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    Perhaps, Fawn mentioned this subject before, but jogging thru Delaras can put a perspective on monsters:
    A reminders for her there are some basic monster types:

    Archers ~ these tend to be accurate, lots of hit points, very little inclination to move,
    very little impact on alerts. They can be ignored to a certain extend unless one must
    disable traps/pull levers/stay long times in rooms. However they do contribute to conquest and such.

    Soliders ~ these will chase you and have a strong impact on alerts.

    Skirmishers ~ kind of a combination of Archers and Soliders, moderate impact on alerts, they
    tend to alternate between chasing and backing off to use a ranged weapon, slow to follow,
    can become running against a wall to "chase" you instead of finding the door.

    Spellcasters ~ various degrees of power, some heal which can lead to attrition battles.
    One can be a threat, two can be dangerous, three or more can be deadly. Slow to chase you.
    Not sure about the alert impact.

    Annoying ~ ozzes, rust monsters, and the like who wear down your equipment. A serious threat
    to a solo melee. Can be separated from other monsters by running backwards/forwards as monsters
    move at various speeds. The slower ones tend to not contribute quite as much to alert.

    Colored boss types ~ various degrees of power, needs to be taken as a possible serious threat.
    As they are normally single creatures, their threat value is much higher than alerts caused by them.
    Alerts can greatly increase their challenge level.

    Basically the faster a creature can move the more likely it will drive the dungeon alert up quicker
    to a certain extent. The classic example of this is archers who barely move at all. Watch carefully
    at the alert level when archers only are being basically ignored.

    Some player's character builds are highly hampered by dungeon alert.
    Some players think their character builds can mostly ignore a high alert.
    Similar to some characters can survive traps easily while others cannot.

    Since D&D version X is a cooperative game, one might...

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    Been thinking a bit about Gimp character builds.
    Gimp traditionally stands for Get Into Multiclassing Project.
    There is a random gimp character roller here:
    {That includes a link to discuss it on these forums.}

    However during the Heyday of 3rd Edtion rules, when splatbook (supplimental rulebooks) abounded
    with lots of various builds, there was a group of players on a particular section of the WotC website
    who made it their business to seek out the most powerful character builds possible along with
    advising players seeking advice on their particular desired character build.

    So if you want to create "the fastest character" possible using ___ rulebooks, they could help you.
    Or if you wanted a strong crossbow build using only the Core rulebook and PHB II, they could help you.
    And so forth.

    The WotC design staff occasionally glanced their way, cause they tried their best to point out
    obvious broken builds.

    They had a simple firm rule they quoted often: "Never, ever give up caster levels."
    One needs a very powerful reason to dillute the core of a casting character.

    Returning to the subject at hand, DDO classifies all classes into one of three catagories:
    Melee, Spellcaster, Speacialist.

    Now the gimp rules basically state you random roll a class for each level you take,
    keeping in mind that one can only have three classes.

    Realize that a third of the classes are spellcasters to which the rule never ever give up caster
    levels applies. So a roll like this:

    Level 20 Chaotic Neutral Female Halfling GIMP

    Leveling Guide:
    1. Fighter
    2. Wizard
    3. Cleric
    4. Wizard
    5. Cleric
    6. Wizard
    7. Wizard
    8. Wizard
    9. Cleric
    10. Cleric
    11. Fighter
    12. Wizard
    13. Fighter
    14. Fighter
    15. Fighter
    16. Wizard
    17. Wizard
    18. Cleric
    19. Fighter
    20. Fighter

    Has broken the sacred rule of multiclassing not once but twice.

    Whereas this roll:

    Level 20 Chaotic Neutral Female Halfling GIMP

    Leveling Guide:
    1. Ranger
    2. Fighter
    3. Bard
    4. Ranger
    5. Fighter
    6. Bard
    7. Ranger
    8. Fighter
    9. Fighter
    10. Fighter
    11. Bard
    12. Bard
    13. Bard
    14. Fighter
    15. Bard
    16. Bard
    17. Ranger
    18. Bard
    19. Ranger
    20. Ranger

    Also has two classes that can cast spells in it, however neither ranger nor bard are classified by DDO
    as "Spellcasters" simply because that is not the primary focus of those classes.

    If one compares the two rolls, which could be predicted as having more potential?

