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    Quote Originally Posted by zarthak View Post
    i know this is fawns thread but im guna highjack it for a minute , i recently broke the 13k melee record! i hit a mob for 14k :P SSOIDW
    Woot, hoping to see something like that in the hound of xoriat raid someday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Woot, hoping to see something like that in the hound of xoriat raid someday!
    thnx fawn! it means alot comming from you!
    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Damn you forum folk...damn you all!!

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    Yesterday was a unique and special day.

    Yesterday, a little sister of Fawngate got to quest with two developers and the husband of a developer.

    Thank you Tolero, Melange, and the husband of the great one!

    Woot, lots of fun questing with you on Khyber and Wayfinder.

    Thanks for chatting with me, Tolero, while on Orien.

    Very much appreciate the opportunity.

    Donators to the Extra Life charity drive got to choose from three random gimp builds:
    Not only were the classes gimped, the stats were totally randomly rolled as well.

    Naturally, the most gimped one of the three was picked:

    BUILD 3: Evil Extra-life Elf

    True Neutral Elf Sorcerer/Bard/Druid

    STR: 11
    DEX: 16
    CON: 6
    INT: 18
    WIS: 13
    CHA: 10

    Level Progression: Bard, Druid, Druid, Sorc, Druid, Sorc, Sorc

    Notice the wonderful Constitution of 06, useless super high Intelligence, and a Charisma so low one would question the ability of the bard/sorcerer to even be able to cast spells.

    If that was not enough challenge, it was a perma death build.
    If she died and could not be raised from the dead, she had to delete and move to the next server.
    Also, every three hours, she had to move to the next server, rerolling her character in the process.

    She had to start with zero plat.
    She had to go whever the guest players wanted.

    She was playing for 24 hours straight.
    This definately rates as challenging.

    At times we have seen "chicken little" trolls post comments such as the developers don't play DDO.

    Well, Fawngate's little Vet 2 sisters got to play an extended amount of time with two developers
    and the husband of a developer. Perhaps, she has some insight into this silly accusation?

    Tolero is a Senior Community Specialist
    Melange is a quest developer

    Fawn joined them on Khyber part way thru.
    Her choice was Delara's Tomb 1 thru 4 on normal with little breakables.
    This is a quest, Fawn is extremely famiar with.
    Some of the players in the group were close to newcomers to the quest, one was as familair as me.

    Both developers exhibited a strong knowledge and understanding of this quest series.
    Both developers exhibted a good sense of humor and sympathy towards helping those less familiar with quest series.
    Neither developer died during this quest series.
    Tolero expressed dismay at a minor timing "bug" in part two of delaras.

    At one point, Fawn typed in "Oh no, Im gonna die" and the two developers saved her from dying
    a horrible swimming death without her having to type anything else. This indicates a very strong understand of a game mechanic.

    We were running out of time in part 4 (done on normal), but Melange (rogue build) went left without even discussing it after figuring out why one of the players in the group could not
    enter part 4. Fawn's elf cleric did cast a few raise dead scrolls, but not on Tolero or Melange.

    Fawn rolled a character on Orien, chatted with Tolero for a bit then started preparing a toon on Wayfinder.

    Later on, Fawn joined Tolero and her husband on Wayfinder.
    Fawn switched to human cleric build with extra turning while Tolero's husband had a Paladin.
    Since Fawn had a bit of time to prepare, she used about 600 plat to buy Tolero's husband
    a tower shield from the auction house.
    No raise dead scrolls on this server/no level five raise dead spells.

    We started with the Depths Chain on hard as we built up the party by posting an LFM pug.
    It was interesting seeing Tolero use some German words.

    Then we moved onto the Carinal Series on hard.
    Fortionately we had a trapper/ranger along.

    Not only did things go well, Tolero and her husband showed us all the optionals in Partycrashers,
    something Fawn had never seen. She told us a funny story about one of the illusions ~ a pig
    that actually was a monster from one of the very first quests in DDO.

    She and her husband both at one point were accidenly alone for a bit, yet neither one died.

