So last night a friend and I started up a PUG to do Attack on Stormreach on elite. The group filled up pretty quickly and we got down to business doing Diplomatic Impunity. For the most part we did really well. Up until the end that is, where we got totally spanked by the boss. We had finally got him alone for a bit until reinforcements showed up and then it was just a festival of death (for our party). But everyone was quite tenacious and we tried diligently to regroup. Unfortunately it just didn't work out, so we called it a wash and everyone released.

This was all a buzzkill and pretty anti-climactic of course, but nevertheless the group decided to press on and try something different. We thought we'd do a casual Chrono run for some loot and stuff and put up the group. Our party leader did an exceptional job of recruiting the group and put a great mix of us together in under 30 minutes, which was really nice.

Initially we were going to do it on normal just to be on the safe side, especially after our experience in Impunity. I don't think anyone wanted to die a lot, again. But as a group we decided to go in on elite. I was a little apprehensive because I've only done Chrono twice before on another life, and this one I'm a melee which I'm not overly experienced with so I had a little trepidation. But we all went in as a team ready to vanquish.

And boy did we! This was definitely one of the best PUGs I've ever ran with. No complaints, everyone stuck together and helped each other, and we had a lot of fun chat as well.

We got all the optionals. And there was zero loot drama. Every chest was like "anyone need this?" No bickering, no rolling, nothing.

It was a really great time and I added quite a few people to my friend list.

So to all the people from last night's excellent elite Chrono raid: thank you!