    8 Fighter/7 Wizard/5 Cleric Halfling
    6 Ranger/8 Bard/6 Fighter Halfling

    Meself, without even studying the two, would choose the latter hands down.

    Now if the G.I.M.P. rules mean what they say,
    Get Into Multiclassing Project,
    perhaps there should be some sort of modified ruleset to truely encourage random multiclassing?

    The original idea was randomness to encourage exploration, but what about taking into account
    "Thou shalt not give up caster levels?"
    What would one be left with?

    One has to acknowledge that certain builds do exist carefully using spellcasters.
    {Warforged Barbarian/Sorcerer Turka build type is exceedingly effective.}
    But these things are fine tuned and hand picked by someone with excellent skill.

    But if one is given the option to "pass" over a spellcaster class choice, one might be
    classified as wimp in rolling one's gimp? Although does it seems the best choice?!?

    Ok Fey Fawn has an Idea.
    When rolling a FEYGIMP character
    {Fawn Encourging Your Getting Into Multiclassing Project}
    Write down a list of all available charactger, marking those classifed
    as Spellcasters by DDO and numbering them.

    Roll a random d20 dice, {rerolling if the roll exceeds the number of current classes available}.
    If your roll encounters a spellcasting class, you may take that class.
    But you have the option to take a level in a class your character already has taken instead.

    If you roll an impossible class combination {such as a Bard/Monk} then you reroll that roll.

    When you have progressed and have three classes choosen, make a new list and roll 1d4:
    1) Class A
    2) Class B
    3) Class C
    4) Your Choice of Class A, B, or C

    After achieving a plan for twenty class levels,
    then you choose your race and ability scores as you desire.
    You are allowed to equip your character as desired.
    This allows the illusion of having some control over your character build.
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    Just for kicks, read this thread sometime:

    Behold Pun-Pun, the mighty kobold.

    {A work of the character optimization people of 3rd edition and only one
    example of why DMs who really really actually ran 3rd edition high level/epics
    appreciated the hurdles overcome by bringing DDO into Epics.

    Also an understanding of why 4th placed value on balance.}
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    Have done Ruins of Thernal with Suling, Speedwikill, and Kill along with a founder who returned from Wow.

    Nice runs, thank you!

    Placing Ruins of Thernal unto possible questing chains for xp now.
    Thank you Devs for buffing Lars and Colye!

    Going to collect a second Mantle of the Worldshaper after banking first so Fawn can epic one of them.

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    Forgot something ~ what happens when the initial roll is a spellcaster class.


    How about GIMP II rules?

    Randomly choose a race.

    Start with a d20 roll randomly choosing your "primary class."

    Roll a second d20 to randomly choose your "secondary class."
    {Different from primary class and legal to play with primary class,
    otherwise reroll.}

    Roll a third d20 to randomly choose your "thirdary class."
    {Different from primary and secondary classes and legal to play with
    primary and secondary classes ,otherwise reroll.}

    Depending on which catagory your primary class is will determine on the next step.

    If your primary class is a spellcaster class, then roll 2d20 to determine which levels
    you will take your secondary class, and 1d20 to determine which levels you will take
    your thirdary class. (Rerolling duplicate rolls.)

    If your primary class is a Specialist class, then you may choose to substitute a class
    that has the trapfinding feat in place of the secondary or thirdary class. This will class
    will be taken at level one. Otherwise take the primary class at level one.
    Henceforth roll 1d6 for each level thereafter:
    Results 1~3 take a level in the primary class.
    Results 4~5 take a level in the secondary class.
    Results 6 take a level in the thirdary class.

    If your primary class is a Melee class, then you may choose to change your secondary
    or thirdary class to a different Melee class. If you do, choose which class you wish to
    start with, otherwise start with the primary class.
    Henceforth roll 1d6 for each level thereafter:
    Results 1~3 take a level in the primary class.
    Results 4~5 take a level in the secondary class.
    Results 6 take a level in the thirdary class.

    If you have completed your character and refused the above optional changes,
    you may choose your race.
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    I kinda like this post:

    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion
    Artificially increasing difficulty is always interesting to play around with.
    On Thief :TDP there was a couple of other ways of playing 'Lytha Style' which was Steal all loot in a level. Don't hurt anyone with any instrument, or any AIs at all, for that matter, and 'Ghost Style' which was the same, but you could never alert an AI to your existence.
    Other games have build in modifiers, no rocket launchers, no health, melee only exc..
    I say experiment, talk about your exploits and how you play it...who knows it may someday become an official mode of play...

