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    Well off to Eveningstar this morning...

    Bravery bonus by the way is rarely seen (at least by Fawngate) in epics.
    She lost her hard streak somewhere in Red Fens when a lvl 24 DCed at the entrance of questing on Fathom the Depths.
    to get flagged for Into the Depths.
    But really, don't care, there are so many 25s roaming about.

    So, so glad the Devs extended the range before power leveling type penalties kick in.
    Just mostly have to make the quest jumps to 21ish to avoid major xp penalties.
    Thank you.

    Well, I could round up a group for the King's Forest.
    But you know if I really want to learn new quest doing it on normal difficulty and stumble soloing thru it does wonders.
    Slower yes, but you get the feel of the place and learn...

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    Well, the moment you don't want something anymore...

    Joined a group doing bravery for the first evening star chain on hard.
    Woot, so that is done.

    Now, Fawngate has caught up to the limits of my knowledge of the game.

    House of Rusted Blades coming up if I can figure how to get there, lol?
    Looking at : amt...

    But Fawn being Fawn will wander around having fun, glad the her epic xp is capped.

    Von 1 thru 4 are torn up, but most of the quests/raids (except shroud) are in fairly good shape for getting xp from.

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    Thank you very much, MAC friends for helping me know where to go,
    and getting the Underdark (2nd) chain done.


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    Looks like more shared bank space in update 16???

    Well that is an easy fix probably compared to restructuring banks/backpack,
    and a good step forward.

    Thanks Devs, more needed in this area, but a sincere thanks anyway.

    Currently shuffling out anything not bound to character away from Fawngate,
    hoping to make some more room.

    It appears that the raid train today, players might be most interested in epic raids preferably epic hard difficulty.
    We will adjust accordingly.

    Hopefully we can run this every Sunday noon pacific time.

    Took Mom to the village for Subway (her new favorite food, lol) and now back.

    Really excited, Monday I should be getting a tablet to use with my art program.
    For those interested~a tablet is like a eletric pen to draw with (sort of like what you use to sign
    for your credit cards but more accurate/fancy) in place of drawing with a mouse.
    Its just more natural for artist using a pen, although a mouse is not bad.

    This weekend while I was raking leaves, gave me time to think.
    An artist really has to allow themselves the opportunity to "fizzle";
    as in "if you fear crashing and burning, you will never learn to fly"?

    This point in my life, I can afford failure.
    No wife, no children, Mom needs me around.
    So if I find something to do that can be done at home and might springboard/portfollio for later,
    good deal.

    So, I started dreaming of what I could do.
    Came up with an interesting idea...

    Hmm...blends well with my gaming background too.

    Well, we will see.

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    Overall, Fawngate was impressed with the 2nd chain in mence of the underdark
    as she went to the Drow city.

    A lot of good artwork done by the designers, thank you!
    Enjoyed the four quests very much, well done.

    Looks more complicated than I anticipated to farm the house of rusted blades.
    Pondering it a bit, as soon as the level cap goes to thirty, nobody will be farming it like they do now.
    And that may happen three years from now, maybe less, maybe a bit more.
    There is so much in place and done, that looks toward that increase in levels already.

    A bit on Fawngate's luck~
    Yesterday she open a lot of raid chests that had not been touched in over week
    which is when I assume the chest reset to full capacity.

    She pulled a named item after named item.
    Which was lucky for other people as she put them up for roll.

    Hard to tell if it was just a lucky day for her, but well...


    Note this possible luck increase tends to dissapear quickly, the more one opens a chest.

    So, does TRing help luck?

    I wonder what these triple completionist get for luck?
    Or maybe their toon was unlucky to begin with?

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    Not taking lvl 25 or even lvl 24 is starting appear more and more advantageous to Fawngate.

    There are times when she is more welcome as a lvl 23 character for grouping.
    We shall see...

    Starting to see a lot of old friends saying hello.
    Summer fun, school starting up, and the like is passing with the fall/winter ahead.

    Congratulations Ebbery starting on your Doctorate!
    Woot, someday we will have to call you Dr. Ebbery.
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    Default Woot`

    A big thank you to everyone who informed me of how to manage my epic destiny xp.

    Another thank you for those who gave me hints and tips.

    And a thank you for those many Khyberians who helped me get epic destiny xp including
    Vesrae (who taught me how to farm)
    and Koko with the cool green mowhawk

    Fawngate has now maxed out all her epic destiny xp~~Woot!!

    Ironically, her current build was very ideal.

    Still have not taken lvl 24 or 25 yet.

    So glad Fawngate choose to push spell pen.
    Spell > DCs
    Level Drain, the secondary effect of Wail, and Otto's Irresitable Dance all require spell pen only checks.
    She currently can overcome the spell pen of most drows on epic hard about 80ish% of the time.
    If she wants to use finger of death, she can level drain once or twice.
    She uses that Halt Undead/Otto's spells a lot, they work great.

