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    Default 2nd life range build

    ok, I finally have time to do this. couple notes. this is a 2nd life human, with past life in monk. epls 1x colors of the queen 1x doublestrike. neither are needed. this toon does have a full set of plus 5 tomes that I had passed over from my main back when tomes dropped like candy, but you could easily get away with less. just make sure you you hit any required stat minimums. and again this is a ripped off version of a ripped off version of the blender build by five foot step. im human because I had a human monk I could LR. assimar or halfling would be much better.

    str 8
    dex 18 plus all level ups
    con 16
    int 10
    wis 14
    cha 8

    heroic feats:
    dark monk feat
    point blank shot
    precise shot
    shuriken expertise
    wf thrown
    rapid shot
    10k stars
    imp crit thrown
    improved precise shot
    for my extra human feat I took magical training. and I took power critical with the completionist feat slot in the original build. the extra sp for more cocoons is nice. power critical is almost useless but there just isn't any real options. maybe toughness? idk.

    epic feats:
    overwhelming critical
    combat archery
    pierce damage reduction adamantine
    blinding speed
    elusive target
    epic reflexes
    scion of ethereal plane

    max concentration, diplo, hide, umd. any leftover toss in heal.

    Ninja Spy (41 AP)[*]Basic Ninja Training, Advanced Ninja Training, Shadow Veil, Poisoned Darts, Diversion, Ninja Master[*]Ninjutsu: Impending Doom, Stealthy III, Sneak Attack Training[*]Ninjutsu: Poison Exploit, Agility III, Sneak Attack Training, Melee/Ranged Power Boost III[*]Ninjutsu: Poisoned Soul, Sneak Attack Training, Sting of the Ninja, Dexterity[*]Ninjutsu: Wave of Despair, Sneak Attack Training, No Mercy III, Dexterity[*]Deadly Striker

    Harper Agent (14 AP)[*]Agent of Good I, Dexterity[*]Harper Enchantment, Traveler's Toughness II[*]Versatile Adept II, Know the Angles III[*]Dexterity

    Vistani Knife Fighter (11 AP)[*]Knife Expertise, Knife Juggler, Knife Specialist[*]Vistani Knife Training, Undead Hunter, Mist Stalker, Acrobatic III[*]Haste Boost

    Henshin Mystic (9 AP)[*]Riddle of Fire, Ki Bolt[*]Negotiator II, Way of the: Patient Tortoise[*]Contemplation III

    Shintao (1 AP)[*]Bastion of Purity

    this leaves 4 ap to spend however you want. i grabbed healing amp in human and more haste boost in vistani.

    now anyone familiar with throwers is going to immediately ask 'what about quick draw?' you get it for free in vistani core 3.

    Destiny (24 AP)

    Legendary Dreadnought[*]Extra Action Boost III, Constitution[*]Damage Boost II, Constitution[*]Critical Damage III, Constitution[*]Constitution[*]Advancing Blows, Devastating Critical[*]Master's Blitz, Pulverizer

    Twists of Fate (31 fate points)[*]Sense Weakness (Tier 4 Fury)[*]Whirling Wrists (Tier 3 Shiradi)[*]Stay Frosty (Tier 1 Shiradi)[*]Rejuvenation Cocoon (Tier 1 Primal)[*]Dance of Flowers (Tier 1 Flowers)

    i didn't have the fate points to twist in sense weakness. and its doing just fine. obviously it would make it better but this is a low time invested alt for me so i wanted 'good enough'. the others are pretty much needed, however they are low hanging fruit and easy to get enough fate points for them.

    now for the gear. all very easy to get. no raid gear. the focus is the two set bonuses, silent avenger and adherent of the mists.

    silent avenger:
    15% doublestrike artifact bonus
    +3 sneak attack die
    25% fort bypass artifact bonus
    10% extra damage to helpless artifact bonus

    adherent of the mists:
    +20 prr profane bonus
    +20 healing amp profane bonus
    +10 ranged power profane bonus
    +20 universal spell power profane bonus

    obviously you want the legendary versions of these gear pieces.
    head: executioners helm from slavelords would be best here, but the loot gods hate me so im rocking a resistance/spell point helmet.
    neck: dawn herald charm. death house
    eyes: negotiators spectacles. death house
    trinket: cannith crafted insightful con 7 con 15 natural armor 15
    body: disciple of dawn. sunrise
    cloak: shadowhail. sealed in amber
    bracer:bracers of the fallen hero. raven at the door
    belt:braided cutcord. final vintage.
    ring1: ring of prowess. good intentions
    ring2: perfect pinnacle. invitation to dinner
    feet: shadows footsteps. sealed in amber
    hands. crumbling gloves. oath of vengeance.
    epic purifying quiver. oath of vengeance. MUST HAVE! it makes your attacks blunted so pulverizer works.