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    Just an update so people don't have to scroll back~

    Fawngate is on her 17th life has completionists.
    Currently Ranger level 12 (can take 13).

    {She dies enough that does not think the game is too easy.}

    Level 12 did a lot for her, cure moderate wounds + maximize spell = finally self sufficent.

    Pondering Improved Critical slashing at lvl 15 for her greensteels even though she is an
    Arcane Archer.

    Not much hide or move silently, just a bit (rank 6ish), but what a difference when she is
    invisible compared to a clunky life. Umd is 24ish atm, good for minor scrolls.

    Not done much on the comic this week, mostly leveling Fawngate back up since Saterday.

    Current thank you ~ Cloye and Lars are buffed ~ woot!

    Current wish list ~ more Storage space.

    Current hope ~ Enhancement update going to Xoriat server.

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    Enjoyed this past week very much.

    Lots of support from the MAC (Mature Adventures Club) guild.
    Mostly running with guild groups which is a nice change of pace.
    Nice to be able to chatter in guild chat with Fawn.

    Thalzur is doing well, and we talked back and forth.
    He clearly sees Fawn is a social animal and needs a big guild.

    Fawn upgraded her armor thus:
    Xoriat Madness: Uncanny Awareness
    Reflex Save +10 *

    Her current favorite ranged weapons:
    (for her build the penalty to search and spot is very problematic)
    along with a crafted +4 Holy of pure Good (min lvl 13 to allow usefulness for other lives)
    occasional: +0 improved cursespewing ; +0 acid pure good (+3 AA returning arrows atm)

    {Improved Critical Ranged weapons for level 15 feat, just to experience a ranged ranger.}

    Thanks to Luna and Kassidy for quickly zerging the depths chain so Fawn could get
    her House D cold iron/other arrows.

    She ate her +4 upgrade tome joyously ~ woot!
    Human adaptablity + racial toughnessIII = over 400 hp.
    {Currently lvl 15 rank 76 ; 2,460 k xp}

    Late last night an all MAC group (lvl 15 and under) did DQ1.
    Those of you who really know heroic elite, realize that quest is trouble with a captial T.
    {Bravery Bonus Failure rate is very high.}

    The monkey room had quite a few deaths, but was completed with style.
    Manyshot and dots for the win along with kudos to divine instant kill.

    The first encounter with the Demon Queen almost looked like we would wipe,
    but again we pulled it off.

    The second encounter started with the Demon Queen after Fawn, giving the others time
    to set up. Fawn and the Monk almost died, but the Demon Queen kept seeking new targets.

    Sometimes Fawn giggles at players who claim the game is too easy...
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    New wish for DDO:

    Anniversary Stone of Change Celebration becomes a yearly event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Thanks to Luna and Kassidy for quickly zerging the depths chain so Fawn could get
    her House D cold iron/other arrows.
    Kassya, not Kassidy. </3


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    Its nice to hear your still progressing along. Wasn't able to join you last night, working with a group to finish up level 11 quests before we they took 13. Ended the night with a 3 man Elite Cursed Crypt.

    See you around the Ship.

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    Woot, thank you
    Xette, Clynk, Lunaselene, Spenser, Krulak, and Valkizix
    along with Alishae, Movrdsed, Citizenmage (16th life), Ceenla, Enoach, and McBiscuit.
    for the enjoyable evening.

    Gianthold walkups all done on elite, leaving them available for farming as desired.
    Some farming already done.

    Clynk helped me find a cheap large guild augment slot longbow,
    and Fawn master craftmanshiped +0 Improved Shattermantle / Improved Cursespewing on it (min 15)
    should be fun. Fawn has always admired the rangers that weilded a bow like that during her
    caster lives (start using improved precise shot for the win).

    {New bow working out very well, popular with the casters/monks/fighters/paralyzer weidling players.}
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    Appreciate all the help, thank you.
    Especially from MACers.
    Someone said it seems like old times~after Fawn got lost in Madstone...
    Lol, thanks Enoach, Dol, Krulak, and other officers for treating me in a very nice fashion.

