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    Default Make rogue hirelings all mechanics...

    I have mentioned this before, but I think it bears repeating.

    When I spend points on a rogue hireling, I want him to find and disarm traps. That's it. And I am fairly certain that is what everyone wants when they spend TP on a rogue hireling.

    I don't want him to assassinate anyone, and I don't want him to do his thief-acrobat dance of uselessness. I want him to FIND traps and then DISARM traps!

    In Thrall of the Necromancer today, on elite, for first time bonus, I used the level 10 rogue hireling (Veil, I believe, who is a thief-acrobat. Yay!) He could not find a single trapbox. He doesn't have skill boost on his toolbar, either, though I can click on "Showtime" and give him a nice haste boost if there is ever any reason to ever do that ever in any quest ever. And my cleric is feat-starved enough; I am not about to spend a feat on augment summons so that my idiot hireling will be able to do the job he should be able to do anyway. So, no trap bonus for that quest, which would have been several thousand XP, I believe.

    Turbine, please make every single rogue hireling a mechanic and put skill boost on their toolbar. If you want to also make other rogues for some unknown reason, feel free, as long as there is a mechanic with skill boost for every level. Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobrien316 View Post
    bears repeating
    Move over WF, arti has a new min/max race.



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    Quote Originally Posted by MRMechMan View Post
    Move over WF, arti has a new min/max race.
    1. To hold up; support.
    I think it supports repeating.
    Artids are terrible.

    Apparently so are TP hires.
    /signed for some hired help who can help with what they're hired to do.
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    "March 2013! 10 new packs! 25 new pets! Draw your own armor kit! Nothing working! Coming soon!"

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