    Sorry folks, we did not pry any top secrets out of her, despite that is was
    Khyber ~ 3 hrs ~ she did not die
    Cannith ~ 3 hrs ~ she did not die
    Orien ~ 3 hrs ~ she did not die
    Wayfinder ~ 3 hrs ~ she did not die

    During the big top quest, four of us crashed.
    I explained that can happen when the party splits up way far away.
    She had a complex explaination of the technicalities of Big Top, being a huge outdoor area and
    agreed that it was possible if the party separated.

    Overall, her sense of gaming humor and knowledge of the game impressed Fawn.
    Not wanting to hog more than a fair share of Tolero's time, Fawn logged off and watched a movie with mom.

    It appears that Thelanis' players had a wicked sense of humor, as Tolero's first death was against a beholder.
    Hmmm?? I scanned quests in the lvl 7 ranged, and I don't member much beholder type stuff...

    However they rezzed her somehow so they could go do an elite pit.
    She died a second time there, but was again rezzed then Thalanis' time was up.
    Mom and I went to bed, and Tolero kept on playing the DDO 24 hour charity marthon....
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    Sometimes in response to my saying, "I really like the new epic system where you can choose difficulties."

    Heard a phrase several times now, it goes like this:
    [sort of quote]blah, blah, blah, blah, blah blah...
    Heroic Elite is harder then Epic Normal....blah, blah, blah[/sort of end quote]

    What does that mean anyway?

    Fawngate has been farming up a bit of renown by picking up some heroic elites lately.
    She steps in the door (without ship buffs), summons her battle cat, casts blur, healing springs, rage and haste.
    Then she walks to the next door/hall and opens/steps thru it.
    Then she walks to second door and opens it.
    Then she walks thru the third room, turns around, casts chain lighting, turns around and keeps walking...

    Really, are people really afraid of taking their lvl 23ish toon thru a heroic elite quest?

    She walks towards a trap, and hey she remembers all those times doing the same quest with bravery bonus.
    At lvl 23, she has a bit more hit points, and quite a few more tricks.

    The astonishing things is the people saying this seem to be ?!? epic or some such thing.
    Maybe they are meaning heroic elite with bravery bonus is a more difficult challenge than epic normal?
    If that is what they mean, why don't they say so?

    I do fail to see why anyone would surprised that choosing the hardest difficulty obtainable at a certain
    level would not be comparatively harder than the easiest difficulty obtainable at another level?

    {Can one do epics causual? Is that an option?}

    Choices are good, imho...
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    A new huge change to guilds is being implemented atm, if it is undesirable it will be removed.

    From what I understand, the change is very simple:
    All guilds no matter how many accounts they have in them, experience the same amount of renown decay each day.

    Having been able to sleep upon that, and dream about it (hey we artists have our own ways of analyzing),
    I can only think one direction about this:
    Wow, what a bold, simple and increadibly smart move!
    Great idea devs, great idea, please keep it!

    (Please note that Thalzur, Loreick, and Fawngate will need to have a major group meeting someday about this,
    so don't think I am rejoicing because its helping us, cause our guild is not affected at all.)

    Why is this such a great move?

    I'm gonna point to The Mature Adventurers Guild on Khyber for this, cause I know them well, and they are a
    great example.

    They are on of the few guilds on Khyber that was close to 1,000 accounts.
    They have around 200ish fairly active accounts.
    They lead the charts as topish guilds till extemely heavy renown penalties kicked in.
    They help people, something I cannot empasize as being important enough.
    They thumbed their nose up at renown, and kept to their values.
    They have exsisted since near the beginning of the creation of guilds.
    Some of the old timers can talk about when they remember participating in the events that are documented
    in the Chronoscope raid.
    They are popular enough, they had to close doors on recruiting people, simply because there is no room left
    in the inn.
    They take all sorts of skill levels, monitoring attitudes and booting people who cannot behave in DDO.
    They teach new comers, and give them a sense of home.
    They stick to their core values no matter what the renown numbers are.

    Their main problem is simple~horrific renown decay.
    You have not seen renown decay till you watched a 1,000 account guild get hit with renown.
    Its astonishing.

    Their other main problem, not enough slots for all the boat buffs.
    This is easily solved by granting them the ability to upgrade their airship.
    Something that this change will do.

    Now really ask ourselves, isn't this what a good guild really should be~people helping people.
    A big guild with lots of grouping opportunities.
    I like to think so.