    Definately going to avoid drastic changes to this toon, because I don't want to risk the very small chance of

    Vacation next and Mabar.

    Unpacking my tablet which is bigger than I expected.
    Trying to figure out how to rearrange my computer table.

    Guess on with my art project, along with raking leaves, woot!

    Love the new content, A+ for the year of the dragon, Devs. Loving what I see on the enhancement update.

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    Default The first choice you make for a completionist.

    Warning, rather long discusion...which might get me a few negative reps.

    The very first choice you make for a completionist character (whether you actually know at the time
    whether this character will become a completionist or not) is what sex (male or female) that character is.

    Ironically, females and male have been identical in D&D stat wise with a very few expections,
    {such as one of the very first books not allowing Females to have 18/00 strength (quickly removed),
    and such as drow female clerics being allowed lvl 14ish which at the time was much higher than
    any non human races (removed by later versions in the form of racial/class standardization)}.

    So, since there is absolutely no difference stat wise, why is this choice important?

    Well, for starters, everytime you TR (which you will be doing alot) there are two things you cannot
    change. The first is your character's sex. The second is your character's name.

    The DDO store now offers name changes, allowing you to pay to change your name.

    Even if you could change a charcter's sex, in many cases this might require a name change as well.
    For example, Fawngate is an excellant name for a female druid, but might look a little silly as a male character.
    That would involve totally remaking one's character's identity, losing one's past in the process?

    Hence, perhaps this first choice is a serious one to make, considering you will probably invest 80%+
    of your time playing this toon. Once you are done with completionist, you might not care to play your
    other toons as much anymore.

    The obvious choice is the same sex as the player behind the keyboard, this is one many would choose.
    If you don't like the appearance or the race, TRing cures all that.

    The other choice is the opposite sex as the player behind the keyboard, and that is the one that might
    require a bit of thought.

    Why? Hmm...I am not sure I can answer that...

    A long time ago, my mom and I watched a movie call Anne of Green Gables, in the movie Anne says,
    "....Imitation is the sincerist form of flatterly..."

    Long ago, when I started working at getting really good at drawing, my mom and I would tape the pictures
    to the wall in my room. Eventually they worked their way into the hall, finding their way into the other upstairs

    Doing so, revealed my progess, helped me see mistakes, encouraged me, and such.

    An artist/writer unfortionately has to deal with things inside oneself, as certain things can cause one to become
    blocked from creative flow. Ultimately, you will face your fears and when you have faced them down, the
    light will shine from within.

    It became clear after awhile, that I had a tendancy to draw a greater porportion of female portraits than male
    protraits. This is also reflected in DDO, where most of my toons are females, even though I am a male.
    I also like animation much better than real life movies being an artist.

    Should one meet me in person, one would not mistake me for a female as I played many sports, ect...
    However in DDO one does does not meet a person, one simply hears their voice or sees their typing.

    There are many fluxs of the english language in how it is spoken.
    There is the British precision which should be the standard.
    There is the beauty of the Irish and Scottish, different yet both a joy to hear.
    There is the outdoors feel of the Austrians.
    There is the favorful accents of the Europeans.
    There is the spanish flare of the Mexicans.
    And there is the americans
    The southerns with their slow speech,
    the more rapid speach of the northerns,
    the distinct Texans,
    the Kentucyian uniqueness,
    the westerners more outdoorish...

    Some people retain their youthful ways of speaking,
    other tend to absorb that which is around them.
    I recall once my speech starting getting a bit of foriegn accent to it,
    probably due to visiting Ecpot and playing chess with retired europeans at local library.

    Voluteering for gaming conventions, a slower style of speech can be an advantage as it
    allows one to comprend difficult subjects and gives a sense of calmness.

    Rapid speech can be subject to microphone lag and become impossible to understand.
    Unlike other languages, English is a slow to speak language.
    People with english as a second language sometimes lapse into the speed of their first language,
    creating a combination of accent, microphone lag, and confusion upon a difficult subject matter.

    Why on earth has a subject about sex lasped into speech?

    Well, unless one speaks, it is difficult to guess the player behind the keyboard's sex.
    If one does speak, there is wide variety of factors involved, including accents.

    Occasionaly, my mom has reminded me not to make my laugh too high pitched.
    So I try to watch that. But otherwise, she says my speech is definately male in nature.
    Now why would that be so?

    Well, looking back over my life, analyzing people of importance in my life,
    overall certain females have been vastly superior to certain males.
    Perhaps that is why I prefer to play female character and draw female protraits,
    because ingrained inside of me is a deep respect for females.

    A few times, some Noob teenager will ask me point blank if I am gay?
    Now a days, I laugh at that question.

