Its been quite some time now so dont quote me on the exact dates but I have a question about trying to re-acquire my Founder status.

i started playing the game at launch as a VIP and to this day am still a VIP. Somewhere around October 2007, I had an issue with the credit card on file for the game where the bank closed the card account. i did not realize the problem until it was too late and Turbine tried to bill me. Of course, the transaction was declined and my account was frozen (for lack of better term). Once i was able to get a new card and *reinstate* my Turbine account , I was back up and running. because I am not an avid forum poster, I didnt realize until recently that my join date reflects my "second" account opening. Is there any way for you all to research my account and figure out that there was only a "billing" issue for only a few days (maybe a week) and reinstate my Founder status?

originally posted incorrectly in technical assistance forum