    Me, a completionist project, left MAC because when my father died, it put a lot of stress on the household,
    and I was very worried about the renown decay. So, me a huge renown puller, left a nice supportive guild
    during a difficult time in my life because of the renown decay system.

    Aren't guilds there to give you support during times like this?
    So shouldn't the number encourage guilds to help you at times like this?

    Now every guild will need a sweet spot in their lineup to keep the renown going,
    but it leaves a place for stars and rookies which is really nice IMHO.

    So again I say, absolute stroke of brilliance Devs, keep it up!!!!!
    This ranks up there with Tomes of Learning.

    Now there are a few people out there, who are quiting the game for the wrong reasons,
    and they will strongly rant and rave over this.

    Because once again, suddenly DDO is not heavily kissing the uber ego elitetists.

    Thanks devs!

    Oh if you are an uber ego eliteist, please don't forget to neg rep me on the way out.

    And no, I don't want you stuff, I don't have bank space for it

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    We still miss you at MAC and the doors are always open as you well know. I don't think there was anyone that backed the merits of your decision, but we did and will always support you as much as we can. You helped make MAC the guild it has been and always will be, so thank you for that.
    Flufty, Flufs, Fluffi, Fluffit

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    Thumbs up Still miss you!

    Gotta say now. MAC stuck with the core principles from day one, and didn't alter anything in favor of renown or guild level. Nothing worse than watching the renown whack us down a level day after day after day...

    Great post Fawn!

    Zlingerdark (aka Zizzle, Zizzlinga and others...)

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    Hey Fawn, I was going to negrep you, but then I remembered I'm not an uber ego elitists. Phew!

    Maybe with the change to renown decay you'll consider returning to MAC? The door's always open. Cheers!
    "And you ate an apple, and I ate a pear,
    From a dozen of each we had bought somewhere;
    And the sky went wan, and the wind came cold,
    And the sun rose dripping, a bucketful of gold. " - Millay

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    Continue the great thread Fawn, always enjoy reading it.

    Maybe one day we'll bump into one another again, always seem to get at least one quest with you during a TR.

    Take care. (I'm in Plague Winds as well btw.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    They thumbed their nose up at renown, and kept to their values.
    Renown be damned! We're here for fun!

    Thanks for the kind words Fawn, always enjoy grouping with you.

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    The leaves are falling, deer (even a young buck) are eating acrons in the back yard,
    the kobolds have invaded Mabar (go team kobold!), rumors from Lammie Land indicate Cole and Lars are training,
    the sky is blue outside my winow today...

    Not done much questing with Fawngate atm.
    She did do two very expensive but nice trades
    (+4 str tome which she ate, bag full of essences)

    Been mostly reading online comics (just finished rereading Order of the Stick again),
    raking leaves, watching some movies with Mom, and looking over the Wizards of the Coast website.
    {WotC owns D&D}

    Something of interest going on at WotC is an intense thinking over of the entire D&D game,
    including a lot of public imput. This shows the affects of WotC, as DDO is definately listening to
    public imput now, and is definately rethinking all the classes with the huge enhancement update.
    {WotC owner is definately influencing license holder DDO}
    {If you want em to listen, be polite, quick, and smart. Don't demand their time.}

    This is a good thing, imho. WotC is very familiar with dealings involving licences.
    They have often been the one asking for the license, hence they great experience in these matters.
    So, when they are the one granting the license, they know how to "play the game".

    Partly heart healing, I joined up Magic the Gathering Online to try it out and so forth.
    A long, long time ago (or so it seems), one of my favorite WotC employees told me he was going to
    an important job interview (in the middle of Gen Con). The conventions are big deal for the gaming people,
    so a lot happens then. Later on, he told me he got the job. Much later at another convention, I heard
    him talking to people about Magic Online.

    What on earth does a trading card game have to do with DDO?
    Well, its pretty simple really, WotC best products are D&D and Magic the Gathering.

    Magic the Gathering is the first ever trading card game.
    Magic the Gathering online is a digital version of one of their best products.
    DDO is a digital version of one of their best products.
    Neverwinter Dungeons and Dragons is a digital version of one of their best products.

    I don't know much about Neverwinter, but I can read:
    go here
    look at the bottom, and read "Official Wizards of the Coast Licensed Product"
    apparantly Perfect World is making another digital version of D&D.

