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    Default Add Back Bonus XP for Below Level; Remove Bravery Bonus

    I know, I know....ANOTHER bravery bonus thread. I will probably take some flack for this but hear me out.

    "Back in the day" ( kids get off my lawn!), players received a bonus for doing a quest when they were below the level of the quest. I don't remember for sure but I believe you got +10% for every level the group was below the quest level, max 5 levels (calculated on the highest level in the party). Anyone remember for sure?

    Now, don't get me wrong, I like the bravery bonus. However, here are some of the things I dislike about it:

    1. It puts you on a strict leveling schedule. People do a quest when they are 2 levels above the level of the quest, rarely before.

    2. It limits who you can group with. You want that bonus to apply so people generally will not run with people more than 2 levels above the quest level they are currently running.

    3. One quest can affect you for the next several quests. If you break your streak, you have to spend time re-building it.

    4. Sometimes, you just don't want to run it on elite. Also, sometimes the party just isn't ready for elite and this forces them to run it on elite or else break the streak (or have it not apply if they bring in an over-level).

    5. It can discourage grouping -- this isn't per se an effect of the bravery bonus so much as scaling. For example, my husband and I can duo a quest on elite and the quest will be easier then if we put up an LFM and brought some others along.

    6. If you don't get the bravery bonus for a quest, you've lost it for good for that quest for that life. It's all or nothing.

    Things I liked about the under-level bonus:

    1. It still encouraged challenge by encouraging running a quest much higher than your level. With TR'ing and crafting, the challenge would be diminished but, let's be honest, the game is way easier now then it used to be and elite isn't that big a deal anymore either.

    2. Flexibility. Inviting someone that was one level above the rest of the party didn't have that huge of an effect, like 10%. So, not nearly as much as being ineligible for the bravery bonus. So, if your friend who was a bit higher level wanted to come along, no big deal. In other words, it wasn't all or nothing, there was an incremental decline.

    3. It applied regardless of the quest difficulty. So, you're not ready for elite? No problem.

    4. It applied each time you ran the quest. So, say you're 5 levels below a quest and your friend who is 1 or 2 levels above you needs to run that quest for flag. No problem, you run with him, losing 10-20%, then rerun it without him. No harm, no foul.

    5. Bringing it back now would really help out a lot in the levels where there aren't a lot of quests.

    So, in my opinion, the under level bonus is better than the bravery bonus. I don't remember the rationale for removing it but I'd like to see it brought back. I don't think we should have the bravery bonus AND the under level bonus but if I had my pick, I would prefer the under-level bonus to the bravery bonus.

    Just my 2 cp.
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    Or, here's a thought, you could ignore Bravery Bonus all together. I know that whilst leveling (still on first life of all my toons, no high level to feed them amazing BtA gear for their levels) I usually solo, and on some classes, doing elite solo isn't exactly easy :P Hard isn't as difficult, but still not super easy breeze through it like it is on other classes. The bravery bonus is just that, a bonus. I've broken it before, it is not all that hard to re-acquire a capped bonus.

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    /Signed. It's a fair bonus that rewards those who are skilled.
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    Isn't a major intention of BB to make it more worthwhile to run a variety of quests instead of just focussing on a select few?

    Your suggestion would kill that aspect of BB.
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    Independent of bravery, this needs to be added back.

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    i dunno... this new "leveling schedule" makes it so you won't have to go back and do the lowbie quests for favor anymore

    as for the bonus for running quests under-leveled
    kind of a mixed feeling for it, since on one hand you get rewarded for challenging yourself. on the other hand, you will end up with people going back to the old ways of farming specific quests while under leveled for the exp bonus due to how easy the quest is designed...
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    Default Must be me

    Guess I just don't get all the hate for Bravery Bonus.
    Hasn't affected the filling of any LFM that I've put up from filling to date.
    My Norm run LFM's fill just as fast as my Elite run LFM's.
    But hey, maybee it's just me or the server I play on.

    And no one is being forced into it.
    If you don't feel like using it don't use it.
    If you don't see any parties for something your ready for the make one it's a whole lot easier to put up a LFM fot something you are ready for than comming to the Forums and posting thread 1000000000 about it.

    ....still slow to fill a 3 Barrel Cove or Cult of the Six group but that's not anything new...
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