    Got the lvl 16 version of Elemental Longbow of Earth (Level 16) (Tier 3)
    with master craftsmanship on it to make it min lvl 14.
    Fawn really likes it.

    Not sure if Fawn is "technically" still an officer in MAC or not as she was one till she did not log in for 30ish
    days~suffering the usual don't log in process. But after thinking about it, she would rather not be an officer.
    Guild politics and completionist projects don't mix well, imho.
    Just let me be happy with my friends and not see all the behind the scenes stuff.

    People are wanting the Sunday raids to start up again.

    Currently 1 xp from rank 86 (level 17 had to be taken, 18 in the bank).
    Great, considering the only quest done in the Orchard was Inferno, and she could even farm that one.
    She successfully did Reaver's Raid at level for bravery bonus twice today which was fun.
    Liteny coming up, along with the missing chain.

    Typically, Fawn enters the Vale at rank 87ish, so she is sitting pretty sweet along with a full
    sigil frame.

    Still using those leftover xp potions.
    Working on her crafting levels ~ raised them from 94ish to 115ish.
    Last life she made an expensive trade for an ingrediant bag full of essences.

    All and all happily wandering around, wooting as she goes...

    No more work on the comic atm, been thinking more action needed in the scenes.

    The Devs are fairly quiet which is a sign of being very busy.

    Happy 12~12~12 everyone!!!
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    My mom said this week, last year seems like half a lifetime ago.
    Which is nice since we have done lots to make her happy again.

    Only now, do I begin to realize how difficult it was having Eeyore in the family dying for a decade.
    She had a heart attack last year, and she almost had a neverous breakdown before that.
    But she is strong lady, and now she has lots of pretties and goodies in a happy peaceful house.

    Looking back, DDO helped me thru the stressful times, so thank you everyone here.

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    that made me sad, im glad your mom is doing better fawn,and don't give up.
    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Damn you forum folk...damn you all!!

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    Chin up, Fawnie. Happy Holidays.

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    Good luck.

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    Thank you, it means a lot to me

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    Probably the hotest topic atm is:

    A Stone of Experience
    5 Superior Experience Elixers
    5 Major Slayer Counts Boosts
    5 Huge Jewels of Fortune
    5 Siberous Spirit Cakes
    3 Greater Siberous Spirit Cakes

    Passing right over all the current debates, lets assume, you are lucky enough to obtain one.
    Your girlfriend/mom/son/husband/cat/garden gnome loves you very much, etc...

    What do you do with it?
    A big question indeed.
    Perhaps, Fawn who has used all of these items in powerful ways will enlighten us.

    Well first be aware the has an ownership tag when bought:

    Update on the Stone - the *one* restriction that is still there is you can't use the Stone on yourself if you are not the original owner of the Stone, but the original owner can target you and apply it if you're in party with them.

    Once you open the Holiday Box, the Stone is stamped with ownership by the character who opened the box. So if you're trying to level a friend with the Stone, either hand them the whole holiday box, OR join party and target them to activate the Stone (which will allow you can keep the rest of the box goodies if that's your desire).

    Second, be aware, the stones should be working now.

    Fawn glanced thru the contents of the holiday box and was impressed.

    Starting with 5 Major Slayer Counts Boosts

    There are two wilderness areas where these are powerful.
    The Vale and the Orchard.

    If you have a full group, and are making a strong tour of either area,
    visiting all the explore points and slaying as you go, this a good time to use this.

    Also if you have two specific friends, you can use these on Rats and Carvans farming
    in the Orchard:
    Scout ~ monk / barbarian fast moving type.
    This player enters the orchard while you wait outside of the wilderness with your slayer count boost running.
    Their job is to let you know if either rare is in the wilderness, letting you step inside at that point.
    Blaster ~ druid / wizard / sorcerer / favored soul type.
    This player uses mass area of effect spells to rapidly kill many creatures.

    Next, the 5 Huge Jewels of Fortune
    Save these for Epic Questing and Epic chest farming.
    They will increase the possibilities of tomes, etc.

    Then, 5 Siberous Spirit Cakes and 3 Greater Siberous Spirit Cakes
    Save these for occasions when doing elite quests, especially those you need to unlock other things.
    Don't waste them on red level danger quests.
    Make sure using it will allow you to complete quest.