    D&D has always had multiple versions wandering about.
    Its kinda, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" approach that finaceers recommend.
    But it is rather important to note the name change DDO got a bit ago.
    We are now Dungeons and Dragons Online which is a pretty strong name to give a license product.

    WotC is a business, they want to make money.
    Business don't intentionally do things that don't make money.
    They do know the best way to make money is to ensure that you enjoy playing their game.
    These are smart people, I know, been there talked to them in person.
    Been there, volunteered under very stressful conditions, and watched them.

    Anyway, back to Magic the Gathering.
    I am very please to see how my friend helped start something really nice
    with a digital version of one of WotC flagship products.
    Its healing in a way, to be able to play a Trading Card Game without some of the flaws
    of the physical version.

    For example, I can sit down, and play cards while still at home.
    If I did decide to go to a place where you can play trading card games, my Mom, bless her heart,
    would insist on coming too. Lol, you have to seen some of the places to understand.
    She simply would want to watch my back.

    Playing cards on the internet stops any possibility of cheating.
    Not to accuse anyone of anything, but have you ever gone to a magic show where they do slights of hand?

    No worries about cards warping due to humidity.

    No worries about someone stealing your cards.

    No worries about some snide comments made at the gaming table.

    No worries about buying gasoline.

    No worries about the buidling you are in being too crowded/hot/cold/noisy/vacant.

    No need to wait till the next weekend to play.

    Ect, ect, ect... seems that maybe some of these advantages are inherit in playing D&D on the internet too.

    No need to worry if the DM moves to Iceland, ect, ect, ect...

    Anyway, DDO recently hired several new staff members, some of which are strong recruits.
    Seems to me that DDO is here to stay, imho...

    Not sure, but a possible formual for tomes:

    Min level +?ish = when it starts dropping in game.
    Highest in game tome -2 = highest tome sold in ddo store.
    +1 tomes = min lvl 3
    +2 tomes - min lvl 7
    +3 tomes = min lvl 11
    +4 tomes = min lvl 15
    +5 tomes = min lvl 19

    So, we might see +6 tomes dropping in game with the level increase to 30 in threeish years time,
    along with a definately increase in +4 tomes.

    You can get the lastest and greatest now at an expense or wait till technology improves.
    (Sound familiar, yepper, it does.)

    Saw a group of people publicly inviting the Devs to join them in an epic elite version of the newest raid CitW?

    Hmm...interesting idea, but quite a few flaws in it.

    Privacy for one thing, a dev would have to create a new account, gear the toon up, then face charges of
    god/gimp mode for creating his own gear.

    No way on this earth an employee is gonna give out their main accounts. Imagine the media surge,
    oh Dev so and so just logged on! Charge, let the tells, random guild invites, party invites begin...

    Not to mention a bit of condescending nature in a few of the posts. Really folks, I have played with
    two devs and they are good players.

    One has to understand, employees in the gaming world learn that they have to be very careful with their actions.
    Everyone is watching all the time.
    Its odd at first, but makes a lot of sense how they act sometimes.
    They try to be very careful not to show favoritism to one group more than another.
    Its one of life's lessons for a gaming employee.

    Lol, gamers can be rather emotional at times.
    Sometimes volunteering was simplying being giving the job of crowd control.
    Seriously, you go over there, and make sure every one is happy, deal with whatever they need.
    Especially on opening day...

    But anyway, if a particular raid might seem a bit rough atm, we need to remember 3 years or so from
    now, the level cap is going up again, including epic destinies having lvl 6 thru 10 added. So a raid that might
    seem rough now, might be about right later on.

    A good example of this is Hound of Xoriat on hard.
    As you know, Fawn and her little sister were 1 of 15 on completions.
    Last sunday, Fawngate and her friends entered Hound on hard difficulty.
    We did not wait to buff, which I am certain now from what I saw was wise.
    Towards the end it was rough, but Fawngate's epic dragonittisem pulled her thru.
    Horay! Three cheers! Finally a hound completion!

    Fawn is actually encouring the Devs to make the upcoming Raids as high a level as possible,
    to keep the raid competitive as the level cap increase to lvl 30.
    (Not really sure about raising it above 30, but lvl 30 is definately already being planned.)

