Recapture the table top experience of random adventurers having random adventures. The name of the guild is 'Dead Rolled', some maybe gimps that are always dying, while some may turn out to be epic heroes leaving the dead in their wake, your fate is all in the roll of the guildmaster die.

To join ask the guildmaster (thread post, PM me, or tell my toons for your random build: alignment, race, class, and stat point distribution. The GM is in control of your fate using a d20 to skip to the Nth random build, no cherry picking by PC or GM thru random chargen rerolls. GM needs to know any unavailable race/class and your available build pts, any incompatible alignments can be changed. Respond back with your new toons name once built for a mailed sigil. This is not same rules as a G.I.M.P. guild or a PermaDeath guild, mainly in not gimping multiclassing and making PD personal choice, it is more about the random roll. Gameplay uses some of the same hardcore rules though, more details are posted in the Orien server guild subforum