    For example, you fell mistepped on the end of Litany of the Dead and you need a rez to
    finish the quest so you can farm it on normal ~ good use, go ahead.

    For example, you are in elite {I dream of Jeets/In the Flesh/The Spinner of Shadows/Running with Devils/ect} and the whole party is dead ~ bad use, save for later.

    And, 5 Superior Experience Elixers
    Save for times when you are expecting alot of big xp, and a support group to help you.

    For example, Slayers are built up to 3k in the Orchard, about to do some quick The Sane Asylum.
    For example, epic destiny farming.
    For example, about to finish Coal Chamber elite then do Running with Devils on hard/normal farming.
    For example, Litany of the Dead farming group.

    A Stone of Experience
    This will cut the work needed by about half.

    Choose your character.
    It should be one that is about to do a legend life.

    Choose the desired life for that character.
    Sort out all the lives on your wish list for this character.
    Decide which is the most problematic.
    Decide whether the stone of experience will help that life.

    {Fawngate choose a fighter life to use her free Stone of Experience.}

    Separate this life into five parts:

    The TR back to one
    The zerg from 1 to 8
    The Stone
    The climb to 20
    The epic destinies

    The TR back to one
    What do you need?
    What can you purchase now that you cannot get later on?
    {Silver flame potions? Scrolls from the portable hole? Crafting greensteels?}
    Organize your equipment for your next life where you can find it quickly later on.
    Ring of feathers, bottle of air, Mirror Cloak, Carinfax, ect...

    Strongly consider getter a lesser/greater tome of learning for this toon.
    It is the best bargin on the xp table today.

    The zerg from 1 to 8
    This is the easy part.
    Partly because xp is plentiful at this point.
    Partly because due to the jump, you can afford to blow some valuable xp.

    Fawn usually does not make lists, because doing the same quests every life is boring.
    It also means she can adjust on the fly.

    Do consider favor for xp at this point.
    You need backpack space, you need bank space, you may need silver flame favor.
    Get your xp and favor at the same time.

    Korthos ~ harbor ring ~ some market ~ STK or Cattacombs ~ Tangleroot ~ Delaras Tomb
    Tear ~ Gwilyn's ~ ect....

    Realize you can blow some xp such as Delaras early.
    (Delaras part 4 is ideally saved for lvl 10ish, which is the stone phase.)

    The Stone

    Plan, plan, plan.
    Know what you need to take to get the build you want.
    DDO Wiki is your best friend.
    Your friends and guildies are your best friend.
    Talk about your plans ahead of time, its great to do while you are waiting for a TOD shadow tank.
    Write it out.
    Get all the XP bonuses on your character that you can.
    (Not sure which, but remembering that at least some of them will apply.)
    Then Woot as the levels rise.

    IMHO, take all levels up to 16.
    A bugged character is no fun.
    I will readily admit players will disagree with me on this point.

    The epic destinies
    I bet you thought I was going to talk about the climb to twenty?
    But the climb to twenty involves "What do I need to save for epic destiny farming?"
    So think of that first.
    Are you going to farm for Epic destiny xp this life?
    Are you going to TR as soon as you hit twenty?

    Quests with good xp can be done once on elite (or hard) then left for later epic destiny farming.

    The climb to 20
    This is always the rough part.
    From 16 to 20 is where you plan and plot.

    BUT you have a huge advantage.
    Despite how much xp you wasted xerging to 8, there is a ton of xp below your level.
    So, step one is to realize that the first time on elite bonus with a greater tome of learning is huge.

    Quests such as Von 1 on elite
    (a base level 8 quest raised to 10 from elite difficulty therefore 6 levels below you)
    will give excellent xp quality time vs difficulty.

    BANK levels ~ do not take any levels till you are on the last bubble before becoming xp capped.
    I cannot enphasize enough you must bank levels in this situation.
    Thumbnail hint ~ look at your xp bar ~ are you banking levels? ~ is your rank a 0 or a 5?
    ~ is your xp bar halfway across the screen?
    If the answer to all three of these questions is yes, go see a trainer to take the next level.
    I cannot enphasize enough you must bank levels in this situation.