    Lol, Sunday (we start at non pacific time) brought on a funny conversation about loot for completionist characters.
    A completionist character has the potential to use a lot of different treasures in the game.

    Final build gearing up~well, I am not convinced that Fawngate ever will have a final build,
    I mean she went to great expense to get a +4 str tome and ate it as a sorcerer, while looking forward
    to playing swordmage?!? next summer. So, well, you get the idea.

    So what does Fawngate do about loot?
    Well we talked about that, and someone else also on the completionist path seemed to have similar ideas:

    Raid loot can be divided up into several groups such as~

    Loot you really really want, for Fawngate this the the Torc which she now has.
    {Fortunately, Fawn is not very greedy and her list in this catagory was very small.}

    Loot nobody wants, for Fawngate this is opportunity to pick up future goodies.
    {You ever been in a raid where something like a nice tower shield drops but no one wants it,
    cause its the "wrong toon"?} For this she offers to roll a one of the item taking it if no one else wants it.
    {No she is not vendoring the stuff, one can make a million plat on a 1 to 20~TR life if one is careful,
    one can also lose several million plat if one is silly...been there done both.}

    Loot everyone wants, for Fawngate this is an opportunity to give.
    {You ever been in a raid where something drops and half a dozen players start drolling?
    For this she simply types "I pass" and walks off.}

    Loot she pulls for herself.
    This is an opportunity for her to strongly debate if she likes it or not.
    Sometimes if a lot of people like it and does not strike her as cool, she puts it up for roll.
    Sometimes, she thinks its fun to have, and she pulls it after looking it up on wiki.
    {This is her time to build for the future.}

    Loot that is not bound to character, which she pulls out of the chest, knowing it can be traded,
    mailed, auctioned off, ect...
    {Have you ever seen something passed inside a chest that is not bound to character, then the
    person it was passed to leaves it in the chest, I sure have.}
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    Been reading thru the Order of the Stick in detail, kinda looking it over very closely.

    Right before that read thru this on very closely

    Now the artist in me loves the girl genius one, it really good artwork along with a story that keeps your attention.

    But it does have a staff of four people plus an office of three more.
    It is not without cause that it is getting a ton of awards.

    The Order of the Stick is really significant for D&D players.
    (Believe it or not we are playing D&D X edition~yah kinda like the X-men,

    It is based on D&D, yet leaves enough room, to not infringe upon copywright type stuff.

    Interestingly enough, WotC knows that they more popular D&D is, the better off they are,
    even if someone else is doing parts of it. They even went to the point of giving away some
    copywrights with the SDR~a bold move to say the least.

    Anyway, the Order of the Stick, is kinda our cartoon, we who play D&D.

    The style at first seems simple, and different.

    Yet its not so different, its a classic one man job style.
    Ever hear of Peanuts~Snoopy, Charlie Brown...?

    Charles M. Schulz did the comic strip by himself for 50 years.
    He had to hire someone to manage all the side products, help with movies, ect...
    But the main strip he did all of.

    Flip back and forth between the two if you want.
    The basic technique is similiar.
    Yes the styles are very different, the content is very different, but the approach is the same.

    But to do something like requires a subject of interest.
    Comics are judged by how many people might like this?

    Then the person doing it has to have the right skills.
    Must be artist/writer/creative thinker/persistant/able to take financial risks.

    So many comics out there lack "spark".
    No need to link, but good artwork without story is boring.
    Lack of persistance is boring too, don't make em wait too long for the next episode.
    Hence the one man style, enabling one person to produce.

    One also has to worry about print.
    For example, there is huge difference in what is required to print a book compared to putting a picture on the internet.
    For example, less and less people read newspapers.
    (After my dad died, I cancelled our subscription.)
    Possibly we are in the midst of a large transition from newspaper comics to online comics.
    The online comics give to you for free, hoping you will become a fan.
    From the fan base eventually some purchase stuff.
    Meaning one needs to put out quite a bit of effort before cashing in.

    So one needs a subject people are keen about.
    One needs to give, have fun, and enjoy the comic strip,
    because art that gives you pleasure will likely pleae others too.

    Lol, way off the topic, but something I have been pondering...

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    Mom is laughing more lately, which is nice..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    Been reading thru the Order of the Stick in detail, kinda looking it over very closely.

