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    Thanks WD40

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    Don't be a figjam.

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    A very important slab of stone, at least for Fawn.

    Seen from the other view point here:

    Because when one stands upon this rock, the blades will not touch you.

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    Funny thing happened on the way to the shroud....

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    I finally got this toon to 20, so woot. 37xp off after final quest!!!
    Flufty, Flufs, Fluffi, Fluffit

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    5 more posts untill fawn's 1000's post!!
    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Damn you forum folk...damn you all!!

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    Default Lol...

    Hello Devs,

    Just sit back, take a deep breathe and think about all the good changes this last two years.

    Its a lot.

    And when you see another thread complaining that such and such equipment aint good enough,
    bear in mind, my second favorite toon (I only play two)
    has two (yes 2) equipment slots completely blank along with the voice of the master equiped.

    And she has always been welcomed.

    Its what is inside of you that counts the most....


    PS Keep plugging at them bugs, I kinda want to see the new prestigue classes someday soontm.

    Sometimes I wonder if the real pay to win (whatever that means)
    is having an account with packs/vip and begging the devs for better goodies.

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    Default Just a note to help others

    DDO wiki is a great guide, but like everything on this here earth, its not omniposentite:

    "◦The two brothers (boss wheeps) must be killed within 30 seconds of each other, they spawn in separate rooms, cannot be kited towards each other, and have regen, which makes soloing difficult."

    All the above is true, but here is a tip for those wanting to do the Brothers how somebody showed me:

    Clear to the first brother including everything but the first brother.
    Whole party stays in that room.
    Someone takes the first brother down to 40%ish health, then kites him.
    Wait 20 second (yes I know that is a loooooong time).
    The second brother shows up in the first room to help out his brother.
    Wait till the second brother is all the way inside the first room.
    Everybody stays in the first room and kill both brothers at the same time.

    What could be easier?

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    Default Current build cause ill forget after Fawn TRs

    Str 13 starting before modifiers
    Dex 08
    Con 19
    Int 09
    Wis 07 yet was able to open wisdom rune in von 5 on epic hard
    Cha 21 base must have lvel ups in it

    concentration max,
    Umd max,
    3 ranks in balance

    Past life Barbarian and Sorcerer active feat
    Spell Pen
    Greater Spell Pen for lvl 21
    Epic Spell Pen for lvl 24

    Spells ~ variety of elements, Otto's Irresistable, web, knock, disintigrate, energy drain, fod, wail, rainbow spray, trap the soul

    Enhancements ~ electric way way up, fire decent, cold real high, spell pen, etc..

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    999 posts!!
    Quote Originally Posted by MajMalphunktion View Post
    Damn you forum folk...damn you all!!

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    The devs should name a mob or a quest or something in your honor at this point
    "Impossible is just a word to let people feel good about themselves when they quit." —Vyse, "Skies of Arcadia"
    Kayara Myrlan, Rogue, Khyber
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    Default 1000th post

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    Nice wallpaper:

    Epic Shroud is coming, Fawngate can feel it.
    And when it does, probably items will have a lot more upgrade than adding an empty red slot to a existing weapon.
    When has any finished greensteels been upgradable?

    Hence, the developers have already put something in place to prepare for it haven't they?

    After all when we make our new epic green steel goggles, we might want to recycle that old cleanser?
    And what better place for the yellow drop of gold to fall more readily than in an epic shroud chest?

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    Default Secret weapon...

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    A long normal monastary run, figuring out the final puzzle pieces then on to Prey on the Hunter for more SOS flagging.
    Thanks WD40, Chris, Serinay, and Paul!
    Fawngate is now flagged for SOS.


    So people don't have to hunt thru thread:
    Fawngate is at life 16 on a Plateau build till sometime next year.
    She is looking forward to Mabar, raiding, building up some epic destiny xp.
    Completionist done the old fashion way, all races done at least once, two past lives in favored soul and bard.
    Done most of the quests in the game along the way, save for the upper upper level new ones.