    There is a ton of xp below you.
    Your knowledge of the entire game is your best friend.
    Once and done on elite is your motto right now.
    Sometimes the flower smelling group has an advatage over the cut and dried farmer here,
    because the flower sniffers spread their wandering further out.

    Eventually you will catch up with yourself, starting to do quests more the level you should be doing them.
    Don't subcomb to the desire to jump into a new area ahead of time.
    Realize you may find yourself out of synch with the typical population.
    Don't be afraid to do hard if elite seems rough.
    Its all free xp below you.
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    Fawn was just remembering last night.
    As she went to take her 1750 favor +2 con tome to the house c crafter trading for 9 ebberon crafting shards.

    Is the game better than when she started?
    For her, thinking back at all the changes ~ definately much better.

    Tomes stay when you TR.
    There is a ton more quests available.
    You can buy a foever xp pot with the Greater Tome of Learning.
    Epic levels.
    Lots more prestigue classes.
    Clerics now have radiant servant instead of being far inferior to favored souls.
    DDO Wiki is updated more often with accurate information.
    She has lots of friends.
    Random lots is sooo much cooler lately.
    The Devs communicate back and forth more now.
    Raids that seemed elitist only now can be completed with epic toons.
    The renown decay has been adjusted and may be adjusted more.
    There are two new races which are very nice.
    There are several new classes which are a blast to play.
    The amount of xp from 16 to 20 is much better than it used to be.

    All in all, she is happy.

    She made lvl 20 last night late~ two weeks?
    She started shifting non btc equipment away from herself, filling up her shared bank.

    After another major crafting session, her crafting levels are much higher.
    Elemental especially is going to appreciate the possible TR xp reset? as its very thin for xp at high levels.
    Good she has been saving up, converting her +1 found tomes, looking for collectables all this time.

    For Thanksgiving, she received a set of +4 tomes from the DDO store.
    For Christmas, she is getting 5 holiday boxes.
    Very plush indeed, but a small gift in perspective for a son who watches over his mom.
    With me, she is happily functioning quite well, without me she would be doomed.

    Sad news is that all my extra turbine point cards are gone.
    So I don't have anything to give away this holiday season.

    But what to do with the 5 Holiday Boxes?

    Work towards double completionist?
    Work towards ultimate melee?
    Work towards ultimate caster?
    Work towards random woot build?
    Use them on easier classes for a speed boost?
    Use them on the most difficult classes?

    Fawngate's current lives done separated by usefulness:

    Useful for any life:

    1 Barbarian ~ +10 hit points

    2 Bard ~ +2 will saves

    1 Paladin ~ +5% healing amp

    2 Ranger ~ +2 better elemental resistance along with +2 ranged attacks

    1 Rogue ~ +2 trap saves and +1 sneak attack damage

    1 Artificer ~ +1 to all intelligence based skill and UMD

    1 Druid ~ +2 to all ability scores of hirling, summons, and charmed minons

    Useful for ultimate melee:

    1 Fighter ~ +1 tactical feats and +1 to hit bonus ~ somewhat useful for any life

    1 Monk ~ +1 to all damage rolls ~ somewhat useful for any life

    Useful for ultimate caster:

    1 Cleric ~ web//conjuration DC ; better cleric / pally final build

    2 Sorcer ~ +2 fireball//evocation DC and +20 spell points

    1 Wizard ~ +2 to spell pen checks and +2 to the DC of wands and scrolls

    2 Favored Soul ~ +1 to spell pen checks and +20 spell points

    Due to the fact, Fawn is very worried about using lesser hearts since she has all her epic destiny xp,
    she has to think carefully before taking a life three times as that means???

    Hmm...not sure what that would guess that she is unlikely to play it again?
    Maybe when a new class comes out, she just has to accept a wasted life?

    She is 9 lives away from double completionist.

    She is 6 lives away from ultimate melee ~ 2 Pally / 2 Fighter / 2 Monk.

    She is 6 lives away from ultimate caster ~ 2 Cleric / 1 Sorcer / 2 Wizard / 1 Favored Soul

    Hmm...looking at it and thinking of the lesser heart rare bug that wipes out epic destiny xp,
    double completionist seems more in line with Fawn's thinking atm.

    Nine lives for double completionist and five boxes.
    Hmm...which five lives to box and when?

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