    Right before that read thru this on very closely

    Now the artist in me loves the girl genius one, it really good artwork along with a story that keeps your attention.

    But it does have a staff of four people plus an office of three more.
    A downside of a one man shop is what happened to Rich Burlew, the author/artist/?? for OoTS. The poor guy near cut his thumb off when a piece of glass he was handling broke. If you've noticed, there has not been an update since mid-September.

    Here's what his wife wrote about it:
    This is Mrs. Giant writing (AKA Rich's Wife). He wanted me to let you guys know some stuff that's been going on. Rich had an accident earlier this week; he injured his right hand pretty badly on broken glass and was rushed in to have emergency surgery. They repaired some severed tendons in his thumb and he's home now and recovering. But he won't be able to draw for at least six weeks (maybe longer, depending on how quickly the nerves in his thumb heal). And he didn't want to keep you guys in the dark for all that time.

    Here's the link:

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    Nods solemnly, I recall almost half a dozen spots in Girl Genius where one member covered for another,
    or art work was posted in black and white to be colored as soon as someone returned from the hospital.

    I sure hope he recovers.

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    Wander off for a bit, read some internet articles and watch some movies with mom, log back in for a quick peek
    at the game, and hmm...updating game software.

    Seems a blink of the eye and the Mabar Kobold have put their disguises back on already.
    Lol, nice job Devs!

    Reminds me of the day without walls...

    Pausing while raking leaves, pondering, causes one to think.
    Do we get upset over imperfections in game because we fear imperfections in our real life?

    The singles on a roof curving upward, rust forming on a car, cracks in a concrete sidewalk?

    As Sandy sweeps across the USA, sympathy to those without power and suffering damage!
    Been in a disaster zone before...know what its like.

    Makes you appreciate the little people.
    Afterwards, you do things like leave the trash collectors a christmas card, because you care.
    Afterwards, you realize gasoline is pumped by electricity, and in some places so is your sink water.
    Afterwards, taking a disney vacation to find a place to wash your clothes becomes a good idea,
    after all, Disney aint gonna leave the power off long at all.

    Disney just bought up Star Wars~woot!
    Lol, they should do a good job with it.
    Glad they have Marvel too.
    At one point DC and Marvel were headed for the dogs, glad to see all that turned around.

    Fawngate is at a standstill atm.
    Want to see the action point enhancements before she does another life.
    Taking a well earned vacation and enjoying myself.
    Bank space, bank space, bank space is the real bottleneck now.
    Cannot hold anymore without throwing something out when I TR...
    Why raid // do epics ~ if you cannot hold more bound to character stuff?
    And playing any other toon, just is not as much fun anymore, lol...

    A bit ago, thought to myself, "That was an awful lot of questing!~"
    Lol, counted it out, over 81 million earned xp.
    Wow...boggles the mind, one step at a time got it done.
    Over the surge of finishing up and relaxing....

    Promoted more bank space, and back pack space,
    but one wonders about bugs losing things?
    Perhaps they are eyeing that already?
    You see the adjustments in shared banks?

    Given perhaps this scene?
    Each expansion, there is new new bank area just available in that main town.
    It has one bank slot in it.
    People buying the expansion, can access that bank.
    The shared bank pops up at the same time.
    That way you can swap back and forth, think of it a theme park locker.
    The DDO store offers to expand that bank to six slots.

    Just make sure the TRing pulls that bank into the TR bank properly.
    Anyway, enhancements first please as many people are not as pressed for bank space.

    New interface, new tools, forgotten a few things that should have been remembered.
    Digital art is gonna take some effort for me to adapt to again.

    In the meantime, the leaves keep falling.
    Its a rural area where I live, lol, deer keep eating the acorns in the back yard.
    Guess I could hunt em, but then Mom and I could not look out the window and watch em...
    Lol, deer do talk and they know this is a safe zone for them.

    The raid bypass timer taught me something important.
    You see, in this area, there is a sort of tradition.
    People go out to eat on Friday night.
    Its kinda a social event, something to look forward to, get dressed up a bit, and have some fun
    with friends.

    When Xmas comes, people here pull out all the stops.
    Perhaps with people further apart, they need a reason to celebrate and get together.