    A long time ago, I used to fear gay people in principle.
    {Negative emotions are not good in general as fear can turn to hate...}

    Then during a trip to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, during a certain day my perspective changed.
    There was a lot of people walking around the different theme parks wearing red shirts.
    Kinda hard to miss so many of them.
    Reading one of the red shirts, it proclaimed that it was gay day or something like that.
    They had all planned to go to disney on that certain day.

    My mom and I were park hopping, taking pictures of cetain things.
    I believe one was the new brass statues on Main Street USA.
    My mom pointed out to me (she is more discerning than I ) that they seemed to be clustered about
    areas where people could see them more. She was much more concerned about getting her pictures
    than all the red shirts.

    At first it distressed me, then partway thru the day, it dawned on me.
    In a certain way, that is difficult to describe, these people were afraid of me.
    That knowledge somehow removed all my fear of them.
    Perhaps, that was their goal, to let others see them, and doing so perhaps understand them better.

    So in a way, I owe that day, and their actions a big debt.
    Because negative emotions block artistic creativity.
    Fear is an artist/writer bigges foe.

    Returning to the point at hand, Dungeon Masters often play characters different from themselves.
    This is acting, role playing.
    DDO has strong roots in D&D as DDO is D&D X edition.

    We come full circle to the beginning, unsure if the question has even been answered...

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    Well, getting all the epic destinies done, is a rather big thing,
    certainly something to celebrate.

    Sometime Soonth, perhaps Fawngate will hold a celebration for this!

    In the meantime, happy hunting and may Chester smile upon you, Woot!

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    Maybe Fawngate should take lvl 24 now?

    Epic spell pen was the plan....


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    Feel much more relaxed with epic destinies done.

    Had several offers to join others guilds, thought about it, and Fawngate decided she will stay with our
    Evocati Augusti 6 account guild.

    Tablet is set up and working great.

    Been raking leaves...doing some raids...

    Found this interesting:

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    Decided to flag for Abbot, having never ever done the Abbot raid.

    So, starting with Choozzoo the ghost beholder, working my way (causual) to the boss.
    {It pays to solo on easier difficulties quests you are not as familiar with as you learn.}
    Found that breaking icy things drops the creasts I needed.
    Found a key by the shrine.

    Went toe to toe with undead beholder.
    Realized part way there, most of my speacial effects are electric which this boss is immune to.
    So used up my 10 arcane spell like abilities from my sorcerer past life feat.
    (Do not have the wizzy version, although I wish I did.)

    So, Choozzoo is at 1/3 health and we come to stalemate.

    I try to hide behind pillars and he deftly blocks my peekaboo game.
    I cast ice storm, and Choozzoo boy is smart enough to move off of it.

    I turn on quicken, he laughes at me.

    He drains my consitution and strength, I drink lesser restoration potions.

    He tries to level drain me, and I laugh at him.
    (Warforged still have nice immunities.)

    So, its Fawngate the potion cuggling sorcerer beating down the undead beholder with a quarterstaff...

    Then her health is getting low, so she dives into the water and hides, drinking those potions she
    bought so long ago for Crucible swimming. And thinks, and thinks, and thinks...

    Then she braverly charges foward, leaping to a patch of solid rock, and begins casting.
    Choozzoo boy closes in with anti-magic, but to now avail, and its a clicky.
    Suddenly an eireely looking eye ball appears.

    Choozzoo snorts and begins leveling draining it.
    Fawngate leaps forward, rushing past the two dualling abberiations, then turns and deftly
    cast distegrate.

    Choozzoo cries in anguished relief at being outwitted by a lowly pet...

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    Default Bravery bonuses and epic content

    Just thought I should this subject more clear.

    Doing an Epic quest on normal will break your hard and elite bravery streaks.
    Doing an Epic quest on hard will break your elite bravery streaks.
    (There is no distiction between heroic and epic bravery.)

    Doing any Epic quest anytime on normal after your epic level xp has capped if
    that quest has a recored "you have repeated this quest zero times" will break your hard and elite streaks.

    There are a lot of lvl 24~25ish toons out there, who will be questing with you.
    Therefore, the chances are quite high, that most of your first time completions will not have a bravery streak bonus.

    There also are a lot of players who will be looking for epic normal/epic elite as their
    repetition penalties are getting high, causing you to choose between breaking your streak or not.

    In Epic questing, IMHO by experience, it is far, far more important to protect certain quests and raids
    from having a repetition penalty, than it is to worry about bravery bonuses.