    main hand: mourninglord shuriken. you get it for free from the guy in the explorer area just after you complete into the mists.

    offhand:any kama/shortsword with improved deception. the sunken obscurity is probably the easiest to get. drops in that new underwater quest in the harbor.

    while collecting gear you want to feed all the extras to your sentient gem and look for deadly rain filigrees. 5 piece deadly rain gives us +5 ranged power, +2 damage, +3%missile deflection, 20 seconds of+20 ranged power whenever you activate an action boost.

    also, while i haven't gotten it yet i am running all the babas i can get and saving the runes for the shuriken. once i do i will swap out the dr adamantine feat for silver.

    now for my personal thoughts on the build/gear. lots of worthless and duplicated bonuses on the gear, so be it. its the set bonuses we want. if this was my main character i would look to swap out a lot of this with baba and strahd raid gear. but its not so im saving those runes for use on my main.

    also this would easily be manageable on a first life character with no tomes. a first life could drop dex a point to save 3 build points to add to other stats since he wouldn't have plus 5 tomes kicking in as he leveled. the favor tomes alone will work. i suggest +2 int(i like skill points!) at 1750 favor and +5 dex at 5k favor. i am soloing every non raid quest i run on low skull reaper, its ridiculously powerful. so getting 5k favor wont be hard, just time consuming.

    now for the numbers.
    this is right off my character sheet with only ship buffs and the listed Walmart generic gear equipped.
    str 35, dex 74, con 54, int 24, wis 50, cha 18.
    289% fort
    saves: 63 fort/83 reflex/66 will.
    ac:126 dodge 35% prr 121
    hp 1100, sp 435.
    ranged power 76, doubleshot 44.55% ranged speed bonus 22%

    hp are low, but you are ranged. you shouldn't be getting hit often.

    with blitz fully charged (which it will be, you kill FAST), know the angles up, and an action boost going(which should always be up, you got more than you can possibly use so keep them activated) and 10k stars its going to be a LOT higher.

    i tried to check using the training dummy to get hard numbers but it just dies too fast. couldn't get blitz over 4 stacks. the numbers at 4 stacks, 10k stars and action boost damage going was 204 ranged power and 144% doubleshot.

    i want to emphasis how important improved deception in your offhand is. soooo much of your damage is sneak attack damage. you do 'ok' against sa immune mobs, but against anything that can take sa damage you just mow over. its like an extra 650 damage PER shuriken. so get that kama!

    my monk was level 25 or so when i decided to try this build. so i ran him on up to level 29 and then lr'd him into this. therefore i have not leveled this from 1 to 28, but i would guess it would be very painful. good thing every new character gets a free lesser heart huh? my advice is level to 29 as a melee specced punching and kicking stuff/quivering palm/stunning fist etc. then lr into this. i had NONE of the gear except the freebie shuriken when i lr'd and was still able to solo the ravenloft quests on legendary elite. and every piece of gear i got made it faster and faster to get the next piece. i would solo till almost at the end then toss up an lfm saying something like 'red carpet ride to free xp, looking for x item'. the items from sealed in amber took the longest to get, i ransacked the end chest and still didn't get the cloak so when i came off ransack i started doing it the long way with the optional chest and finally it fell and someone that joined my lfm passed it to me. Khyber has some really great folks.

    also, im way to computer illiterate to post videos, and doubt my laptop could handle it even if i knew how, but if you want to see the build in action before lr/tr a character into this just give me a shout on Khyber and i will run any quest you want. seeing is believing right?
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    Thanks Spyder, appreciate that!

    Getting the "game error [104] could not emulate direct input devices, please install direct x 9.0 or higher..."

    Not uncommon for older games, might be the current windows update, did the usual reinstall x2, redownload direct x, ect, ect, ect…

    There always doomsayers for DDO, but frankly its something like Windows 12 introduces direct x 15 that is likely to kill DDO, not sales...
    Hopefully the staff of these older great games can keep making them work...

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    Reinstalled Graphics Driver.
    Update GeoForce Game Ready Driver.
    Did the Windows update Direct X 12 & under.

    Used Steam this time to install DDO.

    Got all the way to the character select screen, with the 104 error being report then crashing upon pressing to enter world.

    Don't really want to go to earlier version of window as the rest of the computer is going great.

    Ironic, now that I finally have good internet, DDO cannot find direct X...
    Guess my habit of routinely reinstalling to avoid lag issues, might not be the best idea after all...

    Going to bug report and call it a day.

    On the plus side, YouTube has tons of free very nice videos on how to improve one computer art skills...
    Definitely opportunity to work on the flip side of a storyline/comic/fan art/stream/whatever...

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