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    Default question about UI

    Howdy folks

    Just scored a new pc with a huge monitor 1920 x well dont remember but big. I love it. I have room for all hotbars without covering 80% of the screen although my ugly horc female is too visible now. Anywho, question:
    is there any way to lower or adjust where ones damage( just to be clear the damage the player is dishing out not getting ) is shown? Specifically in shroud, beatin on portals or harry, most times I cant see what kind of damage ( yellow, red, ect and number values) is being done. I have to look way up vertical and even then I cant see it this working as intended as both portals and harry are "tall"? If anyone has a suggestion I would love to hear it.


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    The placement of the damage numbers on the Shroud portals is just too high. No way to adjust it that I know of.

    Congrats on the new monitor!
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