    Its so clear now.
    Raid timers are to promote the "friday night" getting together with friends and guildies
    for that night on the town.
    Its to make you schedule an occasion for a party with a lot of people.

    When the holidays comes, the friday night night on the town falls away for bigger things,
    as raiding gives way to Mabar/Crysta Cove/Winter Festival/Sizzling Solast...
    just as in real life, the holidays overshadow the typical times...

    Thanks for the bypass tickets, cause we needed em!
    But the system does make sense.

    Parked Fawngate in Forgotten Realms by nice fireplace to keep safe and warm,
    probably log in later on when she feels like it.

    Those of you in the dark, know that you are not alone...

  18. #358


    Guess Fawn's full bank is another sign of completionist?
    Was going to do Mabar, but again, Full bank~using backpack space to store some,
    tons still in the reicarnation bank...
    Do I really need to make 6+ valuable items right now?
    Or can I wait till next year to do monk/pale master lives again?
    Last wizard life was a pale master anyway...

    Lot of leaves out there...glad to see New York starting to come back to life.

    Watching some more nice movies with Mom, some great stuff out there.
    Beginning to identify things out of them.

    Such as, a great movie identifies who, where and plotline within 5 mins,
    often within 3 min.

    Such as, a great movie sometimes has more than one character/group to follow.
    I think anime refers to that as story A and story B.
    Lord of the Rings and some other great books did that too.

    Anyway, rustling up some computer paper along with a pencil,
    I roughed out six pages of cartoon storyboard last night.

    Seems easier to create roughs with a pencil than staring at computer screen,
    perhaps the movies relaxed me.

    [By the way, I break my lines when typing due to experiences doing play by post D&D.
    If you don't break up the lines, then the added graphic maps turns it into a really long hard to read text.]

    Seriously thinking about using a vector based art program, but it would be learning a somewhat new
    program to work with. However that could be an advantage. Vector based can be easily scaled
    allowing printing and other uses as needed. Learning something new is a good thing.

    Also strongly decided that doing any sort of cartoon art with the intention of making money from
    it is not a good idea. It is the love/heart one puts into something of that nature that gives it
    spark, not a "I'm doing this for the money" attitude.

    Lately, it seems I/Fawn would feel impelled to speak thru art rather than words.
    Hard to explain, but some things just feel like they need to be drawn instead of said.
    Wonder if felt that way?

  19. #359


    Leaves, leaves, and more leaves....

    One would think, Fawn should be busy with Mabar gearing up with a Mabar lvl 20/24 undead boon robe?
    However, Fawngate is currently sitting beside a cozy fireplace in forgotten realms.

    What gives?

    After all, get both Mabar robes (one is backup in case of the breakage), do two wizard past lives,
    then farm out Chronoscope and proclaim one self the "ultimate" toon.

    Yet there she sits staring into the glowing flames ponder something deep and far away...

    I wonder why?
    Is she afraid?
    Or does she know something that I don't know.

    What does she see in the flames?
    Perhaps, the enhancement update hitting the Xoriat server between Xmas and the Easter Bunny?
    Perhaps, the Swordmage class next summer?
    Perhaps, the level cap going up to thirty in the next two to four years?
    Perhaps, a portal to Dragonlance or Dark Sun?

    And what would that do if she was the ultimate toon?

    Would Chronoscope Epic gear still be the thing to have?
    Would she greatly miss the ability to try out the new ___ ???? prestigue classes?
    Would she be stuck as a fourth life wizard, not wanting to risk a double +5 less heart?
    Would boon of undeath be enough healing for a lvl 30 pale master wizard?

    Would I only be decieving myself building the "ultimate" toon, is that what she sees in the flames?


    Watching some more movies, recalling that good writing means
    and more rewriting
    but at least its seems Fawn has plently of ideas for a cartoon series.

    The storyboard hardly covers all she seems to want to do.

    We shall have to see about the technical stuff someday soon.

    Again, some things I would rather draw than type anymore...

    Silly people, Fawn already knows the Devs are good players.
    +1 for the Devs
    +0 for the Chicken Littles

  20. #360


    I have always wondered a bit why people don't use:
    Lesser Globe of Invulnerability and
    anywhere but in hound.

    After all, even a melee can with good umd use it with their

    Here is video of someone excellantly using it:

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