    Her wish list for the Devs:
    Finish up the bug smashing.
    Review Bard class
    Review Challenge XP
    Finish up prestigue classes and enhancement update
    Review Amarath XP
    Start working on the Swordmage class
    Put extra bank and backpack pages in the DDO store
    Overview NPCs that must be defended, augmenting them and creating a hotbar/health bar for selecting/tracking them.
    Add exclusive deathward clicky in a non google slot (from mabar?).

    Her wish list for herself:
    Do SOS and buy some dragontouched armour
    Have fun
    Cleanse more green steel
    Have more fun
    Read a few books...
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    Thanks WD40, Chris, Serinay, and Paul for a good time working thru two of the Cannith Manufactory quests.


    Watched "50 first dates" the other day.
    It was fun to watch, and interesting as it dealt with memory loss.
    Too bad there was too much crude humor to show it to my mom.
    But the plot/hero/heroine were very good.

    (pardon my spelling and grammar, I'm an artist and when i write picture stories it
    throws my spelling/grammar off, need to get a word processing program or something,
    stopped using em when another website turned word copy and paste into spagetttidi)

    Helped me a bit with my mom in a way, as she is fighting off short term memory loss.
    Perhaps the new puzzles, lots of good books, and old/new movies she really likes helps more than I think.

    I stayed at home and helped out there instead of leaving after high school and local college.
    Often, my Mom and I would sit down and ponder how to solve/fix this that or another.
    Then we would go to the hardware store, find out more and fix it ourselves.
    There was never a question of hiring someone else to do it for us.

    Somehow the fact my parents waited a bit to have kids was a nice thing as I feel like they
    were more mature than other parents.

    But working together with Mon for a long time, somehow she became more of a friend than a parent.

    Someday she will not be here anymore.
    Although I don't want to hasten that day, I feel its is selfish to not let her go when it is her time.
    Getting old is sad.
    But she has her Dolls she loves, books she loves, and I am around which terribly important.

    Lol, who would have thought playing DDO would be sooo important.
    Because I am somewhere in house, helps her a ton.

    What will I do when she is gone?
    I have no idea, that is kinda like asking Fawn what she will do after making completionist...

    How does it feel to have done completionist?
    Well at first there is a rush of activity, kinda like shooting past the finish line.
    Then it reminds me of the 2008 summer olympics when the american doing the
    had such a huge lead that he slowly jogged around the final event,
    while others raced past him.

    He had the gold medal in the bag, he just had to complete the event.
    I am begining to wonder if there ever is a final build?
    After all, once a year, we will be knocked off our perches
    and wanderlust will kick in again...

    Like Thalzur, I might wait to TR into a new class a bit just let the first patch shake it out.
    You know five years from now, completionist will be even harder to reach...
    But level 30 cap will likely be here too.

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    For future reference:

    Atm, reading a few books, looking thru various online comics such as:
    and pondering doing something artsy myself.

    I am finding a link between all these webcomics.
    Simply "Tell a story" which is the same principle Normal Rockwell used.
    The style does not matter, its bringing life to what you do.
    This is something some artists never learn, cause its a heart thing.
    But WotC taught me well, as D&D is great playground for learning storytelling which is how to learn good writing.

    The screenshots are fun, thinking I could do more with puns on them, or something else interesting.
    Not really gonna say what atm, may do some rough ideas till I get a feel of what I want.

    No longer teaching art, but some of my art student have great promise so I distributed my art supplies outward.
    Sometimes it is good to start over, and see where your heart takes you.
    Mom is too old to help with art lessons anymore, but we had fun for the years we did it.

    Fawngate has 19 shrouds, 3 Von, and is lvl 20 with 21 in the bank.
    She needs to do two rounds of all the available epic quests, SOS to be able to buy dragontouched armor,
    Mabar, Crucible for flagging, Liteny optionals for flagging, one more Cannith for flagged, one or two more
    Amarath for flagging, and relax having fun....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverleafeon View Post
    ............ and relax having fun....
    that should be first one no ?

    for me last wiz life on the run

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