    Hence, one can conclude that once a character has reached lvl 17~18ish range and has done those quests
    one wants to do with heroic bravery bonuses, all bets are off. Doing as you please is probably the wisest choice.
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    Default Gimp life build

    In case Fawngate ever decides to try a gimp build life, here is her first ever roll using:

    Level 20 Chaotic Neutral Female Dwarf GIMP

    Leveling Guide:
    1. Cleric
    2. Barbarian
    3. Wizard
    4. Barbarian
    5. Barbarian
    6. Wizard
    7. Wizard
    8. Cleric
    9. Barbarian
    10. Cleric
    11. Cleric
    12. Cleric
    13. Barbarian
    14. Barbarian
    15. Wizard
    16. Cleric
    17. Cleric
    18. Cleric
    19. Barbarian
    20. Barbarian

    End Result:
    Chaotic Neutral Female Dwarf
    8/Cleric, 8/Barbarian, 4/Wizard

    So that would be her "official" gimp life.

    Since she is very unwilling to use lesser hearts due to the rare loss of epic destiny xp lesser reicarnation bug,
    she would reserve the right to tweak one class level slightly if she desired a barbarian past life from it.

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    Oh, i forgot, barbarian comes before cleric in the alphabet, never mind then....

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    Lolwut? Why would anyone give neg. rep for the character sex selection post?

    I've typically played male toons/characters in the past, unless it wasn't "allowed" (like in Diablo II for example, where the Sorceress and Amazon classes were female only).

    I have two reasons for this:

    1. All my favorite fictional characters (current and while growing up) have been male. I've never really given any thought about why that is, but when I create/play a fictional character that I like to play a lot, it tends to be male as well. Or androgynous. Yay Warforged!

    2. I get hit on less :P This isn't much of an issue on DDO, fortunately. My voice isn't too high and probably results in some "can't tell if that's a woman or a young boy" doubt, which can be an advantage in the riff-raff of low level PUGs.

    I've also heard several male players say that, if they're going to be staring at some character's backside for hours on end, it better be a female backside. Maybe this is true for female players as well. I didn't think it was true for me but...maybe it is, considering how I always whine about male armor kits covering way too much skin compared to female armor kits *LOL*
    Playing on Khyber, in guild Simple: now lvl 67!
    Main character: Naxius
    Support changes to armor kits!

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    Default First time doing the Abbot raid

    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon
    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon
    Hello Devs,

    Some nice people in khyber let me in their abbot raid, telling me about it.

    Helpful links for me:

    a visual guide

    ddo wiki goodies

    a comic to read while people work on goggles

    Maybe third time we will get thru...

    Woot, finished.

    The view from the bottom of the lake is unique, and pulled enduring conviction.


    PS interesing raid overall, kinda wonder if the goggles part should be a lot easier to prevent
    boredom, otherwise good raid
    After a tiny bit of thought, it seem maybe to me what is wrong with this raid and how to fix it, imho?

    Allow everyone goggles puzzle room to see their tiles.
    Boring is bad, any good DM knows never make the whole party sit around waiting a long time for
    a small part to do something tedious.

    Remember you are going to epic this raid someday.


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    Working my way thru Silver Flame favor, starting with catacombs, upward, finding what I missed.

    Sigh, if next summer when Swordmage comes out, and I don't have more bank space, its gonna be rough...

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    i know this is fawns thread but im guna highjack it for a minute , i recently broke the 13k melee record! i hit a mob for 14k :P SSOIDH
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Damn you forum folk...damn you all!!

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    Hi again Devs,

    New fix for Abbot (which I classify as broken).

    Place a continually spawning spot on the beggining of both sides that respawns goggles.
    Everyone can pick up a pair of goggles before they do the puzzle.

    Now, why do I classify this Raid as broken?

    It has excellant potential.

    Players want to be able to feel like they control their destiny in some way or another.
    If they fail, they want it to be their fault.

    They want to feel like success or failure in some way rides on their shoulders.

    Giving everyone a pair of goggles would empower them with their own destiny.

    Look at the shroud, it has a puzzle part in it which players enjoy.
    Notice that all can participate in it.
    Look at the end of Lord of Blades, the puzzle there (kill the elemental) is short, swift, and
    all can participate usually.

    If puzzlers are separated (a dangerous idea) the DM (thats you)
    must make sure each puzzle takes an equal amount of time.

    DMs know this, separating the party has the danger of leaving players bored.

    Players want to control their destiny.
    This is why
    is the most hated quest in the game.

    Yes you the developers can look at the quest and say it can be done.
    But that does not make the quest at all correct.
    One need certain spells to finish this quest.
    Without these particular spells, the quest is impossible to do.

    The player cannot control their destiny as Cole is very fragile.
    He can die thru no fault of the player.
    He dies because the developer made him fragile.
    This creates anger toward the developer as the developer made the player fail.
    Hence this quest is classified as broken.

    Players want to control their destiny.
    If they know their character class has a chance if they are smart and try hard enough
    that they can win, all is well


    PS Loving the game as a whole very much.
    Thank you for fixing broken stuff.
    Would rather see:
    Enhancement update in lamania server
    before these two fixed.

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