.

    Earlier in this thread, Fawn presented her Fey GIMP rule set.

    Taking a break from working on her comic, now she presents the TRI~G.I.M.P. 6662 rules:

    Pick an alignment of your choice.

    Pick a race of your choice.

    Pick three classes of your choice.

    Design and play a build using each of these three classes, taking advantage of prestigue
    classes available. Your character must take 6 levels from each class during the first
    18 levels.

    The build must be such that it does not matter which of the three classes are taken
    for the last two levels.

    There is no restrictions on equipment.

    You are expected to group with anyone, not just other G.I.M.P. players.

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    Had a happy christmas with mom.
    Only opened one present but we laughed about it.
    The other present looked so pretty under the tree, she decided to leave it wrapped, lol.

    Told her thank you for the holiday boxes which she thinks is a grand thing to have.

    Watched a couple of old movies together.
    Played MTGO while she read books.
    Ordered her books that our familiy read while I was growing up;
    she was very happy about that.

    Perhaps happy times make you reflect hence the new years revolution trends.
    We talked and decided that I spent more of my computer time doing art.

    Fawngate is at a particular point where I look back and see that she has accomplished
    all the goals I set out for her: Completionist, second ranger and wizard life, and a nice
    stockpile of silverflame potions.

    She is now in a "I am" state of being where I can sit back and think what would be fun
    to do rather than what do I need to do.

    {Fawngate is on life #19 now.
    Completionist with two lives in Bard, Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard, Favored Soul
    Rogue 1/Barbarian 3/Fighter 1
    Half Elf Cleric Dilly
    Feats Power Attack, Barbarian past life, Cleave
    Skills Trapper, Intimidate, Jump
    Goals this life~have fun, use the stone, work on the comic, possibly TRI~GIMP 6662 build}

    MTGO and DDO kinda showed me that "player vs player" and "player vs environment"
    are big concepts that can be applied to tons of life.

    For example the book Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin (its been done in a ton of movies
    so the book must have alot to offer). The turning point in the plot is where the theme
    changes from "player vs player" Jane vs Darcy into "player vs enviroment" Jane and Darcy vs
    the family crisis.

    A lot of Books/Movies fail when the entire book is trashish "player vs player" conflict thruout.
    People have enough of that in real life.

    You can tell when a movie is gonna be good by the first ten minutes.
    A good movie always has the plot established within the first ten minutes.


    Thank you Fluffi for mailing me your character build.
    Also thank you those who replied that they have received and successfully used their TP cards.
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    Just noticed that the movie theatures had an outstanding year.

    There used to be a Marvel comic series called "What if?"
    It was kinda fun to read.

    "What if Aunt May had died instead of Uncle Ben?"
    "What if Doc Doom accepted Mr. Fantastics help on his first big experiment?"
    "What if Magneto started the X-men?"

    Lol, they were kinda fun to read.

    But in real life sometimes "What if?"s are a bit less ___?

    DDO is one of many luxuries.
    In a great depression such as that suffered in 1929, luxuries suddenly became worth almost nothing.
    Fur coats were being sold on the street corners for a mere fraction of their former worth.
    Nobody had money to buy them, nobody had a job, nobody could afford luxuries.

    About four years ago, the USA and the world faced a similiar situation.
    Unlike 1929, we faced fear and overcame it.

    This world is very imperfect, but DDO, satellite TV, cell phones, new computers are still here.
    What if they were not?

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    Since it is getting to the point of me knowing enough about DDO that I forget sometimes,
    I am posting this build here for my future reference.

    {Right before Fawn started her 19th life, she went back and read in detail the artty/rogue
    Xbow build posted a few pages back; and perhaps she was influenced more than i realize
    as she is now wandering towers a triple prestigue multiclass build instead of mostly barbarian.}

    I have seen this build in action, I know it works good, regardless of whatever a pug leader might think.
    Myself as a TCG player tend to like rogue decks anyway

    Quote Originally Posted by fluffi
    Level 20 True Neutral Half-Orc Male
    (6 Fighter \ 2 Rogue \ 12 Wizard) 
    Hit Points: 292
    Spell Points: 784 
    BAB: 13\13\18\23
    Fortitude: 13
    Reflex: 8
    Will: 9
                      Starting          Feat/Enhancement
    Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
    (32 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 20)
    Strength             20                    32
    Dexterity             8                     8
    Constitution         15                    18
    Intelligence         13                    18
    Wisdom                8                     8
    Charisma              6                     8
    Tomes Used
    +1 Tome of Strength used at level 3
    +1 Tome of Constitution used at level 3
    +1 Tome of Intelligence used at level 3
    +1 Tome of Charisma used at level 3
    +2 Tome of Strength used at level 7
    +2 Tome of Constitution used at level 7
    +2 Tome of Intelligence used at level 7
    +2 Tome of Charisma used at level 7
    +3 Tome of Intelligence used at level 11
    +3 Tome of Strength used at level 17
    +3 Tome of Constitution used at level 17
                      Starting          Feat/Enhancement
                     Base Skills         Modified Skills
    Skills           (Level 1)            (Level 20)
    Balance               3                     3
    Bluff                -2                     0
    Concentration         4                    21
    Diplomacy            -2                     0
    Disable Device        5                    20
    Haggle                2                     3
    Heal                 -1                    -1
    Hide                  3                     3
    Intimidate           -2                     0
    Jump                  5                    11
    Listen               -1                    -1
    Move Silently        -1                    -1
    Open Lock             3                     3
    Perform              n/a                   n/a
    Repair                1                     4
    Search                5                    20
    Spot                 -1                    -1
    Swim                  5                    11
    Tumble                3                     3
    Use Magic Device      2                    22
    Level 1 (Rogue)
    (Selected) Power Attack
    Level 2 (Wizard)
    (Wizard Bonus) Extend Spell
    (Selected) Toughness
    (Wizard Bonus) Spell Focus: Necromancy
    (Selected) Two Handed Fighting
    (Selected) Greater Spell Focus: Necromancy
    (Wizard Bonus) Mental Toughness(Selected) Cleave
    Level 14 (Rogue)
    Level 15 (Fighter)
    (Fighter Bonus) Improved Critical: Slashing Weapons
    (Selected) Improved Two Handed Fighting
    (Fighter Bonus) Weapon Focus: Slashing Weapons
    (Selected) Greater Two Handed Fighting
    (Fighter Bonus) Weapon Specialization: Slashing Weapons
    (Fighter Bonus) Great Cleave
    Fighter Attack Boost I
    Fighter Attack Boost II
    Fighter Haste Boost I
    Fighter Haste Boost II
    Kensei Falchion Mastery I
    Fighter Critical Accuracy I
    Fighter Critical Accuracy II
    Fighter Kensei I
    Orcish Extra Action Boost I
    Orcish Extra Action Boost II
    Orcish Extra Action Boost III
    Orcish Fury I
    Orcish Melee Damage I
    Orcish Melee Damage II
    Orcish Power Attack I
    Orcish Power Attack II
    Orcish Power Attack III
    Orcish Strength I
    Orcish Strength II
    Orcish Great Weapon Aptitude I
    Orcish Great Weapon Aptitude II
    Orcish Great Weapon Aptitude III
    Racial Toughness I
    Racial Toughness II
    Rogue Sneak Attack Training I
    Wizard Energy of the Scholar I
    Wizard Energy of the Scholar II
    Wizard Intelligence I
    Wizard Intelligence II
    Fighter Strength I
    Fighter Strength II
    Fighter Toughness I
    Fighter Toughness II
    Wizard Wand and Scroll Mastery I
    Wizard Pale Master I
    Wizard Pale Master II
    Shroud of the Wraith
    Skills are max search, then dd so you can get traps. At level 11 put all into conc so you get 16 pts when finishing wiz. When at rogue, put all into UMD (can get close to heal/raise dead for others). then split UMD, search and disable as you level.

    Epic feats I took are
    Overwhelming crit and Quickdraw

    Main ED is fury of wild with twists
    Momentum strike (dreadanaught)
    Lay waste (dreadanaught)
    Perfect balance (grandmaster - 3% dodge)

    I have 9% dodge from tharack bracers (2%), dunrobar ring (4%), ED (3%)
    25% incorp from wraith, 50% displacement.
    With mabar robe I get around 30 health per tick.

    In raids, I change to armour to get some AC for trash and so can be mass healed.

    53 str at present (could be 57 with +4 tome and ToD ring). This is with primal scream and tensers active (+9 str).
    around 850hp with Fury wild ED.
    Quote Originally Posted by fluffi
    I am looking at respecing to bludgening to use siren (when upgraded) since dreadnaught will add +1 crit profile to it, so along with imp crit you will take the 18-20 x2 to 13-20 (?) which is pretty decent.
    Again, many thanks Fluffi, new ideas are very much welcome.

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    Just ran thru the acid hall of death in the water works part 3 without dying.
    Fawn was careful, but goofed twice then just ran thru at the end.
    So, thank you devs for changing Fawn's #1 first death of TR life trapway.

    Also a big thumbs up on the hireling modifications.
    Seriously fun to have one around at low levels nowadays.
    Putting skill points into intimidate and pondering maybe squeezing in Augment Summonings.

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    Big Congratulations Cloey who is currently on her 40th life!

    That is uber completionist ~ each class done 3 times!

    {Looks like a favoured soul with monk splash.}

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